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Gratitude and Romance
February 17, 2017 By maryke — Leave a Comment (Edit)


Expressing gratitude can lead to stronger Romance

I’m a big fan of showing gratitude, in fact my gratitude shows gratitude. Showing gratitude is bene펇�cial in a number of ways,
 taking time to consider your good fortune with regard to various aspects of your life usually leads to positive feelings and
thought which will in turn in퓥�uence your actions.

It brings with it numerous physical, psychological and social bene펇�ts, these social bene펇�ts play out in unique ways with
regard to your romantic relationships according to a study that was done by Amie M.Gordon of the University of California,

  Enhances Value

Being appreciative of your partner will enable you to really see their value, whether it’s recognition of an endearing personal
trait, a skill or even physical appearance – appreciating the will increase perceived value. We tend to hold onto something
that is valuable to us, in this gratitude allows you to better see and feel the bene펇�t of what your love has to offer you – thus

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Acts of caring and attention goes a long way toward eliciting positive feelings and behaviour in your signi펇�cant other. Inspires Motivation The couples in Gordon’s study acted in a more positive way toward their partners and they were more attentive listeners as a result. tool for renewing the romance To your Love.co. Just go HERE to claim it. but powerful.2/23/2017 Gratitude and Romance ­ Vitaflow leading to increased desired to maintain the relationship and to make your partner happy. Fuels Reciprocation Feeling and expressing appreciation towards your partner will set the cycle of gratitude in motions. especially in those times when things have gotten stale. they are then in turn inspired to reciprocate in kind.vitaflow.za/gratitude­romance­study/ 2/4 . Perhaps now you can see why grateful couples usually have longer-lasting relationships. don’t you want to do more in turn for them?  Remember that perceived value leads one to take actions to solidify commitment. Appreciation increases the value your partner brings to your life and they fuel actions so that you will do whatever you can to keep the relationship in a state of happiness. it will increase the intimacy between partners. If you feel wanted by your partner. Happiness and Success Maryke P. which in turn will have a further ripple effect.   http://www. Taking time to appreciate something about your partner each day can have a tremendous impact on your interactions. Gratitude is a simple. your actions will not go unnoticed. When you use the good actions of maintaining a relationship.s As a gift to you – I’ve created this free Relationship Gratitude Journal you can print off and use every day.

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