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Saturn Synastry in Relationships: Gifts and Challenges
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Saturn in Synastry: Let’s Get Rid of Misconceptions
After hearing so many astrologers talk negatively about Saturn, you
may feel discouraged upon seeing Saturn in a synastry contact with your partner. 
The fact is you don’t see many long lasting relationships without a signi៛�cant
Saturn contact.

Saturn’s role is to create order and consistency in your life through limitation, and
this applies to your relationships as well.  Without Saturn’s involvement, you will
most likely switch partners as soon as you encounter even a tiny bit of discomfort. Welcome! I use humanistic astrology to help
people in areas that are important for them. Like
where their business, career or marriage is
This article will help you understand your Saturn synastry aspect in a new way.  At going, what their main lessons might be in this
life, and what they need in order to be fulfilled.
the end of the article, I’ve also shared an additional tool you can use to explore this
important aspect further. You can read what my clients say, schedule a
session, or go to the archive to read all past

Bonus Content: Download The Relationship Worksheet to explore your Saturn
Synastry aspect with your partner. POPULAR ITEMS

Pluto Ascendant Aspect:
  Becoming A Different Person

Saturn Synastry: Understanding Its Challenges and Gifts Midpoints in Astrology: Gain
Deeper Insight from a Natal
Now that you’re becoming aware of Saturn’s importance in creating lasting Chart
relationships, let’s talk about the challenges and opportunities it represents in
synastry contacts (here we’re mostly concerned with “hard” aspects such as Unaspected Planets in Your Birth
conjunction, square or opposition, but it’s OK to include other aspects as well.) Chart: Gifts and Challenges

Pluto Saturn Aspect:
Empowerment of Ambition
 Saturn – Sun synastry contact: “An Important Bond”

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2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology A synastry contact between Saturn and Sun is a vital contact for both parties.  All the same. Moon can be more vulnerable to Exploring the Quindecile Aspect Saturn’s restrictive pressure – but it greatly depends on the Moon’s sign. the Venus person could add the necessary social grace to the Saturn person’s life.   Saturn – Mars synastry contact: “Controlled Energy” This relationship can breed a lot of resentment if the Mars person isn’t able to tolerate restrictions well. Moon Saturn Aspects: Emotional   Growth through Time Uranus Pluto Transit: Time for  Saturn – Moon synastry contact: “Weighty Emotions” Necessary Changes In contrast to the previous synastry combination. while the Sun person may provide warmth and energy to the Mars Saturn Aspects: Shadow vs Saturn person’s stern exterior.  Saturn person’s wisdom or maturity can shape the Mercury Moon Pluto Aspect: Emotional person’s thought process. Mars Retrograde 2016 – Don’t Stop Evolving Sun Neptune Aspect: Realizing Your   Creative Vision Moon Uranus Aspect: Reinventing Yourself Saturn – Venus synastry contact: “Maturity Adds Grace” Similar to the Saturn-Moon interaspect. whereas a Moon in Between Two Worlds Sagittarius may have more of a dif៛�culty giving up the freedom.  A Saturn Neptune Aspect: In Capricorn Moon will be able to shrug the pressure off. especially if Relationship Astrology: the Saturn person is mature enough to be able to protect the sensitivity of the Sun/Moon Midpoint in Synastry Moon person.  The 12th House Planets: How to Saturn person’s commitment may add a much needed structure and safety to the Identify Self Limiting Patterns Sun person’s life.)   http://hniizato.  The danger exists if the Saturn person’s gloom and Conscious Expression negativity proves too strong for the Sun person to break through.  Noel Tyl said the key to handling this aspect is in realizing that energy (Mars) needs control (Saturn) in order to be channeled effectively – this seems to apply just as well in relationships (needless to say. a lot hinges on the Venus’ sign placement.  If both parties are mature enough.  Or the process could reverse itself and the Mercury Transformation person’s knowledge could add to the Saturn person’s maturity – a role reversal like Sun Saturn Aspect: Tap into Your Strength that tends to depend on which one is the older of the two.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 2/18 . this combination could be as signi៛�cant as that of the Saturn-Sun contact. it helps if you can work together at doing something productive. Jupiter Pluto Aspects: Vision and   Leadership RECENT ITEMS Saturn – Mercury synastry contact: “Leading to Wisdom” Mars Jupiter Aspect: Fortune Favors the Bold Synastry between Saturn and Mercury can be excellent for a business or a mentor- Mercury Uranus Aspect: Innovative Ideas student relationship. this contact is easier to handle in a business relationship.  Venus in an Earth sign deals better with the responsibility and commitment demanded by Saturn.  In a close relationship.

