The Use of English

This topic mainly focuses on the use and importance of English in
engineering. An engineer should be something more than what he is in terms
of his specialization. In order to carry out things like speaking to his
subordinates, making formal letters, meeting people of interest, supervising
engineering works, he must be well equipped in speaking of what he is in
mind. This skill may give an advantage to an engineer in competing to other
professionals in the field. A good example is when you are presenting in a
bidding. Sometimes how you deliver things may give an edge to you
compare to other bidders. Also in applying for a job and as well as in
communicating to people especially if you are working in other countries that
uses English as a medium of instruction. It is also easy for you to understand
instructions on your boss or even understanding what your client wants.
Making a regular report of the progress of the construction can also be done
with an ease for you. It is also essential to convey the ideas and meaning
desired, when the matter discussed requires considerable space for its full
consideration, the logical arrangement of the material becomes hardly less
important. Also in writing technical report the purpose of which is to precisely
describe some engineering situation and it is important that the words which
are used properly convey the intended meaning from the writer to the