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Date : 16/02/2017

Job Description & Key Performance Indicator

Position - ASM

Area of Operation - Bareilly, Uttarakhand

Name of Employee - JAGDEEP SINGH BEDI

Date of Joining - ON JOINING

Job Description

1. You are responsible to generate the Business of your area as per the targets
assigned to you on monthly & Yearly basis.
2. You are responsible to generate the Business through opening Distributor Chanel,
opening of Dealer, Institutional & industrial orders, individual customers & Annual
Maintenance Contracts with customers.
3. You will ensure to achieve the following business of your monthly targets. There
will be a weekly sales closing in every month & will have to adhere with the same.

Sr.No Period % of Achievement of your monthly targets
1 By 7th of every month 40%
2 By 14th of Every month 80%
3 By 21st of every month 100%

Thanking you

HR Department
Nutriflow Technology Pvt Ltd

In case of daily report not forwarded the same will be treated as absentee for the day. new schemes. mobile phone. Date : 16/02/2017 1. 2. 6. You are responsible for the Distributor Business which are in your area. 4. You will visit frequently to Distributor office & Dealer on regular intervals & will cover each shop twice in a week. You will visit minimum 10 parties per day for business generation & will report to your superiors on daily basis. 10. 3. 11. You will ensure that products will be sold on cash & carry basis & in case the Distributor is taking the guarantee of payment the same will be taken in written from shop owner. You will be reporting to your superiors & must inform & report to you through daily reports (As per the format provided to you). & same will be escalate from your side to higher Authorities. You will ensure to carry the Sample Kit. 7. new products & marketing activities & will update to your superiors. HR Department _____________________ Nutriflow Technology Pvt Ltd Signature of Applicant Maharashtra . 15 to 20 During your market visit you will ensure to wear proper formal uniform. You will monitor the monthly Journey Cycle Plan & Daily Market visit schedule as per the pre plan defined. You will coordinate on daily basis with Ceo or National Head. clean shave & polished shoes & will be humble/polite to word’s your customer. 9. 5. You will report immediately the transit damages if any noticed by you or informed by dealer/customer. You will update & will take the data for competition for pricing. 8. catalogues & Price list when they are on field. You will coordinate with C&F Agency to ensure the timely delivers of material to Distributor & customers as per the requirement. You are responsible for the Business as per targets given by company & in case of consistent performance below 85% targets for 3 months company is free to take appropriate decision. SMS.

/NTPL/HRD/119 JAGDEEP SINGH BEDI 1014 janakpuri. Near Lions Rohila Inter college. Bareilly (UP) SUBJECT: APPOINTMENT LETTER Dear JAGDEEP SINGH BEDI This is with reference to your application and subsequent interview with us. Please sign and return a copy of this letter as a token of acceptance. Failing to join on above mention Date Company got right to stand hold or cancel the offer. Uttarakhand on the terms and conditions which is discussed with you in Annexure-A. Thanks & Regards HR Department Nutriflow Technology Pvt Ltd Maharashtra . we are pleased to offer you position of ASM – for Bareilly. Date : 16/02/2017 Ref.

000/- LEADERSHIP INCENTIVE 1. please contact HR only.000/- HOUSE RENT ALLOWANCE 4. 30 Lacks per month. th 4) No Advance Expenses Amount issue . It is expected that individual compensation package should not be shared with other employees.000/- TRAVELS EXPENSES AND Misc ALLOWANCE Extra TOTAL SALARY PER MONTH 32.000/- EMPLOYEE + FAMILY ISURANCE 1.000/- FAMILY WEL FAIR FUND 1.Your monthly Target is Rs. Every 5 Date of month Salary and Expenses Amount will be Deposited your company Salary Account After receiving your Final Report. 3) Applicable tax to be borne by the employee.000/- NOTE – We will provide you incentive in case of you getting business more than Rs 30 Lacks per month. 2) Above compensation structure is subject to change without effective emoluments adversely.000/- BUSINESS PERFOMANCE INCENTIVE 1. For any explanation / clarification. For to get basic salary you must have to produce at least 50% business of your total Monthly Target. In first month candidate has to achieve at least 50% of his/her monthly business to get the salary from the company 1) In second month candidate has to achieve 100% of his/her monthly business to get the salary from the company. Date : 16/02/2017 (STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL) SALARY DETAILS MONTHLY COMPONENTS BASIC SALARY 24. LEAVE & HOLIDAYS AS PER COMPANY POLICY NOTE. HR Department Nutriflow Technology Pvt Ltd Maharashtra .