)  The key point is that you will strengthen each other’s natal Saturn complex – perhaps you might even represent the Saturn ៛�gure in the other person’s life (father.  The Saturn person’s role may be to represent the sober but necessary truth. etc. while the Neptune person’s role may be to open the Saturn person’s eyes to a more joyful world.)  This then becomes a test or a learning experience to see how well you’re handling the lessons implied in your natal chart.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 3/18 . etc. as long as the Saturn person is receptive to it. etc.   Saturn – Pluto synastry contact: “Powerful Duo” The interaspect between your Saturn and someone’s Pluto (or vice versa) can be heavy and serious.  Generalization is dif៛�cult. you will most likely experience great teamwork in the areas affected by this contact. of course. mentor. and carries with it an awareness of status or power. but again it’s not possible to generalize these slow moving interaspects.  Such new idea may be hard to accept.)  As long as your long term goals are aligned. as Saturn and Jupiter “get” one another and respect each other’s necessary functions (stability and expansion.  In an extreme scenario. if your ages are about 7 years apart. 14 years apart. or it could be ultimately liberating.   Saturn – Neptune synastry contact: “Special In៟�uence” Synastry between Neptune and Saturn could represent a spiritual or an aesthetic in៟�uence from the Neptune person. drugs.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology Saturn – Jupiter synastry contact: “Purpose and Progress” This can be a highly productive relationship.   Saturn – Saturn synastry contact: “Testing Your Own Complex” You will have this synastry contact if you were born within a few months of each other (or. as both planets move slowly enough to become a generational interaspect.   Saturn – Uranus synastry contact: “Old vs New” In this relationship the Uranus person might present the Saturn person with a shocking new idea. perhaps due to generation gap.  What is the underlying motivation behind this relationship?  Is the overall tone of relationship productive or destructive?  The right combination of people could accomplish so much here. boss. http://hniizato. Neptune may represent something more sinister like deception or in៟�uence of alcohol.

and see how you may be in៟�uencing him/her. Saturn person being younger than the Ascendant person). possibly the Saturn person could wield more in៟�uence over the formation of the Ascendant person’s identity. 29 COMMENTS FILED UNDER: ASTROLOGICAL PLANETS http://hniizato. and spend a moment considering each Saturn synastry contact in terms of its positive and/or challenging expressions. and Saturn offers a great deal of food for thought. ) The existence of a challenging Saturn interaspect in synastry does not doom your relationship – it simply makes it more real and meaningful.   Saturn – Midheaven synastry contact: “Career Impact” This can be a highly in៟�uential relationship.  The Saturn person can affect the Midheaven person as an authority ៛�gure. and this includes the pressure of committed relationships (here we include a broad range of important relationships: marriage. the role could be reversed and the MC person’s social status can aid the Saturn person’s professional development.  In case you wanted to consider things in more depth.  This may be a classic teacher-student combination.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 4/18 .   Summary: Saturn Synastry Builds Long Term Relationships We need the pressure of responsibility Saturn represents to grow and accomplish things. I prepared a “Saturn Synastry Relationship Worksheet” to help you isolate the Saturn interaspect you have with your partner’s horoscope. and could shape the future professional direction of the MC person.  At the same time. Saturn – Ascendant synastry contact: “The Mentor” Since Ascendant is a point and not a planet. teacher-student. if the age gap is reversed (i.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology Famous Example: Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Jobs’ Saturn square Wozniak’s Pluto). even a relationship to a group or a cause.e. Download the Synastry Worksheet here.  Here again if the Midheaven person is much older than the Saturn person. the longer you keep learning from it.  Do the same for the synastry contact your Saturn makes with your partner’s horoscope. A Free Bonus: Saturn Synastry Relationship Worksheet Astrology is a good tool for introspection. the Ascendant person’s persona could in៟�uence the maturation of the Saturn person.

 When your planet is touched by Uranus. At the positive end of the spectrum. Uranus disrupts the stagnant status quo by encouraging progress. 2017 MERCURY URANUS ASPECT ARCHETYPES MERCURY IS HOW YOU NEED TO THINK Mercury rules ideas. it tends to become highly active (‘electri៛�ed’) within your psyche. so it helps to explore both possibilities when looking at your Mercury aspect.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology Mercury Uranus Aspect: Innovative Ideas HIROKI NIIZATO  UPDATED: FEBRUARY 8. square or opposite Mercury ៛�res up the mind’s drive for learning and discovering novel ideas. but its position and aspect in your natal chart suggests how you need to think and communicate in order to be effective. structured thought).g.  Mercury isn’t necessarily “the way you think and talk”. Mercury Uranus aspect can suggest that you have the mind of an inspired scientist that loves experimenting with new ideas and come up with new ways of doing things. The tendency to experiment with new ideas can be applied to any ៛�eld.  Here are some examples: KEEP READING >> 23 COMMENTS http://hniizato. communication and information.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 5/18 . Aspects to Mercury can modify what your mind needs in order to feel con៛�dent (e. Saturn aspecting Mercury suggests a need for practical. What happens when Mercury and Uranus meet? NATAL MERCURY CONJUNCT SQUARE OPPOSITE URANUS INNOVATIVE IDEAS Mercury is naturally curious and enjoys new information.  Uranus conjunct.  No planet is inherently negative or positive. URANUS SPEEDS UP CHANGE Uranus rules technology. revolution and humanitarian movement.  Uranus is a symbol of future unfolding in front of us. but Uranus brings its tendency to a new level.

