Appendix A

Team / Completion
Activity title Description/purpose Directorate Workstream Consultant Status date
To develop a Community
Infrastructure Levy (CIL) DM - CIL Deloitte Real
1 Infrastructure Levy Planning Work underway Q4 2016
charging schedule for the estate appointed.
Charging Schedule
OPDC area
Draft report
A review of demand and Plan Policy (Local consulted on as
Peter Brett
2 Industrial Land Review supply of employment land Planning Plan) part of the Local Complete
within OPDC area Plan public
A review of existing water
Draft report
capacity and
consulted on as
Integrated Water recommendations for how Plan Policy (Local
3 Planning AECOM part of the Local Q4 2016
Management Study to increase capacity to Plan)
Plan public
make most efficient use of
water resources
Fulfils the statutory
Final report to be
Local Plan Integrated obligation to undertake a Plan Policy (Local
4 Planning Arcadis provided March Q2 2017
Impact Assessment Sustainability Appraisal for Plan)
the Local Plan
Draft report
Develop a strategy to OPDC/GLA
Plan Policy consulted on as
Strategic Old Oak provide energy officer-led, with
5 Planning part of the Local Complete
Energy Study requirements in a support from
Plan public
sustainable manner ARUP
Draft report
Plan Policy (Local consulted on as
A strategy to integrate the OPDC/GLA
Plan) part of the Local
OPDC Interim SMART SMART cities concept officer-led, with
6 Planning Plan public Q4 2016
strategy across all planning, design support from
consultation. Work
and delivery work Hypercat City
is now being
delivered through

Appointment of a PLACE
review panel to assess
emerging planning and DM and
Establishment of On-going
design proposals within Plan Policy Design Council-
7 OPDC’s Place Review Planning Set up complete PLACE review
OPDC area to ensure CABE
Panel panel
proposals achieve the
highest standards

A study to assess the
current transport network
Draft report
in Park Royal. To identify
consulted on as
Park Royal Transport interventions to address Transport
8 Planning SDG part of the Local Q4 2016
Study current transport issues
Plan public
and propose interventions
(physical and policy) to
mitigate future challenges
A retail and leisure impact Draft report
assessment to assess the Plan Policy consulted on as
Retail and Leisure needs Peter Brett
9 level of retail and leisure Planning (Local Plan) part of the Local Complete
study Associates
floorspace that would be Plan public
appropriate consultation
To ensure Local Plan
appropriately considers
LBHF’s waste Plan Policy
Draft report
apportionment target, (Local Plan) OPDC/GLA
consulted on as
(Brent and Ealing’s (some additional
10 Waste Study Planning part of the Local Q4 2016
apportionment consultancy work
Plan public
requirements are dealt with may be required)
through the West London
Waste Plan)

To assess current air
quality standards and to Draft report
propose interventions Plan Policy consulted on as
11 Air Quality Study (physical and policy) to Planning (Local Plan) AMEC Foster part of the Local Q4 2016
address current issues and Plan public
mitigate future challenges consultation

Updated report
Assessment of housing
Plan Policy using 2015
need based on evidence
(Local Plan) population
Strategic Housing pan London, west London
12 Planning ORS projections and Q4 2016
Market Assessment and across the local
greater analysis of
affordability being
Further work
Affordable Housing Modelling different Plan Policy Deloitte Real required on
13 Planning Q4 2016
Viability Assessment affordable housing options (Local Plan) Estate different affordable
housing options
Assessment of existing and
Gypsy and Traveller Plan Policy Report is being
14 future Gypsy and Traveller Planning ORS Q4 2016
Assessment (Local Plan) finalised
needs within OPDC area
A viability assessment of
the proposed local plan
policies to ensure the Plan Policy
proposed policies (Local Plan)
Local Plan viability Not appointed
15 (including affordable Planning Scoping underway Q1 2016
assessment (whole plan) yet
housing policies) and
masterplan work is viable
and deliverable

