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2015; 3(1): 34-42
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doi: 10.11648/j.ijefm.20150301.15
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Green banking: Going green
Raad Mozib Lalon
Department of Banking and Insurance, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Raad Mozib Lalon. Green Banking: Going Green. International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences.
Vol. 3, No. 1, 2015, pp. 34-42. doi: 10.11648/j.ijefm.20150301.15

Abstract: Green Banking is any form of banking from which the country and nation gets environmental benefits. A
conventional bank becomes a green bank by directing its core operations toward the betterment of environment. Green
Banking has become a buzz word in today’s banking world. It means developing inclusive banking strategies which will ensure
substantial economic development and promoting environmental-friendly practices as well. This paper focuses on the Green
Banking activities of the commercial banks of Bangladesh and we also tried to reason why this policy was adopted and make a
comparison among he green banking practices of the commercial banks as well. The policy guidelines will also be focused.
The regulations regarding Green Banking is going to be discussed as well.
Keywords: Green Banking, Green Banking Policies, Environmental Issues, In-House Activities

1. Introduction
To implement “Green Banking”, Bangladesh bank has the green banking practices of the banking institutions of
developed the regulations of Green banking in the year 2011. Bangladesh. We also tried to focus on the process of adopting
Bangladesh Bank is the World’s first central bank, which has in- green banking policy, environmental issues and in-house
depth and apparent knowledge on green banking. State Owned activities. We also make a comparison among the green
Bank, State Owned Commercial Bank, Private Commercial banking practices of the banks.
Bank and Foreign Commercial Bank etc., all banks are working
diligently on Green Banking as instructed by Bangladesh Bank. 3. Methodology
As per Bangladesh Bank’s data on “Green Banking” 2013, all
scheduled banks have developed their own Green Banking We have prepared the paper on the basis of data from
Policy and Green Banking unit. After increasing the various sources of Bangladesh Bank and with the practical
environmental risks, banks have distributed 793,561.25 million experience of the banks of our country. We tried to find out
Taka in 10,868 projects. In year 2012, banks have distributed the phases through which green house initiative was
270,921.53 Million Taka as Green Financing. Banks have been implemented. The environmental changes that green house is
encouraged to utilize the 258.89 Million Taka as CSR going to cause is also about to discuss. And we also tried to
(Corporate Social Responsibility) in Green Banking Activities reason out why and how the banks are adopting green
and Green Projects. They have concentrated on Green banking practices.
Marketing, Training and Development utilizing 90.42 million
taka from their fund. Current situation of online banking is, 3445 4. Theoretical overview of Green Banking
branches among 8392 branches (41.05%) are completely
technologically enriched. State Owned Banks and Specialized 4.1. History of Green Banking
Development Banks have continued working on online internet
and SMS banking initiative. Green Banking is any form of banking from that the
country and nation gets environmentally benefits. An
orthodox bank becomes a green bank by directing its core
2. Objectives of the Study operations toward the betterment of environment. The
The main objective of the study is to get acquainted with banking sector can play an intermediary role between

BB is well aware of the environmental degradation installation of solar panel on the rooftop of the bank and situation as mentioned above and has already given time to using high mileage vehicles. such. In March 2009. in line with green sensibilities. environmental pollution while financing a new project or house Green Banking. Bio-fertilizer Plant. it always gives priority to investments / have been advised to be cautious about the adverse impact of loans which consider risk factors regarding natural calamities and encourage the farmers to cultivate environmental conditions. online banking. guide and supervise the projects to reduce 4. Bio-gas.e.3. ETP and areas. After introduce the Green Banking quality etc. society demands that business also take initial decision was to minimize the paper use in banking responsibility in safeguarding the planet. declining air the US government. It changes the mental faculties of the officials and . Then the Equator Principles (EPs) were We are aware that global warming is an issue that calls for launched