2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology FILED UNDER: URANUS ASPECTS Astrological Perspective of Signi៛�cant Events In Your Life HIROKI NIIZATO  UPDATED: NOVEMBER 5.e. For instance. i. etc. hard work and growth in maturity. think of the Jupiter return that occurs every 12 years. the implication is that it is going to have a Saturnian impact on you for a long time to come. If a new development occurs during the Uranus opposition around age 42. then (following the same pattern of thought) it will have a Uranian impact – possibly liberating and intensifying the ego. grow. You can do this with Neptune and Pluto also. the birth of the baby becomes the mother’s Saturn. making you feel self-aware. 4 COMMENTS http://hniizato. career. In the case of a marriage during Saturn return. give you opportunities to see more of the world. become a mother) at that time. to make her mature. but also including Saturn opposition and squares).com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 6/18 . 2008 What we know about synastry can be applied to key developmental events as well. Naturally the marriage will act like Saturn should. divorce.e. you may appreciate the implication of your birthday even more if you see that the birthday event’s horoscope (also called a Solar Return chart) will have its Sun conjunct your natal Sun. Conclusion Thinking about Saturn return and other key times in terms of the event chart and synastry may give you a deeper insight into their meanings. In the case of a childbirth during Saturn return. birth. necessary control. some women get married or have a child (i.g. The event that happens at that time will be Jupiter-like. affecting your horoscope in the same way. marriage. death etc) occurs during a key Saturnian time in your life (not just Saturn return. i. it may help to expand your mind. Take Saturn return for example: Among other things. centered and important. make you feel more con៛�dent and optimistic. this suggests that the baby’s Saturn will be conjunct the mother’s natal Saturn – in a way. responsibility. In the case of Jupiter. in effect having a Solar effect. this implies that the event chart of the marriage will have a Saturn very close to the natal Saturn of the woman – in effect. This is “because” the event chart’s Jupiter will be conjunct your natal Jupiter. and be wise (and frustrated at times!) There are several insights that can occur from this way of thought: If a new development (e.e. making the marriage itself the manifestation of her Saturn.

com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 7/18 . as we’ll see further. lasting bond with others. 2) In synastry. 2007 The previous post brings to mind two theses: 1) Someone whose horoscope shows strong Uranian emphasis and not so much emotional sensitivity component may have a dif៛�culty maintaining a deep. but more to do with his internal makeup. empowered masculinity). helpless and in need of support. Jolie’s humanitarian Jupiter (ruling 6th and conj her MC) impacts Pitt’s Mercury-mindset. strong Uranian tie without accompanying emotional (Moon. And Uranus squares his Ascendant axis. Indeed there is very little about Pitt that is “weak. Absence of Water emphasis necessitates a grand cause that would enable Pitt to feel emotionally connected to the world. CA) was much more than a sexual attraction. The simultaneous intensi៛�cation of Pitt’s relationship with Angelina Jolie (6/4/1975 9:09AM Los Angeles. 2) Jolie’s Saturn opposes Pitt’s Mercury-Moon-Venus stellium: though being much younger than Pitt. Oklahoma). unaspected Sun in Fire sign dominating the horoscope (“dissociation complex”). due to lack of the dependence factor. These two points corroborate what happened: after getting involved with Jolie. Capricorn stellium. The synastry chart between Pitt and Jolie provides interesting insights: 1) Jolie’s Neptune conjoins Pitt’s Ascendant axis – her vision affecting his identity core. Pitt has transformed into an enthusiastic social activist. athleticism.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology FILED UNDER: UNCATEGORIZED Uranus and Neptune in Synastry – Celebrity Example (Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie) HIROKI NIIZATO  UPDATED: DECEMBER 23. following her lead. Uranus-Pluto (sexual drive.” (see the Jung quote in previous post) and this isn’t just about being put on a pedestal as a male sex symbol. Neptune) ties may not last. Jolie appears to be the one showing leadership in this relationship. Mars ruling 5th is at the Sun/Moon midpoint. http://hniizato. we notice very little emotional/sensitive component that would enable the formation of emotional bond: No emphasis on Water elements. Pitt’s divorce with Jennifer Aniston in 2005 occurred during he was experiencing Uranus opposition and tr Neptune square Neptune: a very strong shift in life perspective having to do with further individuation and emotional ideals. Looking at Brad Pitt’s chart (12/18/1963 6:31AM Shawnee. forti៛�ed by Jupiter. Venus. to feel the emotional connection to the world. also. Her humanitarian activities gave him the grand cause he was looking for.

