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Tenkyou no Alderamin Summaries

Vol. 1 Chapter 3+ Summary

 MC gets stuck with the guys from the island in officer training or whatever it is,
and eventually the MC gets put in charge of a light spirit squad, Red a fire one,
the two wind guys their own wind squads, and medic girl a medic squad. Also,
princess is at the school too because why not, although with special privileges.
 Pretty Boy and Matthew run into his two asshole older brothers and they start
belittling Pretty Boy and Ikta starts arguing with them because he happened to
be napping in the tree they were being annoying faggots under.
Ikta gets beat up, but as he planned, it was witnessed by Redhead (who put a
stop to it) and the princess. MC describes himself as something like a guy who
says what should be said, when it should be said.
 The sub-squad leader for Ikta's squad happens to be the daughter of said milf he
fucked when he was like 14. The daughter is 3 years older than him and she
pretty much convinces the squad to not listen to him.
 After a while, they get dragged into a team exercise thanks two Torway's
brothers. The teams are Yayorishino and the two brothers' squads against Ikta,
Matthew, and Torway. Clearly not a fair lineup, but Ikta doesn't give a shit and
uses the opportunity to take control of his squad.The rules of engagement are a
recommended battle ground and to use paint rounds, essentially.
Ikta uses this opportunity to leave a day or so in advance to get to the site early
and prepare. The sub-leader girl has trouble believing he memorized the map
and thinks he's been in the area before, which he denies because he hasn't.
 They get there and set up camp while Ikta scouts the area and he gets excited
by seeing some trees near a chest-high river (due to rain) and the squad doesn't
get why.
Ikta uses these trees that don't float to make a bridge underwater, to make it
where they can pass the river, which results in making their odds at winning the
battle slim.
The brothers ignored Red's advice (since she's actually used to Ikta) and find it
hard to believe a new recruit would make it to the battlefield on time, let alone
early. Which results in their heavy losses. The only reason they didn't lose there
is because Red sacrifices most of her squad (melee-oriented) to get the other
two squads out. And this is after she had to abort the stupid order the brothers
gave her to go upriver.
 The brothers decide to make an ambush but it doesn't work with Ikta's plan,
which is to ignore them and simply wait along their eventual path of retreat (to
the academy) since they have the heavy advantage and there's no point walking
into an ambush.
 This enrages the meathead eldest brother and he has them charge. This results
in Torway sniping his eldest brother (Ikta had him far away from the battles the
whole time), and the younger one picks him up (they had a rule to leave KIA

where they are), telling Red that he would never leave his brother in a real
battle, corpse or not, which she seems to respect. This battle results in even
more losses, but the three squads manage to retreat again.>which results in
making their odds at winning the battle slim. By their I meant Red's squads were
fucked. Whoops.
 Red's squads are pretty much fucked and ready to concede, their only
redeeming point in this exercise that they managed to retreat without being fully
Except they see Ikta's squads send up the surrender signal before they could do
The reason for this is that Torway reported that he saw the princess (who should
just be watching from the sidelines with her bodyguards) doing something she
had absolutely no reason to be doing.
 Ikta concludes the bodyguards betrayed the princess, kidnapping her, and
surrenders, taking the opportunity to use a foreign signal system that only he
and Red would recognize.
Red makes it the bodyguards first and decides to play hero by being in a position
to clearly kill the commander. The commander doesn't care and tells his lackies
to shoot both him and her, but his lackies are too loyal to shoot him, which he
considered an oversight on his part.
Commander explains the they were students under the General who Ikta warned
that he was going to die, which this shocks Red enough to let her guard down,
where the commander gets her immediately covered and starts strangling her
(neck bones audibly cracking is a good sign, right?)Torway snipes the bodyguard
leader, although this time with real rounds.
 Red takes this opportunity to grab her swords and start destroying the guards.
After a few moments, she's covered in blood and it takes a moment for her to
register there's no enemies left.
 While everyone's shocked at her appearance, Ikta casually comes up to her with
his usual tone and does his ordinary banter and jokes. For example, says
something like "you're really red, you know?"
 She collapses at some point, still gripping her weapons, and Ikta massages her
forearms to get her to let the swords go, and she passes out. MC then has a
conversation with the bodyguard leader (who was somehow only on the verge of
death). Ikta explains how he figured it out (which I said above) and quite boldly
tells the commander he should've invited him, right in front of the princess's
 After that's over, Ikta recycles his really red joke to the princess and she starts
It cuts to the epilogue, where Red was glad Ikta wasn't shocked to see her
covered and blood and could act normally.
 Torway realizes he was always away from the battle to get him used to it. His
brothers stated that Torway freezes up when he's in close-combat, which Ikta
was trying to remedy.

I prefer the 3 lazy men who will take on 1 man over the 1 brave man who tries to take on 3. saying how they rank the tactical strength of their group as Ikta > Yatori > Torway > Princess.  They're talking. went to the northern outpost/camp/fort I can't remember for what reason doh. the reason the princess didn't invite Red to do the whole cleansing thing was because she admits that Red is too loyal to the crown. .' And that as long as they follow him.  Ikta actually made a speech to his squad after the first victory that went something like 'My squad has no need for heroes.  Another reason by motivations and such. which did work. so why he's in the country in the first place is a big question. although probably unnecessary. She expects him to work up to it in 5-8 years or so (which is still stupidly fast). He confiscated the fire and wind spirits of the tribe and deprived them of light. likes science. he'll give them lazy battles. The people in Ikta's country treat royalty like gods due to the heavy influence of religion there. 2 Summary Volume 2 is about handling a rebellion in the north by the Shinaak tribe. or something. Princess was apparently a political hostage for most of her life in the enemy nation. and too much of a model soldier. which is to say battles where they do the least possible to be the most efficient.  She was trying to delay them to get Ikta over there. who resides within the borders in the northern mountains. she wants him to purposely lose the war so the country can be cleansed.The princess doesn't have the power to randomly shove him a good rank. End volume 1. Vol. to wrap up. so his epilogue was with the medic. of course.  The lieutenant general in charge of the north is more like a figurehead and his subcommander. a major I believe.  Also. Ikta. But to do so in a way he has enough forces left to take the country back after. and the princess wants him to become the top of the military with his genius. Matthew didn't do much in general. There's also another bit with Anarai I don't really remember. so she has a much less religious way of thinking. together with Chamille.  The lieutenant general feels the north is boring and seeks entertainment by provoking the tribe. runs things  Only exception is with matters regarding the Shinaak tribe. This is the primary thing that sparked off the rebellion. I think it had something to do with their practical training. without Red this time. Key points may not be in exact order as I really can't remember exactly:  The trainees (Ikta and the rest of the officer cadets and their platoons). And it ends with Ikta apparently soothed the crying by saying he would listen to the princess for a month. There.

