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ANANTHI.Name of Teacher(s): PN. identify and share own New Year’s Resolution (Listening and Speaking) 2) Read. PN. understand and share opinions on a poem (Lit in Action) 2 . PN. EN. NAVEEN SATHASIVAM. NEW YOU PUBLIC EXPECTATIONS (questions/statements to be answered while and after lessons-similar to objectives) 1) Listen. understand and respond to questions on a brochure on how people of different cultures celebrate their New Year in Malaysia (Reading) 3) Create posters for the different New Year celebrations in Malaysia (Writing) 4) Work on and present a sketch on the various New Year celebrations in Malaysia (Action Oriented Task) 5) Read. LUM OI KIAN.CIK CHIA CHUA HWA Form Duration(weeks) Grammar Item(s) common nouns 1 3 proper nouns indefinite article ‘a’ and ’an’ Domain (s) Theme Topic PERSONAL PEOPLE & CULTURE NEW YEAR. NURUL ATIQAH.

TEACHING AND LEARNING STRATEGIES 1) Collaborative Learning 2) Student-centredness CROSS-CURRICULAR ELEMENTS 1) Values – Respect the differences and value the similarities 2) Language 3) Patriotism and Citizenship 4) Creativity and Innovation Listening and Speaking Duration: 2 hours 3 .

3 Listen to and respond critically to a wide range of spoken.1 Express feelings and give simple descriptions of personal experiences orally Activity(ies): 1. 3. contexts and cultures Learning Standard(s): 1.britishcouncil. audio and visual texts to: (i) retrieve main ideas (ii) retrieve supporting details 1. Read and practice saying aloud sample resolutions from the textbook.3.1 Listen to spoken. Complete own Tree Map of New Year Resolutions based on personal goals. eloquently and appropriately for different purposes.Content Standard(s): 1. Textbook 2. audiences. engage and interpret meaningful conversations 1. audio and visual texts 1. 4.1 Listen to and respond to directions.2 Listen to. 2) 2. Listen to a Morning Talk Programme and complete a Tree Map given in the textbook (pg. Formative Assessment: Individual oral presentation Resources: 1.4 Speak intelligibly. instructions and procedures Reflection: Reading Duration: 1 1/2 hours 4 .2. goals related to school life and goals for family and friends.4. Share own resolutions with friends using sample sentence structures given. http://learnenglishkids.

2.html Reflection: Writing Duration: 1 1/2 hours Content Standard(s): 5 .Content Standard(s): 2.1 Read and develop vocabulary skills by understanding (i) similes.2 Understand meanings of words from print media by using (i) dictionary 2.1 Demonstrate understanding by (i) identifying main ideas in given texts Completion of a double-bubble map Resources: http://www.2. Start a Vocabulary Journal for vocabulary enrichment 3.2 Locate and organise information by: (i) using graphic organisers Activity(ies): 1.2 Apply a range of strategies to comprehend texts related to everyday living Learning Standard(s): 2.1. Completion of comprehension questions 3.1 Demonstrate understanding of a variety of texts using a range of strategies to construct meaning 2. Read a brochure on how people of different cultures celebrate their new year in Malaysia 2. 2.Vocabulary journal 2.1. Learn dictionary skills to find meaning of words 4.china-family-adventure. Complete a double bubble map on the similarities and differences between Chinese New Year and Indian New Year celebrations Formative Assessment: 1. Answer comprehension questions based on the text 5.

Sample of real posters and from the internet Reflection: Grammar Duration: 1 hour Content Standard(s): r 4.2. Think and come up with other suitable headings in pairs or groups. Formative Assessment: 1.3. Choose one task from ‘My Choice Board’ (page 8) and complete the task in groups. Posters 2. 4.2 Produce a variety of texts for creative.1 Identify and use language structures appropriately according to context 6 . 6. Present the finished task to other groups during the gallery walk. 3. Oral and graphic presentation (‘My Choice Board’) Resources: 1. academic and functional purposes Learning Standard(s): 3. Present the headings to other pairs/groups. Create posters for the different New Year celebrations using the tips given on page 7 (textbook) in pairs or groups.2 Write for creative and personal expressions: (iii) posters and slogans Activity(ies): 1. personal. Look at the example of posters given in the textbook and match the headings to suitable posters. 2. 5. Textbook 2.

