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Guided Demonstration - Using the Series Editor

Oracle Demantra Fundamentals

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The Series Editor appears.Guided Demonstration . a client expression. that calculate values for this series. 2002.doc Effective Page 2 of 2 Rev 1 . A list of all available series displays on the left side of the editor. choose Configure Series. Start the Demantra Business Modeler: (M) Start>All Programs>Oracle Demantra Spectrum>Business Modeler.  Expressions Properties: Specify a server expression.  Dropdown Properties: Optionally configure the series elements as dropdown lists. Copyright © Oracle Corporation. or both. 1.  Security: Specify which users can access this series. 5. Log in using the following values:  User Name = dm  Password = dm 3. From the Configuration menu.Using the Series Editor In this guided demo. Click the Sales series. Guided Demonstration .Using the Series Editor 346252670. the instructor will show and explain how to modify existing series using the Series Editor.  Data Properties: Specify how this series will be stored in the database. Use the following Series Editor pages to configure the series:  General Properties: Specify the series name and other basic information. also specify numeric precision of series (number of decimal places). 2. All rights reserved.  Display Properties: Specify how to display this series in tables and graphs. 4.