 Finally the link-up happened. which Ikta did not know beforehand. and proposed to have Torway's platoon as well and he would guarantee that he could destroy the enemy with that with hardly any casualties and he did.  Ikta was tasked to bring Matthew to gather intel by throwing their forces at the enemy to know their force strength.  The expedition was largely inefficient because the forces were split into 3 and their attack routes were long and far apart.  Lt. but into Anarai's book. Ikta met a girl called Kanna who was a soldier. he deployed his forces efficiently. Empire was poised for their final attack.  Ikta and team were forced to do some things they didn't like (like burning homes) but they had no choice.  Ikta again fought his battle efficiently. Btw again. thanks to air rifles.  One of their friendly forces were lured in and trapped and under siege by the Shinaak. let's forget about him.  Before expedition. aside from her flame platoon. Oh yeah. I forgot there's this loud-mouthed but very honorable warrant officer that's worth mentioning. Yatori also commands a cavalry unit now. they were ambushed.  Ikta and gang got involved. and totally annihilated an equally sized enemy unit.  Because of that. They need 2 days to adjust to their current altitude before moving out. Gen decides to launch an expedition in the mountains to subjugate the tribe as part of his entertainment.  As they were moving to the end. The original tech stemmed from Anarai. with the link-up point pretty far up into the mountains. they did not need to massacre people. Btw. Ikta refused to deploy his troops immediately because they will be wiped out as well due to altitude sickness (the expedition is progressively up the mountain at high altitudes). the force was wiped out and among them was Kanna. When they were under surprise attack. he purposely withheld reporting to the central govt so that he can be entertained (he's a piece of shit who is also a moron at the same time). Ikta already guessed their size. and only suffered 8 casualties with light wounds out of his 120 strong. however since I forgot and he died in the end.  The Shinaak tribe is led by a female tribe leader (16 years) called Nanak. an gravely injured soldier came to Ikta's camp asking for reinforcements. The tribe's main . Kioka also supplied weapons and resources to the Shinaak tribe for carrying out the rebellion. Chamille did not join the expedition and was put in a safe place. The subcommander was assassinated through an insidious plot orchestrated by the phantom squad of Kioka who had infiltrated the north. Ikta did not predict that because he could not predict the tribe would be so reckless. The whole Knights group was essentially under his command. fortunately. and they had good rapport built  During the expedition Ikta deployed about 40 air rifles prototype (improved versions of air shooters) with longer barrels and an improved range in Torway's platoon.

but Yatori and Ikta came in the nick of time. 3 Summary .  It was then they realized. They also had the remnants of the Shinaak tribe to worry about. which were sacred to them. Torway and Halo were promoted to 2nd lieutenants .  The troops that ran amok were rounded up alongside with Nanak who was tied up.Yatori proposed to set up a flame wall to block the advance of Alderah-Vatican while the main force retreats .  Lt. the remaining village was already ravaged by the Empire's forces.he's cool because he doesn't have a big ego. . who is a pretty cool ossan .  Yatori and Nanak (the tribe leader) were evenly matched.flashback on Ikta meeting Nanak when he was 8. Gen panicked and got Ikta and Torway to try to chase after them to persuade them. because of what he did to their spirits.  As Nanak made her way back. The Empire's troops also went on a rampage after the extended war. They needed to retreat but might not be able to do so fast enough.Ikta and Yatori were given field promotions 2 ranks up. and willing to follow the advice of his subordinates .Ikta negotiate with Nanak to truce and form alliance (as Alderah-Vatican will also wipe out Shinaak as heretics). became full lieutenants. massacred the non-combatants and etc. raped.Matthew. leaving about 8000 people who were war-wearied (the expedition lasted a few months) and resource-depleted.  Current status of the Empire forces: lost half of their forces in their expedition.  Nanak was almost raped. ruled by the pinnacles of the Alderah Church. They were marching to attack them in the name of Alderah to exact punishment on their treatment of the spirits. etc. and on field trip with Anarai at the Shinaak village . These troops were actually committing war crimes. with a 'holy' army. pillaged. I'll just call them 'Alderah-Vatican' as I can't remember their super long name. and they fled.  Then a group of people rode towards them. They were from a neutral country to the north. Ikta actually called Nanak 'Nana' and was relieved. ~ end ~ Vol. which is very much like the Vatican of our world. they were from the Alderah Church and witnessed the spirit torture and said they would report it. Cut his little finger off to take responsibility as with .Their immediate superior was captain Sazarufu. Everything was actually part of Kioka's scheme. they tortured spirits. a 10k strong army was marching towards them from the north (north of the mountains). but in the end Yatori triumphed. goal was actually to kill the asshole LT Gen.

