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Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2 jdm150130@utdallas.


Week01 Activity

Assignment 1: Download and install MobaXterm [or (a) putty and (b) WinScp].
Try to connect to

For Mac user, try to login to cs1 via ssh and sftp, Xshell (or MobaXterm)

Work 1: Since I am using a Mac I connected to using an ssh
connection. I opened terminal, in the menu bar opened shell, then New Remote
Connection, then I created a new secure shell(ssh) with user name jdm150130 to and finally pressed to Connect button to create the

Assignment 2: Try some basic Unix/Linux commands: ls, pwd, cat, touch, man,
exit, more and ...

Compile and run a sample C program (hello world) in cs linux system or your

Work 2: Once I was logged in I was trying out the ls, ls –l, cat, touch, mv,
date, cp, vi, rm and other commands (See Terminal Saved Output 1). I created a
text file, copied it and then deleted the copied text file.

For the hello.c file I first ctreated a new directory using mkdir and called
it Programs, then I created a new c file using touch hello.c, edited it using
vi hello.c, saved it and ran the program using gcc hello.c –o hello and
./hello. Afterwards, I edited the hello.c file and using vi hello.c I edited
the file so that it would say “Hello World and David!” once I compiled it.
Finally I created a new directory called junkdir using mkdir, made a text file
called junk.txt using touch and then copied the hello.c in my Programs

Assignment 3: Try "gedit" to edit a file (with mobaXterm, or you may login to and/or try "xclock".

Work 3: Connected to and tried running the gedit and xclock
commands but came across error messages (See Terminal Save Output 2).

Assignment :4 Try the example program listed above (“hello.c”) to be compiled
and run in

Work 4: Since I’m using a Mac the linux system is the exact same as the linux
system for So all the commands that I would have done I
already did in Work 2.

Terminal Saved Output 1

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Dallas

Use of UTD Information Systems is subject to
the UTD Information Security and Acceptable Use Policy.

Pursuant to Texas Administrative Code 202:
(1) Unauthorized use is prohibited;
(2) Usage may be subject to security testing and monitoring;
(3) Misuse is subject to criminal prosecution; and
(4) No expectation of privacy except as otherwise provided by
applicable privacy laws.

If five (5) incorrect passwords are received from your IP address,
this system will ban your IP address access for twenty-four (24) hours.

[[NOTE: If you are a CS Graduate Student, you cannot logon to this server.]]
[[ All CS Graduate Students should use ]]’s password:
Last login: Sat Jan 14 19:53:03 2017 from
***---***---***---***---***---*** — Linux/CentOS 7.2
[[All CS Graduate Students should use csgrads1]] — Linux/CentOS 7.2 — Linux/CentOS 7.2
This system is for use by CS students
who need a general purpose Linux system
to complete homework assignments.

Computationally or resource intensive simulations will
be throttled automatically.

Thank you,
CS Lab Manager

/scratch disk space can be used for temporary files.
All files will be erased on a regular basis (Sunday 0300).
Sourcing /usr/local/etc/skel/global/profile
{cslinux1:~} ls
Demo Proj 1 Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf Mail perl5 Project1 public_html
{cslinux1:~} pwd
{cslinux1:~} man
What manual page do you want?
{cslinux1:~} man ls
{cslinux1:~} man ls
{cslinux1:~} ls —l
total 6670
drwxr-xr-x+ 4 jdm150130 se 7 Aug 26 2015 Demo Proj 1
-rw-------+ 1 jdm150130 se 6805047 Aug 24 2015 Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf
drwx------+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 31 2014 Mail
drwxr-xr-x+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 19 15:28 perl5
drwxr-xr-x+ 3 jdm150130 se 6 Sep 1 2015 Project1
drwx—x—x+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 31 2014 public_html
{cslinux1:~} ls —l

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

total 6670
drwxr-xr-x+ 4 jdm150130 se 7 Aug 26 2015 Demo Proj 1
-rw-------+ 1 jdm150130 se 6805047 Aug 24 2015 Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf
drwx------+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 31 2014 Mail
drwxr-xr-x+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 19 15:28 perl5
drwxr-xr-x+ 3 jdm150130 se 6 Sep 1 2015 Project1
drwx—x—x+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 31 2014 public_html
{cslinux1:~} ls —l | more
total 6670
drwxr-xr-x+ 4 jdm150130 se 7 Aug 26 2015 Demo Proj 1
-rw-------+ 1 jdm150130 se 6805047 Aug 24 2015 Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf
drwx------+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 31 2014 Mail
drwxr-xr-x+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 19 15:28 perl5
drwxr-xr-x+ 3 jdm150130 se 6 Sep 1 2015 Project1
drwx—x—x+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 31 2014 public_html
{cslinux1:~} ls —l | more
total 6670
drwxr-xr-x+ 4 jdm150130 se 7 Aug 26 2015 Demo Proj 1
-rw-------+ 1 jdm150130 se 6805047 Aug 24 2015 Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf
drwx------+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 31 2014 Mail
drwxr-xr-x+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 19 15:28 perl5
drwxr-xr-x+ 3 jdm150130 se 6 Sep 1 2015 Project1
drwx—x—x+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 31 2014 public_html
{cslinux1:~} date
Sat Jan 14 20:00:33 CST 2017
{cslinux1:~} touch david.txt
{cslinux1:~} ls —l david.txt
-rw-------+ 1 jdm150130 se 0 Jan 14 20:01 david.txt
{cslinux1:~} vi david.txt
{cslinux1:~} ls —l david.txt
-rw-------+ 1 jdm150130 se 58 Jan 14 20:03 david.txt
{cslinux1:~} ls
david.txt Demo Proj 1 Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf Mail perl5 Project1
{cslinux1:~} cat david.txt
Joenteny David Martinez
First line
Second line
Third line
{cslinux1:~} cp david.txt david2.txt
{cslinux1:~} ls —l david*
-rw-------+ 1 jdm150130 se 58 Jan 14 20:05 david2.txt
-rw-------+ 1 jdm150130 se 58 Jan 14 20:03 david.txt
{cslinux1:~} cat david2.txt
Joenteny David Martinez
First line
Second line
Third line
{cslinux1:~} mv david2.txt joenteny.txt
{cslinux1:~} ls
david.txt Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf Mail Project1
Demo Proj 1 joenteny.txt perl5 public_html
{cslinux1:~} cat joenteny.txt
Joenteny David Martinez
First line
Second line

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

Third line
{cslinux1:~} rm joenteny.txt
rm: remove regular file ‘joenteny.txt’? y
{cslinux1:~} ls
david.txt Demo Proj 1 Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf Mail perl5 Project1
{cslinux1:~} cd cs3376
-bash: cd: cs3376: No such file or directory
{cslinux1:~} pwd
{cslinux1:~} cs jd
bash: cs: command not found...
Similar commands are::
{cslinux1:~} cd jd
-bash: cd: jd: No such file or directory
{cslinux1:~} cd home
-bash: cd: home: No such file or directory
{cslinux1:~} ls
david.txt Demo Proj 1 Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf Mail perl5 Project1
{cslinux1:~} mkdir Programs
{cslinux1:~} ls
david.txt Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf perl5 Project1
Demo Proj 1 Mail Programs public_html
{cslinux1:~} cd Programs
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ls
{cslinux1:~/Programs} touch hello.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ls
{cslinux1:~/Programs} cat hello.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ls
{cslinux1:~/Programs} vi hello.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} vi hello.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} gcc hello.c —o hello
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ls
hello hello.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ./hello
Hello, World!
{cslinux1:~/Programs} vi hello.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ls
hello hello.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} gcc hello.c —o hello
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ./hello
Hello, World and David!
{cslinux1:~/Programs} which gcc
{cslinux1:~/Programs} cd /bin
{cslinux1:/bin} ls
[ mshortname
411toppm mshowfat
a2p msntest
a2ps ms_print
ab msql2mysql
abrt-action-analyze-backtrace mtools

