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A. Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1. The ____________ is flying.
A. bird
B. snake
A. monkey

2. This is my spoon. The spoon is ____________.
A. mine
B. yours.
C. theirs.

3. He is angry. He is talking____________.
A. softly
B. loudly
C. happily

4. Mr Chan lives ___________Kuala Lumpur.
A. in
B. on
C. above

5. Is yours a black cat ___________a white one?
A. or
B. but
C. and

6. I like to eat________________.
A. fried rice
B. freid rice
C. fraid rice

7. . We have two______________.
A. eyes
B. eyas
D. Eaies

8. These toys belong to my sister. They are __________.
A her
B hers
C she

Please meet me at the bus station ____________ hour from now. __________ is my brother’s new school bag. the 14. the 15. I want to buy ___________ computer next week. the 17. A. an C. an C. It is ________________ very good game. the 16. A.9. an C. A his B they C their 11. A mouses B mice C mouse 12. A.Can you please go to ______________ shop and buy 2 cartons of milk? A. A. a B. the . a B. Sharon and I go to the park every evening. an C. A She B They C We 13. a B.a B. Fred is ______________ electrician. I like to watch football on television. __________ play slides and see-saw together. The boys are doing ___________ homework in the classroom. an C. a B. A Those B These C This 10. Two __________ are eating some cheese in the kitchen.

Peter is ______________ actor. an C. In return. Fill in the blanks with ‘a’ or ‘an’. an C. the eagle gave him __ axe. He is lucky and always gets a __________(30) catch. David is ________________ best student in our class.________________(26)is a fisherman.18. . He goes out to sea early________________(27)the morning. he saw _ eagle trapped under _ __ rock. A. Pak Samad is my neighbour. the 20. Look at the picture and then read the passage carefully. A. Based on the picture and the paragraph. A woodcutter went to collect firewood in forest. a B. He quickly helped the eagle. a B. the B. A. ____________ Prime Minister of Malaysia will be visiting Sabah next week. He__________________(28) a motorboat. On his way. an C. It is __magical axe. the 19. The woodcutter became a rich man. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. a B. He always wears a _______________(29)on his head.

One day. A. Answer the questions that follow. had C. “Thank you. His name is Felix. at C. Please come again tomorrow. has B. by D.” said Felix. He was wet and shivering with cold. small D. he heard a knock on the door. Felix quickly invited him in. gave him a clean towel to dry himself. I like mice. He opened the door and saw David the crow. songkok 30. it was raining heavily.” “I don’t like worms.26. there was a cat lived by himself. A. “I will bring you some worms tomorrow. She D. He always sat by the window to look at the rain. have D. A. cap B. beautiful Once upon a time. He Read the story below. It B. Suddenly. having 29 A. He was very lonely. hat C. big B.” . he served him some cakes and milk.” said David. from 28. Then. “But I feel happy that you have come. in B. He C. ugly C. turban D. They 27. A.

C It was raining. Why was David wet? A He is taking a bath. C He lived alone. C David came to his house. B He forgot to dry himself. . 4. B He looks at the rain. What is the cat’s name? A Felix B Adam C David 2. What is the crow’s name? A Felix B Adam C David 3. Why did Felix feel happy? A He can serve his cakes and milk to David. B He can eat worms. Why did Felix feel lonely? A He feel bored.1. 5.

are 4. paint 2. write . draw 5. 1. rain 3.Write the past tense of the verbs.

What does the animal eat? ________________________________________________________. brian goes to eaton stationery. 1. ______________________________________________________________ 3. Answer the following questions. Which animal would you choose? ________________________________________________________. My neighbor. encik ahmad is a doctor in johor. 2. Rewrite the paragraphs. ______________________________________________________________ 2. He drives a toyota to work. 1. What is its body covered with? ________________________________________________________. ________________________________________________________ . is an indian boy.D. Use capital letters for proper nouns. Read and transfer the information into the table. He goes to sk pekan putatan. Why do you choose the animal? ________________________________________________________ C. mr john. It is father’s day. raju. 4. He wants to buy a pen for his father. 3.

and Ali brother going are fishin his g 1.Rearrange the words below to form sentences. _____________________________________________________________________ catch in big the They fish a river . _____________________________________________________________________ river to They the are going 2.

Mei Ling – classmates – eating – canteen 2. using – fork and spoon . _____________________________________________________________________ Look at the pictures. _____________________________________________________________________ take fish the home They 4.3. Write your answer in the space provided. Use the words given to write about each picture. 1.

listening to music reading a book are jogging is cycling kicking a ball 1.Kian Keat – eating – noodles . ___________________________________________________________ .using – chopsticks Look at the picture. ___________________________________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________ 5.3. Write five sentences about it. You may use the phrases in the boxes. ___________________________________________________________ 3.