This was a battle between 10k++ vs 600+. was a major by the name of Jean. The things he did moved Nanak but I won't go into details and only after this Nanak recognized Ikta. He is nicknamed the "Unsleeping Radiant General" (even though he has yet to achieve general rank).Together with Knights' original forces under the command of Sazarufu. he would incur too many unnecessary casualties if he did so but Nanak and her forces would surely be annihilated. the block force numbered about 600+. this is sudden. but there were 3 main clashes in the whole volume: -. he should save Nanak as he needed the cooperation of the Shinaak non-combatants. .it was during this skirmish where Ikta and Yatori displayed ultra high level of chemistry and synchronized without any form of communication between them. was an invitation to the Alderah-Vatican to walk into a night ambush by opening a path in the flame wall. the Alderah-Vatican were also armed with air rifles. So immediately.In Kioka's resident force.On the other side.Shinaak non-combatants will help out with setting up and maintaining the fire-wall in the forested area north of the mountains.Based on the response of the Empire's forces and how they could form an alliance with the Shinaak within one day. and commanded to his platoon. Now it was Kioka's turn. . always maintain a calm demeanor and is a very hard worker.I forgot the exact details of what happened in between. At the tactic level. the "Unsleeping Radiant General" would be a known prodigy alongside and on par with Ikta Solork. he is also a genius. "Men. At the strategy level. and Nanak ignored Yatori's advice and moved forward too much and ended up getting surrounded -. He has white hair. but affix your bayonets". While Alderah- Vatican has remained largely neutral. while the main Empire army will retreat .the Empire's block force lost more casualties than Ikta expected because. and the timing and arrangement was actually part of Kioka's plan . they became allies. as no one has managed to witness him sleeping to date (completely opposite of Ikta) .Shinaak tradition and made 3 requests. Jean was the main commander of the small resident force but also served as adviser to the General commanding the 10k strong holy army. . They of course knew but there was other way around the flame wall and took the invitation in order to gather intel -. -. one day after they have been all out killing each other. with Shinaak's remaining combatants. Jean guessed that there's someone very capable on the other side. . Alderah-Vatican has a visiting force from Kioka. But he calmly suppressed all emotions and analyzed the situation logically. especially when he remembered about how he had 'abandoned' Kanna. On top of that. otherwise known as the "Frequent Slack-off Frequent Win Resourceful General" (literal translation). Then he remembered about Yatori and knew how she would move. .first. It was explicitly foreshadowed that in future.Ikta was considering to save Nanak. Kioka and Empire take turns in sending a resident force to help train and maintain sharpness of the Alderah-Vatican's holy army. which further shook her. the end.Sarazafu and Torway will split off and form a secondary block force to guard the detour. -. who prefers efficiency and hates meaningless deaths. -. leaving Matthew and Halo in command of the rest of the block force needed to maintain the flame war for a few more days.-. -. -. Ikta has deduced that Jean is like him. -. Jean's forces are still at an advantage. created a burning obstacle course and trained his cavalry forces within the obstacle course until the horses were used to it. and re-enact everything within his camp. Ikta tried to think of a way to get them out of this hopeless situation -.Jean set in motion the phantom squad (see v2 spoilers) that was still in the area behind enemy lines.the 'light' platoon then blinded Jean's cavalry horses with their 'high beams' and sent the horses into a frenzy. -. They then charged into Jean's forces. the Kioka has deployed one of their precious balloons above the flame wall. but Ikta could see no potential threat and based on Nanak's intel on the mountains.what he did not expect was the use of cannons and a small breakthrough force by Jean.Ikta's tactic was to create a situation to 'die together' with the enemy.While riding.Ikta was stunned. However he was immensely bothered by it as he felt that there was another meaning behind it but he just couldn't figure it out.meanwhile. -.managed to save Nanak and reform the flame wall but because this. the block force lost more men than needed -. The General considered this a failure as they failed to break through. he thought of an insane tactic but he laughed mockingly at himself that this would be the shame of his life for what he was about to do -.Ikta set up a trick to halt Jean's troops at a particular spot but leading them to believe that there was a fire trap ahead with the smell of oil. he rode to intercept Jean's the micro level the Alderah-Vatican also suffered substantial losses but at the macro level they were negligible due to the huge army. the Kioka resident cavalry broke through the burning forest. particularly about the block force size and troop composition and fighting/deployment levels/capabilities. many of the troops on both sides will still die meaninglessly. and will support them with the phantom squad. -. Ikta gave important strategy to Torway on how he could take care of the phantom force in which he succeeded and this marks the end of the 2nd encounter -. He advised the General to deploy a small force to take a known detour (which Ikta expected). there was no other way to break through so he was not worried whether the balloon could have scouted an alternative route.what Jean did was this: he used the balloon to scout the layout of the burning forest. Overall. and with Yatori and Nanak. -. he then sent Yatori to raise a flag to signal the intent to negotiate . but Jean thought otherwise as they gained invaluable intel which they previously lacked.based on what has transpired till date. the tactic is moot as even if Ikta's forces can kill off many of the intruding forces. -.then with wet blankets shielding the troops.

-. . for Sarazafu. it transits to starting an assault on Kioka to take back the eastern land areas they lost in volume 1.forgot to mention this.Jean accepted to avoid meaningless deaths and thinking that he could negotiate their surrender at the end of the day since they were at an obvious advantage -. Ikta.volume starts with audience with the court officials. Vol.LT Gen in v2 and v3 got demoted to lowest soldier rank.the two sides stopped their skirmish. among other officials.with that. including the prime minister. somewhat unexciting. Yatori. he asked about Ikta's intentions and why he was protecting a rotten Empire. and he was executed . he managed to get Jean's forces to retreat -. but the slower pace provided some breather time for character development and world building. Ikta replied that he was not protecting the Empire and it was the last thing he wanted to do. the retreat of Empire's forces was a success and it marks the end of volume 3. Torway. what's new is that there is naval support and Chamille and her knights will be on battle ships. and playing on Jean's psychology which hates meaningless deaths. -. and General Remion.Sarazafu was left in the audience chamber and questioned on the rebellion matter by the Gen Remion who praised him for what he did . What he was doing now was protecting his friends (his comrades and the Shinaak tribe). Marshal Igsem. He deduced that the Kioka's way should be more in line with Ikta. a lot of exposition. attended to the wounded and both commanders (Ikta and Jean) negotiated -. He also advised Jean to not work too hard by he was leaving. to depend on his subordinates more and to get enough sleep otherwise he would die early (this marks the end of the first clash of the 2 would-be famed generals) -. It is slow. Part 1 .through the use of verbal traps and a relentless will that would not give in. his wealth got confiscated and redistributed to compensate those who died. there was a good scene between Yatori and Ikta where they leaned their back against each another while eating. 4 Part 1 Volume 4 primarily consists of 2 parts: part 1 = chapter 1 spanning 60% of the book talks about how a plot to profit from unsavory schemes on the people by a viscount of a southern province got foiled by Chamille & her Knights.Torway got promoted to full lieutenant .Sarazafu got promoted to Major . part 2 = a little more exciting. It ended after a small naval fight after the Empire entered Kioka waters.Jean felt extremely humiliated (which was a first for him) -. and the army commanders.

. They will trade with the military by supplying the border troops with food.Remion told the Prime Minister to not interfere with military matters. but the people who got really affected were the singles and widows. This is because with effective utilization on the land. Colonel Tetdrich seems friendly. friendly woman who's good with cooking and handling farm work.will be explained why later) butts in and accuses Sarazafu that he can form his 'own army' in this way. together with Sarazafu.Matthew's mom is a boisterous. but was initially indecisive on whether he should accept the new post or not . but it's not easy as there's some kind of headcount quota and they needed some kind of documents/permits to do it legally (can't remember all the details here. the army stationed there will not need to depend on external food supplies.our heroes set off for the southern province (can't remember the name so I'll just call it province A) to meet Colonel Tetdrich and persuade him to accept the offer . it's revealed later that this proposal of resettling the Shinaak east and the officer composition for overseeing all this actually originated from Chamille .Sarazafu was already prepared beforehand by Ikta on how to answer the questions as Ikta didn't want to be in the spotlight as the person who is most responsible for the successful outcomes in the north.Sarazafu was also prepped by Ikta to give a suggestion to the top brass on how to deal with the Shinaak tribe . under the command of Colonel Tetdrich (Matthew's father) will oversee everything.the heroes later discovered that there is a change in tax law that affected women.While Marshal Igsem and General Remion radiate authority and fearsomeness.The 'evil-looking (looks like rodent or snake)' Prime Minister (who is operating in the capacity of the Emperor .The Shinaak tribe will be resettled in the eastern lands. . just short of the city and lands the Empire lost in v1. this place is Matthew's hometown so we get to know a little more about Matthew here . They will farm the not so fertile land there with hardier crops which they had been growing in the northern mountains where the environment was harsher. consulted Igsem. Many can't make enough money. may have a couple of things wrong or mixed up because it's so slow-paced and the exposition on certain parts so long that I was reading most of chapter 1 half-asleep). The Knights Order of Chamille.Sarazafu got these instructions cum proposal from Ikta. and they accepted Sarazafu's proposal . .Chamille brought her entourage to visit the Viscount of the province. to question him on this . Some had to take loans and some had to flee (especially if they can't repay the moneylenders) to the neighboring province (where the current tax laws don't apply) to find work. so Sarazafu said that everything was teamwork and ideas brought forth by his excellent subordinates .Viscount said harvest was poor and have to increase taxes . she is well respected and loved by the people . women need to pay more tax.they were welcome as heroes as the people in the Empire had heard of their northern exploits by now. but in truth. .