square. but an alliance based on shared vision (which includes children).com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 8/18 . But after their fascination with each other wears off (say. sextile. such projects may not be enough to hold them together. referred to as peregrine planets by Noel Tyl. The synastry shows strong Uranian conection between the two (his Uranus sq her Sun. Pitt has clearly found a new. Clearly this is not a relationship based on dependence. untamed animals within your psyche.” becoming a de៛�ning trait within your personality whether you approve or not. extremely non-dependent people. whether the relationship lasts or not.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology Another point of interest is that Jolie’s natal chart shows Uranus square Venus- Ascendant. her Uranus sq his Moon-Venus): it seems they strengthen each other to individuate further. they won’t get in each other’s way. Being strongly individuated. 2015 Unaspected planets in your birth chart are like wild. are those planets in your natal chart that lack any Ptolemaic aspect (i. meaning that as long as they’re looking in the same direction. they’ll continue to bene៛�t from the alliance. their relationship may lack the deep emotional element to stabilize it.e. They can “run away with your horoscope. Either way. and that transformation is signi៛�cant enough. after getting legally married). meaningful dimension in his life from this relationship. albeit with more emotional emphasis (Cancer ASC-Venus). Unaspected Planets: De៛�nition Unaspected planets. as long as their shared projects (including raising children) remain meaningful to both of them in their paths toward individuation. Guidelines for Interpreting Unaspected Planets http://hniizato. conjunction. trine or opposition) with any other planet. LEAVE A COMMENT FILED UNDER: UNCATEGORIZED Unaspected Planets in Your Birth Chart: Gifts and Challenges HIROKI NIIZATO  UPDATED: JUNE 4. making this also a strongly Uranian chart.

http://hniizato. like the writer Norman Vincent Peale.  If the wild mental energy can be harnessed toward a productive direction. thinking. Unaspected Mercury: Hyperactive Mind Unaspected Mercury tends to emphasize an overactive mind. overcompensatory habits: For example unaspected Mercury could suggest someone whose emphasis on thoughts or speech is pronounced. who had unaspected Moon in Aries (“the need to be Number One”). or excessive and vulnerable to isolation. Unaspected Moon: Possible Emotional Disconnection Natal Moon with no major aspects tends to magnify the needs represented by Moon’s sign. Scorpio or Pisces) emphasizes emotional expression in relationships – either as emotional drama. it is disconnected from the surroundings.  Unaspected Moon possibly suggests emotional disconnection from the parents. 4. or worrying.  There may also be a need to express a caring. which could result in nonstop talking. Unaspected Sun: Intensi៛�ed Ego Drive A person with unaspected Sun tends to march to a different drumbeat. This can be mirrored as a feeling of disconnection in outer relationships. Unaspected Venus: Intensi៛�ed Emotions and Social Needs Unaspected Venus magni៛�es the emotional and social needs represented by your Venus’ sign.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 9/18 . it could also suggest someone that talks incessantly out of nervous habit. who wrote “The Power of Positive Thinking. unaspected Venus in water signs (Cancer. 2. Unaspected planets can function either as strong talents or excessive. Unaspected planets do not connect with the rest of the psyche – much like someone in a foreign land. Unaspected planets may be interpreted as strong and dominant. and integration becomes challenging.”  However.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology 1. there may be a feeling that the world doesn’t quite understand you.” 3. For example.  Consider these multiple potentials when you interpret the unaspected planets within your own birthchart. as well as a strong need for ego recognition. especially if a key body such as Sun or Moon is unaspected. or an ability to care deeply for others.  You may “march to a different drummer. nurturing or educational behavior in order to connect with the world. Unaspected Planets: Possible Meanings and Keywords Here are some keywords you may want to consider when exploring the interpretation of unaspected planets in a horoscope.  There can be strong emphasis on self expression and leadership. and later from other people. With unaspected Sun or Moon.  A good example is Steve Jobs. unaspected Mercury can become a strong asset providing you with impressive mental faculty and communication skills.