Environmental Identification of Work commenced
16 Planning Atkins Q4 2016
Standards environmental standards Plan Policy in April 2016

and targets. Early design (Local Plan)
and costing

To establish a masterplan
for Old Oak area.
Anticipated follow on Land Appointment
phases to prepare planning following OJEU
17 Old Oak Masterplan Land tbc 2019
application/s for OPDC- anticipated
owned land and February 17
development briefs for key
Setting the principles for Draft report
how culture should be an consulted on as
18 Cultural Principles important cornerstone of Planning Plan Policy OPDC/GLA part of the Local Complete
the redevelopment of the (Local Plan) Plan public
OPDC area consultation
A more detailed plan for
the long term regeneration Plan Policy
of Scrubs Lane – looking at (Local Plan)
Scrubs Lane EAST architects Final report to be
improvements for
19 Development Planning with Alan Baxter provided February Q1 2017
peds/cycles to transport
Framework Associates 2017
corridor, and guidance on
future development uses
and height/massing.
A more detailed plan for
the long term regeneration
of Victoria Road and Old
Hawkins Brown
Victoria Road and Old Oak Lane. Looking at Final report to be
with Peter Brett
20 Oak Lane Development improvements for Planning Plan Policy provided February Q1 2017
Assocs, We Made
Framework peds/cycles to transport (Local Plan) 2017
corridor, and guidance on
future development uses
and height/massing. Being

delivered with Ealing and
GLA Regen.
An assessment of heritage
across Park Royal and Old Plan Policy
Oak to complement the (Local Plan) Allies and
21 Heritage Strategy Planning Work is underway Q4 2016
work completed by HE for Morrison
Old Oak and a clear set of
A study defining the key OPDC
Final report to be
views to be considered in Plan Policy (some additional
22 Views Study Planning provided February Q4 2016
planning applications. (Local Plan) consultancy work
may be required)
OPDC Board to
Cumberland Park Designation of a new designation in
23 Factory Conservation Conservation Area along Planning OPDC March 2017. Q1 2017
Area designation Scrubs Lane Management
Plan Policy Guidelines to be
developed in 2017
Guidance on how OPDC
Section 106
will implement its use of DM
24 Supplementary Planning Planning OPDC Scoping Q1 2017
section 106 agreements
alongside CIL
Mapping existing and
future Green Infrastructure Plan Policy
requirements and ensuring (Local Plan)
Green Infrastructure and (some additional
25 future requirements are Planning Scoping Q1 2017
Open Space Study consultancy work
secured as part of new
may be required)

An assessment of existing Final report to be
26 Character Study characters across the OPDC Planning Plan Policy OPDC provided February Q4 2016
area (Local Plan) 2017

Develop a baseline
understanding of
wormwood scrubs and
Wormwood Scrubs identify potential new Engagement Survey outputs
27 Planning OPDC Q4 2017
Questionnaire access location from Old being quantified
Oak into the Scrubs.
Consider opportunities for
sensitive enhancements.
Setting the criteria for
assessing the quality of any
28 Catalyst Uses proposed catalyst (anchor) S&P and Planning Land and Deloitte Work is underway Q4 2017
uses (economic, Plan Policy
placemaking, transport)
Draft report
Plan Policy and consulted on as
Infrastructure Peter Brett part of the Local
Development Identification and costing
Associates and Plan public
29 Infrastructure Funding of future infrastructure S&P and Planning Complete
Jones Lang consultation.
Study requirements
LeSalle Currently being
updated post Local
Plan consultation
Assessment of trends
across London’s Plan Policy and
Future Employment employment sectors and Regeneration
30 S&P and Planning Regeneris Work is underway Q4 2017
Growth Sectors Study recommendations of which
sectors may wish to move
to OPDC area
A study to inform the
development of a Park Plan Policy and
Industrial Estates Study
31 Royal Industrial area S&P and Planning Regeneration Regeneris Complete Complete
for Park Royal
business plan