and in one fell swoop. she was able to put an end to this . confronted and reprimanded his father for not saying anything. if the Prime Minister supports the Viscount (as the Emperor is effectively disabled). Ikta or Yatori or Chamille (can't remember who) acknowledged that Colonel Tetdrich was actually the Third Royal Princess. finally agreed to take up the offer of overseeing the Knights Order and Shinaak tribe in the eastern lands. the secretary became the evidence giver leaving the Viscount with no way out.Yatori and Halo dressed up as whores (they look good in the color pages). and reporting it may worsen the any rate. Ikta went along with it because it was not a bad plan and it suited him. .Viscount saw Chamille and knights except Torway. along with the help of Matthew. and who has an initial concern about shifting his household IIRC.. because the military is separated and could not interfere with domestic affairs. there is nothing even Marshal Igsem and Gen Remion could do about it .Matthew upon hearing it.Chamille already guessed that Colonel Tetdrich already knew of the Viscount's atrocities but still sought verbal confirmation . who was hiding out of sight with Viscount's secretary/assistant .Colonel Tetdrich thanked Chamille. and he accepted the the reprimand shamefully. Ikta wanted to investigate brothels with Sarazafu and Torway but Chamille went along to cockblock him . . Chamille and her knights went to confront him . lay verbal traps and got Viscount to say something that imply that he will kill the perpetrators (which are implied to be the scapegoats and the secretary will be implicated) . and with this the issue is resolved.Torway and Matthew investigated warehouses covertly and found traces of harvested grains being moved . As to why he was powerless. which is women deprived due to a previous endemic affecting mostly women. . went to a moneylender who also smuggles people out of province and provide necessary documents for them.however. here it was revealed the plan to resettle the Shinaak tribe originated from Chamille.a group of Colonel Tetdrich's troops were supporting them.they put up some act and managed to interview some of the whores. but Ikta. they captured the smuggler cum moneylender and his cronies . .Chamille and Ikta got to spend time alone. Chamille exposed his crimes: Viscount hid the harvests. Chamille did not say . with her authority as the 3rd royal princess. thanks to Chamille.knowing that he is betrayed. they smelled a rat.Following that. He then commented and asked whether this is part of Chamille's grand plan she talked about in volume 1. Even if the central govt gets wind of it.but. . and sold women to the neighboring province. and started investigating .with enough certainty about the Viscount's scheme. they learned about whores racking up debts (because of the taxes) and tried to flee to neighboring province .Viscount denied.

it is somewhat implied that Emperor is being controlled (I'm speculating he's been given some kind of drugs) based on his behavior .anything to that but commented about the rot that is plaguing the Empire. a transgen homo who has make-up face of pretty woman but muscular body of man.those who were previously under Rinkan's command) will march in to take the Eastern lands. the Empire Navy. One of the reasons why she was drawn to Ikta was because of how differently he treated her. establishing a reinforcement cum supply route via sea. who was brought up in Kioka.he claimed to be acting in Emperor's capacity. Yet due to their programming about royalty being Gods.while Ikta was sleeping in a hammock high up in the trees. Even Ikta appeared somewhat moved (implied) even though he said nothing. she was given much freedom and witnessed the disparity between the 2 countries. . she said a bunch of things while in tears that really strengthened her development as a character. or scold or lash out at her as she was passing by. Even though she was a political hostage in Kioka.and so the campaign was launched . but Emperor shrunk back fearfully and asked to be brought back to his room . They were hungry. they did not cry out. whatever) Tetdrich. Anyway to cut the story short. Chamille. this is end of part 1. . . Nanak pounced on him. (also. sick. Yurugus are the 3rd pillar of the 3 loyal families of the Empire) will take control of the seas south of the targeted Eastern lands. Col Tetdrich and his wife appeared to the right choices as they mixed around well with the Shinaak and the tribe love especially Hana (or Hannan. She felt saved when someone was willing to lay blame on her for the suffering of the Empire. but he was cockblocked by Suuya and Chamille . I'll do part 2 another time as I need to leave house now Vol.switch back to central government. and plagued with hopelessness.the plan is as follows: their eastern army (comprising of Sazaruufu's forces and the old Eastern army . and the disparity bewteen them and nobility.Gen Remion (General refers to Captain General which is just a rank below Marshal) was pissed. and atrocities like what they witnessed is taking place throughout the Empire. Prime Minister talked about the threat of Kioka's cannons and initiated campaign to take back eastern lands which encompass a mountain with iron ore. headed by Admiral Yurugus. had the right thinking and perspective of what the Empire was like.With Col Tetdrich with them. In his mind. at the same time. settling the Shinaak there. Chamille shared a story about encounters with Empire refugees on the eastern frontier. 4 Part 2 . he heatedly tried to talk to the Emperor in a loud voice. the heroes proceed to the new eastern frontier.Marshal Igsem asked Remion to stand down .

