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D47440GC20 - Oracle Demantra Fundamentals Ed 2

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Product ID# and Name: 723 - Oracle Demand Planning

Filename Document Title CUR0407A Oracle Demantra Fundamentals .

Open With. and Embedded Worksheets Yes EDU4015Y The Demantra Data Model Yes EDU4016Y Introduction to Levels Yes EDU4017Y Working with Series Yes EDU4018Y Workflows and Methods Yes EDU4019Y Importing and Exporting Data Yes EDU401AY Analytics and Statistical Forecasting Yes EDU401BY Using the Business Modeler Yes .Filename Document Title PPT EDU4009Y Overview of Oracle Demantra Yes EDU400CY Implementation Considerations Yes EDU4013Y The Collaborator Workbench and Worksheets Yes EDU4014Y Filters.

Filtering and Embedding Worksheets LAB4028Y Guided Demonstration .Creating Workflows and Methods LAB4042Y Guided Demonstration .Reviewing Key Levels in Demand Management LAB402BY Guided Demonstration .Creating Client and Server Expressions LAB4030Y Practice .Using Demantra LAB401EY Guided Demonstration .Working with Users and Groups LAB404FY Practice .Using the Collaborator Workbench LAB4020Y Guided Demonstration .Working with Series LAB4036Y Guided Demonstration .Creating Methods LAB4039Y Guided Demonstration .Using the Analytical Engine LAB404CY Practice .Working with Worksheets LAB4021Y Practice .Using Open and Open With LAB4027Y Practice .Creating an Integration Interface LAB404BY Guided Demonstration .Choosing a Proportional Calculation Series LAB402EY Guided Demonstration .Using the Level Editor LAB402CY Practice .Creating Levels LAB404DY Guided Demonstration .Creating and Customizing Worksheets LAB4023Y Guided Demonstration .Filtering Worksheets LAB4025Y Guided Demonstration .Using the Workflow Manager LAB403DY Practice .Using the Series Editor LAB402FY Practice .Filename Document Title LAB401CY Guided Demonstration .Working with Embedded Worksheets LAB4026Y Guided Demonstration .Using the Integration Interface Wizard LAB4046Y Practice .Modifying the Data Model LAB402AY Guided Demonstration .Creating Levels LAB402DY Guided Demonstration .Configuring System Parameters LAB404EY Guided Demonstration .Creating Users and Groups .Using the Data Model Wizard LAB4029Y Practice .