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Bible reading / Devotions What’s happening in your life?

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If the Bible passage says something about one or
more of the topics below, put an ‘x’ in the box.

God, Jesus and Man Truths
the Holy Spirit (People) (Our beliefs)

Holiness Faith Prayer
Key verses to remember
Love Courage The Bible
Mercy Fear The Church
Forgiveness Obedience Worship

Power Kindness Serving Today I am praying...
Protection Sin Witnessing
for someone in my family
Faithfulness Asking for Heaven / death
 Worship God for who He is. for a friend
Tell the Lord how awesome He for someone in need
is - His love and power etc.
Who are the people in the story? that God will forgive me for
 Thank the Lord for the joy of something I did or said
knowing Him; for your family
that God would help me
What part of the Bible reading touched your heart? ! and friends; for everything you
have; for the things you can do.
 Pray about the thought God that I would have courage to
put in your heart.