and were initially adopted by some leading global a global response. are now required to ensure necessary measures to protect online statements. The Royal Bank of Scotland. Adopting Green Banking Policy pollution and thus implement scientific methods in the Now it is the high time for the banks to adopt a real sense by implementing environmental due diligence comprehensive Green Banking Policy in a formal and (EDD) checklist. Banks have as follows: been brought under the purview of E-commerce with a view Banks can help environment through automation and to providing the customers with online-banking facilities online banking. Policy Guidelines for Green Banking environment. developed in the western countries. providing working capital to the existing enterprises. agriculture. and as chemical fertilizer and pesticides. salinity resistant crops in the salty areas. using time directions to all scheduled banks. insecticides by natural means instead of using It considers the clients as its family members. banks In financing. The rapid change in climate will be too banks. Banks gas Plant. green 4. have been asked to concentrate hard on linking CSR at their highest corporate level for ingraining environmentally and 4. Solar/Renewable Energy Plant. stakeholders to save environment. great to allow many eco-systems to suitably adapt.3. rising greenhouse gas. Due to the aim of establishing a green bank under the ownership of unusual weather pattern.2. fertilizer. Financing the green projects like Bio. Features socially responsible practices and engaging with borrowers in Some important features of green banking operations are scrutiny of the environmental and social impacts. money transfer and Green banking focuses on social safety and security transactions in local currency through internet as well. another is practice by the bankers in their business area. 3(1): 34-42 35 economic development and environment protection by customers. covering payments of utility bills.3. water resources and human health. waste management. One is in-house green banking.2. using surface water instead It creates a congenial atmosphere inside and outside the of underground water for irrigation and also using organic bank. Projects having ETP etc. non-renewable. through changing the negative impacts of the society. The concept of green banking was with dignity. Creating clean and hygienic banking environment. Commercial Banks webcam for video conferencing instead of physical meetings. reforestation. have been advised to facilitate their clients with utmost care Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). structured manner in line with global norms so as to protect It reduces cost and energy. thus saving money and environmental degradation and ensure sustainable banking increasing GDP of a country. Green banking undertakes proactive measures to Hybrid Hoffman Kiln (HHK) in brick field under refinance protect environment and to address climate change programme of BB. Green finance as a works because to make all kinds of papers need to cutting part of Green Banking makes great contribution to the trees as raw materials (its minimize the green forestation) and transition to resource-efficient and low carbon industries i. Considering the adverse effects of Climate Change. Congressman change have direct impact on biodiversity. practices. human and natural resources.There are two ways of is a component of the global initiative by a group of green banking practices. reducing sound pollution. water resistant crops It always cares for sustainable and green growth in in the water locked and flood prone areas. Finance and Management Sciences 2015. for this reason naturally its reduce the Oxygen and increase green industry and green economy in general. Banks have banks are major practices by the bankers in their business been advised to finance in Solar Energy. Green banking the carbon-dioxide in airspace/ globe . Green Banking was formally started in 2003 with a view to protecting the 4. such as Citigroup Inc.1. in opening Letter of Credit (L/C) for installation of Effluent working on specific green projects. promoting environmentally sustainable and socially It helps institutions. crops in the drought prone areas. A comprehensive guidelines on Corporate challenges while financing along with efficient use of Social Responsibility (CSR) has been issued where banks renewable. Bangladesh Bank's Earlier Initiatives building. drought resistant industrialisation and for social purposes. since the Westpac Banking Corporation. Chris Van Hollen of USA introduced a Green Bank Act with forestry. International Journal of Economics. voluntary activities of Treatment Plant (ETP) in the industrial units. dry land. emailing documents are included in the in. men and the nation in general live responsible investment.

