Kelas : XI ( Sebelas ) Hari, tanggal :
Kelompok : Teknologi dan Non
Teknologi Waktu : ………………………………..

1. Tuliskan dahulu nomor dan nama peserta pada kolom di sudut kanan atas pada lembar
jawaban yang telah di sediakan.
2. Kerjakan soal-soal dengan ballpoint dan tidak boleh mengerjakan dengan pensil.
3. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal dengan teliti sebelum menjawab.
4. Jumlah soal sebanyak 50 butir semuanya harus dijawab.
5. Laporkan pada pengawas ulangan umum kalau ada tulisan yang kurang jelas, ada yang
rusak atau jumlah soal kurang.
6. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yang anda anggap mudah!
7. Kerjakan pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan dengan cara memberikan tanda silang
pada jawaban yang dianggap paling benar.
8. Setelah selesai dan masih ada waktu, perikasa kembali pekerjaan anda sebelum
diserahkan pada pengawas.
Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling tepat dengan member tanda silang pada huryf a, b, c, atau
d pada lembar jawab.
In this section of the test, you will have a chance to show how well you understand spoken
English. There are four parts in this section with a special direction for each part.
Part I. Picture
Questions no 1 – 4
For each item, there is a picture in your test book and four short statements about it on the tape.
They are spoken twice, and are NOT WRITTEN out on your test book, so you must listen
carefully. You must choose one statement-(A), (B), (C), or (D)-that best describe the picture, then
on your answer sheet mark your choices!
Look at the picture and listen to the four sentences!

A. the man is wearing hat C. the man is reading a book
B. the man has long hair D. the man is wearing a jacket
Sample answer

Choice: C.-- “The man is reading a book”—best describe what is seen in the picture. Therefore,
you should mark C on your answer sheet.
Let’s begin with the picture number 1!


B. you should mark (B) on your answer sheet. They will not be printed in your test book. You are to choose the best response to each question! Now. In your test book. if that’s convenient. Therefore. You have to choose the best answer to each question. The man is the boy’s father. The boy is the neighbor of the house owner. (C) I think it’s at nine o’clock. you should mark (A) on your answer sheet. you will hear a question spoken in English followed by three responses. Part II. The questions and the responses will be spoken twice. so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. You will hear the conversations twice. also spoken in English. (B) At the Overseas Travel Desk. 4. Choice (A) . you will hear several short conversations. Sir. 3. Mark your answer on your answer sheet Mark your answer on your answer sheet Mark your answer on your answer sheet Part III. . Choice (B) – “At the Overseas Travel Desk” – is the appropriate response to the question “Where can I pick up my tickets?”. The man is looking for the boy’s father. Question – Response Questions no 5 – 7 Direction: In this part of the test. and mark it on your answer sheet! Example: You will hear : Man : “Is this your house?” Boy : "Yes. The boy is the son of the man.” You will read : What do you learn from the conversation? Sample answer A. listen to the sample of the question! You will hear: Woman: “Where can I pick up my tickets?” Sample answer ABC You will also hear: Man : (A) Thursday morning.” Man : “Where is your father?” Boy : “My father is in the garden right now. The question will be followed by four answers. so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. D. The conversations will not be printed in your test book. Therefore. C.“The man is looking for the boy’s father “ – is the best answer for the question (What do you learn from the conversation?). you will read a question about each conversation. Short Conversation Questions no 8 – 11 Direction: In this part of the test.

winter fun at the hotel c. a land in Singapore C. You have to choose the best answer to each question and mark it on your answer sheet! 12. She will quit in a few months. you will read some questions. a ticket to Singapore D. Office 13. summer hotel rates 15. She’s going to work late. What does the woman plan? A. a famous Viking Mountain Jazz festival b. C. Each question will be followed by four answers. What time the festival will be started? a. Hall of the school b. C. What does the woman tell about her new job? A. you will hear several short talks. It’s very interesting. Each will be spoken twice.00 PM 14. so you must listen carefully to understand and remember what is said. world-class skiing . a hotel room B. D. She doesn’t like it very much. 10. a bigger size C. jazz mountain festivals d. a return ticket D. She’s going to stop working. an arts and crafts fair d. Mall d. some mountain resorts b. School c. What does the woman want? A. 10. She’s going to know about the deadline. She’s going to work on Sunday morning. 9. What is being advertised? a.8. Short Talk Questions no 12–15 Direction: In this part of the test. What do you have in July? a. In your test book. a reasonable price 11.00 AM d. a fitting room B. a world-class summer resort c. Where the festival will be held? a. B.00 PM b. They will not be printed in your test book. B. She gets a better job. D. Where does the conversation take place? A. 10.00 AM c. 09. 09. available food Part IV.