the Yurugus were descended from a famed explorer.. she made them work on the ship. earned credits. . telling her that she should see them as allies that would add to her fighting force.btw.also during this time. taking off her bra.nearing the border. she suddenly has a personality change. Polmy's crew spotted Kioka's scouting ship.he also set rope traps and ended tying her up a couple of times and showing off some bondage tying styles .finally Polmy crumbled mentally and hid herself in her cabin .Chamille.Polmy thought her guests were extra baggage to which Matthew vehemently rebuked. abused them verbally .Ikta joined them at final friendly port of call.he did all sorts of things that pissed Polmy.geezer said that her behavior towards them partly stemmed from jealousy. he deduced what happened to Mathew and Torway and started bullying Polmy. which even surprised Yatori . while Torway and Matthew will join Lieutenant Polmy Yurugus (niece of Admiral Yurugus) on her ship.before that. and being hailed as heroes of the northern unrest/conflict incident. an old geezer who had handed pretty much all the ship's duties to Polmy. Matthew displayed his knowledge about ships. and began behaving like a pirate. one of the 3 loyal families. and running around the deck.Matthew reminded Polmy that individual disputes have to be settled alone. climbing the ropes with her running after him. preventing Polmy to engage her crew's help with Ikta's pranks .on boarding Polmy's ship. . .Yatori told Admiral Yurugus to signal to Polmy's ship to allow the rest of the heroes . and being rough on her guests. .each hero will also be joined with 8 of their men. starting off by calling her affectionately Polmyn with no honorific.flagship gave Polmy the command to give chase with 2 other ships . these emotions were even stronger . he found her foolish to not accept every little help she could get as she has not been in actual war yet . including hugging her. due to them being younger and had already experienced actual war. the rest will join up with the main army with Major Sazaruufu . but still in Empire waters. this is the rule of the sea. she is said to be among the top 5 in ship handling in the whole of Empire's Navy . awarded Knights honor. Yatori and Halo will join Admiral Yurugus on the flagship.Chamille and heroes will join the naval fleet . they met the ship's commodore.Ikta went back Solork orphanage to pick a family heirloom and will join up with the fleet at the final friendly port before the navy head into Kioka waters .in any case. both Torway and Matthew were scared of Admiral Yurugus who was eyeing them like prey . the duo male heroes 'suffered in silence' and looking forward to Ikta joining them. and as a descendant of Yurugus. Cpt Famed Explorer (can't remember his name) .

though the Navy did not have much practice time yet . she got everyone together to give a status report for the lost fight. Ikta talked about Polmy's behavior was due to the pressures of being a Yurugus as one of the 3 loyal families.he told Torway to look at the enemy ship's side for peculiarity which they saw.Polmy followed a textbook strategy. . the whole Empire has already been equiped with air rifles (those with wind spirits). masts/sails stay and aid them . while Halo tended to Ikta's injuries . including the Navy.cannons hit Polmy's ship. Yatori and Matthew joined. Ikta cried for all to prone. Matthew caught her and brought her back to consciousness and back up on board .each person gave status report . she panicked and started giving excuses.back in the heroes's room.anyway.Polmy was stunned and could not react . partly due to the expectations of her as a Yurugus . but Matthew shouted at her.with geezer taking over. He confined her to the flagship and took her command post of her ship from her and got the geezer to take charge again . and chided her for taking things lightly . crew flew into water. crew died.Torway got his troops to fire into the cannon compartments . only the land troops did .Yatori advised otherwise if he didn't want to lose his niece and her crew .Matthew was surprised to find that Polmy's real personality was a soft-spoken girl and she was just putting a front. gave sharp and accurate commands to her crew and they caught up with Kioka's scouting ship and approached from the side .Matthew talked about the legend of the Cpt famed Explorer and how he admired .whole crew was also stunned .geezer commodore came up and shouted for the crew to get their act together .Admiral Yurugus was befuddled and thought she should prioritize on the Knights' order safety as they were guests to him (or her lol) and they should bring them to the flagship with a small boat . to which Torway and Yatori both looked down. Ikta got flung and his side got hurt with large impact and bruised. who was on the lookout deck . Torway readied his troops to shoot but Ikta held him off and kept peering and observing desperately the enemy .only the land troops were actively fighting with their rifles and crossbows . saying how the fight would have gone well without the cannons. Polmy got flung and almost fell over. but the ship was in tatters .Polmy originally did not want the heroes to help.Admiral Yurugus was pissed and blasted Polmy for her behavior even though she was a Yurugus. compartments for cannons . this was the Empire's firsthand experience with ships outfitted with cannons. Matthew then went to find Polmy later in the night.the cannon doors open. they managed to flee. and that he was just looking for a status report and not looking to assign blame.btw.during Polmy's turn.Admiral Yurugus was stunned by the defeat.

since they won't send a ship with cannon to scout if cannons are still rare.Yatori stepped in and say it's not just the admiral's face is on the line.Critic says it's quite dumb to carry on the expedition if the whole Kioka fleet has cannons just to preserve their admiral's face .Adm Yurugus didn't like to run away and was a little pissed but acknowledged Critic's points and his given role in shooting holes to their plans. Unbeddable (I know that it sounds weird and LOLworthy the way I described it but it's not that bad when you read the text ) . showed his own scar. Mr Critic (again forgot the name lol).by running away. 5 Part 1 independent events may be out of order as I can't remember . but after a year.him. .Mama wanted her own kid and keep f**king everyone she met.on Empire side. who would become her children .reason was many small countries like that of Mama and Jean were destroyed. sometimes 3 men per night . but the land expedition as well. and they are able to read the winds/currents and tell the weather. and built rapport with Polmy => Matthew x Polmy ship starting to set sail ~ end of v 4 ~ Vol. She was saddened but Jean consoled her and changed her thinking by telling her that she can play motherly role to her crew. he also gave a bunch of other arguments and played on their fears after the rest of captains saw what happened to Polmy's ship when they passed by it while boarding the flagship.Ikta had to stay in bed.only guy who didn't get laid was her subcommander. saw through Polmy that her scar was a self-inflicted one. and that makes it likely for entire Kioka fleet to have cannons. they not only lose the ability to reinforce and create a supply line .Matthew would act as the main strat provider partly because he knew more about boats than the rest of the heroes . she didn't get any and Jean concluded that she's barren.flashback: Mama originally belonged to a lost tribe which was able to tame and communicate with eagles.thus Mama practically f**ked all her crew. he provided strat (as usual) and Yatori and Matthew would attend . Polmy's ship is currently kept afloat by scooping water out . . Mr.during strat call with all the ship captains/commodores gathered in addition to Yatori and Matthewl. and Mama basically recruited all her crew from the survivors and remnants of these destroyed states and they were orphans who were just as lonely and deprived of 'family love' . there's a high level strategy discussion meeting . tried to convince Empire fleet to retreat . Admiral Yurugus's subcommander.why? because the scouting ship has cannons. Jean recruited her into Kioka to make use of her talents .