drought). wastewater discharges. The time lining for the actions to be taken related events (cyclone.2. animal waste. guidelines and reporting formats. Bank shall incorporate Environmental and Climate Change Bank should take steps to save energy from corporate Risk as part of the existing credit risk methodology business travel and encourage employees to purchase energy prescribed to assess a prospective borrower. A high powered Committee comprises of directors from the Board in case of scheduled Bangladeshi Banks shall prepare an inventory of the consumption of Banks and a high powered committee comprises Regional water. animal diseases/pathogens under Phase-I should not exceed December 31. 2011 Figure 1. Policy Formulation and Governance hazardous materials. Energy saving bulbs should replace normal detailed guidelines on Environmental Risk Management bulbs in branches/offices of the banks. In place of relying on banking. Banks may apply the bank. sediments. fans. printed documents. solid waste including waste feed. use scrap paper as responsibility of heading the unit. make sure that the printers are defaulted to duplex for evaluating and administering related green banking issues of double-side printing to save papers. A senior executive should be assigned with the Ecofont in printing to reduce use of ink. BRPD circular NO 02.3.1. plan to use solar energy at their premises to save electricity. 2011. framework has been developed for the banks in the following manner: 5. Then it should take measures to management including CEO in case of Foreign Banks should save electricity. by its offices and Chief of Global Office and members from the top branches in different places. 5. Phase-I Source: Bangladesh Bank. paper.36 Raad Mozib Lalon: Green Banking: Going Green With a view to developing green banking practices in the Green Banking Policy needs to be covered through time country. This will include efficient cars (that consume less fuel) can reduce gas and integrating environmental risks in the checklists.friendly. Initiating In-house Environment Management of Directors. such as avian influenza. electricity. online communication should be Banks are required to establish a separate Green Banking extensively used (where possible) for office management and Unit or Cell having the responsibility of designing. 5. strategies and program. All of this will help . considerable fund in their annual budget allocation for green water. audit petroleum consumption. energy etc. First Phase of implementing green banking. Installation of energy efficient electronic equipments and automatic shutdown of computers. etc will be reviewed under Bank shall formulate and adopt broad environmental or Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) checklists. will help reducing electricity Banks shall comply with the instructions stipulated in the consumption. eco. an indicative Green Banking Policy and Strategy frame work which will be segregated into 3 phases. A 'Green be responsible for reviewing the banks environmental Office Guide' or at least a set of general instructions should policies. Banks should make (ERM) in consideration of a part of the Green Banking Policy. The unit will report to the notepads and avoid disposable cups/glasses to become more high powered committee time to time. Banks are to develop green banking policies and show mainstream Environmental Risk that cover possible sources general commitment on environment through in-house of Environmental Risk such as Land use. Bank shall approve a be circulated to the employees for efficient use of electricity. air coolers etc. water and paper consumption. Green Banking policy and strategy approved by their Board 5. Climate change performance. Incorporation of Environmental Risk in CRM lights. paper and reuse of equipments. carcasses.

Consumer loan programs may be applied for or paying bills via the Internet on a secure website of the promoting environmental practices among clients. 2011 Figure 2. Banks should use environmental causes for marketing their Eco friendly business activities and energy efficient services to consumer. Introducing Green Finance packaged in an environmentally friendly way. Engineering and Basic Metal. It refers to the disclose in their respective websites. Ship breaking etc. Awareness development among 5.7. Green marketing is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. Consumer Awareness sectors in different areas for creating a Climate Change Risk and Green Event Fund.9.5. Renewable Energy. as well as modifying advertising. Leather(Tannery). Supporting Employee Training. banks should assess their environmental risks for financing the 5. Pulp and Paper. Sector Specific Environmental Policies Construction and Housing. process of selling products and/or services based on their environmental benefits. be a continuous process as part of the bank's Human Recourse Development. Green marketing 5. Hospital/Clinic. Agro farming. International Journal of Economics. Such a product or service may be 6. policies for different environmental sensitive sectors such as Rubber and Plastic Industry. Finance and Management Sciences 2015. The fund could be created as part of banks’ environmental and social risk and the relevant issues should CSR expenses. Phase-II environmentally friendly in itself or produced and/or Source: Bangladesh Bank. packaging Banks shall report on the initiatives/practices to BB and changes.6. Green marketing is expected to help industries will be given preference in financing by bank. without charging additional risk premium. changes to the production process. reducing printing costs and postage cyclone and drought prone areas at the regular interest rate expenses. Brick Manufacturing. withdrawals and pay bills. 2nd Phase of implementing green banking. Chemical Trading. Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals). BRPD circular NO 02. and carbon emission.1. Online Banking plant. saving gas Bank should finance the economic activities of the flood. The time lining for the actions to be taken under Phase-II Agriculture. should not exceed December 31. solid & hazardous waste disposal plant. clean water supply project. 3(1): 34-42 37 5.8. Banks need to formulate strategies to design specific Chemicals (Fertilizers. including product modification. Textile and Apparels. bio-gas plant. bio-fertilizer plant should be encouraged and financed by Online banking is the practice of making bank transactions bank. wastewater treatment 5.4. Creation of Climate Risk Fund Banks should give more emphasis to make the easiest way to help environment by eliminating paper waste. Fisheries. . This will be used in case of emergency. Agri-business (Poultry & Dairy). Sugar and distilleries. 6. Environmental infrastructure such as renewable energy project. Disclosure and Reporting of Green Banking Activities incorporates a broad range of activities. respective bank that allows the customers to make deposits. Introducing Green Marketing consumers and clients would be a continuous job of a bank under its public relation department. 5. The bank would ensure regular financing flows in these vulnerable Employee awareness development and training on areas and sectors. 2012. However. awareness development among common people.

