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IS 8442 (2008): Stand post type water and foam monitor for
fire fighting -Specification [CED 22: Fire Fighting]

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When the water monitor is used with sea water. Water monitors are fixed on the fire fighting appliances and are one of the important equipment used for fighting fire. Whh the help of this equipment it is possible to direct the flow of water at any angle on horizontal and vertical axis. The present revision includes modifications with regard to inclusion of copper alloy and stainless steel components and figures have been modified according to various types of monitors. shall be roundedoff in accordancewith IS 2:1960 ‘Rules for rounding off numerical values (revised)’. . observed or calculated. For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with. Fire Fighting Sectional Committee. The materials of construction are given in Table 2 with an idea to use compatible material for all components in individual monitor. after the draft finalized by the Fire Fighting Sectional Committee had been approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council. The number of significant places retained in the rounded off vafue should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard. aluminium parts should not be used. This standard was first published in 1977. CED 22 FOREWORD i. expressing the result of a test or analysis. This Indian Standard (First Revkion) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards. This standard has been formulated to lay down minimum performance requirements. the final value.

3 The shape of the monitor shall be so designed that 5. 1) With water/foam barrel with aspirating NOTES type nozzle. and 2) With non-aspirating type jet(spray 1 Ahsminium components shalI not be used with sea water. Drain valve shall be fitted above inlet of 0. it shall be self- size. In case of of 1750 l/rein for 63 mm size. confirming to IS 2643 with class A tolerance. At the time of publication. and Material for different components shall be as per b) Foam-cum-water monitor: Table 2. types of monitors: 4 MATERIAL a) Water monitor.4 The monitor shall consist of following components: locked permanently so that threads will not get unscrewed during horizontal or vertical rotation of a) Base flange. The inlet of the nozzle shall rotation. shall be connected with pipe by screwing or welding so as to have horizontal rotation of 360° in either 3 GENERAL direction and vertical rotation of minimum 135° (90° upward and 45° downward). 3. it shall allow free flow of water with minimum friction screwed or flanged. . and used for fire fighting. The c) Water barrel of seamless pipe.2). be provided with external hexagon or other means to f) Lock handles for horizontal and vertical facilitate tightening of nozzle and internal threads to rotation.2 The construction of monitor shall be welded. 4 and 5 and confirming to performance e) Swivel joint for horizontal and vertical requirements given in 9. 2580 l/rein for 75 mm worm and worm wheel geared unit. The swivel joint which standards indicated at Annex A. suit the monitor outlet barrel size.7 N/mm*. 5 CONSTRUCTION which through reference in this text constitute 5. rotation of monitor. The standards listed in Annex A contain provisions. flange to drain water from water barrel after usage. epoxy based sealant shall be used and threads shall be 3. 75 mm subject to revision and parties to agreements based on and 100 mm respectively. All screwed joints except nozzle loss and maximum stability against nozzle reaction. Traversing mechanism 3. The outlet of barrel shall have external threads b) Reducer — wherever applicable. This standard lays down the requirements for stand h) Handle or worm and worm wheel to facilitate post type monitor of size 63 mm. 1 and Fig. the editions indicated were valid. Fig. at nozzle end. 2 The material of construction to be seJected as agreed to nozzle. 63 mm. Positive locks 3. Flanges of higher size may this standard are encouraged to investigate the be used for better hydraulic efficiency and in that case possibility of applying the most recent editions of the it shall be welded with reducer. that is. 75 mm and 100 mm vertical rotation.1 Monitor shall have the flange of diameter provisions of this standard. nozzle shall be of standard orifice size as given in d) Elbow 90° and 45°. and 3500 l/rein for 100 mm size at inlet pressure locklng type. shall have minimum threading length of 20 mm and The shapes are generally as shown in Fig.1 The size of water monitor is denoted by its waterway dimension which shall be as per Table 1 or shall be provided to facilitate the horizontal and vertical provided by the purchaser as per their requirement. 3. between the purchaser and the manufacturer k~pkg in V!EW 2 REFERENCES the compatibility of materials. This standard covers following j) Drain valve. 2. IS 8442:2008 Indian Standard STAND POST TYPE WATER AND FOAM MONITOR FOR FIRE FIGHTING — SPECIFICATION (First Revision) 1 SCOPE g) Nozzle (details as given in 5. This shall be either single handle bar type or worm and worm wheel type.2 Monitors are designed for rated discharge capacity shall be provided for unattended operation. All standards are corresponding to standpost. monitor.

