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Day / Date : Sunday / 4th September 2016

Session : 8.00 p.m – 10.00 p.m

Panels : 1. Ms. Ros Adura Kamaruddin

2. Ms. Yusmiza Hanim Yusuf

Presenters :

Name I/C No Research Title
1. Ahmad Arieff Aiman 930505075413 To Help the Pupils to Improve Their
Bin Mohamad Vocabulary with the Help of "The Picture

2. Siti Nadiah Bt Ahmad 930128115212 Improving Student's Mastery Of Topical
Vocabulary Through The Implementation
Of Puzzle Puzzle Game.

3. Nur Syanim Binti 930412036044 Improving Year 5 Pupils' Abilities in Using
Ruslan The Simple Past Tense Correctly Through
The Use of RENOVE Book.

4. Siti Ruqaiyah Binti 920625015096 Using Flip Flap Book As A Tool To
Abdul Rahman Improve Pupils' Writing Skills Focussing
On Sentence Construction.
5. Nur Syamimi Binti Mat 931011115088 Improving Year 3 Pupils' Ability of
Razali Handwriting Skill By Using 'My Zebra
Crossing Lines Book'.

Day / Date : Monday / 5th September 2016

00 a.m Panels : 1. -Ves And -Ies In Plural Nouns Using "My Sunshine Kit". 7. ROOM 2 Session : 8.Muhaimi Saifuddin Presenters : Name I/C No Research Title 6. Day / Date : Monday / 5th September 2016 Session : 11.30 a.m . 8. 9. Nur Iliana Binti Mohd 930428115548 Improving Year 5 Gigih Pupils' Fouzi Mastery Of Vocabulary On Action Verbs Through The Use Of "Upic- Word Cards Game". Khalida Binti Khadri 930922146614 Enhancing Year 5 Pupils Use Of -S. Buvana Sunthari A/P 930412035332 Improving Year 3 Dedikasi Pupils' Thiagarajan Ability In Word Spacing Through The Use Of Word Rimation Stick In Writing Skill. Mdm Rini Azrina Zabri 2.00 p.m – 1.30 a. Nurul Wahafizah Bt 930329115454 Improving Year 3 Pupils’ Abilities To Wahab Use Preposition Of Place Through The Implementation Of Magic Board Game. Mr.m – 10. -Es.

Wan Nurul Syazwani 920618035726 Improving Year 4 Pupils' Spelling Ability Binti Wan Mohd Nasir Of Fry's Sight Words By Using Sight Words Practice Box.m Panels : 1. Mdm.00 p. 13.m– 5. Rahmat . Rohaida A. Mdm. Mohd Khair Naim Bin 910807035195 Improving Year 4 Writing Skill using Mohd Rozlan Using SVO Through The Use Of "Language Rainbow Kit". 12. Mohamad Lukhmanul 930908066175 To Improve Pupils Ability In Using The Hakim Bin Hussin Preposition Of Time With The Help Of "Inonat Table". Day / Date : Monday / 5th September 2016 Session : 3. ROOM 2 Panels : 1.00 p. Juwati Binti Abdul Ghafar Presenters : Name I/C No Research Title 10. Faridah Binti Jaafar 2. 11. Maizatul Syuhada 930912115136 Using Picture And Action To Improve Binti Mansor Vocabulary Of Action Verbs Among Year 2 Cemerlang Pupils. Ms.

15. 16. Mohamad Rahim Bin Noh .m – 10. Mr. Nurfarahin Adawiah 930817115242 Improving Year 5 Pupils' Spelling Skill Binti Mohd Jalani (Focusing On Words That Are Related To Occupation) Through The Use Of 'Fun Fancy Musical Box'. 17.00 p.m Panels : 1. Mr.00 p. Mr. ROOM 2 2. Roslan Bin Idris 2. Day / Date : Monday / 5th September 2016 Session : 8. Nasir Mohamad Presenters : Name I/C No Research Title 14. Nurmujahidah Binti 920216035504 Improving Year 5 Pronunciation Of Ismail English Language Words Using Ton Twee Module During English Subject Lesson In Class. Juwairiyah Binti Md 920608025890 Using Coloured Substitution Table And Salleh Song To Improve Simple Present Tense Among Year 5 Cemerlang Pupils. Muhammad Bahij Bin 930603025997 Improving Year 4 Pupils' Construction Of Zubir Simple Sentences Through The Use Of 'Traffic Light Bottle Caps'.

Nur Fatin Amirah Binti 930528115190 Improving Simple Past Tense Among Year Zakariah 5 Pupils Through the Use of Coloured Substitution Table and Song 19. Nadiah Farahah Binti 930223115472 Improving Year 4 Cemerlang Pupils' Hassan Proficiency In Using Singular And Plural Nouns (Changing Y To Ies) Through Hyperlink Powerpoint Game. ROOM 2 Presenters : Name I/C No Research Title 18. 21. 20. Nur Azizi Bin Muhamad 930325146245 Improving Year 3 Firus Pupils' Reading Skill By Enhancing Their Sight Words Recognition Through The Use Of "The Bouncing Ball Sight Words' Game" . Azmeer Firdaus Bin 931115136369 Improving Year 2 Weak Learners' Spelling Iskandar Ability of Common Noun Words by Using 'Pirates Adventure Spelling Kit'.