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Your smile Those cute dimples that melts me down

Being so super “landi” You make me laugh all the time

You spoil me like a ROYALITY A lot of “kilig” moments

You are very supportive You treat me as your queen

Being so “magigil” Your corny jokes, na never akong hindi

You are a Korean fandom You are matakaw

Those cute chubby feet of yours You tell me I’m cute all the time

You wipe my tears You love kids

You hold my hands in front of my family I felt secured whenever your around

You kiss me You laugh at my joke, even though hindi

You are my secret keeper You’re not just my lover, but also my

You ask my permission when you are You make me feel that I’m the most
going out with your friends beautiful lady in the universe

You hug me You give advices every time I’m not okey

You make me feel that I’m the most You are my number one fan, lalo na nung
intelligent person every time we are Miss Deped Day
having an argument

We are getting fat together We both dream to travel around the

You still love me even though I’m a social We both love cheesecake

We are both an Apple fan You still love even I have a bad breath

Your expressive eyes You make time for me

Your mala-DJ na voice You are my Ely Buendia

You are crazy When you pinch my cheeks

You don’t forget to call me before you go You are an English genius
to sleep

Your big nose Those fatty legs of yours

Every time you dance, even though that Without you, I would have never known
is your weakness the song 14 by Silent Sanctuary

GGSS We have future plans We have our own seremonyas before we Your oiliness go to sleep You’re being masungit. sometimes!? Spending my whole life with you You are always on my side when I’m I still look sexy on your eyes even if I down have this big belly You treated my nephews as your own You don’t like every time I look like bakla child You are with me through thick and thin When we watch porn movies You are the best! You are my cheerleader I love how you look at me Your pa poging looks You always know if I am happy You always know if there is something bothering me You always know if I am sad Your signature malanding tawa You are always on the go You are the best driver You spoil me Our make love You still give me butterflies You fix my hair You eat my leftover You treat me special How you miss me when we are not You love me more than I love you together You hand me handkerchief if I forget You push my hair away from my face mine when you kiss me You never complain when I am having You know my deepest secrets and my second. When you tease me You are my own version of Jung Joon Hyung That self-confidence. I love you sweaty palms It’s your face that I want to see when I You say sorry even if it’s my fault wake up in the morning because you value me more than your pride I love your nails You are a loving son I love when you snore When you call me MY LOVE SO SWEET . third millionth thoughts on innermost thoughts buying something You never feel disgust when you hold my Every time you told me.

but despite of that you still care You are malambing for me You always set aside your ego just for me Yung pagiging makunat mo You are gentleman You don’t feel disgust when I burp and fart When you hug me behind my back When you call me my wifey I can grab your shirt when I am afraid of I am just an ordinary girl. there to fight my battle but I’m happy spending my whole life getting to know you more . You told me that I am good to look at in especially my kalbo looks any dress I wear. but you treat watching horror movie me extraordinarily My heart beats your name I love curling up and watch movies with you I love how you tease me with ugly names You are honest When you tell me na ako pinakamalandi I love how you act so brave in front of me We love to pig out I can tell everything on you You still call me cute in my bad hair days. the landian moment Your underarm smells good Your handwriting You let me make fun of your face by I can tell you anything about a person pooping your blackheads and agree to everything that I say You know that I am strong. You visit me every Saturday You never get mad at me when I am making fun at you We fight. my maluwag na pantulog You will be a very good husband and a We have future plans father someday You know my Facebook account but You sleep late because we are talking never dare to check over the phone. but you are I still don’t know everything about you.

Kiss me in the rain Get matching outfits .

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