A detailed breakdown of
the people that live and
work within the OPDC area
32 and a comparison against S&P Regeneration OPDC / GLA Complete Complete
the three London
Boroughs and London
A long term vision and
Park Royal Business objectives for the Park Regeneration
33 Plan Royal Industrial Area – to S&P OPDC Work is underway Q1 2017
protect, strengthen and

Study identifying the Planning Policy Final report to be
Development Capacity
34 capacity of the Old Oak Planning (Local Plan) OPDC provided February Q4 2016
and Park Royal area to 2017
deliver homes and jobs
Submission to DCLG/DfT
to seek Government Corporate Funding and
35 OPDC Growth Strategy Deloitte Report issued Complete
support of regeneration at Operations Financing
Old Oak
Study to investigate new
rail connections to Old Oak Transport
Strategic Rail Study Planning Not appointed Not started Not started
36 and how these can be
Transport Ongoing
Investigates new and
advised by
37 Bus Strategy improved bus provision Planning TfL/ OPDC Work underway
across OO and PR
A strategy for movement Transport/
Two workshops
38 Canal Strategy along, adjacent and over Planning Design/ Plan OPDC/ R&CT Ongoing
taken place
the canal Policy
39 Absorption rate study To understand a suitable Development Land Deloitte Real Work underway Complete

market absorption rate for Estate
residential units, to feed
into the housing trajectory
To understand the best Land
approach to land Deloitte Real
40 CPO strategy Development Not started Q1 2017
acquisition for MOU and Estate
none MOU sites
For initial transfer sites (i.e. Land
Red Book valuations NR owned) to determine Deloitte Real
41 Development Not started Q1 2017
(initial sites) the EUV and anticipated Estate
price to be paid at transfer
CPO valuations for EMR, Land
Red Book Valuations Deloitte Real
42 Cumberland Business Park, Development Work underway Q4 2016
(other) Estate
LBHF triangle
For initial transfer sites (i.e.
NR owned) to understand Land
the current ground
conditions and need for
43 Ground investigations intrusive surveys. These Development Tbc Not started Q1 2017
investigations will inform a
number of site valuation
exercises and OPDC Local
Plan evidence.
Planning Policy Draft report
Identifies buildings and (Local Plan) consulted on as
Old Oak Outline Historic
44 structures with heritage Planning Historic England part of the Local Complete
Area Assessment
value in Old Oak Plan public
To set up a mechanism for
HS2 displaced businesses Land and regen
HS2 relocation
45 to find alternative Development TBC Work underway Q4 2016
workspace within the
OPDC boundary

If OPDC support Cargiant
through its use of the
Legal and commercial Localism Act Powers Land
46 support for OPDC’s and/or jointly delivers with Land TBC Not started Q4 2016
work with Cargiant Cargiant, external support
will be required an the
structural agreement
Study into intensifying use Regeneration/
Team to be
Park Royal of sites in Park Royal and Regeneration/ Planning
47 TBC appointed Q1 2017
Intensification Study ways of increasing job Planning
November 2016
numbers overall
Desktop land referencing Land
exercise for whole core Persona
48 Land referencing Development Not started Q4 2016
development area and Associates
details for some
Strategic real estate advice Land
Masterplan – Property In line with
to inform masterplan, Deloitte Real
49 and Strategic Real Development Not started masterplan
including financial Estate
Estate Advice work
To identify the
contribution that existing
waste management sites
and facilities may make to Planning Policy
50 Waste Technical Paper Planning Anthesis Work underway Q4 2016
meet the London Plan
apportionment target and
managing other waste
Development of a waste Planning Policy
strategy for Old Oak and
Waste management Due to start w/c
51 Park Royal setting out how Planning Arup Q4 2016
Strategy 17/10
the site will seek to adopt
the waste hierarchy
52 Daylight, sky views, Review of environmental Planning Planning Policy Useful Projects 05/09/16 Q4 2016