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

abrt-action-analyze-c mtoolstest
abrt-action-analyze-ccpp-local mtvtoppm
abrt-action-analyze-core mtype
abrt-action-analyze-oops munch
abrt-action-analyze-python mutter
abrt-action-analyze-vmcore mv
abrt-action-analyze-vulnerability mwm
abrt-action-analyze-xorg mx-create-image-cache
abrt-action-check-oops-for-hw-error mxtar
abrt-action-generate-backtrace myisamchk
abrt-action-generate-core-backtrace myisam_ftdump
abrt-action-install-debuginfo myisamlog
abrt-action-list-dsos myisampack
abrt-action-notify my_print_defaults
abrt-action-perform-ccpp-analysis mysql
abrt-action-save-kernel-data mysqlaccess
abrt-action-save-package-data mysqladmin
abrt-action-trim-files mysqlbinlog
abrt-applet mysqlbug
abrt-cli mysqlcheck
abrt-dump-oops mysql_config
abrt-dump-xorg mysql_convert_table_format
abrt-handle-upload mysqld_multi
abrt-merge-pstoreoops mysqld_safe
abrt-retrace-client mysqldump
abrt-watch-log mysqldumpslow
abs2rel mysql_find_rows
ac mysql_fix_extensions
accountwizard mysqlhotcopy
aclocal mysqlimport
aclocal-1.13 mysql_install_db
aconnect mysql_plugin
acpi_listen mysql_secure_installation
activation-client mysql_setpermission
addftinfo mysqlshow
addr2line mysqlslap
affixcompress mysqltest
afm2tfm mysql_tzinfo_to_sql
afmtodit mysql_upgrade
afs5log mysql_waitpid
agentxtrap mysql_zap
akonadi2xml mzip
akonadi_agent_launcher nail
akonadi_agent_server namei
akonadi_birthdays_resource nano
akonadi_control native2ascii
akonadictl nautilus
akonadi_davgroupware_resource nautilus-autorun-software
akonadi_icaldir_resource nautilus-connect-server
akonadi_imap_resource nautilus-sendto
akonadi_invitations_agent nc
akonadi_kabc_resource ncat
akonadi_kcal_resource ncurses5-config
akonadi_kdeaccounts_resource ncursesw5-config
akonadi_localbookmarks_resource ndptool
akonadi_maildispatcher_agent needs-restarting
akonadi_mailtransport_dummy_resource nenscript

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

akonadi_microblog_resource neotoppm
akonadi_mixedmaildir_resource nepomuk2-rcgen
akonadi_nepomuk_feeder nepomukbackup
akonadi_nepomuktag_resource nepomukcleaner
akonadi_nntp_resource nepomukcontroller
akonadi_openxchange_resource nepomukindexer
akonadi_pop3_resource nepomukpimindexerutility
akonadi_rds nepomuk-rcgen
akonadiserver nepomukserver
akonaditray nepomukservicestub
akonadi_vcarddir_resource nepomuk-simpleresource-rcgen
akregator neqn
akregatorstorageexporter net
alias netaddr
allcm net-snmp-config
allec net-snmp-config-x86_64
allneeded net-snmp-create-v3-user
alsabat netstat
alsa-delay nettle-hash
alsaloop nettle-lfib-stream
alsamixer newaliases
alsatplg newaliases.postfix
alsaucm newgrp
alsaunmute nf-ct-add
amidi nf-ct-list
amixer nf-exp-add nf-exp-delete
anaconda-cleanup nf-exp-list
anaconda-disable-nm-ibft-plugin nf-log
analog nf-monitor
analyze nf-queue
animate nfs4_editfacl
ant nfs4_getfacl
antRun nfs4_setfacl nfsiostat-sysstat
anytopnm ngettext
aplay nice
aplaymidi nisdomainname
appdata-validate nl
appletviewer nl-addr-add
applydeltarpm nl-addr-delete
appstream-util nl-addr-list
apr-1-config nl-class-add
apropos nl-class-delete
apu-1-config nl-classid-lookup
apxs nl-class-list
aqbanking-cli nl-cls-add
aqebics-tool nl-cls-delete
aqhbci-tool4 nl-cls-list
ar nl-fib-lookup
arch nl-link-enslave
arecord nl-link-ifindex2name
arecordmidi nl-link-list
aria_chk nl-link-name2ifindex
aria_dump_log nl-link-release
aria_ftdump nl-link-set
aria_pack nl-link-stats

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

aria_read_log nl-list-caches
ark nl-list-sockets
as nl-monitor
asciitopgm nl-neigh-add
aseqdump nl-neigh-delete
aseqnet nl-neigh-list
aserver nl-neightbl-list
aspell nl-pktloc-lookup
at nl-qdisc-add
atktopbm nl-qdisc-delete
atq nl-qdisc-list
atrm nl-route-add
attr nl-route-delete
audit2allow nl-route-get
audit2why nl-route-list
aulast nl-rule-list
aulastlog nl-tctree-list
ausyscall nl-util-addr
authconfig nm
authconfig-gtk nmblookup
authconfig-tui nmcli
autoconf nm-connection-editor
autoheader nm-online
autom4te nmtui
automake nmtui-connect
automake-1.13 nmtui-edit
automoc4 nmtui-hostname
autopoint nohup
autoreconf nosetests
autoscan nosetests-2.7
autoupdate notify-send
auvirt nproc
avstopam nroff
awk nsenter
baobab nsgmls
base64 nslookup
basename nspluginscan
bash nspluginviewer
bashbug nspr-config
bashbug-64 nss-config
batch nss-softokn-config
bc nss-util-config
bccmd nsupdate
bdftopcf ntlm_auth
bdftruncate ntpstat
bd_info numactl
bdsplice Updat
UpdatedU_db47_svc numademo
bg numastat
bibtex numfmt
bioradtopgm objcopy
bison objdump
blkiomon oclock
blkparse ocount
blkrawverify ocs
blktrace ocsptool
bluedevil-monolithic od

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

bluedevil-sendfile odbc_config
bluedevil-wizard odbcinst
bluemoon oddjob_request
bluetoothctl ogg123
UpdatedUr-sendto oggdec
bmptopnm oggenc
bmptoppm ogginfo ogonkify
bond2team okteta
bonobo-activation-run-query Update
bonobo-browser oldfind
bootctl oLschema2ldif
brasero on_ac_power
brltty onsgmls
brltty-config onto2vocabularyclass
brltty-ctb oobase
brltty-install oocalc
brltty-trtxt oodraw
brltty-ttb Update
brushtopbm ooimpress
btmon oomath
btrace ooviewdoc
btrecord oowriter
btreplay opannotate
btt oparchive
build-classpath opax
build-classpath-directory op-check-perfevents
build-jar-repository opcontrol
bundle open
bundler opencv_createsamples
bunzip2 opencv_haartraining
busctl opencv_performance
byacc opencv_traincascade
bzcat openjade
bzcmp openlmi-doc-class2rst
bzdiff openlmi-doc-class2uml
bzgrep openlmi-mof-register
bzip2recover openssl
bzless openvt
bzmore operf
c++ opgprof
c2ph ophelp
c89 opimport
c99 opjitconv
cairo-sphinx opreport
cal oprofiled
ca-legacy orbd
calibrate_ppa orbit2-config
callgrind_annotate orbit-idl-2
callgrind_control orca
cameratopam orc-bugreport
UpdatedU-boot oscap
UpdatedU-gtk-play osgmlnorm
cancel osinfo
cancel.cups osinfo-db-validate
captoinfo osinfo-detect

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

card osinfo-install-script
caribou-preferences osinfo-query
cat ospam
catchsegv ospcat
catman ospent
cc os-prober
ccache-swig osx
ccmake otfdump
cd otflist
cd-create-profile otftobdf
cdda2ogg otfview
cdda2wav over
cdda-player oxygen-demo
cd-drive oxygen-gtk3-demo
cd-fix-profile oxygen-gtk-demo
cd-iccdump oxygen-settings
cd-info oxygen-shadow-demo
cd-it8 p11-kit
cdparanoia p11tool
cd-paranoia pacat
cdrdao pack200
cd-read package-cleanup
cdrecord package-stash-conflicts
celtdec051 pacmd
celtenc051 pactl
UpdatedU-decode padsp
certmaster-getcert pagesize
certtool palmtopnm
certutil pamaddnoise
certwatch pamarith
c++filt pambackground
cg_annotate pambayer
cgclassify pamchannel
cgcreate pamcomp
cgdelete pamcut
cg_diff pamdeinterlace
cgexec pamdepth
cgget pamdice
cg_merge pamditherbw
cgset pamedge
cgsnapshot pamendian
chacl pamenlarge
chage pamexec
chainsaw pamfile
chardetect pamfixtrunc
charmap pamflip
chattr pamfunc
chcat pamgauss
chcon pamgradient
check-binary-files pamlookup
checkisomd5 pammasksharpen
checkmk pammixinterlace
checkmodule pammosaicknit
checkpolicy pamoil
check-regexp pamon
checksctp pampaintspill
checkXML pam-panel-icon