Smokes d. If Anne has called me d. Tari : Which is your mother? Sinta : The woman … is sitting on the bench is my mother. Don’t we 18. Who’s speaking please? 21. a. Should see d. Will see c. What do you like to read d. Sell c. I forget. a. Raras : What did Rosa ask ? Alfi : She asked…. Fajar : Mr Yoyok doesn’t come today. selling b. What do you usually do b. Shall we d. Won’t we c. Ifa : Iyun. Yanto : Do you know Santo’s father condition? Yanti : I know He is unfine so her mother raises her income by … some clothes. Do we b. whom 22. Koko : Why do you stop …? Dantok : Because I suffer lungs disease a. Hello. Which c. What are your hobbies 19. Whose d. Ima : Let’s visit uncle Yoyok tomorrow. Sinta . Do you remember the woman we met yesterday? Intan : I’m sorry. would have seen b. Whether Anne would call me 20. Rahma : … ? Alfar : I usually spend my time to visit my grandparents in the village.INCOMPLETE SENTENCE 16. a. Is this Mrs pipit’s house? d.…? a. a. Mrs. Yanik : …. gardening and swimming a. What did you do last weekend? b. Adit : What did he tell you? Santi : He told me that you …him soon. ? Iyun : I like traveling. Wiwik : I’m afraid you have the wrong number. Rosa : Has Anne called you? Alfi : No. Who d. What are you doing c. she hasn’t called me yet. a. will smoke b. where is Mrs Pipit? c.. If Anne call me b. who b. Whose c. which 23. sells . have seen 25.. What do you usually do to spend your time on the weekend? d. Could you tell me where your wife? b. Smoke c. Excuse me. Whether Anne had called me c. smoking 24. whom b. Miss a. The woman …we met at the party yesterday is the owner of Famous company. To sell d.Hello. When do you usually spend your time? c. a. Sinta : Intan. What do you usually do on the weekend? 17.

Too easy d. : My father likes you because you are a hardworker A B B. He plan. I can’t get nothing. I have an appointment for an interview at this company. Riani : The homework is easy. The students can do it. I had to come home c. b. Mr Anton : Why did you come late yesterday? Riana : … Because I left some task a. Can I help you? Caller : I want to reserve 2 seats to Semarang. Easy enough c. too heavy 28. He plans. A : What did Tatik ask to Yono? B : Tatik asked Yono where did he put the bag and if he knew A B C D 32. B C D 34. I’ll go to the school d. brides and other trans facility a. A : Do you remember Vivi? A B : Do you mean the one whom always wears green dress? B C D 33. enough easy 27. a. organize and supervise constructional work. Receptionist : May I help you. enough heavy b. This house is large enough for me to live alone. I had flat tire b. Heavy d. Engineer : A civil engineer is an expert of civil engineer Student : What does he usually do? Engineer : … related to the provision of road. d.Didik :… Receptionist : Okey. organize and supervise constructional work c. : Did you prepared your studying? A B. C D 36. I’m reading a book 30. I don’t. Ranti : Good. This box is … to carry a. A. Heavy enough c. easy b. Indri : Can you help me to carry this box? Indra : I’m sorry I can’t . please. organizes and supervise constructional work d. B C D 35. I didn’t because I went to my grandma’s house yesterday. c. : No. sir. Sir? Mr. : No. He plans. Operator : Graha Travel. Are there any job for me here? b. a. I’ll tell the board you’re here. A. . Yes. Could you please give me a job? 29. A. : Do you like this house? A B. wait a moment.26. organizes and supervisesvcontructional work ERROR RECOGNITION 31. The homework is … for the students to do it. I believe I have been appointed for an interview today. He plans. : Without work hard allday.

A. We offer a competitive delivery cost with an excellent service. An executive secretary c. An immediate execution 43. 500 branches d. Transportation service 40. You should send your resume by? a. Establishment d. : In my spare time. excellent communication skills please send your application attached wit curriculum vitai & recent photograph within 5 days of this advertisement to: PO Box 1000 Jakarta 1234 42. Fluency in written spoken English. What does the word ‘us’ in line 4 refer to? a. Promotion b. telex . : Which one is Tiara? A B. we now have more than 500 branches. Marketing b. Our commitment is to ensure that the goods will be delivered quickly and safety. B C D READING COMPREHENSION Question number 39 to 41 refer to the following text Rahma Express We are the one you can trust in delivery service. a job opening d.attractive and representative apperiance. Our mind office ic located in Rajawali street 11. Rahma Express b. playing volley and go swimming. Relationship c. the woman whose is wearing a black suit and a scarf. B C D 38. Goods distribution d. What is being advertisement? a. 39. Good delivery 41. A Operator : Certainly Madam. Established since 1998 and advancing through five provinces. age max 30 years a degree from reputable secretarial academy with min 5 years of experience. Computer literacy. A. A qualified representative b. Blora phone 081 23456789. : What do you do in your spare time? A B. : She is over there. Please coming here an hour before departure B C D 37. what is the sinonim of the word ‘ commitment’ in line 2? a. mail c. Dedication Question number 42 to 44 refer to this information VACANCY IMMEDIATELY REQUIRED EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Qualifications Female. So what are you waiting for ? Trust your goods delivery in us.What does the Rahma Express deal with? a. Delivery service c. I enjoy reading. Main office c.

takes 47. work experience c. graduate c.m on this date. 48. this street will be ( 48 )… to traffic from 6 a. a. English skill CLOZE TEST Questions 45 to 47 refer to the following letter Dear Sirs. And ( 46 ) …to people. I am 25 years old and ( 45) … from STP Bandung 3 years ago. Your faithfully 45. ensured d. ability to operate computer b. Due to the Fitness First Cycling event on Sunday October 25. I have been working with Astra Public Relation for 2 years. parks d. am graduated 46. am graduate d. 2015. That your car is not ( 50 ) …on this street at this time. parked GOOD LUCK . Experience in reputable academy d. Please ( 49 )….m to 11 a. a. Look forwad to hearing from you. took d. To provide you with my particulars. I am applying for the position of Public Relation Officer advertised in jave Post on September 28. close b. Thank you for your respective cooperation on this matter. a. I am eager for an interview at your convenience. ensure b. parking c. send c. write b. bring d. e-mail d. Which of the following is NOT required? a. ensuring c. park b. enclose Question 48 to 50 refer to the following text Dear Residents. closed d. taking c. graduated b. a. a. take b. b.2015. Enjoying meeting. a. closes 49. faxsimile 44. I (47 ) …reference from previous employer. ensures 50. closing c.