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Date of visit: 8/02/2017

Issues noticed:
 No proper store available; materials kept at the staircase near the roof.
 Vendor coordination is very poor.
 Improper working tools such as shovel, drilling tools, paint brush available at the site resulting in work
 Material shortage : 300 mtr 4 sq. mm cable, LT panel switches are broken. ( later it is resolved )

Site Engineer: Mr. Ajit Singh
DET at Site: Ajit Pandey

Date of visit: 09/02/2017
Issues noticed:
 Work delay
 Vendor is not cooperative.
 Roof elevation is ignored during MMS installation hampering the asthetics of the string layed.
 Designing issues; glass roof not considered
 End clambs requiring 5 nos of epdm washer.
 Epdm washer is ignored for the mid clamps.

Work left:
Eathing cover pits.
LT panel mounting.
Cabling work is left.

Site Engineer: Mr. Shivam Gupta
DETs at site: Shankey Sharma, Shikhar Sharma, Amnit Jaiswal

Date of visit: 9/02/2017

 No work started.
 LT panel is repaired

Site Engineer: Mr.  Roof elevation is ignored during MMS installation hampering the aesthetic of the string layed.  Only MMS assembly is done. RAMPUR Date of visit: 10/02/207 Issues:  Problem from monkeys. Imran DET: Amit Gupta 6.  Vendor is irregular. RAMPUR Date of visit: 11/02/2017 Issues:  LA and LA pipe not received at site yet. 30 mtr of wire damaged. mm of wire stolen from the store.  Panels are kept in open space. cutting the module cables.  No work is going on the site currently. BAREILLY Date of visit: 11/2/2017 Issues:  No proper material storage at site. SITE: COLLECTORATE.  Many changes are made by site engineer from the design drawing. Site Engineer: Mr. Imran DET: Amit Gupta ISSUES may be resolved:  Proper arrangement of store at the site before dispatch of materials. SITE: VIKAS BHAWAN.  4 epdm washer used per end clamp. SITE: COLLECTORATE. mm and 900 mtr 6 sq.  Panels are kept in open space.  5 epdm washer is used with both end and mid clamps.  Less manpower. . DET at site: Rahul Sank 5.  No proper storage is available. 4.  1700 mtr of 4 sq.  No epdm washer used with mid clamps.

. Site engineers shall take care of the aesthetic of the project.