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

cheese pamperspective
chem pampick
chfn pampop9
chgrp pamrecolor
chmod pamrgbatopng
chmorph pamrubber
chown pamscale
chronyc pamseq
chrt pamsharpmap
chsh pamsharpness
chvt pamsistoaglyph
ci pamslice
cifscreds pamsplit
cifsdd pamstack
cifsiostat pamstereogram
cimcli pamstretch
cimmof pamstretch-gen
cimmofl pamsumm
cimprovider pamsummcol
cimsub pamthreshold
ciptool pamtilt
cistopbm pamtoavs
cksum pamtodjvurle
clean-binary-files pamtofits
clear pamtogif
clibrary pamtohdiff
clibrary2 pamtohtmltbl
Upda_dump pamtojpeg2k
clusterdb pamtompfont
cmake pamtooctaveimg
cmp pamtopam
cmsutil pamtopdbimg
cmuwmtopbm pamtopfm
co pamtopnm
col pamtosrf
colcrt pamtosvg pamtotga
colord-kde-icc-importer pamtotiff
colormgr pamtouil
colrm pamtoxvmini
column pamundice
combinedeltarpm pamwipeout
combinediff pamx
comm panelctl
command pango-querymodules-64
compare pango-view
compile_et paperconf papi_avail
composeglyphs papi_clockres
composite papi_command_line
compress papi_component_avail
config_data papi_cost
conjure papi_decode
connection_recovery papi_error_codes
consolehelper papi_event_chooser
consolehelper-gtk papi_mem_info
convert papi_multiplex_cost

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

coredumpctl papi_native_avail
corelist papi_version
coverage papi_xml_event_info
coverage2 paplay
coverage-2.7 paps
cp parec
cpack parecord
cpan passwd
cpan2dist paste
cpanm pasuspender
cpanp patch
cpanp-run-perl pathchk
cpansign pax
cpio pax11publish
cpp pbm2ppa
cpp2html pbmclean
cpupower pbmlife
crash pbmmake
crc32 pbmmask
Updated pbmminkowski
create-jar-links pbmpage
createlang pbmpscale
createrepo pbmreduce
createuser pbmtext
crlutil pbmtextps
croco-0.6-config pbmto10x
crontab pbmto4425
crywrap pbmtoascii
cscope pbmtoatk
cscope-indexer pbmtobbnbg
csh pbmtocis
csplit pbmtocmuwm
csslint-0.6 pbmtodjvurle
ctags pbmtoepsi
ctest pbmtoepson
cue2toc pbmtoescp2
cups-calibrate pbmtog3
cups-config pbmtogem
cupstestdsc pbmtogo
cupstestppd pbmtoibm23xx
curl pbmtoicon
curl-config pbmtolj
cut pbmtoln03
cvs pbmtolps
cvsbug pbmtomacp
cvt pbmtomatrixorbital
cxpm pbmtomda
danetool pbmtomgr
date pbmtomrf
db2dvi pbmtonokia
db2html pbmtopgm
db2pdf pbmtopi3
db2ps pbmtopk
db2rtf pbmtoplot
db47_archive pbmtoppa
db47_checkpoint pbmtopsg3
db47_codegen pbmtoptx

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

db47_deadlock pbmtosunicon
db47_dump pbmtowbmp
db47_hotbackup pbmtox10bm
db47_load pbmtoxbm
db47_printlog pbmtoybm
db47_recover pbmtozinc
db47_stat pbmtpg
db47_upgrade pbmupc
db47_verify pc1toppm
db4_archive pcdovtoppm
db4_checkpoint pcp
db4_deadlock pcp2graphite
db4_dump pcre-config
db4_dump185 pcxtoppm pdbedit
db4_hotbackup pdbimgtopam
db4_load pdf2dsc
db4_printlog pdf2ps
db4_recover pdfdetach
db4_sql pdfetex
db4_stat pdffonts
db4_upgrade pdfimages
db4_verify pdfinfo
db_archive pdfjadetex
db_checkpoint pdflatex
db_deadlock pdfmom
db_dump pdfroff
db_dump185 pdfseparate
db_hotbackup pdftex
dbilogstrip pdftexi2dvi
dbiprof pdftocairo
dbiproxy pdftohtml
db_load pdftoppm
db_log_verify pdftops
dbpmda pdftotext
db_printlog pdfunite
db_recover pdfxmltex
db_replicate pdiff
db_stat pear
db_tuner peardev
db_upgrade pecl
dbus-binding-tool peekfd
dbus-cleanup-sockets perf
dbus-daemon perl
dbus-launch perl5.16.3
dbus-monitor perlbug
dbus-send perldoc
dbus-uuidgen perlivp
dbusxx-introspect perlthanks
dbusxx-xml2cpp perror
db_verify pf2afm
dbwrap_tool pfbtopfa
dc pfbtops
dconf pfmtopam
dd pftp
ddbugtopbm pgawk
deallocvt pg_basebackup

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

debuginfo-install pg_config
dehtmldiff pg_controldata
demangle pg_ctl
designer-qt4 pg_dump
desktop-file-edit pg_dumpall
desktop-file-install pgmabel
desktop-file-validate pgmbentley
detect_ppa pgmcrater
devdump pgmdeshadow
df pgmedge
dgawk pgmenhance
diff pgmhist
diff3 pgmkernel
diff-jars pgmmake
diffpp pgmmedian
diffstat pgmminkowski
dig pgmmorphconv
dir pgmnoise
dircolors pgmnorm
dirname pgmoil
display pgmramp
dltest pgmslice
dm_date pgmtexture
dmesg pgmtofs
dm_zdump pgmtolispm
dnsdomainname pgmtopbm
docbook2dvi pgmtopgm
docbook2html pgmtoppm
docbook2man pg_receivexlog
docbook2pdf pgrep
docbook2ps pg_resetxlog
docbook2rtf pg_restore
docbook2tex phar
docbook2texi phar.phar
docbook2txt php
dolphin php-cgi
domainname phpize
dos2unix pi1toppm
dotlockfile pi3topbm
doveadm pic
doveconf pic2graph
doxygen pic2tpic
Update piconv
drill pidstat
dropdb pinentry
droplang pinentry-curses
dropuser pinentry-gtk
dstat pinentry-gtk-2
dsync pinentry-qt
dtrace pinfo
du ping
dumpiso ping6
dumpkeys pinky
dumpsexp pitchplay
dvcont pixeltool
dvd-ram-control pjtoppm
dvdrecord pk12util

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

dvd+rw-booktype pkaction
dvd+rw-format pkcheck
dvd+rw-mediainfo pkcon
dvi2fax pkcs1-conv
dvigif pkexec
dvilualatex pkg-config
dviluatex pkill
dvipdf pkla-admin-identities
dvipdfm pkla-check-authorization
dvipdfmx pkmon
dvipdft pktogf
dvipng pktopbm
dvips pkttyagent
dvired pktype
dwp pl2pm
dwz plasma-dataengine-depextractor
easy_install plasma-desktop
easy_install-2.7 plasma-netbook
ebb plasma-overlay
ebrowse plasmapkg
echo plasma-remote-helper
ecj plasma-windowed
ecpg play
ed pldd
edid-decode plistutil
editdiff plistutil-1.10
egrep UpdatedU
eject pmafm
ekiga pmap
ekiga-config-tool pmatop
ekiga-helper pmcollectl
elfedit pmdate
elinks pmdiff
emacs pmdumplog
emacs-24.3 pmevent
emacsclient pmfind
empathy pmgenmap
empathy-accounts pmie
empathy-debugger pmie2col
enchant pmieconf
enchant-lsmod pminfo
encode_keychange pmiostat
enscript pm-is-supported
env pmlc
envsubst pmlogcheck
eog pmlogconf
eps2eps pmlogextract
epsffit pmlogger
eqn pmloglabel
eqn2graph pmlogmv
erb pmlogsummary
escp2topbm pmprobe
escputil pmpython
espdiff pmrep
espeak pmsocks
etags pmstat
etags.emacs pmstore