Unaspected Pluto: Power and In៟�uence Unaspected Pluto can suggest prominence. perhaps generating more interest in becoming ៛�nancially successful or secure. Kennedy’s horoscope has unaspected Pluto. the ៛�re of motivation will keep you going for a long time. Summary: Integrating Unaspected Planets Unaspected planets can be hard to tame. unaspected Venus in earth signs (Capricorn. or practicing martial arts.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 10/18 . 4 degree orb for sextile). and the need for achieving social signi៛�cance. especially in terms of Saturn’s sign and house placement. an eye for progress. Unaspected Jupiter: Dominant Higher Mind Unaspected Jupiter suggests emphasis on philosophy.  Integrating the unaspected planet into our psyche may feel like trying to have a tall Westerner blend in with a crowd of Japanese people – it can’t help but stand out.  Inventor Thomas Edison’s horoscope has unaspected Uranus (using a tighter. unaspected Neptune may manifest as heightened aesthetic sensitivity and strong ideals. power and in៟�uence.  Emphasis on work accomplishment or self-discipline may compensate for initial insecurity.  John F.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology In contrast. charming or understanding in order to be liked and appreciated (the archetypal expressions of Venus).  With positive direction. ៟�irtatious.  With the right outlet for your energy. learning a foreign language. you may want to ៛�nd a challenging outlet for its energy – be it writing a book. unaspected planets can become your strongest asset. education and international or spiritual dimension. especially your anger. forming a nonpro៛�t organization. In general there may be an emphasis on being attractive. Unaspected Saturn: Disconnected Father. Unaspected Mars: Untamed Energy Unaspected Mars is like a wild horse – powerful and potentially dangerous.  Unaspected Saturn can also suggest intensi៛�ed ambition. Rather than trying to make unaspected planet conform to a social norm.  This tends to suggest a mind hungry for higher learning. http://hniizato. Unaspected Neptune: Vision and Ideals Though somewhat rare. Uranus being the planet of invention and scienti៛�c progress. Taurus or Virgo) may emphasize the material aspect of Venus. Intensi៛�ed Ambition Unaspected Saturn possibly suggests a lack of support from the father ៛�gure. Unaspected Uranus: Heightened Individuality and Progress Unaspected Uranus suggests intensi៛�ed individuality. You may need a special focus for directing your energy.

each with a set of possible astrological measurements: 1) The Scene of War: There is a power struggle between two opposing forces. http://hniizato. Does the ៛�ght result in a victory or a stalemate? Does either side win? What happens as a result? Example: Uranus and Saturn represents the New and the Old. a part of astrologer’s work is to capture the quality of the environment that is being prepared for the client. what do transits and progressions “do”? My view is that astrological transits prepare the environment in which you exercise your free will.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 11/18 . between the two selves. This can be a literal war between two people. square. as it represents a point of psychic union (or separation). and heavy transits to this midpoint can also stir up long standing issues between the opposing forces within you. or an internal war fought within your psyche. 2009 “Planets don’t do anything. In looking at upcoming transits and progressions. Uranus must win. Note that the two planets were in exact opposition during the 2008 election. Another important point in your horoscope is the Sun/Moon midpoint. sextile. consider similar battles taking place within your life or your psyche. and when these two planets are in hard aspect. people do” is an oft-repeated phrase that astrologers use to discourage fatalism.)  How does it get expressed in your life?  Please feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.) If Uranus transits your natal Saturn.   Photo: Trey Ratcliff 107 COMMENTS FILED UNDER: ASPECTS Archetypal Scenes of Life: Metaphors for Transits & Progressions HIROKI NIIZATO  UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 7. President Obama’s victory represents that people collectively voted for change (Uranus. there is a clash between the old and the new. Consider the following archetypal scenes. With this in mind. respectively.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology Do you have an unaspected planet in your horoscope?  (Remember we’re only counting conjunction. trine or opposition here. Noel Tyl stated that whenever this happens.