and future initiatives.3. and disclose these in their 6. the target areas should cover attaining energy A bank should develop and follow an environmental risk efficiency in the form of the use of renewable energy. 3rd Phase of implementing green banking. Updated and detailed information about banks environmental activities and 6. A Green Branch will be entitled to display a special logo approved by Bangladesh Bank. Bank alliances may prepare standard and percentage of environmental loans as percentage of total. Such a branch Banks should introduce rigorous programs to educate clients. saving papers. Standard environmental reporting with through banking activities. Designing and Introducing Innovative Products through environment friendly initiatives and introducing Alongside avoiding negative impacts on environment innovative products.7.5. Formulation of Bank Specific Environmental Risk annual reports and websites for green financing and in-house Management Plan and Guidelines environment management as well. use of renewable energy. reduced water undertake resource efficient and environmental activities. issuance of to the compliance of national regulation the bank may set e-statements. Green initiatives by a group of banks will areas should cover reducing loans for certain not only be effective but will also offer competitive environmentally harmful activities. and source reduction and waste minimization strategy should 7. the target this connection. Bank should determine a set of achievable targets and strategies. For in-house environment management. Rigorous Programs to Educate Clients A Green Branch should be featured by the provision of the Clients and business houses should be encouraged and maximum use of natural light. Green Strategic Planning Banks should increasingly rely on virtual meeting through the use of video conferencing in lieu of physical travel which A bank should determine green targets to be attained would help saving cost and energy. Improved In-House Environment Management performances of major clients should be disclosed. monitoring of project and working capital loans.The time environment friendly innovative green products to address lining for the actions to be taken under Phase-III should not the core environmental challenges of the country. recycling of materials and equipments. use of recycled water etc. and electricity use. 2011 Figure 3. attaining a particular advantage. and petrol consumption. current activities. environment internationally accepted higher environmental standards. 2013. A system of Environmental Management should be in exceed December 31. 6. In addition reduction of Green House Gas(GHG) emissions.1. Banks are expected to address the whole eco-system 7. practices. use influenced to comply with the environmental regulations and of energy saving bulbs and other equipments.2. For Green Financing. . BRPD circular NO 02. Setting up Green Branches 6. place in a bank before the initiation of the activities of Phase- III. of a bank would be specifically designated as a ‘Green Raad Mozib Lalon: Green Banking: Going Green 6. management manual or guidelines in their assessment and reduction of electricity. The criteria for Banks should start publishing independent Green Banking certification of a ‘Green Branch’ will be circulated by and Sustainability reports showing past performances. banks are expected to introduce external verification should be part of the phase. electronic bill pay. Bangladesh Bank in due course of time. guidelines for themselves for improving Green Banking introducing eco-friendly financial products etc. Disclosure and Reporting of Green Banking Activities Branch’. Phase-III be part of in-house environmental management in Phase-II. Source: Bangladesh Bank. Strategy of reuse. gas. through strategic planning. In friendly office buildings etc.