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

etex pmtrace
eu-addr2line pmval
eu-ar png2theora
eu-elfcmp pngtopam
eu-elfcompress pngtopnm
eu-elflint pnm2ppa
eu-findtextrel pnmalias
eu-make-debug-archive pnmarith
eu-nm pnmcat
eu-objdump pnmcolormap
eu-ranlib pnmcomp
eu-readelf pnmconvol
eu-size pnmcrop
eu-stack pnmcut
eu-strings pnmdepth
eu-strip pnmenlarge
eu-unstrip pnmfile
evince pnmflip
evince-previewer pnmgamma
evince-thumbnailer pnmhisteq
evolution pnmhistmap
ex pnmindex
execstack pnminterp
exempi pnminvert
expand pnmmargin
expr pnmmercator
extcheck pnmmontage
extractbb pnmnlfilt
extractres pnmnoraw
extresso pnmnorm
eyuvtoppm pnmpad
f2py pnmpaste
f2py.numpy pnmpsnr
f95 pnmquant
factor pnmquantall
fail2ban-client pnmremap
fail2ban-regex pnmrotate
fail2ban-server pnmscale
fail2ban-testcases pnmscalefixed
fallocate pnmshear
false pnmsmooth
fc pnmsplit
fc-cache pnmstitch
fc-cat pnmtile
fc-list pnmtoddif
fc-match pnmtofiasco
fc-pattern pnmtofits
fc-query pnmtojbig
fc-scan pnmtojpeg
fc-validate pnmtopalm
festival pnmtopclxl
festival_client pnmtoplainpnm
festival_server pnmtopng
festival_server_control pnmtopnm
fg pnmtops
fgconsole pnmtorast
fgrep pnmtorle

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

fiascotopnm pnmtosgi
fig2dev pnmtosir
fig2ps2tex pnmtotiff pnmtotiffcmyk
file pnmtoxwd
file-roller pod2html
filterdiff pod2latex
find pod2man
find2perl pod2texi
find-jar pod2text
findmnt pod2usage
find-repos-of-install podchecker
finger pod_cover
fipscheck podselect
fipshmac policyeditor.itweb
firefox policytool
firewall-cmd POST
firewall-config postgres
firewall-offline-cmd postgresql-check-db-dir
fitstopnm postgresql-setup
fixcvsdiff post-grohtml
fixdlsrps postmaster
fixfmps powernow-k8-decode
fixnt ppdc
fixps ppdhtml
fixpsditps ppdi
fixpspps ppdmerge
fixscribeps ppdpo
fixtpps pphs
fixwfwps ppm3d
fixwpps ppmbrighten
fixwwps ppmchange
flac ppmcie
flex ppmcolormask
flex++ ppmcolors
flipdiff ppmdcfont
flite ppmddumpfont
flite_time ppmdim
flock ppmdist
fmt ppmdither
fmtutil ppmdmkfont
fmtutil-sys ppmdraw
fold ppmfade
font2c ppmflash
fonttosfnt ppmforge
foomatic-combo-xml ppmglobe
foomatic-compiledb ppmhist
foomatic-configure ppmlabel
foomatic-datafile ppmmake
foomatic-perl-data ppmmix
foomatic-ppdfile ppmnorm
foomatic-ppd-options ppmntsc
foomatic-ppd-to-xml ppmpat
foomatic-printjob ppmquant
foomatic-rip ppmquantall
foomatic-searchprinter ppmrainbow
formail ppmrelief

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

fprintd-delete ppmrough
fprintd-enroll ppmshadow
fprintd-list ppmshift
fprintd-verify ppmspread
free ppmtoacad
freetype-config ppmtoapplevol
fros ppmtoarbtxt
fstopgm ppmtoascii
fsview ppmtobmp
ftp ppmtoeyuv
funzip ppmtogif
fusermount ppmtoicr
fusermount-glusterfs ppmtoilbm
g++ ppmtojpeg
g3topbm ppmtoleaf
gapplication ppmtolj
gatttool ppmtomap
gawk ppmtomitsu
gcalccmd ppmtoneo
gcc ppmtopcx
gcc-ar ppmtopgm
gcc-nm ppmtopi1
gcc-ranlib ppmtopict
gcm-calibrate ppmtopj
gcm-import ppmtopjxl
gcm-inspect ppmtoppm
gcm-picker ppmtopuzz
gcm-viewer ppmtorgb3
gconf-merge-tree ppmtosixel
gconftool-2 ppmtospu
gcore ppmtoterm
gcov ppmtouil
gcr-viewer ppmtowinicon
gctags ppmtoxpm
gct-tool ppmtoyuv
gdb ppmtoyuvsplit
gdb-add-index ppmtv
gdbus ppmwheel
gdbus-codegen pr
gdiffmk precat
gdk-pixbuf-csource preconv
gdk-pixbuf-pixdata pre-grohtml
gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders-64 preparetips
gdmflexiserver preunzip
gdm-screenshot prezip
gedit prezip-bin
gegl printafm
gem printenv
gemtopbm printf
gemtopnm prlimit
gendiff procmail
genisoimage profiles
genkey prove
genl-ctrl-list proxy
genresscript prtstat
geoiplookup ps

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

geoiplookup6 ps2ascii
geoipupdate ps2epsi
geqn ps2pdf
GET ps2pdf12
getafm ps2pdf13
getcert ps2pdf14
getcifsacl ps2pdfwr
getconf ps2ps
getent ps2ps2
getfacl psbook
getfattr psed
gethostip psfaddtable
getkeycodes psfgettable
getopt psfstriptable
getopts psfxtable
gettext psidtopgm
gettextize psktool psmandup
gfortran ps_mem
gftodvi psmerge
gftopk psnup
gftype psql
ghostscript psresize
ghostview psselect
gif2h5 psset
giftopnm pstack
gimp pstopnm
gimp-2.8 pstops
gimp-console pstree
gimp-console-2.8 pstree.x11
gindxbib pstruct
gio-querymodules-64 pt2to3
g-ir-annotation-tool ptar
g-ir-compiler ptardiff
g-ir-doc-tool ptargrep
g-ir-generate ptdump
g-ir-scanner ptrepack
git pttree
git-receive-pack ptx
git-shell pulseaudio
git-upload-archive purple-client-example
git-upload-pack purple-remote
gjs purple-send
gjs-console purple-send-async
gkbd-keyboard-display purple-url-handler
glib-compile-resources pwd
glib-compile-schemas pwdx
glib-genmarshal pwmake
glib-gettextize pwscore
glib-mkenums pydoc
glookbib pygmentize
glxgears pygobject-codegen-2.0
glxinfo pygtk-codegen-2.0
glxinfo64 pygtk-demo
gmake pyinotify
gnc-fq-check pylupdate4
gnc-fq-dump pyrcc4

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

gnc-fq-helper python
gneqn python2
gnome-abrt python2.7 python2.7-config
gnome-boxes python2-config
gnome-calculator python-config
gnome-character-map pyuic4
gnome-clocks pywbemcli
gnome-contacts qcatool2
gnome-control-center qcollectiongenerator
gnome-dictionary qdbus
gnome-disk-image-mounter qdbuscpp2xml
gnome-disks qdbusxml2cpp
gnome-doc-common qdoc3
gnome-doc-prepare qemu-ga
gnome-doc-tool qemu-img
gnome-documents qemu-io
gnome-font-viewer qemu-nbd
gnome-help qhelpconverter
gnome-keyring qhelpgenerator
gnome-keyring-3 qmake-qt4
gnome-keyring-daemon qmicli
gnome-open qmi-network
gnome-screensaver qmlplugindump
gnome-screensaver-command qmlviewer
gnome-screenshot qrttoppm
gnome-session qt3to4
gnome-session-custom-session qttracereplay
gnome-session-inhibit quota
gnome-session-properties quotasync
gnome-session-quit ranlib
gnome-session-selector rapper
gnome-shell rarian-example
gnome-shell-extension-prefs rarian-sk-config
gnome-shell-extension-tool rarian-sk-extract
gnome-shell-perf-tool rarian-sk-gen-uuid
gnome-software rarian-sk-get-cl
gnome-system-log rarian-sk-get-content-list
gnome-system-monitor rarian-sk-get-extended-content-list
gnome-terminal rarian-sk-get-scripts
gnome-text-editor rarian-sk-install
gnome-thumbnail-font rarian-sk-migrate
gnome-tweak-tool rarian-sk-preinstall
gnomevfs-cat rarian-sk-rebuild
gnomevfs-copy rarian-sk-update
gnomevfs-df rasttopnm
gnomevfs-info raw
gnomevfs-ls rawtopgm
gnomevfs-mkdir rawtoppm
gnomevfs-monitor rb
gnomevfs-mv rcc
gnomevfs-rm rcs
gnome-weather rcsclean
gnote rcsdiff
gnroff rcsfreeze
gnucash rcsmerge
gnucash-env rctest

