Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Kota Bharu,

4-6 SEPTEMBER 2016
PCB Resort

Thank you to the chairperson,
Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to,

Ladies and gentlemen. TUAN HAJI HASHIM BIN DERAMAN (Director of IPGKKB) 2. First of all. competent and thus to be able to be an excellent educator. I am very grateful that we can meet in a very good and beneficial programme. . By making research culture as a part of the daily routine. 1. TUAN HAJI ISKANDAR BIN DAUD (Head of Language Department. FELLOW LECTURERS OF IPGKKB And all the participants of the Action Research Seminar 2016. I would like to express my gratitude to the committe members of this action research seminar who have gone through a lot in order to make sure this seminar run smoothly. this seminar is in line with the wish of our Ministry of Education where it wishes that the research culture to be a culture that is always being practiced for improving the quality of teaching and learning in schools . I believe that our instititution is located in the education area where schools are everywhere and thus we should take this chance to participate actively to improve the profesionalisme excellency among the educators. IPGKKB) 3. it can help the schools in rural areas to be in par with the schools in the big cities that are excellent in the mastery of academic knowledge. Therefore.

especially in the aspect of teaching and learning in the classroom. Continuous research will allow the educators to systematically study the suitability and effectiveness of teaching and learning efforts to improve its quality. This seminar will provide an opportunity for the researchers to disseminate and discuss the results of their investigations professionally . As far as I know. Ladies and gentlemen. so that English language skills be incorporated either directly or indirectly into the methods of teaching and learning in school or during any co-Curricular .Hopefully with the input given during the presentations and the experience you have gone through when doing the research will be able to raise the level of professionalism of the teachers themselves and at the same time will be able to raise the level of achievement of students using a variety of the best approaches and strategies based on the result of the findings of the research that has been made . Before I end my speech. The results of the research should be disseminated in order to boost the development and advancement of education . the theme of this seminar is PIONEERING INNOVATION TO EMPOWER TEACHING PRACTICES and is a continuation from the action research course conducted by the Language Department of Teacher Training Institute Kota Bharu Campus. I would like to extend my congratulations to all of the participants of PISMP TESL JANUARY 2013 INTAKE for successfully completed their action research presentations successfully. I called upon the participants of the seminar . The researchers should also be encouraged and supported so that the culture of research becomes a suitable way to achieve what we are desiring for.

Teach them English properly and effectively. Many teachers nowadays have the qualifications in this field and know how to teach students to excel in the english subject. .activity. experience and skills with you . thank you. Make a research culture as a practice. I would like to express my thanks to all those involved in the success of this Action Research Seminar . Finally. Hopefully the new approaches will bring benefits in English field. That’s all. Ask the experts that were invited to share their knowledge. Hopefully you managed to bring a paradigm shift in our country’s English.