Welcome back, Level 3 vocabulary
S Luke!
Physical descriptions
Numbers 100–1000
What’s his / her name?
How old is he / she?

Vocabulary Grammar Ph
Let’s eat! Ingredients I need a lot of / some / a few (nuts). He needs a lot of / Alte
1 Verbs for cooking some / a little (cream).
What do (we) need to do? What does (he) need to do?

What are you Adjectives of character I was / wasn’t (lazy). You were / weren’t (shy). Alte
2 like?
Growing up He (learnt to walk) when he was (one).
You (went on a plane) when you were (five).

A long time Prehistoric times Where did they (live)? They lived in caves. Alte
3 ago
Animals from the past What did they (eat)? They ate meat and fish.
It could / couldn’t (jump).

Project 1: The Minibeasts What’s your first minibeast? It’s (a dragonfly). We
minibeast exhibition Features of habitats It’s got … . It can / lives / eats … The

Lost in space Objects in space (Mercury) is the (closest) planet to the Sun. Alte
4 Adjectives (Jupiter) is the (biggest) planet.
The (blue rocket) is the (most expensive) rocket.

Let’s have fun! Free-time activities If it’s (sunny), we can / can’t (have a picnic). Alte
5 Musical instruments I’d rather (play the drums) than sing. u_e

Marvellous Machines in our houses A (fridge) is used for (keeping food cold). (Microwaves) are Alte
6 machines
Materials used for (heating food).
A (sweater) is made of (wool). (Boots) are made of (leather).
Project 2: The Ways of saving energy We should (start a recycling programme). We
green school project How can we do that? We can (have a meeting). elec

In the city Places in a city Will there be (hotels) in the future? Alte
7 Transport Yes, there will. No, there won’t.
(Cars) will / won’t (fly) in the future.
oy –

Jobs we do Jobs Do I have to (wear a uniform)? Does he have to (like animals)? Alte
8 Places of work (A dentist) is a person who works in (a clinic).
(A garage) is a place where (a mechanic) works.
er –

All around the Countries Have you ever been to (Morocco)? Has she ever been Alte
9 world
Holiday activities to (China)? I’ve been to (India). He hasn’t been to (Brazil).
Have they ever (eaten sushi)? Yes, they have.
No, they haven’t. Has he ever (seen a whale)? Yes, he has. fea
No, he hasn’t.
Medieval festival What equipment do you need? We
 roject 3: The
activities You need (three small balls for each person). the
medieval festival Why don’t we have (stilt walking)? (bra

Festivals Christmas International Peace Day

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