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

gnucash-make-guids rdate
gnucash-valgrind rdfproc
gnuplot rdoc
gnuplot-wx read
gnutls-cli readcd
gnutls-cli-debug readelf
gnutls-serv readlink
gobject-query readmult
gouldtoppm readom
gpasswd realpath
gpg rebuild-jar-repository
gpg2 rec
gpg-agent recode-sr-latin
gpgconf recountdiff
gpg-connect-agent red
gpg-error redhat_lsb_init
gpg-error-config rediff
gpgparsemail Updated-db-upgrade
gpgsplit refer
gpgv regdiff
gpgv2 regpatch
gpg-zip regshell
gpic regtree
gpk-application reindexdb
gpk-dbus-service remote-viewer
gpk-install-local-file rename
gpk-log renice
gpk-prefs replace
gpk-update-viewer repoclosure
gprof repodiff
gr2fonttest repo-graph
grap2graph repomanage
grefer repoquery
grep repo-rss
grep-changelog report
grepdiff report-cli
gresource reporter-bugzilla
grilo-test-ui-0.2 reporter-kerneloops
grl-inspect-0.2 reporter-mailx
grl-launch-0.2 reporter-mantisbt
grn reporter-print
grodvi reporter-rhtsupport
groff reporter-upload
groffer reporter-ureport
grog report-gtk
grolbp report-newt
grolj4 reposync
gropdf repotrack
grops reset
grotty resize
groups resizecons
growisofs resolveip
grub2-editenv resolve_stack_dump
grub2-file rev
grub2-fstest rfcomm
grub2-glue-efi rgb3toppm
grub2-kbdcomp rhino

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

grub2-menulst2cfg rhythmbox
grub2-mkfont rhythmbox-client
grub2-mkimage ri
grub2-mklayout rlatopam
grub2-mknetdir rletopnm
grub2-mkpasswd-pbkdf2 rlog
grub2-mkrelpath rm
grub2-mkrescue rmail
grub2-mkstandalone rmail.postfix
grub2-render-label rmdir
grub2-script-check rmic
grub2-syslinux2cfg rmid
gs rmiregistry
gsbj rnano
gsdj rngtest
gsdj500 roff2dvi
gsettings roff2html
gsettings-data-convert roff2pdf
gsettings-schema-convert roff2ps
gsf roff2text
gsf-office-thumbnailer roff2x
gsftopk roqet
gsf-vba-dump rpcclient
gsl-histogram rpcgen
gslj rpm
gslp rpm2cpio
gsl-randist rpmbuild
gsnd rpmdb
gsoelim rpmdumpheader
gss-client rpmgraph
gstack rpmkeys
gst-feedback rpmquery
gst-feedback-0.10 rpmsign
gst-inspect rpmspec
gst-inspect-0.10 rpmverify
gst-inspect-1.0 rsvg-convert
gst-launch rsvg-view-3
gst-launch-0.10 rsync
gst-typefind ruby
gst-xmlinspect runcon
gst-xmlinspect-0.10 run-parts
gst-xmllaunch run-with-aspell
gst-xmllaunch-0.10 rvi
gtar rview
gtbl rvim
gtester rx
gtester-report rz
gtf s2p
gtk3-demo sa-awl
gtk3-demo-application sa-check_spamd
gtk3-icon-browser sa-compile
gtk3-widget-factory sadf
gtk-builder-convert sa-learn
gtk-demo samba-regedit

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

gtkdoc-check sandbox
gtkdoc-depscan sane-config
gtkdoc-fixxref sane-find-scanner
gtkdocize sar
gtkdoc-mkdb sasl2-sample-client
gtkdoc-mkhtml sasl2-sample-server
gtkdoc-mkman satyr
gtkdoc-mkpdf sa-update
gtkdoc-mktmpl saytime
gtkdoc-rebase sb
gtkdoc-scan sbcdec
gtkdoc-scangobj sbcenc
gtkdoc-scanobj sbcinfo
gtk-encode-symbolic-svg sbigtopgm
gtkhtml-editor-test scanadf
gtk-launch scanimage
gtk-query-immodules-2.0-64 schemagen
gtk-query-immodules-3.0-64 scl
gtk-update-icon-cache scl_enabled
gtroff sclient
gucharmap scl_source
guild scp
guile scp-dbus-service
guile2 screen
guile2-tools script
guile-tools scriptreplay
gunzip scrollkeeper-config
gupnp-binding-tool scrollkeeper-extract
gupnp-dlna-info-2.0 scrollkeeper-gen-seriesid
gupnp-dlna-ls-profiles-2.0 scrollkeeper-get-cl
gv scrollkeeper-get-content-list
gvfs-cat scrollkeeper-get-extended-content-list
gvfs-copy scrollkeeper-get-index-from-docpath
gvfs-info scrollkeeper-get-toc-from-docpath
gvfs-less scrollkeeper-get-toc-from-id
gvfs-ls scrollkeeper-install
gvfs-mime scrollkeeper-preinstall
gvfs-mkdir scrollkeeper-rebuilddb
gvfs-monitor-dir scrollkeeper-uninstall
gvfs-monitor-file scrollkeeper-update
gvfs-mount scrub
gvfs-move sctp_darn
gvfs-open sctp_status
gvfs-rename sctp_test
gvfs-rm sdiff
gvfs-save sdl-config
gvfs-set-attribute sdp_long_message
gvfs-trash sdp_run_test
gvfs-tree sdptool
gv-update-userconfig seahorse
gwenview Update
gwenview_importer seapplet
gzexe Update
gzip secret-tool
h2ph sed
h2xs sedismod
h52gif sedispol

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

h5copy selfsign-getcert
h5debug semodule_package
h5diff sendiso
h5dump seq
h5import serialver
h5jam servertool
h5ls servicemenudeinstallation
h5mkgrp servicemenuinstallation
h5perf_serial sessreg
h5repack setarch
h5repart setcifsacl
h5stat setfacl
h5unjam setfattr
hangul setfont
hb-ot-shape-closure setkeycodes
hb-shape setleds
hb-view setmetamode
hciattach setpriv
hciconfig setserial
hcidump setsid
hcitool setterm
hdifftopam setup
hdmv_test setup-nsssysinit
head setvtrgb
HEAD setxkbmap
hesinfo sexp-conv
hex2hcd sftp
hexdump sg
highlight sgitopnm
hipstopgm sgml2xml
hivexget sgmldiff
hivexml sgmlnorm
hivexregedit sgmlspl
hivexsh sgmlwhich
hmac256 sh
host sha1hmac
Update sha1sum
hostname sha224sum
hostnamectl sha256hmac
hpcdtoppm sha256sum
hpcups-update-ppds sha384hmac
hpftodit sha384sum
hpijs sha512hmac
ht sha512sum
htcontext sharesec
htdbm shasum
htdigest UpdatedU
htlatex UpdatedU-video-thumbnailer
htmex show-changed-rco
html2ps showchar
htmltree showconsolefont
htpasswd show-installed
httex showkey
httexi showrgb
httxt2dbm shred
htxelatex shuf

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

htxetex signtool
hugeadm signver
hugectl sim_client
hugeedit simc_lsmplugin sim_lsmplugin
hunspell simpdftex
hunzip sip
hwloc-annotate sirtopnm
hwloc-assembler size
hwloc-assembler-remote skill
hwloc-bind slabtop
hwloc-calc sldtoppm
hwloc-compress-dir sleep
hwloc-diff sliceprint
hwloc-distances slogin
hwloc-distrib slptool
hwloc-gather-topology smbcacls
hwloc-info smbclient
hwloc-ls smbcontrol
hwloc-patch smbcquotas
hwloc-ps smbget
hzip smbpasswd
i386 smbprint
ibus smbspool
ibus-daemon smbtar
ibus-setup smbtree
ibus-table-createdb smp_conf_general
ical2vcal smp_conf_phy_event
iceauth smp_conf_route_info
icedax smp_conf_zone_man_pass
icontopbm smp_conf_zone_perm_tbl
iconv smp_conf_zone_phy_info
icotool smp_discover
icu-config smp_discover_list
icu-config-64 smp_ena_dis_zoning
icuinfo smp_phy_control
id smp_phy_test
ident smp_read_gpio
identify smp_rep_broadcast
idevicebackup smp_rep_exp_route_tbl
idevicebackup2 smp_rep_general
idevicedate smp_rep_manufacturer
idevicedebugserverproxy smp_rep_phy_err_log
idevicediagnostics smp_rep_phy_event
ideviceenterrecovery smp_rep_phy_event_list
idevice_id smp_rep_phy_sata
ideviceimagemounter smp_rep_route_info
ideviceinfo smp_rep_self_conf_stat
idevicepair smp_rep_zone_man_pass
ideviceprovision smp_rep_zone_perm_tbl
idevicescreenshot smp_write_gpio
idevicesyslog smp_zone_activate
idiag-socket-details smp_zoned_broadcast
idlj smp_zone_lock
idn smp_zone_unlock
idn2 sndfile-resample
iecset snice