health or relationship. wherein your only option seems to be to persevere with your effort (you could always give up. seemingly lost. Transits to these points often coincide with new beginnings and new directions. along with possible corresponding astrological measurements. LEAVE A COMMENT FILED UNDER: UNCATEGORIZED Midpoints in Astrology: Gain Deeper Insight from a Natal Chart HIROKI NIIZATO  UPDATED: JANUARY 24. Or it could be an internal setback – being paralyzed by fear or disappointment with self. The story halts for a moment – the pause can last a long time – the question is. perhaps going back to square one. This can be a new job. please feel free to email me or leave comments with an archetypal scene of life.  Although it is frequently called an advanced technique. what will it take for you to move through the setback? Example: Saturn transit can provide such challenging environment.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 12/18 . 3) The Setback: the protagonist faces considerable odds.) Summary So you can see that the list of archetypal scenes and their astrological correspondence can be quite long if we keep exploring. or a new place to live in. This can be the literal loss of a job. What story will unfold? What changes will you go through as a result of this new journey? Where are you going? Example: Ascendant and the Midheaven axes are the threshold of life development. new relationship. If you want to play with this idea. That happens too. 2015 What You Will Learn in This Article: De៛�nition of Astrological Midpoints Midpoint Notation and How to Read it Useful Metaphors for Interpreting Midpoints Examples of Some Midpoints Transit or Solar Arc to Midpoints Midpoints in Synastry How to Calculate Midpoints Recommended Books The study of midpoints can help you gain additional insight into natal chart and transit/solar arc interpretation.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology 2) The Beginning: There is a beginning of a new journey or an adventure.   De៛�nition of Astrological Midpoints http://hniizato. as you’ll see below. its principle is quite easy to grasp. but that doesn’t make for a particularly good story – unless you decide that you shouldn’t have begun that particular project in the ៛�rst place.

com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 13/18 .) In the same way.g.) Useful Metaphors for Interpreting Midpoints Picture yourself as a child. as they energize life development and change. midpoint between two planets) has a relationship to both planets. which means Mercury makes a hard aspect to the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto. Standard Midpoint Notation: Above Picture Reads “Mercury equals Saturn Pluto”. Example of Some Midpoints Mercury/Jupiter midpoint – Rewarding and Expansive Communication: Jupiter (being the slower planet) in៟�uences Mercury:  So this midpoint represents the experience of being rewarded (Jupiter) for one’s http://hniizato. Regarding A (i.  Being in the middle. square or opposition) to the midpoint of planets B & C. or became more obnoxious toward each other by trying to compete for your attention. further from the Sun) planet in៟�uences the faster (closer to the Sun) planet. etc.) Regarding B/C: Slower (i. the planet aspecting the midpoint): it will affect the midpoint.)  In the same way.e.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology The base premise of midpoint interpretation is this: “A planet located equidistant from two other planets (i.g.  This is written as: A = B/C “B/C” is the midpoint of planets B and C.   Midpoint Notation and How to Read It The midpoint method relates 3 astrological symbols together by way of one planet being in the middle of 2 other planets.”  In practice we also include the Angles (Ascendant and Midheaven) as well as planets in midpoint interpretation.e.  Just by being in their middle. you were greatly affected by the quality of their interaction (e. that have slower orbits) will be greatly affected by their interaction. and in between your parents.e. or be affected by the midpoint – again.e. sitting between your two children.  A is the planet in the middle (midpoint) of B and C. they either behaved themselves better. (We only consider hard aspects for midpoint interpretation. a planet in the midpoint of two other planets that are more powerful (i. depending on its apparent speed (see metaphor below. The equal sign “=” means that planet A makes a hard aspect (conjunction. a powerful planet in the midpoint of two lesser planets will strongly affect their interaction. you affected the quality of their interaction (e. were they warm or cold toward each other?  Did they argue a lot or ignore each other? Etc. Now consider another metaphor: This time picture yourself as the adult.

a particular midpoint can be activated via transit or solar arc.  For those of you who’d like to study more. whereas Saturn placed here will necessitate growth and maturity in relationships. Midponts in Synastry Another person’s planet or an Angle contacting your midpoints could be signi៛�cant. or “Midpoint Tree” in order to get all midpoint pictures in your natal chart.  For instance.  This is the strongest point of individual need ful៛�llment. a prolonged transit of Uranus to Mercury/Jupiter midpoint could excite the expansion of communication. Because study of midpoints is a huge subject. Usually an orb of 1.  This is the midpoint of sexual and artistic passion.  Any planet in hard aspect to this midpoint will carry this sense of expansive communication. Neptune placed at this midpoint (Neptune=Sun/Moon) may suggest bewildering experiences in relationships. If you have an astrological software that calculates midpoints.  If you’re interested in the synastry interaction of the Sun/Moon midpoint.  This is why MC (midheaven) = Mercury/Jupiter often denotes a professional writer. whereas Jupiter or Uranus placed here may intensify the passion to excess.5~2.0 degrees is suggested to calculate midpoints. you can print a “90 degree sort” table. especially in the case of a Sun/Moon midpoint.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology communication. Transit and Solar Arc to Midpoint Even without any natal planet or point to occupy it. made passionate. it would take a lot more than this introductory post to cover adequately.  Saturn placed at this midpoint (Saturn=Venus/Mars) will necessitate restraint on passion. Venus/Mars midpoint – Passionate Involvement: Mars in៟�uences Venus: Romance and relationship is heated up. An outer planet transit or solar arc to your Sun/Moon midpoint can have a deep impact on your relationships and self-image. and thus it has to do with relationships and self-acceptance on a deep level. I’d recommend these books: http://hniizato. Summary and Recommendation for Further Study Over the last 15 years I’ve studied well-known works on midpoints interpretation by various astrologers. Sun/Moon midpoint – Relationship Ful៛�llment: Sun in៟�uences Moon: One’s Reigning Need (Moon) is fueled by  Life Energy (Sun). and use them regularly in my consultation practice.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 14/18 . How to Calculate Midpoints You could simply calculate the degree difference between 2 planets or points and divide in half.  They truly offer a fascinating additional dimension to the interpretation of natal chart and transit & Solar Arc development.  To obtain a full list of all midpoints in your natal chart. check out this post on Sun/Moon Midpoint in Synastry. you can follow the steps in this post. perhaps resulting in new ideas or fresh business deals.