8 157/1 . rl~l . of Holes Thickness Flange Monitor Flange Diameter Dmmeter Diameter Diameter/ (Nominal Height Bore) mm mm mm mm mm mm mm (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) i) 63 80 200 160 19 4 18 — ii) 63 80 190.4 216/1.8 127/1.6 THREADS TO SUIT NOzzLE HANDLE .6 iii) 75 I00 220 180 19 4 20 — iv) 75 100 220 190. III FIG. Size of Size of Inlet Outer Bolt Circle Bolt Hole No.5 19 8 23.4 19 4 23.IS 8442:2008 Table 1 Flange Dimensions (Clause 3.5 19 4 23. 1 STAND POSTTYPE MONITOR .8 157/1.6 vii) 100 150 285 240 22 8 22 — viii) 100 150 280 240 22 8 25.6 v) 100 I(XI 220 180 19 8 20 — vi) 100 100 220 190..1) S1 No.5 152. SWIVEL JOINT FOR ‘ VERTICAL ROTATION LOCK FOR VERTICAL i 90° ELBOW LOCK FOR HORIZONTAL 1 I ROTATION J SWIVEL JOINT FOR HORIZONTAL ROTATION I DRAIN VALVE REDUCER BASE FLANGE .

waterway shall have smooth finish. It shall have minimum The complete assembly shall be of good workmanship discharge capacity and horizontal throw as given in and finish and free from burrs and sharp edges.7 N/mm* at nozzle end. / \ Mild Steel Copper Alloy Construction Stainless Steel Construction Construction (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) i) Base flange Carbon steel conforming to Grade 2/3 ofIS318 or Plates. It shall have 9. i) 63 1750 53 ii) 75 2580 60 8 PAINTING iii) 100 3500 64 Monitor shall be painted with fire red or post office red colour conforming to shade No. 3 . at an angle of 30° from horizontal in still air condition. 7ANTI-CORROSIVE TREATMENT Table 3 Minimum Discharge Capacity and Horizontal Throw of Water Monitor All steel components subject to direct water contact shall be hot dip galvanized after fabrication to a minimum S1No. and Clause 4) S1 Component Material No. sheets conforming to IS 6911 IS 6392 or Mild steel conforming Grade 3 of IS 304 to IS 2062 ii) Reducer Pipe fittings conforming to [S Grade 2/3 ofIS318 or Stainless steel 11428 (Parts1 to 3) Grade 3 of 1S 304 iii) Elbow Pipe fittings conforming to IS Grade 2/3 ofIS318 or Stainless steel 11428 (Parts 1 to 3) Grade 3 of IS 304 iv) Swivel jointi Grade 2/3 of IS 318 or Grade 3 of Grade 2/3 of IS 318 or Grade 2/3 of1S318 or worm and Is 304 Grade 3 of IS 304 Grade 3 of IS 304 or Stainless worm wheel steel conforming to IS 6603 v) Lock handle Brass conforming to IS 291 or Brass conforming to IS 291 or Stainless steel conforming to IS 319 or stainless steel IS 319 or S.S. conforming to 1S 6603 conformingtoIS6603 IS 6603 vi) Water barrel Mild steel conforming to IS 11428 Brass tube conforming to IS 407 Stainless steel (Parts 1 to 3) or brass tube conforming to IS 407 or aluminium conforming to 1S 1285 and IS 2673 vii) Nozzle/Jet Copper allo] conformin~ t? ~~~$ QPpgI alloyconforming toGrade Mainltwsleelcmtfhmifig ?B spray nozzle 2/3 of 2/3 ofIS318 or Grade 3 of IS 304 Is 3444 IS 318 or Grade 3 of IS 304 or aluminium alloy conforming to Grade 4450 or 4225 of IS 617 viii) Handle Mild steel conforming to IS 1732 Mild steel conforming to Mild st:el conforming to IS 1732 1S 1732 ix) Worm shatl Stainless steel conforming to Stainless steel conforming to Stainless steel conforming to IS 6603 IS 6603 IS 6603 x) Foam barrel Brass tube conforming to IS 407 or Brass tube conforming to IS 407 or Stainless steel ahrminium conforming to 1S 1285 ahrminium conforming to IS 1285 and IS 2673 and IS 2673 xi) Hand wheel Cast iron conforming to Grade 200 Cast iron conforming to Grade 200 Cast iron conforming to Grade 200 of Is 210 Ofls 210 of Is 210 xii) Drain valve Copper alloy conforming to IS 778 Copper alloy conforming to IS 778 Stainless steel 6 WORKMANSHIP AND FINISH of 0.‘1 IS 8442:2008 Table 2 Material (Foreword. The paint shall conform to IS 2932. The aluminium parts subject to Min &fin mm I/rein m direct water contact shaIl be hard anodized to a minimum (1) (2) (3) (4) thicknessof 0.015 mm.2 Foam-cum-Water Monitor IS 5.03 mm. Table 3. The monitor shall be tested at operative pressure 9 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS of 0. 536 or 538 of 9. Size Discharge Capacity Horizontal Throw thickness of 0.7 N/mmz at nozzle end. at an angle of 30° from horizontal in still air condition. Particularly. The thickness of galvanizing shall be measured with suitable thickness measuring meter.1 Water Monitor minimum discharge capacity and horizontal throw The monitor shall be tested at operative pressure as Table 4.

