Sleeping Beauty
Long time ago, in a faraway land. King Stevan and his queen
wished for a child. Finally a daughter was born and they named
her Aurora. To honor the baby princess the king held a great feast.
He also invited his good friend king Hubert to the feast. King
Hubert had brought his young son Philip. The king agreed that
someday Philip and Aurora would be married.

Among the guest were three good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and
Marryweather. They wished to bless the princess with a give.
Waving her wand, Flora said, “ My gift shall be the gift of beauty.”
“ And mine.” Said Fauna, “ Shall be the gift of song.”,
Marryweather turn was next. But before the Marryweather could
speak, the castle door flew opened. It was the evil witch named
Maleficent. She was furious because she wasn’t invited to the
feast. “ My gift for the child is, before the sunsets on her sixteenth
birthday she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning
wheel and die!” Then she disappeared.

But Marryweather still had gift to give, so she said, “ She will
not die but she will fall into a deep sleep and when her true love
kiss her, the spell shall break and the princess opened her eyes!”.
King Stevan feared the witch curse, so the good fairies hatched a
plan. They would take Aurora to live with them, deep in the

“ I do not mean to frighten you. Then. Actually the witch Maleficent knew that Aurora was return home. But the good fairies had other plans for him. When he heard Briar Rose singing he jumped from his horse and reached out to take her hand. saved from Maleficent. “Of course.woods. The hundred years were just ended. To guard their secret. They melted the prince’s chain. but I feel like we have met before. The old lady said. It was time to return home. The years passed quietly. Briar Rose was startled. But she didn’t know that he was prince Phillip and Prince Phillip didn’t know that she was Princess Aurora. Back at the cottage. The king and queen agreed with heavy heart. The witch captured Phillip and chain him deep on her dungeon. Using her evil powers she lured Aurora to high tower in the tiny room. my pretty little child!” And the princess sat down to spin. She became an old lady and a spinning wheel suddenly appeared in the tiny room of the castle. the birds and animals. Briar Rose felt very happy. they told her that she was a royal princess. And they . Briar Rose told the fairies that she had falling in love. But the moment she touched the spindle.” Said the youngman. and Briar Rose grew into a beautiful young woman. At last the princess reached her sixteenth birthday. “ Impossible! “ cried the fairies. “What is this? May I try?” Aurora asked. she fell to the floor in a deep slumber. A handsome boy came. in a mossy glen she danced and sang with her friends. She told them of her beautiful dream about meeting a tall handsome boy and falling in love. the fairies changed her name to Briar Rose.

Prince Phillip threw his sword to sword the witch. When the witch saw Philip escaping she was changed into a Monstrous Dragon to stop him. And they lived happily. Then Maleficent was no more. The kings and queens planed for the prince and princess wedding.armed him with the shield of virtue and the sword of truth. . Then Prince Phillip raced to the tower where his love lay sleeping. Then they sent him to the palace to awaken the princess. Gently he kissed her and Aurora eyes slowly opened.