Water Grand Trine suggests a closed-circuit of emotional self suf៛�ciency (“I’ve been hurt too many times – I don’t want to be hurt any more.e. where one needed to protect him/herself from hostile or unstable environment. the defense mechanism might operate separately from the core need energy of Sun-Moon blend – there usually will be a schism between these two separate themes. Do you have an interesting midpoint picture that gives additional insight into your character and motivation?  Please feel free to share through comments below! 111 COMMENTS FILED UNDER: MIDPOINTS Grand Trine and Necessary Defense Mechanism HIROKI NIIZATO  UPDATED: AUGUST 20.”) Earth Grand Trine – a closed circuit of practical self suf៛�ciency (i. Hanging on to such defense mechanism may hurt the development of intimacy in later life.”) Air Grand Trine is a closed circuit of social or intellectual self suf៛�ciency (“I can get along just ៛�ne by myself. http://hniizato. In many cases it is a leftover defense mechanism from tough childhood.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 15/18 .” (P285 in Synthesis and Counseling. “I don’t need your help. He de៛�nes the Grand Trine as a protective moat of “self suf៛�ciency. notably by Reinhold Ebertin (Combination of Stellar In៟�uences). 1st ed.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology – Noel Tyl’s midpoint interpretation book is available as an appendix to his popular book “Solar Arcs”. but the above mentioned books are more modern and accessible compared to this 60+ year-old text.) Here are some of his thoughts from the book: If the Grand Trine exists without involving the Sun or the Moon.” – “a defensively useful superiority complex.” – Don McBroom’s book “Midpoints” also offers an alternative interpretation that is quite helpful to anyone who wants to use midpoints in an empowering way. self-containment…the separation from relationship because of the self-containment. There are other well-known works on midpoints. Noel Tyl goes into depth regarding the Grand Trine aspect structure. 2011 In Synthesis and Counseling for Astrology. thank you. or his 1000 page text “Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology.”) Fire Grand Trine – a closed circuit of motivational self suf៛�ciency: “You can’t tell me anything I don’t know” or “I know exactly where I’m going and I don’t need your energy to get there” – a do-your-own-thing type.

he had to face extremely dif៛�cult opposition in the course of civil rights movement – and he needed that defensive moat of psychological protection. and to be able to let others in that are safe. Wouldn’t a ៛�ghter need that defense mechanism in order to keep ៛�ghting? 3)Dalai Lama XIV – two Grand Trines (Water – Sun.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 16/18 . 4)Martin Luther King Jr. Saturn. The defense mechanism and utter self-containment of the Grand Trine insulates one’s psyche from harsh criticisms and hostile oppositions from the world – perhaps not perfectly. but enough to keep one going forward. he also had to ៛�ght most of his life in struggle for his country’s freedom. As the man on the cutting edge of electronics/computer revolution. doubts and even redicules of others in order to bring his vision to pass – wouldn’t he need a thick skin. if one is “destined” to face tough opposition from others in the course of his/her journey for ful៛�llment. so you don’t remain totally isolated. Water GT of Jupiter-Uranus. In a different way. “signi៛�cant problems” are usually denoted by hard aspects from Saturn and the outer http://hniizato.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology With all that said. if you’re doing something controversial and have to go through tough oppositions and criticisms. (GT involving Jupiter. 2011 Einstein said that “signi៛�cant problems” in life cannot be solved by using the same level of consciousness that created them. to NOT need people’s approval? 2)Muhammad Ali – as noted in the Leo rising post below. Earth – Moon. Saturn. the defense mechanism of Ali’s Earth GT most likely insulates him from the psychological pressure and attacks from his opponents. So even in adulthood. DSC). Jupiter. In astrological terms. The key may be to know who your opponent is. Weaker souls might have collapsed under pressure – but there is a psychological defense mechanism that protects the sensitive core. 13 COMMENTS FILED UNDER: UNCATEGORIZED The Solution Exists Within the Problem HIROKI NIIZATO  UPDATED: AUGUST 20. Neptune. here I will make additional suggestion: perhaps this defense mechanism is necessary even in adulthood. Saturn) – Again. Uranus. I bet he had to be willing to face oppositions. DSC). Consider these examples: 1) Apple founder and “technological evangelist” Steve Jobs has two Grand Trines (Fire GT of Pluto-Mars-IC. Grand Trine’s defensive mechanism may be a necessary psychological resource.