geezer and the captain are old friends. Torway could tell that only 8 of the ships had cannons because their ship bodies were lower. the Kioka will then be able to reinforce their own troops to defeat the land expedition . he thinks that it might work given the skill of their fleet .Ikta said he's the best for the job. he whispered into her ear. acquired by Chamille in advance. they made fun of her failure. to their own assigned ship to build rapport with the captain and crew. The fact the liquor is a product of a legendary discovery (or something to that effect) of Cpt Famed Explorer increased this effect . which will likely be caught up in a drawn out war as the mountain is a highly defensible area. to which Halo stiffened . 'since that day. and he has overworked during the northern retreat battle .Based on Ikta's advice.back to Kioka POV.on the flagship.finally on ship reassignment: Ikta. but the rest of the lieutenants jeered and bullied Polmy due to their jealousy of her skill and promotion to handle a ship previously.on Polmy's ship. fortunately Matthew stepped in and pacified the situation before it got out of hand with the liquor .to the land expedition. Mama was surprised by the sudden appearance of the Empire fleet. Yatori had a converstation with Ikta and asked why he got Matthew to stand in for him this time . Halo was setting up field medical centers on the ship.he then said.they are also going to give a sea burial to Polmy's ship. Matthew on another ship with geezer and Polmy.Chamille heard their conversation.after all that. closer to the harbor . and the heroes also reassigned . Halo and Yattori and Chamille will remain on flagship .she then invited Matthew to provide the strategy . and ensure that they can effectively fight alongside with one another. Critic commended on her and her men's abilities.she deployed 16 ships on external with side facing outwards (one of them was her flagship). says the strat is interesting. his desire is what Yatori desires' . This is to break down any barrier. was crushed. the rest were faking .Ikta got everyone to bring 10 bottles of premium liquor. and after the navy has provided their expert advice on naval fights to make adjustments to the strat. possible misgivings with the land troops. as she did not expect them until a few days later. she would be the one to give away the little finger and there was no argument about that . . the crew is reassigned.before that. greeted her and called her 'comrade'.Yatori says 'yeah you even missed out on sleep and meals' .then as he passed by her. . and ran back to cabin .through the clever use of upwind and downwind positions and slanted facing of their fleet (the details of the mechanics flew over my head). Kioka's effective . and got 20 normal ships readied inside. Admiral Yurugus smiles. Mr. Torway on separate ships.she also grumbled that next time.Ikta smiled wryly and said if that's what she desired and she said that's what "Yatorishino" desired .

Polmy first sung a song on/of Cpt Famed Explorer. she was confident of her ability . it was a fierce fight between the 2 fleets .she then ordered the ship to give up on chasing the ship that was getting away and turn around to engage the flagship . he raised the negotiation flag .Mama knew that if she lost more than 4 of the cannon ships it was over for their fleet as she would not have enough cannon ships to implement her strat . as the other lieutenants were against Polmy given command of the ship. he rather trust his life to one who has made more mistakes than one who hasn't yet made a single mistake. and asked for conditions .cannon range was about the same as the air rifles' range .Yatori was too OP and defeated Unbeddable without breaking a sweat .she ordered her flagship (also a cannon ship) to go save the other.but 3 of the Kioka cannon ships were caught up and overrun .Mama ordered her cannon fitted ships to run away first and act as support instead as the central 20 ships come to reinforce them . Matthew says based on his experience in the north where he also made a lot of mistakes.Admiral Yugurus agreed to conditions . they will win and the fighting will .anyway. but the Polmy-Matthew ship had both their geezers injured during cannon blasts. as she took the chains of command.meanwhile. 'hey this girl is growing and could grow further'.2 were fighting and could be lost .the one she went other was engaged with the ship Polmy and Matthew were on . This act greatly raised the spirits of the crew and removed all the ensued confusion from the cannon blasts . whole crew will surrender thus there was no real disadvantage to them . thus Polmy becomes acting captain of the ship . and inside Ikta. I can't recall how.can't really remember the sequence of events. they fired their air rifles at the cannon operators . he recognized her as an Igsem and saw how OP she was and called her a monster.Suuya was on lookout deck with Ikta who was monitoring entire situation at the highest possible point. if she of those fighting had Unbeddable heading to rescue (either that or he was it itself I can't recall) . the geezer asked Matthew to decide as it involved the fate of his men and him and also because Matthew was on the original Polmy ship previously and experienced Polmy's failure first hand. knowing that they are just food folder. but Yatori was somehow on the ship that Unbeddable was on. and with some kind of pride in him.she says if they conquer the enemy flagship. as the Mama flagship fought them .when Empire ships got close within cannon range.Unbeddable challenges Yatori to personal combat.the ship they were engaged in got away.meanwhile. thanks to her constant association with him. if he wins. they continue fighting. he thought. she caught on to the mechanics at the end of the day before Ikta finished.Yatori stopped her forces. .

safe distance being Yatori can't rescue Halo without risking her life while at the same time if Critic kills the end. Critic took Halo hostage .aside from the messenger pigeon caught. Yatori can catch up to him still .stop . It can be inferred that Halo was apologizing for some other .Critic taunts back and says he could cut a ear off to show how serious he was .while being brought away by soldiers.Critic then asked to be given horse and 3 days' food/water .Yatori says when he did that. got to meet Ikta and realized why she lost (from what she learnt from Jean) . and Polmy reacted properly and in time. but a member of the phantom squad (a name give to a group of people in Kioka specially trained to carry out covert the end Mama realized that they had lost and the harbor had been overrun and she surrendered . in the end. Yatori said that while debating and persuading the Empire to give up on the expedition.but what Yatori did not guess was that he was more than an Empire spy for Kioka.Yatori can follow him at safe distance before Critic releases Halo.but Mama had cheat code because of her eagle which aided her ship maneuvers. and Admiral Yurugus was pleased .Matthew then raised a flag of negotiation .Matthew realized something suspicious with the hovering bird making weird sounds and got his men to shoot it down . and before he left.after retrieving Halo. as they were passing by Halo. propaganda and infiltration missions) . Polmy got injured too.Yatori taunts him to kill Halo as she knew that he wouldn't do it which will lose him his hostage . "a war must be fought in a relaxed and easy manner. it was not fatal but she was losing blood and started losing consciousness . and unable to give decisive commands to her crew and in ship maneuvers .Mama lost bird and was confused. Halo shook her head and kept saying sorry.Critic was talking to Yatori about her exploits. Yatori apologized due to her negligence.Matthew and Polmy ship crew boarded Mama ship and fought melee . admiral Yurugus was disappointed in him and said that he was a good subordinate . the window of opportunity is enough for her to cut off his head .Mama made a feint. exposed him as spy. Critic knew too much about the inner workings of Kioka's ships and cannon tech.Mama was captive. the Empire's force remained close to the fighting strength as before. Mama was impressed by the opposing captain's ability . Yatori exposed him as a spy and suddenly a bunch of armed men appeared surrounding him .Matthew saw a lot of senseless bloodshed and suddenly recalled Ikta's words. espionage. that's the correct way to fight a war" (something to that effect) . with the captured ships.

