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Corporation Law Assignment for 23 July 2015

Case Assignments:

For the case recitation, know the parties, key facts only, the issues in relation to corporation law, the
doctrine, and the decision of the court in the case.

Doctrines: Separate and Distinct Personality, Alter-ego, and Piercing the Corporate Veil
Saw v CA 195 SCRA 740
Sulo ng Bayan v Araneta 72 SCRA 247
Cruz v Dalisay 152 SCRA 487
Santos v NLRC G.R. No. 101699 13 March 1996
Palacio v Fely Transport 5 SCRA 1011
Sibagat Timber Corp v Garcia 216 SCRA 470
Yu v NLRC 245 SCRA 134
Concept Builders v NLRC 257 SCRA 149

Doctrines: Liability of Corporations for Crimes and Torts/Entitlement to Moral Damages
People v. Tan Boon Kong 54 Phil 607
PNB v CA 83 SCRA 237
Crystal v BPI GR No. 172428 28 November 2008

Doctrines: Corporations and the Bill of Rights
Stonehill v Diokno 20 SCRA 383
Bache and Co. v Ruiz 37 SCRA 823
Bataan Shipyard Engineering v PCGG 150 SCRA 181

Constitutional Provisions on Foreign Ownership Limitations:
Section 2, 3, 7, 10 and 11 of Article XII
Section 11, Article XVI

Other Laws:
Sections 22 and 23 of the Public Land Act
Latest Foreign Investment Negative List (Posted in SEC Website)

Note: If case citations are inaccurate, I leave to you the responsibility to search for the case.
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