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

ifnames snmpbulkget
igawk snmpbulkwalk
ijsgutenprint.5.2 snmpconf
ilbmtoppm snmpdelta
im-chooser snmpdf
imgtoppm snmpget
implantisomd5 snmpgetnext
import snmpinform
imsettings-info snmpnetstat
imsettings-list snmpset
imsettings-reload snmpstatus
imsettings-switch snmptable
includeres snmptest
indent snmptls
index_dump snmptranslate
indxbib snmptrap
info snmpusm
infocmp snmpvacm
infokey snmpwalk
infotocap soelim
infotopam soffice
inimf solid-action-desktop-gen
initdb solid-hardware
initex sopranocmd
inkscape Updated
innochecksum sort
install sotruss
install-catalog sound_dump
install-printerdriver soundstretch
instmodsh source-highlight
instperf source-highlight-settings
interdiff sox
intltool-extract soxi
intltoolize spam
intltool-merge spamassassin
intltool-prepare spamc
intltool-update spamd
iodbctest spax
iodbctestw spctoppm
ionice spd-conf
ior-decode-2 spd-say
iostat spdsend
iowatcher speaker-test
ipa-getcert speech-dispatcher
ipcalc spell
ipcluster spent
ipcluster2 spice-vdagent
ipcmk splain
ipcontroller split
ipcontroller2 splitdiff
ipcrm spottopgm
ipcs sprof
ipengine sputoppm
ipengine2 sqlite3
iproxy srftopam
iptables-xml ssh

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

iptc ssh-add
ipython ssh-agent
ipython2 ssh-copy-id
irb sshfs
isdv4-serial-inputattach ssh-keygen
isodebug ssh-keyscan
isodump ssltap
isohybrid sss_ssh_authorizedkeys
isoinfo sss_ssh_knownhostsproxy
iso-info stap
iso-read stapdyn
isosize stap-merge
isovfy stap-prep
ispell stap-report
ispellaff2myspell staprun
isql stapsh
isympy startkde
itweb-settings.itweb start-pulseaudio-x11
iusql startx
jade stat
jadetex states
jar stdbuf
jarsigner strace
java strace-log-merge
java2html stream
javac strings
Updated strip
javap Upd
javaws stunbdc
javaws.itweb stund
jbigtopnm su
jcmd sudo
jconsole sudoedit
jdb sudoreplay
jdeps sum
jhat sunicontopnm
jinfo supermin5
jjs sushi
jmap svgtopam
jobs svn
join svnadmin
journalctl svndumpfilter
jpeg2ktopam svnlook
jpegtopnm svnrdump
jps svnserve
jrunscript svnsync
js svnversion
jsadebugd sweeper
json-glib-format swig
json-glib-validate sx
jsonpointer sxpm
json_pp sync
json_reformat synclient
json_verify syndaemon
jstack syslinux
jstat system-config-abrt

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

jstatd system-config-authentication
jvmjar system-config-date
jw system-config-firewall
jwhois system-config-firewall-tui
k5srvutil system-config-kdump
kabc2mutt system-config-keyboard
kabcclient system-config-printer
kaccess system-config-printer-applet
kactivitymanagerd system-config-users
kaddressbookmigrator systemctl
kadmin Update-analyze
kapplymousetheme Update-ask-password
karm Update-cat
kbackgroundsnapshot Update-cgls
kbdinfo Update-cgtop
kbd_mode Update-coredumpctl
kbdrate Update-delta
kblankscrn.kss Update-detect-virt
kbookmarkmerger Update-escape
kbuildsycoca4 systemd-firstboot
kcalc Update-hwdb
kcharselect Update-inhibit
kcheckrunning Update-loginctl
kcminit Update-machine-id-setup
kcminit_startup Update-notify
kcmshell4 systemd-nspawn
kcolorchooser Update-path
kconfig_compiler4 systemd-run
kcookiejar4 systemd-stdio-bridge
kde4 systemd-sysv-convert
kde4-config Update-tmpfiles Update-tty-ask-password-agent
kde4-menu systemsettings
kdebugdialog sz
kde-cp t4ht
kded4 tabs
kdeinit4 tac
kdeinit4_shutdown tail
kdeinit4_wrapper tailf
kde-mv tapestat
kde-open tar
kdepasswd targetcli
kdestroy targetctl
kdesu taskset
kdf tbl
kdialog tclsh
kdostartupconfig4 tclsh8.5
kdumpctl tcptraceroute
keditbookmarks tcsh
keditfiletype teamd
kernel-install teamdctl
keyctl teamnl
keyrand tee
keytool telepathy-gabble-xmpp-console
keyutil telnet
kfile4 test
kfilemetadatareader testgdbm

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

kfind testlibraw
kfmclient test-moniker
kfontinst testparm
kfontview test_ppa
kget testrb
kglobalaccel tex
kgpg tex4ht
kgpgconf texconfig
khelpcenter texconfig-dialog
khotnewstuff4 texconfig-sys
khotnewstuff-upload texhash
kiconfinder texi2any
kill texi2dvi
killall texi2dvi4a2ps
kincidenceeditor texi2pdf
kinfocenter texindex
kinit texlinks
kioclient texlua
kjotsmigrator texluac
kjs text2wave
kjscmd tfmtodit
kleopatra tgatoppm
klipper tgz
klist theora_dump_video
kmag theora_encode
kmail-migrator theora_player
kmailservice thinkjettopbm
kmenuedit thor
kmimetypefinder thumbpdf
kminspector tic
kmix tifftopnm
kmixctrl time
kmmatch timedatectl
kmod timeout
kmtrace tload
Updat tmon
knotify4 tmpwatch
koi8rxterm tnameserv
Updated toc2cddb
konkret toc2cue
konkretreg toe
UpdatedUr tomcat-digest
Updated tomcat-tool-wrapper
konsolekalendar top
konsoleprofile totem
kopete totem-audio-preview totem-video-thumbnailer
korgac touch
korganizer tpmtool
kpasswd tput
kpseaccess tr
kpsepath trace-cmd
kpsereadlink tracepath
kpsestat tracepath6
kpsetool traceroute
kpsewhere traceroute6
kpsewhich tracker-control

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

kpsexpand tracker-import
kquitapp tracker-info
krandom.kss tracker-search
krb5-config tracker-sparql
krdb tracker-stats
krdc tracker-tag
kreadconfig transfig
kres-migrator troff
krfb true
kross truncate
kruler trust
krunner tset
kscreen-console tsort
ksflatten ttmkfdir
kshell4 tty
ksmserver turbostat
ksnapshot typelib-dump
ksplashqml tzselect
ksplashsimple ucs2any
ksplashx udevadm
ksplashx_scale udisksctl
ksshaskpass uic3
ksshell uic-qt4
kstart uil
kstartupconfig4 ul
ksu ulockmgr_server
ksvalidator umask
ksverdiff umount
ksvgtopng unalias
kswitch uname
ksysguard uncompress
ksysguardd unexpand
ksystemlog Updated_start
ksystraycmd Updated_stop
ktelnetservice uniq
ktimer units
ktimetracker units_cur
ktoblzcheck unix2dos
ktraderclient unix2mac
ktutil unlink
kuiserver unlz4
kunittestmodrunner unlzma
kvno unmunch
kwalletd unoconv
kwalletmanager unopkg
kwatchgnupg unpack200
kwikdisk unshare
kwin unwrapdiff
kwrapper4 unxz
kwrite unzip
kwriteconfig unzipsfx
l2ping update-ca-trust
l2test Updated
lancelot update-desktop-database
last update-gtk-immodules
lastb update-mime-database