Shiba likes to start everything with ". but Ikta brought up his old name and past history. Jean's subordinates were surprised that Ikta saw through them that this was an independent decision on their part though they claimed that they still have a trump card he did not know.Polmy then suddenly kissed Matthew. Shiba had concerns and as usual starts with "pointless". . shocking him.Ikta deduced it was because of the arrival of the Unsleeping Radiant General that the enemy got a morale boost. Shiba broke into a smile for the first time. after this. sister of said warrant officer in v2 whom I decided not to mention. but one day. they exchanged some form of family heirlooms and set a promise to meet up again to return the stuff LOL.appears warrant officer Lukaanti.negotiations came to a standstill again .Ikta thought of an interesting strat.before they left. Polmy came to sent off Matthew.initially..finally Chamille and heroes set off from harbor to link up with Sazaruufu and land troops . and after a few more additions. he also saw through this was an independent act of heroism on Jean's part and that there was no such order from their top brass for Jean to 'drop' in . but to no avail.. 5 Part 2 . a balloon suddenly flew into the mountain. also wanted to fight Yatori but Jean told her to stand down .reason here and she might also be a spy. the presence of princess Chamille increase their morale . who is the sister of the phantom squad captain killed by Yatori in v3. . he went to talk to commander.Ikta also complimented on Matthew's decision to raise the negotiation flag and got Mama to surrender . then scolded him dummy and ran back with a red face (Matthew x Polmy ship sailed LOL) ~ this ends the first part of v5 which spanned about 50-60% of volume 5 ~ not sure when I'll do the rest but definitely not today Vol.Ikta wanted an update. Shiba together with Rikan were known as the "Twin Walls of the Sun".pointless" . Ikta and Jean met again and both were pissed right away .dang. and said it was interesting..Jean's subcommander.Ikta and Yatori accompanies Sazaruufu to 4th negotiation .heroes linked up with Sazaruufu. and their morale increases and they were vehement about not surrendering at the negotiation meeting . however they did not expect Ikta to be there and things have become more problematic for the Kioka forces . MJ Gen Shiba about it . MJ Gen Shiba who seems to be expressionless. she's a fan of Yatori .Sazaruufu trying to get along with his superior. Sazaruufu said that enemy was holding in and morale was dropping for them as time goes on. there appeared to be closer .Kioka's perspective...

are you trying to take the place of my mother or big sister?" .following days. . "know your place. Jean's presence was what gave the army morale to continue holding out. Ikta. but suddenly. and scolded her. and Ikta was stunned and left too . she suddenly grew angry.Yatori reply in same code.Yatori started combing Chamille's hair.Chamille ran away back to her tent . brushed Yatori's hand away. Yatori and Chamille happened to be left alone . a platoon of Kioka came to link up with them.rapport between Shiba and Ikta . he was interrupted by arriving unfamiliar officers that wanted to talk to Yatori alone. Jean cannot abandon these POW troops. Jean got his people to extend the tunnels in the mines to try to dig an underground way out far from the mountain. he might abandon them (he is after all a very important asset to Kioka).everyone was surprised. Ikta then tapped his finger in Kioka code and silently asks. there will be more and more POW troops released to Jean to drain his food supplies . and was not privileged to serve her personal needs directly . this is because the army guarding the mountain were not directly under Jean's command and had no prior relationship and bonds with Jean.again. then if the mountain cannot be held any longer.Yatori was shocked stunned. This is why Jean must definitely accept the POW troops if he did not want to risk this trust breaking and Ikta knew that very well .On Jean's side. and was just a Knight and guard for Chamille. she left. and Yatori's face was grim. as the army guarding the mountain will lose trust in Jean if he is seen to abandon troops to suit his convenience. especially with regards to food . and she said that she has been recalled back to central region for certain reasons . Chamille remembered the conversation Ikta and Yatori had on the ship (especially about Ikta's wish is what Yatori wished for). so the trust can be shaken easily if not careful.but it turns out that it was released POW from the Empire . all this time Chamille had enjoyed the affection shown by Yatori and Halo. they add additional resource burdens on them. "what's up?" . Jean says it's impossible for troops to break through Empire who has surrounded mountain from outside on land . If he is seen to abandon the POW because it affects his strat. but Yatori apologized that she got ahead of herself.Ikta and Knights were going to discuss the next move. "can't say" . and even more so right now while they were at critical stage of war .furthermore.meanwhile.Ikta's felt a chill as there are few things which Yatori and him can't share between each other.they met up again later in releasing POW back to Jean. as Ikta wanted to seek Yatori's input on one of his concerns.Jean's face turned sour and realized what was Ikta's strategy . I can't remember whether she apologized here or later.

the mastermind is probably Gen Remion. saying that if anyone threatens the military order. she will deal with it no matter who the other party is . I'll bring it to fruition.this shook the rest of the knights as they saw Yatori's resolve in seeing a friend as an enemy without hesitation if it comes to so . trembled.Ikta then tells Yatori strongly.Ikta also reasoned that the fact the recall happens now at such a large scale while they were on campaign means that the only matter big enough would be a coup detat.Yatori met the rest of the Knights outside the rest of tent and Matthew pressed her to say more . the rest of the knights must also decide.Chamille wavered and wanted to go out. Yatori told Chamille she was recalled and asked her to take care. Yatori! As long as you wish it earnestly. "so Father really went and did it" . from now on. he asked Shiba straight about the matter. which matches what he thought because if Yatori would keep secrets from him. while Shiba did not give a straight answer right away.Torway got the hint. shocking everyone in tent .this shakes the group even more . but in the end she did not and was 'alone' once more .after waiting for a reply that did not come. but if things come to shove. probably because Torway was too kind and can't decisively shoot an enemy that was yeterday's friend.Ikta rushes to Commander Shiba's tent where high grade officials are all gathered. which is 2 hours later.He deduced that something would be bad if Yatori says it.. .. Ikta then asked who else was recalled since a total of 2000 troops were recalled. Ikta nods and says to come back here in an hour later. Yatori left . as an Igsem. "Wish it of me.Yatori says it'd be fine if Torway doesn't take any side and remains as he is. and quickly change the mood by asking when she's leaving. and said.while outside the tent.." He then points to the setting sun. from the names given by Shiba.Yatori says she knows Torway is not involved and not told at all about this. but her attendant says she doesn't want to see anyone . "even if it means . it would be with regards to matters regarding the Igsem family . to take Igsem side or Remion side .Yatori says resolutely tgat she hopes that things can be resolved without this kind of fighting. but if he does. Shiba answers 'Marshal Igsem'. Ikta then asks by whose order is this.Yatori says she can't reveal more until she gets a good grasp of the situation but she drops strong hints. always stay with the Knights whatever she does . and for her safety.Yatori went to Chamille's tent. she also said she felt relieved that Torway is not a clear enemy because she would be concerned about the ranged power if so . He also reasoned that since Marshal Igsem only called on those whom he has absolute trust. but wish for it'. Ikta knew they were pro-Igsem faction. .Ikta then appears and says 'not hope. and he rushes off . messenger officers protested and Shiba silenced them saying that it's unreasonable to recall 2000 troops without giving any sort of info or reason.