e- activities/practices of a bank while according permission for Banking. their overall performance in green banking activities in the BB has installed a 20-kilowatt solar panel on the rooftop BB websites. alternative or sustainable bank concerned with social award points to banks on the criteria of ‘management’ and environmental impacts of its investments and other while computing CAMELS rating where there will matters.2. million) in Bio.gas. Ethical SME/Agriculture bank branches to be banks. They do not always run on the basis of their interest. adoption of towards mankind. solar and other renewable to determine ethical values by exploring their responsibilities energy generation units. following internationally accepted format like Global It is not just another corporate social responsibility (CSR) Reporting Initiatives (GRI) targeting their stakeholders. sometimes.24 have the following preferential treatments: million) in solar driven irrigation pump. This movement includes ethical investment. financial sector. rendering corporate social activities/practices of a bank while according responsibility. Banks shall keep their annual report and websites updated So far. bio-gas plants and 2011 and similarly they will be required to continue to HHK technology in brick making industry at a 5% submit reports on the subsequent quarters within the next 15 interest rate provided by banks and Non-Bank Financial days of the respective quarter end. Being Ethical and Environment Friendly Preferential treatments for environmentally compliant Ethical banks: A green bank must be ethically motivated as banks have been taken into consideration. (iii)BB will actively consider green banking BB started Automated Clearing House. Many banks are Banks shall report their initiatives/activities under the said now financing environmental friendly projects.4.3. BB will actively consider green banking socially responsible investment. e-Tendering. Online CIB. Institutions.34 million).4 million (USD 1. International Journal of Economics. 2011 basis within July 15. solar panels.8 million (USD 0.0 financial institutions introduced and rendered green banking (two) billion refinance window accessible against system and CSR activities in a big way. Ethical banks are the larger social movement ultimately be a positive impact on overall rating of a towards social and environmental responsibility in the bank.25 component while computing CAMELS rating where there million) in Brick Making Industry (HHK Technology) will ultimately be a positive impact on overall rating of a and BDT 248. from a taka 2. effluent treatment plants. program to the Department of Off-site Supervision of BB has introduced a refinance scheme worth BDT 2 Bangladesh Bank on quarterly basis. 3(1): 34-42 39 7. BB party. BDT 20 million (USD 0. Banks should change their behavior in line new energy efficient output processes and so forth. 7. Now the Refinance Scheme theme has changed because of international propaganda on BB is providing to the lending banks refinance at five green banking activities. Especially the Islamic banks and percent interest per annum. of its own building. to be eco-friendly ensuring that a solar panel is installed rather they think about the overall sustainable growth and at the branch. other than the banks not abiding by the special rules. Thus it shows its separate quality and entity permission for opening new bank branches. Reporting Green Banking Practices on Quarterly Basis framework’ and ‘Environmental Risk Management Guidelines’ in a consultative manner.8 million (USD 3. e-Commerce. Recruitment. Finance and Management Sciences 2015. conventional banks are based on overall performance in green banking activities on the security and profitability. BB will declare the names of the top ten banks for their Features: In general. . publications by an independent agency or acceptable third To foster green banking practices in the country. treatment plants (ETPs).34 million) in ETP. broaden the scope of their external ethical policies. Broad objective of green banking is to use resources with Banks should publish independent Green Annual Report responsibility and giving priority to environment and society. Banks shall submit their billion (USD 25 million) to refinance loans to effluent first quarterly report on June 30. e-Noting etc.75 million) 5. development of a country. Mobile Banking.9 million (ii)BB will declare the names of the Top Ten Banks for (USD 6. activity rather all out effort to keep this world livable without There should be arrangement for verification of these much damage.11 million) in Solar PV bank. Green banks must financing for revolving eco-friendly or green initiatives like abide by ethical obligations which require an objective way installation of bio mass based. formulated the ‘Green Banking Policy and Strategy 7. BDT 60 million (USD 0. improving environmental Verification conditions in their own arena. work with lesser profit than the traditional established/opened after 20 June 2011 will be required ones. Reporting in Standard Format with External with socio-economic situations. BDT 27 million (i)BB will award points to banks on Management (USD 0. BB refinanced for BDT 132. and as such they are reluctant to BB website. in order to reduce unnecessary wastage of papers. The compliant banks practicing Green Banking will in Solar Home System and BDT 18. BB will a social. e- opening new bank branch.7 with the disclosures on green banking initiatives/activities. module assembling Plant a total of BDT 506.