and 100 mm Size Shall be Respectively 32 mm. and 45 mm. FIG.IS 8442:2008 FIG. 2 The Length (L) of Nozzle Shall be Such as to Give Desired Performance Requirement. 2 STAND POST TYPE MONITOR-WORM ANDWORM WHEEL TYPE I \ SMALLER ORIFICE TIPS I NOTES 1 The Orifice Diameter for 63 mm. 38 mm. 75 mm. 3 JETSPRAY NOZZLE 4 . Min.


the performance test as Bureau of Indian Standards. 304:1981 Specification for high tensile brass globe and check valves for water ingots and castings (second revision) works purposes ~ourth revision) 318:1981 Specification for leaded tin bronze 1285:2002 Wrought aluminium and atuminium ingots and castings (second revision) alloys — Extruded round tube and 319:1989 Free cutting leaded brass bars.1 The use of the Standard Mark is governed by 10. NOTE — This shall be a type test. b) Year of manufacture.2.2 BIS Certification Marking 10. in l/rein.3 IWmmz and horizontal rotation shall 1986 and the Rules and Regulations made thereunder. rods hollow sections for general and sections — Specification (fburth engineering purposes — revision) Specification (third revision) . ANNEX A (Clause 2) LIST OF REFERRED INDIAN STANDARDS IS No.1 shatl be performed and assembly shatl meet Horizontal Throw Foam-cum-Water Monitor the requirements. Capacity Throw Throw The accessories shall include nozzle spanner which (Water) (Foam) shall be optional. II . During the test there shall be no the use of Standard Mark may be granted to leakage observed in any of the swiveled joints.3 N/mmzfor 5 min andthereshall Mark. be carried Dul 5 timesandthenverticalrotationupand The details~f conditionsunderwhi~hthe licenmfor down for 5 cycles. not be any leakage.2 Ttte entire assembly shall be hydraulically tested the provisions of the Bureau of [rzdiarz Standards Act.1 The entire assembly shall be hydraulically tested The monitor may also be marked with the Standard to a pressureof 2. After manufacturers or producers may be obtained from the the above test is carried out. i“ltle 5 :2004 Colours for ready mixed paints and 407:1981 Specification for brass tubes for enamels (@h revision) general purposes (third revision) 210:1993 Grey iron casting — Specification 617:1994 Aluminium and aluminium alloy fourth revision) ingots and castings for general 291:1989 Machining purposes — Specification engineering purposes (third revision) (third revision) 778:1994 Specification for copper atloy gate. and c) Discharge capacity.2) 11 ACCESSORIES sl Size Discharge Horizontal Horizontal No. Min Min Min mm llmin m m 12 MARKING (1) (2) (3) (4) (6) 12.1 Each monitor shall be clearly and permanently i) 63 1750 53 45 marked with the following: ii) 75 2580 60 50 iii) 100 3500 64 55 a) Manufacturer’s name and his trade-mark. 10 LEAKAGE TEST 12. to a pressure of 2.:. (Clause 9. 12. m IS 8442:2008 Table 4 Minimum Discharge Capacity and given in 9. Title IS No.

medium and high and nickel base castings for general tensile structural steel (sixth revision) applications — Specification (third 2643:1999 Pipe threads where pressure tight revision) joints are not made on the threads — 6392:1971 Steel pipe flanges Dimensions. Title IS No. IS 8442:2008 IS No. (b) finishing — engineering purposes (second Specification (third revision) revision) 3444:1999 Corrosion resistant high alloy steel 2062:2006 Hot rolled low. Title 1732:1989 Dimensions for round and square 2932:2003 Enamel. exterior: (a) steel bars for structural and general undercoating. sheet and strip and aluminium alloys extruded round @rst revision) tube — Specification (second 11428 (parts 1 Specification for wrought carbon steel revision) to 3) :1985 butt welding pipe fittings I 7 . synthetic. tolerances and 6603:2001 Stainless steel bars and flats — designation Specification ~rst revision) 2673:2002 Dimensions for wrought aluminium 6911:1992 Stainless steel plate.

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