Thrust lever

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Thrust levers in a Boeing 747 Classic. The center and rear levers
are used during flight, while the forward levers control reverse

Thrust levers or power levers are found in the cockpit
of aircraft, and are used by the pilot, copilot, or autopilot
to control the thrust output of the aircraft’s engines.
In multi-engine aircraft, each thrust lever displays the
engine number of the engine it controls. Normally, there
is one thrust lever for each engine. The thrust levers are
normally found in the aircraft’s center console, or on the
dashboard of smaller aircraft.
For aircraft equipped with thrust reversers, the control
for each thrust reverser is usually found adjacent to the
corresponding engine’s thrust lever.
The position of each lever can be described by the current
angle indicated. This is referred to as the Throttle Lever
Angle or TLA. The greater the TLA, the greater the engine

1 Throttle levers
The throttle lever assembly is often designed to incorpo-
rate high-pressure (HP) cock switches so that the pilot
has instinctive control of the fuel supply to the engine.
Microswitches are located in the throttle box so that the
throttle levers actuate the switches to shut the valves when
the levers are at their aft end of travel. Pushing the levers
forward automatically operates the switches to open the
fuel cocks, which remain open during the normal operat-
ing range of the levers. Two distinct actions are required
to actuate the switches again. The throttle lever must be
pulled back to its aft position and a mechanical latch op-
erated, or a detent (hard point) overcome, to allow the
lever to travel further and shut off the fuel valve.


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