To whom it may concern


My name is Bree Bull and it is with great enthusiasm that I forward my
application for the position Centre Manager at your new centre in Seacliff, Adelaide.
My passion for Children’s Learning and Development, their Safety and Rights, along with my
strong personal desire to provide children and families with high quality care, support and
nurture in a safe environment, were the inspirations for starting my career 16 years ago.
The desire to provide High Quality Service has developed greatly throughout my CS
employment. Continually seeking best practises and providing culturally supportive
relationships for families and children is a priority in my personal work philosophy, establishing
my certainty, that through extensive industry experience and preferential professional
development in working for the Child Protection Sector, I will be able to fulfil any of these roles

Starting my career in Children’s Services, almost 16years ago in Alice Springs NT, my
knowledge of Child Management/Development and Behaviours, experience with building
positive and culturally appropriate relationships with a variety of cultures and diverse socio-
demographic families as an Early Educator, Team Leader, Centre Director and Early
Intervention Centre Manager (managing a multi-dis team providing therapy and education in a
childcare setting to children with Autism), has prepared me for a multitude of skills desirable for
these positions.

I believe it is of the utmost importance to work collaboratively with teams, families and
community services to ensure the best outcomes for children, using effective communication
and planning to support families with strategies and interventions that endeavour to ethically
strengthen families capacity to provide safe environments.
Supporting families with children with autism in the community and sourcing networks for
appropriate services, including disability inclusion supports for mainstream environments, has
given me networking knowledge of the wider health/community services.
Having also worked in the sector for so long I am very familiar with Legislation, Mandatory
Reporting requirements and processes, families and children at risk, cultural awareness,
inclusion support and assisting Foster Families in the transition to and from paternal care.

I am excited about the opportunity to be interviewed for employment in the South Australian
Government Child Protection Sector and furthering my knowledge, experience and
development in the area of Family and Children’s Services.
Thankyou for you consideration.


Bree Bull (formerly Bennett)
Mob # 0421 978 612