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

lastcomm updmap
lastlog updmap-sys
latex upower
latrace uptime
latrace-ctl urlgrabber
lchfn usb-devices
lchsh usbhid-dump
lconvert userformat
ld userinfo
ld.bfd usermount
ldd userpasswd users
ldns-chaos usleep
ldns-compare-zones usx2yloader
ldnsd utmpdump
ldns-dane uuclient
ldns-dpa uuidgen
ldns-gen-zone uxterm
ldns-key2ds uz
ldns-keyfetcher vacuumdb
ldns-keygen valgrind
ldns-mx valgrind-di-server
ldns-notify valgrind-listener
ldns-nsec3-hash vcut
ldns-read-zone vdir
ldns-resolver verify_blkparse
ldns-revoke verifytree
ldns-rrsig vgdb
ldns-signzone vi
ldns-test-edns view
ldns-testns vim
ldns-update vimdiff
ldns-verify-zone vimtutor
ldns-version vinagre
ldns-walk virsh
ldns-zcat virt-admin
ldns-zsplit virt-clone
leaftoppm virt-host-validate
less virt-install
lessecho virt-manager
lesskey virt-pki-validate virt-top
lex virtualenv
lexgrog virtualenv-2.7
libart2-config virtuoso-t
libbluray_test virt-viewer
libgcrypt-config virt-xml
libglade-convert virt-xml-validate
libgnutls-config vlock
libguestfs-test-tool vmhgfs-fuse
libIDL-config-2 vmmouse_detect
libieee1284_test vmstat
libnetcfg vm-support
libpng15-config vmtoolsd
libpng-config vmware-checkvm
libreoffice vmware-guestproxycerttool
libtar vmware-hgfsclient

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

libtool vmware-rpctool
libtoolize vmware-toolbox-cmd
libwacom-list-local-devices vmware-user-suid-wrapper
libwmf-fontmap vmware-vmblock-fuse
linc-cleanup-sockets vmware-xferlogs
linguist-qt4 vorbiscomment
link vstp
links vxloader
linux32 vym
linux64 w
linux-boot-prober wait
lispmtopgm wall
list_titles watch
liveinst watchgnupg
lkbib wavpack
ln wbemexec
loadkeys wbinfo
loadunimap wbmptopbm
locale wc
localectl wdctl
localedef wftopfa
local-getcert wget
locate whatis
lockfile whereis
logfactor5 which
logger whiptail
login who
loginctl whoami
logname whois
logresolve winicontoppm
logview winpopup-install
look winpopup-send
lookbib wish
lp wish8.5
lp.cups withsctp
lpoptions wmf2eps
lppasswd wmf2fig
lpq wmf2gd
lpq.cups wmf2svg
lpr wmf2x
lpr.cups wn
lprm wnck-urgency-monitor
lprm.cups wodim wordforms
lp_solve wordlist2hunspell
lpstat word-list-compress
lpstat.cups wrestool
lrelease-qt4 write
ls wsgen
lsattr wsimport
lsblk wvdial
lsb_release wvdialconf
lscgroup wvgain
lscpu wvunpack
lsdiff X
lsinitrd x11perf
lsipc x11perfcomp

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

lslocks x86_64
lslogins x86_64-redhat-linux-c++
lsmcli x86_64-redhat-linux-g++
lsmd x86_64-redhat-linux-gcc
lsns x86_energy_perf_policy
lsscsi xargs
lssubsys xauth
lstopo-no-graphics xbiff
lsusb xbmtopbm xbrlapi
ltrace xcam
lua xclipboard
luac xclock
lualatex xconsole
luatex xcursorgen
luit xcutsel
lupdate-qt4 xdg-desktop-icon
lwp-download xdg-desktop-menu
lwp-dump xdg-email
lwp-mirror xdg-icon-resource
lwp-request xdg-mime
lynx xdg-open
lz xdg-screensaver
lz4 xdg-settings
lz4c xdg-user-dir
lz4cat xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update
lzcat xdg-user-dirs-update
lzcmp xdpr
lzdiff xdpyinfo
lzegrep xdriinfo
lzfgrep xdvi
lzgrep xdvi-xaw
lzless xerces-j2-constants
lzma xerces-j2-version
lzmadec xev
lzmainfo xeyes
lzmore xfd
lzop xfig
m17n-conv xfig-Xaw3d
m4 xfontsel
mac2unix xfreerdp
machinectl xgamma
macptopbm xgettext
mail xhost
Mail ximtoppm
mailq xinit
mailq.postfix xinput
mailstat xjc
mailx xkbcomp
make xkill
makealias xload
makedb xlogo
makedeltarpm xlsatoms
makeindex xlsclients
makeinfo xlsfonts
makekdewidgets4 xmag
mako-render xmbind

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

man xmessage
mandb xml2-config
manpath xml2po
manweb xmlcatalog
mapscrn xml_grep
mattrib xmlif
mbadblocks xmllint
mbimcli xmlmantohtml
mbim-network xml_merge
mcat xmlpatterns
mcd xmlpatternsvalidator
mcheck xml_pp
mclasserase xml-resolver
mcomp xmlsec1
mcookie xml_spellcheck
mcopy xml_split
mc-tool xmltex
mc-wait-for-name xmlto
md5sum xmltoman
mdatopbm xmlwf
mdel xml-xparse
mdeltree xml-xread
mdir xmodmap
mdu xmvn-builddep
meinproc4 Xorg
meinproc4_simple xorg-x11-fonts-update-dirs
memdiskfind xpmtoppm
memhog xpr
memstomp xprop
merge xrandr
mergerepo xrdb
mesg xrefresh
metacity xset
metacity-message xsetmode
metaflac xsetpointer
mf xsetroot
mf-nowin xsettings-kde
mformat xsetwacom
mft xslt-config
mgrtopbm xsltproc
migratepages xstdcmap
migspeed xsubpp
minfo xterm
mixartloader xulrunner
mk4ht xvattr
mkafmmap xvidtune
mkdir xvinfo
mkfifo xvminitoppm
mkfontdir xwd
mkfontscale xwdtopnm
mkhybrid xwininfo
mkindex xwud
mkinitrd xxd
mkisofs xz
mkluatexfontdb xzcat
mkmanifest xzcmp
mknod xzdec

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

mkocp xzdiff
mkofm xzegrep
mkrfc2734 xzfgrep
mktemp xzgrep
mktexfmt xzless
mktexlsr xzmore
mktexmf yacc
mktexpk ybmtopbm
mktextfm yelp
mlabel yes
mmcli ypcat
mmc-tool ypchfn
mmd ypchsh
mmount ypdomainname
mmove ypmatch
mmroff yppasswd
mobj_dump ypwhich
moc-qt4 yum
modifyrepo yum-builddep
modulecmd yum-config-manager
modutil yum-debug-dump
mofcomp yum-debug-restore
mogrify yumdownloader
mokutil yumex
montage yum-groups-manager
more yuvsplittoppm
mount yuvtoppm
mountpoint zcat
mousetweaks zcmp
mpartition zdiff
mpls_dump zegrep
mpris-proxy zeisstopnm
mpstat zenheiset
mptopdf zenity
mrd zfgrep
mren zforce
mrftopbm zgrep
msgattrib zip
msgcat zipcloak
msgcmp zipcmp
msgcomm zipdetails
msgconv zipgrep
msgen zipinfo
msgexec zipmerge
msgfilter zipnote
msgfmt zipsplit
msggrep ziptorrent
msghack zless
msginit zmore
msgmerge znew
msgunfmt zsh
msguniq zsoelim
{cslinux1:/bin} ls —l gcc
-rwxr-xr-x 2 root root 768616 Nov 4 10:19 gcc
{cslinux1:/bin} cd ~
{cslinux1:~} pwd

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

{cslinux1:~} ls
david.txt Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf perl5 Project1
Demo Proj 1 Mail Programs public_html
{cslinux1:~} mkdir junkdir
{cslinux1:~} ls
david.txt Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf Mail Programs public_html
Demo Proj 1 junkdir perl5 Project1
{cslinux1:~} cd junkdir
{cslinux1:~/junkdir} touch junk.txt
{cslinux1:~/junkdir} ls
{cslinux1:~/junkdir} cp ../Programs/hello.c ./
{cslinux1:~/junkdir} ls
hello.c junk.txt
{cslinux1:~/junkdir} cat hello.c
#include <stdio.h>

main(int argc, char **argv) {
printf(“Hello, World and David!\n”);
{cslinux1:~/junkdir} gcc hello.c —o hello
{cslinux1:~/junkdir} ./hello
Hello, World and David!
{cslinux1:~/junkdir} ls
hello hello.c junk.txt
{cslinux1:~/junkdir} cd .
{cslinux1:~/junkdir} cd ..
{cslinux1:~} hostname
{cslinux1:~} uname —a
Linux 3.10.0-514.2.2.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Dec 6
23:06:41 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
{cslinux1:~} who
(unknown) :0 2017-01-04 15:46 (:0)
kxs028100 pts/0 2017-01-08 09:46 (
jjue pts/1 2017-01-13 13:03 (
dcn150030 pts/2 2017-01-14 19:01 (
oxs160230 pts/3 2017-01-14 20:41 (
jdm150130 pts/4 2017-01-14 19:56 (
dxd056000 pts/5 2017-01-14 16:16 (
oxs160230 pts/6 2017-01-14 20:43 (
gmh130030 pts/7 2017-01-14 18:56 (
kpn170030 pts/8 2017-01-14 19:01 (
dxb160230 pts/9 2017-01-14 20:32 (74-196-180-
jjk150430 pts/10 2017-01-14 20:49 (
{cslinux1:~} w
20:55:17 up 10 days, 5:09, 12 users, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05
kxs02810 pts/0 08Jan17 6days 0.12s 0.12s —bash
jjue pts/1 cs253238.campus. Fri13 28:20m 14.36s 14.26s alpine
dcn15003 pts/2 cpe-70-119-184-1 19:01 1:47m 0.07s 0.07s —bash
oxs16023 pts/3 20:41 13:47 0.08s 0.08s —bash
jdm15013 pts/4 19:56 5.00s 0.17s 0.00s w
dxd05600 pts/5 cs72254.campus.a 16:16 4:23m 0.11s 0.11s —bash
oxs16023 pts/6 rrcs-97-77-52-10 20:43 11:57 0.09s 0.09s —bash