1. waste water recycling and motion sensor Credit Information Bureau online.3 Source: Review of CSR initiatives of banks. fuel. and its nine branch offices have Table. Objective SCBs SDBs PCBs FCBs Adopted socially and environmentally responsible 1 4 30 9 Practices (GB) in own internal operations Providing a modern. through the most effective utilization of resources (power. paper etc. Environmental Adoption banking functions) have been brought under automation The negative impact of climate change already started by implementing the Banking Application Package that though banks contribute little to global warming.49 PCBs 3078 2741 89.6. panels. Southeast. office orders. National 7. Online banking pretty convenient to of the people of Bangladesh urban and rural area.6. LED bulbs are being installed to bring significant A recent initiative has been taken to convert the 30- energy efficiency. Type/category of banks Total No. storied building of Bangladesh Bank into a Green As part of central bank automation.5. Environmentally harmful incineration of non re-issuable gas.1.40 Raad Mozib Lalon: Green Banking: Going Green 7. And green banking All the departments of Bangladesh Bank Head Office initiative can facilitate this process. damaged bank notes is being With a move towards encouraging green banking in phased out. personal file installed 8 kilowatt solar power system on its rooftop in updated information. adverse impacts of global warming. Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). (including all departments and branch offices relating to 7. they are yet not have to store all those reams of paper in file cabinet. notification online March 2010.Bangladesh BankJuly 2013 From the above data it is observed that most of the PCBs and FCBs maintain environmental related issue within the 7. different types of banks the following components of Green The overall banking functions of Bangladesh Bank Banking have been brought into light. and e-recruitment have come into reality. Though SCBs and SDBs cover most whole over the country. Bangladesh Bank Online salary and other necessary advice.46 Total 7998 3042 36. Of branches No. passes for visitors are instantly available.6. Number of banks ingraining CSRand GB practices within own establishment and in their client businesses. Bangladesh Bank’s In-house green activities already been brought under a computer network (LAN/WAN).05 FCBs 63 63 100 SDBs 1415 49 3. e. Treasury Management to focus on adaptation and mitigation process to cope up the Module and Market Infrastructure module. Online Banking bank as well as outside the banks so that the environmental Online banking is the developing concept in young and hazard can be reduced. healthy and safe workplace and 1 2 24 5 Creating a learning and development for GB Reduce the bank’s environmental impact as a result of its operation and business activity 1 2 24 5 Bank assessing the social and environmental impacts of the projects seeking finance 1 2 20 5 Ensuring compliance of regulatory environmental and social requirements 1 2 21 5 Engaging with clients in assessing project’s social and 1 1 4 3 environmental impacts beyond the regulatory requirements Source: Review of CSR initiatives of banks. Pubali & BDBL are now connected To analyze the present status of green banking practices in with NPSB and doing live transaction.Bangladesh BankJuly 2012 . water. Online banking coverage. tendering. Bangladesh. it reduces the amount of paper that the banks have to go through every month. Bangladesh Building with the modern facilities of rain water Automated Clearing House (BACH).2012. resorting instead to shredding. of branches with online banking facility % branches with Online Banking facility SCBs 3442 189 5. electronic extended to 20 kilowatt to cover more areas.800 PCs. Comparative Analysis Payment is in live operation since 2012. and to adopt green banking practices. This is now being balance statements for all employees of BB. harvesting.2011. connecting more than BB is concentrating on its in-house green activities 3. Banks have includes Core Banking Module. Enterprise Resources energy efficient bulbs supported by window based solar Planning (ERP). Table 2.).2.

Despite the country’s state-owned and private mobile banking.6.00 0.11. Coordination among concerned authorities is a must. Mobile Banking coverage. SCBs Tk.97 1.00 42. SCBs 5. On the one hand.13% Source: Annual reports of the banks. it easily define that PCBs financing is much which Create brand image.70 5. It is to be noted bills from mobile. Bio-gas Plant. Most of the banks tried to GB policy of Bangladesh Bank. Bio-gas Plant.64 19726. Among FCBs coverage is100%.80 705.00 Bio-gas Plant 28. According to Bangladesh Bank guideline commercial Table 4. ETP.20 220. transfer funds or pay 89.80 Total 11456. 43. are very poor.1. introduce this paper-less facility. Conclusion 8.2011. Category wise contribution of banks towards green financing in Million tk. On the other hand. SDBs and FCBs have any contribution in etc.3.4.77 756. SCBs and SDBs who have not taken such steps yet. ETP. 3(1): 34-42 41 According to table 2 only 36.17 0.6.00 Bio-fertilizer Plant 0. Government should encourage and try to create Online banking and ATM facilities of SCBs and SDBs awareness about green banking among mass people. SCBs PCBs FCBs SDBs ETP 77. Borrowers must be encouraged about going green.8 Source: Review of CSR initiatives of banks. 