Muñoz National High School

Muñoz West, Roxas Isabela
I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson the students are expected to:
a.) Identify the environmental problems in the

b.) Learn about deforestation and soil erosion issues

c.)Analyze the impact of deforestation and soil erosion
problem on people’s health

II. Subject matter

a.) Topics: Environmental Health

b.) References: healthq3-q4-140314100552-

c.)Materials: Laptop and Projector

III. Procedure/lesson proper

Teacher’s Activities Student’s Activities

A. Preliminary
 Customary greetings
Good morning ma’am!
Good morning class!
Before take your seat, kindly
pick up those pieces of papers
and candy wrappers scattered ( The students will do as told)
and arrange your chair

 Checking of All present ma’am!

Who is absent today?
Very good!

National dance ma’am and as you can see we have Tinikling is our old national Cariñosa. these pictures are example of cultural dance of the Philippines that sir. mais. tinikling and Sala ti dance. Okay? (the teacher will show the pictures) Tinikling Dance Class. Soil erosion Ma’am . Galang Discussed you last meeting right? Yes ma’am! By the way what is Cariñosa (The students will start class? counting) Very good! Cariñosa is our currently national dance while the tinikling is our old national dance. Class kind of dance that you can see on these pictures? Yes ma’am! Very good! Those are cultural Cariñosa is our new Philippine folk dance of the Philippines. what do you see in this picture? Very good! We have here Cariñosa dance.  Review of the past lesson Okay ma’am! Class. Those are Folk Dance ma’am What else? Anyone from the class? That’s right! We also have Tinikling dance. I will show some pictures and you will observe if what Cariñosa dance ma’am the picture means. So.

first we have here the Deforestation. big areas of our forests Listen carefully and I will give quiz later Class. we have also here Deforestation Is an action of clearing a wide So those pictures are part of area of trees or destruction of our lesson for today. let’s move on to your Deforestation ma’am next topic. When you heard the word environmental health what comes in your mind? Anyone? Yes! Environmental health. So what is Deforestation? Very good! Deforestation Is an action of clearing a wide area of trees or destruction of big areas of our forests and this has been going on for many years We are losing our forests because of:  Agriculture  Urbanization  Illegal logging . our lesson for today is all about Environmental health. I will play a video then I will group you in 3 groups and each group will observe this video.Now. (The teacher will play the video What did you observed class? Environmental health problems We will start in group 3. Understand? Start counting here. ma’am What else? Group two? Yes.

Soil erosion affects our health because most of our food comes from plants and The air of a substance which has our farmlands are.000. and gravity. fast disappearing at the rate of more than 10. while more than 3. like our harmful or poisonous effects forests. like:  Deforestation  Building of roads  Agriculture  Urbanization—creation of towns and cities  Mining Class. Strong winds and heavy rains cause soil erosion.7 million people . lack of funds  Mining makes reforestation difficult to sustain Next is Soil erosion Soil erosion happens when soil and rock are moved from one place to another by wind. It is brought about by natural and human activities. What people’s activities cause of soil erosion? Good job! People’s activities also cause soil erosion. towns and cities Unfortunately. water. new  Building of roads trees are supposed to be  Agriculture planted to take the place of  Urbanization—creation of trees that have been cut down.000 hectares a year because of soil erosion.  Mining  Forest fires People’s activities also cause What do you think how we can soil erosion are maintain our forest?  Deforestation To maintain our forests.

Then we have air pollution What is air pollution? Very good! The air of a substance which has harmful Yes ma’am! or poisonous effects And class it may cause diseases. We have two kinds of air Air pollution ma’am pollution the indoor air pollution and the outdoor air The air of a substance which has pollution harmful or poisonous effects Example of indoor air pollution are woman cooking using wood and stove inside the kitchen with indoor smoke while the Is an action of clearing a wide outdoor air pollution is caused area of trees or destruction of . Did you know class that Soil erosion is second only to population growth as the biggest environmental problem the world face? Yes class. David Pimentel. you heard it Soil erosion is second only to population growth as the biggest environmental problem the world faces.are malnourished according to Pimentel as cited in Lang. it may also cause harm to other living organisms such as animals and food Okay ma’am! crops. Professor of Ecology at Cornell University in the United States said it. 2006. allergies or death in humans. and may damage the natural or built environment.

Do you understand class? E. Application Okay class stay on your group and bring out 1 whole sheet of paper and write what you want to change about these pictures. Well done class! I hope you learn a lot today. How about deforestation? Yes. deforestation Is an action of clearing a wide area of trees or destruction of big areas of our forests. . especially jeepneys and tricycles.mostly by exhaust from big areas of our forests vehicles. and factories These environmental problems are very serious class because our government is spending billions of pesos for this problem but even they spending billions that environmental issues are still there. Generalization Can you give me one example of environmental problems in our country class? Very good! What is air pollution again? Good job! Air pollution is air of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects. Okay? F.

Research about water pollution Prepared by: MS. V. ROGELIO GALANG Practice Teacher Cooperating Teacher . Assignment 1. Assessment\Evaluation Essay: How are the people affected by the Environmental Health problem? A. Values Integration  Appreciate and love our environment. JADIEMINE L. TABENGO MR. IV.