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Splash, Strapline

Font: Rap My Hip Hop
Strapline Size: 32
Masthead: “Aesthetic” Splash Size: 20
Font: Amsterdam Graffiti Colour: Black, White, Grey,
Size: 120 Gold
I decided to use this font as I I chose to use this font as I
think it fits well with the think that it complements the
genre of music my magazine font used for my Masthead,
is portraying. whilst still making the

Issue Number
Font: Graffiti Cheeks Style
Size: 24
Colour: Black, White

I chose to use keep the issue
number simply in black and
white so the rest of the
Featuring Artists
magazine looks more eye-
Font: Berlin Graffiti
Size: 32 Main Image
Colour: Black, White, Grey, Colour: Black, White, Grey, Gold
Gold I’ve decided to use a long shot to include the
models whole body to get in the props and their
I thought I’d use this font because
outfit. I thought that the model could be tilting
it seems different and unique
their head downwards but their eyes are looking
compared to the others which
up at the camera with their hands together to
helps portray the famous people
reinforce the cool, serious and mysterious vibe.
that will be featuring in the