some officer asks him to shut up and it's disrespectful to criticize imperial decree. he asks the other knights to also get prepared to make some tough decision. and that Ikta had honestly wanted him to live on even if he was branded a coward . the fruit of their wins get usurped by the nobles .pulling out that sun once more. and she mumbles. but a 3rd choice. who confirmed it with his silence.Ikta then tells a story. a rebellion is already happening.To hide her shaken resolve. and during tactical discussion/debate.everyone was stunned and looked at commander Shiba. but yet. average looks." .Ikta then says. "Even if you are unable to wish for it.Ikta says he's here to present them with a choice. "There was once a person in the empire military. and thanks to that kind of righteousness.Ikta then said. increasing her pace as she walked .. and left. he asked them to gather every one in the tent. "we are fighting a pointless war right from the beginning". but yet it's also hard to lay blame on that because what they do is absolutely right as military men. he then went on to criticize the decree which treats them like toys. the rest of the knights are shaken by the split. Ikta makes entrance with Chamille with Kusu (Ikta's light spirit) in Chamille's arms . he is thought to not amount to anything.with Yatori gone. Shiba then asked Ikta what is his purpose in doing this . a coup detat orchestrated by Gen Remion!" .He then said.Yatori's resolve was shaken. or non- rebel side. and he will go fetch the princess . Ikta then says "yeah it's your job to use such a reason to stop all rational thought in people". everything about him was average. even if it means to reach the limits of the sky. telling them the military's purpose is to protect the citizens lives and possessions. everyone waits with bated breath . "this is a rebellion! restrain him and give a court marshal!" . Yatori faces her back to them. sacrificing Lt Gen Rikan because of failed policy and suddenly changing their mind again and thinking that they need the eastern lands after all . The thing that you have been wishing all this while is my one and only wish!" . Rikan lost his life. I'll stretch my hand and reach it. anyway.he then became heated and started scolding them. he has subpar physical abilities.someone then said. I'll wish it for you. using Chamille's name. "can I really wish it. Matthew asks what they should do ." . not joining the rebels.All officers gathered in tent and complaining. he was given the nickname of Midday- . "it's too late for that! for right now.Yatori eyes widened at him for using such an unscientific statement to make his point (literature-wise.. there is actually one more interesting reason on why this metaphor was used which you will see later) . maintaining peace.Ikta starts off with. "how long are you all going to continue this farce?" . the thing that has been troubling him is gone and he is clear on what he needs to do. he will come up with something strange and out-of-this-world.Ikta then said now.

respected by his peers. which makes it look like the rising sun at dawn. which was hand sized. and soon.Ikta then said. . As such they keep racking lost battles and were unable to overturn the situation. The world around him was plunged to war.Shiba trembled . Chamille then shine Kusu's light at it. a basic scientific fact. . And he also gained 2 young subordinates who were excellent and aspiring.Ikta: "The man ascended rapidly. And due to the differing factions. troop use and deployment. Faced with despair and the prospect of death." . who had dropped his cold expressionless face. the young Igsem and Remion normally wouldn't have even become close or familiar with each other. about the memory of a past hero who had been sealed with the branding of a 'war criminal' (I was almost shedding tears at this point .by now. It's dawn. Solvenares Igsem (current Marshal)." . waiting for more. and was listening intently. and whatever he came up with is new and outlandish in a revolutionary way. Those who used to mock him as Midday Lantern stopped. in the end they succeeded in retreating thanks to this man's strategy. there is no night without dawn! For we are protected by the sun!' He will inspire them with this. this man will say 'Don't give up! No matter how dark the night is. but with the light. the young Igsem and Remion became friends with this man. but thanks to this man's intervention. Ikta Sankrei. there were 2 distinguished capable people. Because of this.Ikta looked at Commander Shiba. The 3 then became really close. They were Rikan and Shiba. who would later be known as the 'Twin Walls of the Sun'. During this time.Ikta signaled to Chamille who aimed Kusu at him . . everyone in the room knew who Ikta was talking about. octagon. I love these words for they are an astronomical phenomenon. they were unable to give their voice to strategic discussions. loved by his superiors. The silverwork looks initially like a military emblem. the former distinguished warriors led by the Empire's famed general. If things carried on this way. decorated with arrowheads on the hem. shall tell you this.Ikta: "this man thought of something outrageous which was something sneered by everyone except the young Igsem and Remion who thought there was worth in trying. this man became more 'active' and displayed his ingenuity in strategies. he was now likened to the Sun of Dawn. they became unthinkably close to call each other 'Sol' and 'Tel'. he would be forever a Midday Lantern. due to their rank as lieutenants at that time." .Ikta then took out from his pocket a fine silverwork. "The son of the Empire's army General Bada Sankrei. and thanks to the young Igsem and Remion. light radiated from the arrowheads from the center of the silverwork." . ) .Ikta then said. The sun which had sunk with my father's death. Despite their capabilities and their abilities to win fights. When the soldiers on the front lines were plunged into predicaments. Now. and Telshinha Remion (current Gen)._. but he was not blessed with such luck. rise again. a forgotten Midday Lantern started shining at this time. he was entrusted with a regiment on the front lines.Lantern (in other words 'useless'). "There is no night without dawn.

Shiba started laughing loudly and shouted to his long dead friend.he also told Chamille that everyone makes mistakes. Rikan that he's missing out on all this since he went and kick the bucket so early. he told Shiba that this is possible . this series got a new illustrator. another part of her hopes that things remain this way and that Ikta only looks at her. she really wants to see Yatori again. and half of them looked up to Rikan and Shiba .Ikta apologized to his friends for hiding this as he never thought that it would come to this . wants to mend their relationship.he then told the rest to make their decisions . and isolate those who might be of Remion faction .and end off saying he couldn't do this alone and need their help . the illustrator has health challenges and volume 6 onward. ~ end of v5 ~ Incidentally. and there will be a chance for her to apologize to Yatori .Ikta said that he's prepared for the consequences and so is Chamille . there are only color illustrations and 2 battle maps in this volume. but yet.Ikta told Shiba to round up all the forces.Chamille nods. and that the sun had indeed risen again .Chamille was briefed on what had happened back home and knew Ikta had set this up to take control of the entire army to break through the situation. in her heart. Fortunately 1/4 of the officers here had fought with Ikta's dad before. he told Shiba about his plan to form a 3rd force to resolve this infighting or the Empire will be doomed from both infighting of 2 powerful factions and external intrusion of Kioka who would definitely take advantage of this.he then accepted the call to restore the Rising Sun Regiment under Ikta's command. but did not know the details and did not expect this.the whole room was in an uproar.Ikta had met Shiba when he was young and they were reunited. .Ikta then told Chamille to take Yatori's job of kicking him in the butt if he gets cocky .The most powerful army in this world .and they all joined his cause . so she was just as surprised .the Rising Sun Regiment!' . For those who don't know. the other heroes and Shiba were stunned .Sazaruufu then told Ikta that this is akin to starting a 2nd rebellion .