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

gmh13003 pts/7 rrcs-97-77-51-15 18:56 1:58m 0.08s 0.08s —bash
kpn17003 pts/8 cpe-72-191-254-5 19:01 1:53m 0.08s 0.08s —bash
dxb16023 pts/9 74-196-180-197.t 20:32 5.00s 0.21s 0.08s vim hello.c
jjk15043 pts/10 cpe-97-99-126-13 20:49 29.00s 0.16s 0.16s —bash
{cslinux1:~} who
(unknown) :0 2017-01-04 15:46 (:0)
kxs028100 pts/0 2017-01-08 09:46 (
jjue pts/1 2017-01-13 13:03 (
dcn150030 pts/2 2017-01-14 19:01 (
oxs160230 pts/3 2017-01-14 20:41 (
jdm150130 pts/4 2017-01-14 19:56 (
dxd056000 pts/5 2017-01-14 16:16 (
oxs160230 pts/6 2017-01-14 20:43 (
gmh130030 pts/7 2017-01-14 18:56 (
kpn170030 pts/8 2017-01-14 19:01 (
dxb160230 pts/9 2017-01-14 20:32 (74-196-180-
jjk150430 pts/10 2017-01-14 20:49 (
{cslinux1:~} ls
david.txt Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf Mail Programs public_html
Demo Proj 1 junkdir perl5 Project1
{cslinux1:~} cs Project1
bash: cs: command not found...
Similar commands are::
{cslinux1:~} ls
david.txt Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf Mail Programs public_html
Demo Proj 1 junkdir perl5 Project1
{cslinux1:~} cd Project1
{cslinux1:~/Project1} ls
Project1 Project1.sln Project1.suo Project1.v12.suo
{cslinux1:~/Project1} cat Project1
cat: Project1: Is a directory
{cslinux1:~/Project1} cat Project1.suo

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Root Entry?????????
+????@ProjInfoEx????????????Property Manager”???TaskListUserTasks$
??????????????? !”#$%&’(????????+,-????/????????2????4????????????

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????X?’^,u?Ok??yqd?C ????

^VsDebugPresentationPackage, Version=, Culture=neutral,
TipPersistenceDev10+*?????????????DebuggerWatches ???DebuggerBreakpoints(
???? &H:\Project1\tC:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
10.0\VC\crt\src\?C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
10.0\VC\atlmfc\src\mfc\?C:\Program Files\MicrosofDebuggerExceptions&????????
????Tt Visual
Studio 10.0\VC\atlmfc\src\atl\?C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
urce Files
Win32:H:\Project1\Project1\cpp.cpp$Bookmarks V001.01X?
8H:\Project1\Project1\cpp.cpp??ُ?VC Project????1rOutliningStateDir$????????
OutliningStateEx1$????????????7]????????????????????????????????????? ???
B~????????????????{cslinux1:~/Project1} ls
Project1 Project1.sln Project1.suo Project1.v12.suo
{cslinux1:~/Project1} cd ..
{cslinux1:~} ls
david.txt Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf Mail Programs public_html
Demo Proj 1 junkdir perl5 Project1
{cslinux1:~} cd Programs
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ls
hello hello.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} cat hello.c | wc
6 13 94
{cslinux1:~/Programs} cat hello.c

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

#include <stdio.h>

main(int argc, char **argv) {
printf(“Hello, World and David!\n”);
{cslinux1:~/Programs} cat hello.c | sort

#include <stdio.h>
main(int argc, char **argv) {
printf(“Hello, World and David!\n”);
{cslinux1:~/Programs} grep “hello” *.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ls
hello hello.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} grep “hello” *.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} grep “Hello” *.c
printf(“Hello, World and David!\n”);
{cslinux1:~/Programs} find .c
find: ‘.c’: No such file or directory
{cslinux1:~/Programs} find .c ./
find: ‘.c’: No such file or directory
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ps
10529 pts/4 00:00:00 bash
15236 pts/4 00:00:00 ps
{cslinux1:~/Programs} cat hello.c &
[1] 15271
{cslinux1:~/Programs} #include <stdio.h>

main(int argc, char **argv) {
printf(“Hello, World and David!\n”);
hello hello.c
[1]+ Done cat hello.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} sleep 100 &
[1] 15285
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ps
10529 pts/4 00:00:00 bash
15285 pts/4 00:00:00 sleep
15289 pts/4 00:00:00 ps
{cslinux1:~/Programs} kill 15285
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ps
10529 pts/4 00:00:00 bash
15301 pts/4 00:00:00 ps
[1]+ Terminated sleep 100
{cslinux1:~/Programs} ls —l
total 10
-rwx—x—x+ 1 jdm150130 se 8512 Jan 14 20:36 hello

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

-rw-------+ 1 jdm150130 se 94 Jan 14 20:36 hello.c
{cslinux1:~/Programs} cd ..
{cslinux1:~} ls —l
total 6674
-rw-------+ 1 jdm150130 se 58 Jan 14 20:03 david.txt
drwxr-xr-x+ 4 jdm150130 se 7 Aug 26 2015 Demo Proj 1
-rw-------+ 1 jdm150130 se 6805047 Aug 24 2015 Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf
drwx—x—x+ 2 jdm150130 se 5 Jan 14 20:43 junkdir
drwx------+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 31 2014 Mail
drwxr-xr-x+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 19 15:28 perl5
drwx—x—x+ 2 jdm150130 se 4 Jan 14 20:36 Programs
drwxr-xr-x+ 3 jdm150130 se 6 Sep 1 2015 Project1
drwx—x—x+ 2 jdm150130 se 2 Oct 31 2014 public_html
{cslinux1:~} gedit

(gedit:15643): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:
{cslinux1:~} xclock
Error: Can’t open display:
{cslinux1:~} exit
Connection to closed.

[Process completed]

Terminal Saved Output 2

The authenticity of host ' (' can't be
RSA key fingerprint is SHA256:vezIKGQgURetvOtagbr4msTOvXQwVb+WfhcShCaHkCc.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? y
Please type 'yes' or 'no': yes
Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list
of known hosts.

Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Dallas

Pursuant to Texas Administrative Code 202:

(1) Unauthorized use is prohibited;

(2) Usage may be subject to security testing and monitoring;

(3) Misuse is subject to criminal prosecution; and

(4) No expectation of privacy except as otherwise provided by
applicable privacy laws.

Last login: Sat Jan 14 21:19:48 2017 from
l***---***---***---***---***---*** - Linux/CentOS 6.2 - Linux/CentOS 6.2 - Solaris 10 - Solaris 10

Joenteny David Martinez 3376.0W2

This system is for use by CS students
who need a general purpose UNIX system
to complete homework assignments.

Computationally or resource intensive simulations will
be throttled automatically.

Thank you,
CS Lab Manager

/scratch disk space can be used for temporary files.
All files will be erased on a regular basis (Sunday 0300).

Sourcing /usr/local/etc/skel/global/profile
Querying terminal...
Terminal recognized as vt100 (Xterm or ANSI/VT100 Clone)
{cssolaris3:~} ls
david.txt junkdir Programs
Demo Proj 1 Mail Project1
Gaddis-SOWCPP-8.pdf perl5 public_html
{cssolaris3:~} xclock
Error: Can't open display:
{cssolaris3:~} gedit

(gedit:2470): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:
{cssolaris3:~} exit
Connection to closed.

[Process completed]