8.00 0. it saves time and thatState-own Commercial Banks (SCBs) and State-own energy of the customers.00 Projects having ETP 5758. Green Financing environment-friendly loan.49% and SDBs 3.00 Hybrid Hoffman Kiln(HHK) 112. Type/category of banks Number of banks Introduced of Mobile banking % banks with Mobile Banking facility SCBs 4 0 0 PCBs 30 10 50 FCBs 9 0 0 SDBs 4 0 0 Total 47 10 2.76 0. 127. 7. Mobile Banking Mobile Banking is a Banking process without bank branch Table 3.4 provide technical supports for GB adoption. It also helps in reducing use of Specialized Development Banks (SDBs) are not aware about energy and paper of the bank. BB need necessary steps for that regards.74 122694. Finance and Management Sciences 2015. FCBs Tk.68 3134. Findings Bangladesh Bank must monitor the green banking Most of the PCBs and FCBS adopted the policy except practices of the banks.40 795. International Journal of Economics.e.05% .31 219. billion.00 Solar/Renewable Energy Plant 229. .00 0. Make sure the necessary environmental compliance Green banking guidelines must be applied in an efficient factors before lending a loan/investment. Hybrid Hoffman Kiln(HHK) No SCBs. Recommendations & Hybrid Hoffman Kiln (HHK) etc.50 0. Recommendations 8.00 Others 5249.46%.3% of all the brances of all which provides financial services to unbanked communities types of banks have already come under the coverage of efficiently and at affordable cost.00 0.1 20652.55 0. solar equipment. Shrink giving loans to environmentally harmful projects.02 0. while PCBs to have the ability to check balances.6 127610. 2011 In mobile banking sector only PCBs introduce the system banks undertook an initiative to go green by paying low basically Brac Bank (bKash) and Duch-Bangla Bank cover interest loans to the customers who would like to setup solar most of the population under this system.6 billion . more higher than others.Bangladesh BankJuly 2012 From the above table it is observed that in green financing Bangladesh Bank not only gives the policy but also sector PCBs investment is Tk.8 million GB motivates the banking that reduces use of paper respectively. Findings. it is great online banking. manner.2.00 4. Create awareness amongst the stakeholders about the environment as well as environmental friendly business practices i.52 43. equipments.20.6 billion and SDBs Tk. commercial banks and a non-banking financial institution (NBFI) signed an agreement with BB to disburse the 7.

Board/Competent authority should be aware and Bangladesh: A Commitment towards Global Initiatives”. motor vehicles etc. M (2012). Bangladesh Bank. compliances. Green Banking Activities. Available at References http://www. Bangladesh Bank. It is now expected from all www. for eco friendly atmosphere. “Green Banking Practices in Bangladesh”.com/index. Bangladesh [3] Banking Regulation and Policy Department. Available at http://news. [5] Equator Principles (2011). N.pdf [1] Annual Report on Green Banking (2012). of Triodos Bank.42 Raad Mozib Lalon: Green Banking: Going Green Sharing knowledge and technical know-how within peer [4] Dash R. Bangladesh Bank. ep. National Conference on Emerging the efficient utilization of budget allocation. About equator CAB Calling.php/about-ep/about- make banking sector greener and more ethical. Aktar S (2013).org.978-93- say that going green should be the motto of all commercial 81583-46-3. “Green Banking in carried on. Banking Regulation and Policy Department Bangladesh Bank. pp 39-44 and rigorous training program for top/mid/lower level management and at the same time clients as well need to be [9] Masukujjaman M. (2008): Sustainable “Green” Banking: The Story groups could be of immense help. green event or green projects under CSR [11] Mallya. International Journal Green Banking has become a buzz word in today’s Economic Research. [2] Banking Regulation and Policy Department. ISBN . .iisd. Green Banking now is not only limited to Sustainable Banking.nationalgeographic. available at http:// awareness but also in practice. Conclusion [6] Goyal. For going green products. Prita (2012). and Joshi. 49-57 banking world. Journal of Business and Management.December. D.. Finally we can Challenges for Sustainable Business 2012.equator principles. ISSN: 2229-6158. Global Warming Fast Facts. banks. K. updated of the current green banking activities and [10] International Institute for Sustainable Development (2012): development. 8. [13] National Geographic (2007). Automation and improved in house green activities. al_warm ing. Das PC (2013).A. [12] Millat K. 26-29 A database can be developed for technical assistance.3. required [8] Islam S.html. available Authority must try to develop more effective issues to at http://www. International Institute for scheduled banks that they would not only allocate budget for Sustainable Development green finance. electronic [7] Recent Reform green marketing and capacity building but ensure Road Less Travelled. Sustainable Banking in India: The activities. October. A Study of Social and Ethical Issues in Banking Industry. Vijay (2011).