Worksheet 1 – List of Common Nouns and Proper Nouns 2. list out other words using the indefinite and definite articles (Worksheet 2).Learning Standard(s): 4. In pairs or groups. (i) common nouns (ii) proper nouns 4. Discuss the answers in pairs. 4. Read the notes on indefinite and definite articles individually.4 Identify and use articles appropriately according to context. Study the notes on the grammar items (common nouns and proper nouns) and complete Task 1 given (page 9). 2. Complete Task 2 individually. Discuss and justify the answers during the class discussion. 5. (i) indefinite article ‘a’ and ’an’ Activity(ies): 1. 8. 3. list out other common nouns and proper nouns (Worksheet 1).1 Identify and use nouns appropriately according to context. Formative Assessment: 1. Worksheet 2 – List of Indefinite and Definite Articles Resources: Reflection: ACTION-ORIENTED TASK(S) Duration: 1 1/2 hours (These action-oriented tasks ensure that all the four language skills and the Grammar elements 7 . 9. In pairs or groups. Do a gallery walk and get other groups to check whether the words are accepted as common nouns and proper nouns. Add new words they learn from other groups to their own lists.1. 7. The group with the most correct words is given rewards. 6. Use the 2-stay 2-stray strategy to get students to share their words (2-stay) and ask others about their words (2-stray).1.

taught are integrated to emulate real-life situations.4 Speak intelligibly. 2. Promote – Designing posters to promote the sketch or create a promotional video clip d. Prepare and choose appropriate music to reflect the different races v. audiences. middle.1 Express feelings and give simple descriptions of personal experiences orally Activity(ies): A. 2.4. Formative Assessment: Presentation of sketch on the various New Year celebrations in Malaysia Suggestions: a. cooperation. These tasks and experiences will be the bridging that helps students to overcome challenges in real life which require them to communicate in English. Training – narrators and actors practice their dialogues 3. stage effects. props and costumes. Outline a beginning. Students and teachers can go log on and cast votes on their favourite sketch b.g. Vote or decide on a New Year celebration to work on. Create the dialogue iii. contexts and cultures Learning Standard(s): 1. 8 . cooperation. Plan a sketch to describe how a family celebrates New Year. e.) Content Standard(s): 1. acting. Assessment on criteria e. The People’s Choice Award: Classmates can award stars on the posters used to promote the New Year celebration to vote for their sketch of choice.g. Work in groups of 4 or 5 and present a sketch on the various New Year celebrations in Malaysia 1.: i. Present a sketch on the chosen New Year celebrations in Malaysia. and end ii. Pre-production – a. English proficiency. Videos are uploaded on a preferred chosen social media. Prepare the costumes to reflect the different races iv. Prepare an appropriate setting and suitable props to reflect the different races c. Research – Gather information from the library or the internet on how New Year is celebrated b. eloquently and appropriately for different purposes.

Discussion of issues in the poem 9 sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=11&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjkkof8lrLQAhXHso8KHRHbAQQQFg hFMAo&url=http%3A%2F%2Fppdpgudang.dummies. Read aloud the poem ‘Ring out Wild bells’ 2. Answer comprehension questions 4.4 Share personal responses to literary works through performances Activity(ies): 1.Resources: How to do a sketch/skit: Discuss the issue in the poem 8. fill in the blanks. Match exercise [adjectives and nouns].doc&usg=AFQjCNFHAQrRbuW4cfwyP4PR-hhXme24iQ&sig2=ULCUau5petDqdnEpa7DpHg ) Reflection: Literature in Action Duration: 3 hours Content Standard(s): v http://www. Read and understand the poem ‘ sad i ams’ 7. and relate them to real life situations Learning Standard(s): 5.1 Engage and respond to a variety of literary texts to express understanding of the broader world of ideas and concepts Sample scoresheet: http://www.1.1.2 Read and understand various literary works 5.3 Share personal responses of issues related to literary works and develop new ideas or solve problems 5. Dramatize the poem ‘Ring out wild bells’ or https://www.2.sttss. do true/false statements from http://www.2 Use a wide range of literary texts to convey views for different purposes and audiences.slideshare. Listen and sing along to 2 samples of how the poem is presented (see youtube links provided)

Videos are uploaded on a preferred chosen social media. country style) https://youtu. Worksheet 2. cooperation.g.9. Students and Teachers can go log on and cast votes on their favourite sketch (Ring out wild bells. acting. stage effects. Create a new item to add into the sad items in ‘Sad i ams’ and dramatize it using suitable background music and appropriate costumes. English proficiency. The People’s Choice Award: Classmates can vote for their dramatization of choice. students dramatize ‘Sad i ams‘ using suitable background music 10. choir style) Reflection: 10 . props and costumes. Presentation of poem Suggestions: a. Resources: https://youtu. Assessment on criteria e. cooperation. In (Ring out wild bells. 2. Formative Assessment: 1.