shade and overheating impact of buildings
Assessing supply and
capacity by commissioning
studies by Statutory
Undertakers. Considering Infrastructure
Planning/ Commenced
53 Electricity Infrastructure early procurement Aecom Q1 2017
Development September 2016
requirements; identifying
significant items if
infrastructure and impact
on development
Technology Options
appraisal; propose a Planning/ Infrastructure Commenced
54 Energy Strategy Aecom Jan/Feb 2017
preferred energy network Development September 2016
Assessing supply and
capacity by commissioning
Planning/ Commenced
54 Gas Infrastructure studies by Statutory Aecom Jan/Feb 2017
Development September 2016
Undertakers. Sites wide Infrastructure
strategy development.
Network Assessments by
CRT and TW. Development Planning/ Commenced
55 Water Infrastructure Aecom Jan/Feb 2017
of delivery options and Development September 2016
proposal Infrastructure
Updating education needs
based on updated
trajectory; develop options Planning/ Commenced
56 Education Aecom Jan/Feb 2017
for delivery of Development Infrastructure September 2016
requirements in short,
medium and long term
Updating supply and
demand based on current Planning/ To commence
57 Health Aecom Jan/Feb 2017
trajectory; identification of Development October 2016
locations for infrastructure Infrastructure

and delivery mechanisms

Activity title Description/purpose Lead agency OPDC Role Status date
Working with HS2 to assess the
HS2 Over Station potential to deliver development OPDC supporting role and
1 (Mot McDonald and Scoping Q3 15/16
Development (OSD) above the proposed High Speed key stakeholder
Weston Williamson)
A feasibility study to identify
North Acton station First study completed.
options for the renovation TfL/OPDC OPDC has jointly
2 improvement Next stage of work is Q4 2017
and/or rebuild of North Acton (SDG consultants) commissioned this work
feasibility study being commissioned
A feasibility study to identify
Willesden Junction TfL/OPDC
options for the renovation OPDC has jointly
3 station improvement (Atkins and Weston Work underway Q4 2017
and/or rebuild of Willesden commissioned this work
feasibility study Williamson)
Junction station
GRIP 3 for the two London
Old Oak London OPDC supporting role and
4 Overground stations at Old Oak TfL/ Network Rail Work underway Q3 2017
Overground GRIP 3 key stakeholder
Lane and Hythe Road
To facilitate a new Overground
London Overground station at Old Oak there may OPDC has jointly
5 TfL / OPDC Scoping Q3 2017
capacity study need to be improvements to the commissioned this work
wider Overground network

Draft report consulted
A transport model assessing the
Old Oak Strategic OPDC supporting role and on as part of the Local
6 impacts of development on the TfL Complete
Transport Modelling key stakeholder Plan public
transport network
A plan for how best to manage
the comprehensive construction
Construction and OPDC supporting role and
7 programme for the area and how TfL/OPDC Scoping Q1 17/18
Logistics Strategy key stakeholder
to mitigate adverse impacts on
surrounding areas
How can the principles of the
OPDC has jointly Procurement is
8 Circular Economy circular economy be realised at OPDC/LWARB Q3 16/17
commissioned this work underway
Old Oak and Park Royal
Investigates Surface
improvements to the A40
Study underway, due
junctions of Hanger Lane OPDC supporting role and
9 A40 Study TfL to complete Q3 16/17
gyratory, Gypsy Corner and Savoy key stakeholder
September 2016
Circus, and the feasibility of a
Investigates the three links to
Study underway, due
and from the HS2 site: North OPDC supporting role and
10 HS2 Links study HS2 to complete in the Q3 16/17
Acton, towards Car Giant and key stakeholder
Southern access
A review of the proposed
movement network and detailed Work commenced in
Public realm and proposals for the function, OPDC has jointly March 2016
Connectivity design, layout of key connections commissioned this work 5th Studio and Alan Q4 16/17
and new streets and spaces Baxter Associates
across the OPDC area
Study outlining the approach to Draft report consulted
Decontamination be taken to treating OPDC/Environment Work undertaken jointly on as part of the Local
12 Q2 16/17
Study contaminated land in the OPDC Agency by OPDC and the EA Plan public
area. consultation