In partial fulfilment of the assignment of ICT-Based Language Assessment
Lecturer: Prof. Hj. Utami Widiati, MA, Ph.D

Lusy Kurniawati NPM. 21502073072
Henni Herawati NPM. 21502073073
Laeli Tri Cahyani NPM. 21502073074


ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND EDUCATION DEPARTMENT 2016 ASSESSING SPEAKING A. DESIGNING ASSESSMENT TASKS : IMITATIVE SPEAKING Imitative tasks focus on the ability of the test-taker to simply imitate (or parrot) a word. wheater it is a pair of words. For example :  Word Repetition Test taker hear : Repeat after me Beat [pause] bit [pause] Bat [pause] vat [pause]  Sentence Repetition Test taker hear : Test taker read : . 1) Word Repetition Task In a simple repetition task. pronunciation) not meaning and requires listening just for the prompt. a sentence. or sentences. or perhaps a question (to test for intonation production). This assessment focuses on the phonetic level of oral production (i. phrase.e. test-takers repeat the stimulus.

1) Directed Response Tasks 2) Read Aloud Tasks 3) Dialogue Completion Tasks 4) Picture-Cued Tasks 5) Translation .  Question Repetition 2) Phonepass Test Phonepass Test is a popular test that uses imitative (as well as intensive) production task. repeat sentences. B. Their tasks are cued and the student will demonstrate their linguistic ability. It elicits computer-assisted oral production over a telephone. say words and answer questions with a downloadable test. DESIGNING ASSESSMENT TASKS : INTENSIVE SPEAKING The intensive aspect of speaking requires test-takers to produce short stretches of language. Test-takers read aloud.

Assessment of responsive tasks involve brief interactions with an interlocutor. differing from intensive tasks in the increased creativity given to the test-taker and from interactive tasks by the somewhat limited length of utterances (Douglas-Brown.htm .ufmg.html http://www. DESIGNING ASSESSMENT TASKS : RESPONSIVE SPEAKING According to 2004).weebly. This aspect of assessment helps the teacher realize the student’s ability to participate in discussions http://rbte494assessments. Test taker hear : Where do you usually eat with your family ? Test taker read : (a) Bedroom (b) Living room (c) Dining room (d) Garage  Open-ended Response to a Question Test taker hear : Where do you usually eat with your family? Test taker write or speak: __________________________