whether in natal chart or in transit/Solar Arcs. is raise the level of consciousness in terms of the planets that are involved.’) http://hniizato. delay and blockage (authority problem. integrity and necessary self control (‘I have the power to make a difference in my life. I am this peaceful presence that witnesses all my experiences right now. anxiety.’) Neptune – the gift of creative inspiration. then. the gift of aesthetic perception (‘I love and like myself because of such and such qualities – I value myself and others for who we are – I appreciate the beauty that is around me’) Mars – the gift of effective action and self assertion (‘I act in ways that support rather than sabotage my goals in life’) Jupiter – the gift of generous giving and enthusiasm (‘I give out what I want to receive’) Saturn – the gift of discipline. List of Potential Issues For Each Planetary Symbol Here are some of the issues related to each planetary archetype when it is under developmental tension (i. negativity) Venus – issues of emotions and relationships (dysfunctional social patterns) Mars – issues of anger and its various expression (rage.e.’) Pluto – the gift of empowerment (‘I am deeply in alignment with my purpose for being on this Earth. too much pride) Saturn – issues of fear.2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology planets that are not integrated very well in our psyche.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 17/18 . hard aspects from the heavier planets): Sun – issues of identity (think self doubt and lack of con៛�dence) Moon – issues of needs and emotions (loneliness. lack of responsibility) Uranus – issues of isolation and exile (feeling wrong about self for being different) Neptune – issues of loss of self (giving away of self. passive-aggressive behavior) Jupiter – issues of excess (too much drama. too much food. and total absorption in the moment (‘I am more than my ego.’) Uranus – the gift of independent. innovative thinking (‘I don’t have to follow the herd. The thing to do. escaping from self. Who I am is just as valid as anybody else’s identity – I have a special gift to offer for the world. suppression) Pluto – issues of extremism (Add “extreme” to any of the above problems) Archetypes manifest differently for different levels of consciousness. List of Potential Solutions (or Gifts) from Each Planetary Symbol In shifting our consciousness. the archetype offers its own gifts and resources: Sun – the gift of self expression (think: ‘I am unafraid to show my talents and creativity’) Moon – the gift of nurturing the self and others (‘I love myself and therefore I will take care of myself and those I love’) Mercury – the gift of thinking and communicating effectively (‘There is another way to look at this situation’) Venus – the gift of love for self and others. self-abandonment) Mercury – issues with thoughts (depression. The “signi៛�cant problem” that we have today is a result of our choosing to stay on the same level of thinking that caused the problem in the ៛�rst place. I act with honor. I choose to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

2/18/2017 Search for "uranus opposition saturn" ­ Hiroki Niizato Astrology Examples Neptune in conjunction. but if we choose to.) Summary: Meditation on Symbols Contemplating the challenging measurements in your natal chart (along with their corresponding real-life dif៛�culty) may yield surprising shift of awareness.com/?s=uranus+opposition+saturn 18/18 . Do you have a particularly dif៛�cult measurement in your horoscope that you’ve been aware of for a long time?  Can you shift the meaning of the planets involved in order to appreciate the gift within the situation?  Was there a solution that came from within the same symbolism?   Please feel free to share your experience through emails or comments. when you ask the question “What are the gifts (and the solution) within this problem that I haven’t noticed yet?”  Such thoughtful meditation could yield many fruitful insights. to be absorbed in the contemplation of beauty. square or opposition to Venus may ៛�rst manifest as “losing the self in relationships” (combine the key words in the ៛�rst set. 2 COMMENTS FILED UNDER: UNCATEGORIZED Next Page » © COPYRIGHT 2014­2016 HIROKI NIIZATO · ALL RIGHTS RESERVED · GOOGLE+ http://hniizato. etc. with self love” Pluto in hard aspect to Mars can suggest a problem with “extreme anger”. it becomes a gift to “create beautiful things (as in art or music). or relating to others inspirationally. it becomes a gift of “empowered action and self assertion” Saturn in hard aspect to Mercury can suggest “fearful or depressed mind” but can also become the “disciplined thought and communication” (which is what you need if you want to write a book or a dissertation. But if we shift our consciousness.