The boiler design of remote monitoring system based

on the SCADA

Dong Wang 1 Xian-li Su2
1 Center for experiment Management 2 College of Information Science and Technology
Bohai University Bohai University
Jinzhou, China,121013 Jinzhou, China,121013

Abstract—A remote monitoring system has been designed in time brushless description have been implemented.
this article by using SCADA. The whole application based on B/S
structure has been implemented. Specifically, the monitor signals
of boiler dry spot’s worker are been collected first, and a real-
time database is established on the basis of the collected Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a kind of
information. Then, using Msajax and Silverlight techniques to open Interactive Web application technology, It USES of the
deal with the former collected data, the remote real-time technology including the HTML (HyperText Markup
monitoring function can be realized. In summary, these Language, HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading
approaches could extend the system function and optimize the Style Sheets, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to represent
system structure. More importantly, it obtains the real-time data information,Using the DOM (Document Object Model,
of web monitor system, which can draw the real-time curve of the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript on the page
dynamic systems and the curve of history, etc. Furthermore, it displays information interaction and dynamic display, Using
could achieve real-time brushless description. XML (Extensible Markup Language, Extensible Markup
Language), XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language
Keywords—SCADA; B/S structure; dynamic real-time curve;
msajax and silverlight; remote real-time monitoring; real-time
Transformations, Extensible Stylesheet Transformations
brushless description Language) and the XMLHttpRequest object asynchronously
and exchange the data server and modify the data, Use
I. INTRODUCTION JavaScript to put all things together. Ajax is a combination of
many of the old technology, but this combination provides
With the full development of industrial technology, the
powerful function. Maintaining the Integrity of the
flexibility of the Scada system used in industry was proposed
higher requirements, and software model has been developed
from C/S mode gradually shift to B/S mode. As Web users can Traditional Web applications, directly from the browser
through the remote network displays the monitored data, the sends a request to a Web server, Web server returned data
system is not limited in the designated monitoring machine directly to the Web browser updates page;Ajax applications by
monitoring, greatly convenient for the user's access and the Ajax engine through the XMLHttpRequest object sends a
management. The remote monitoring and control system is request, a Web server returned data, not directly to the browser,
divided into two kinds: one kind is no monitoring system, but rather to the Ajax engine, By the Ajax engine to update the
which collects data to the remote computer processing directly. page, the key is to Ajax's asynchronous data technology .
This kind of situation general data transmission distance is far
away; The second type is the combination of field monitoring Traditional Web applications, send the request is
and remote monitoring, i.e. each unit via LAN connection. And synchronously, that is to say, after sending a request to the
configuration software are famous at home and abroad have request return, it was a time when the user in addition to wait,
begun to support distributed monitoring system based on Web, nothing can be done, Therefore, early someone called WWW
however there are some deficiencies and defects. A traditional the World Wide Wait. While sent an Ajax request, can be
Web technology to refresh the whole page and page refreshes asynchronously, namely sends the request in the background
are prone to jitter, influence the effect of the whole page, in the receives the request, Before the request return, users can still
local data with just the page refresh when it is difficult to do the scrolling page, fill out the form,When the requested data
accurately in a timely manner. Although now there are some returned, Ajax flicker-free to refresh the page to update part.
solutions, but they are not very satisfactory. This system adopts It's brought a good user experience, let the user feel and use
the solution using the Opc plus real-time database and Msajax the traditional application is not too big difference.
Silverlight technology and successfully solved the problem.
The dynamic real-time curve and historical curve graphics real- In addition, Ajax has a lot of UI (graphical user interface)
controls are available, which is based on Ajax Web application
is more and more like a traditional application, but also
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which can be for data storage and optimization. Traditional Web applications the application interface. can any platform. is used to dynamically modify the content and structure of the document. x javascript. and is widely supported by technology. Remote monitoring is composed of the following stages: Data storage logic to handle (The server side) x Data acquisition phase: Connect to the server via the Opc technology. This is the greatest characteristic of AJAX. it felt like running locally. The result of a database server to finish the request processing is sent to the Web server. combination of several kinds of technology.traditional application incomparable superiority. used for binding to the above several kinds using Ajax technology to develop a telecontrol system based of technology. business logic layer and data layer. application. get the user to control behavior. Fig. AJAX is based on standardized. Each technology has its own way. 1. x It is easy to maintenance maintenance. Separated from Fig. Users feel Data storage logic to handle (The server side) page submit without waiting. reduce the burden of server. 2. to standardize performance. HTTP(S)transmission puts forward the data to the database server processes. do not need to download any plug-in or small programs. x the XHTML and CSS. makes it the work of the whole. complete the processing. then the Web server transmit the data to the client. x Control feedback phase: Completion of controlled object and parameters back to the Web server x XML for data exchange and processing. on Web. the Web server service request is put forward by the browser. x the DOM. reduce user's psychology and the actual waiting time. can HTTP(S)transmission minimize redundant requests. and will also be a remote system man-machine interface part of the mainstream development direction. Therefore. easy to maintain. Can be a lot of work Web server on the server side is transferred to the client. make full use of the bandwidth resources. x Dynamic display stage: Through Ajax technologies It consists of the following technology: such as real-time display dynamic data on the client. x It is convenient for management. Fetch the data "on demand" is the advantage of AJAX. together to create a powerful new technology. x User behavior to obtain phase: Complete control of the Web client object. x It enables users to get a better experience. x It can make full use of resources. User interface˄The client˅ The stage is based on the web. AJAX is just on behalf of the database to the Web application on the server for concept of Web programming a transformation. and to improve the efficiency of the system in this layer. The advantages of AJAX technology is embodied in the following respects: User interface˄The client˅ x It does not need to refresh the page. Real-time data from the field into the real-time database. It is actually a processing. HTTP request HTML CSS data x It can reduce the financial burden on the server. easing the burden on the server. The AJAX engine presentation layer is realized through WWW browser by the user interface. The data layer is to provide services to the business Web /XMLserver logic layer. AJAX applications x Data processing stages: For real time data in the AJAX is not a technique. Javascript call HTML CSS data The B/S structure of remote monitoring is made of the presentation layer. 865 . The business logic layer realizes the application program logic and completes the data processing. and the Web server requests are sent to the HTTP request XML data business logic layer.

development. information sharing and monitoring. AJAX development framework is divided into a add or delete users. Remote monitoring sends the data to the front-end equipment final control remote 866 . the monitor industrial control. client. And it is developed a develop various systems interconnection between the set based on the Opc server data real-time acquisition and application system software. The scene monitoring layer is control. In manual monitored by the Web server. for example. Local PC system structure diagram center monitoring and remote monitoring layer adopts B/S mode. he system is a distributed power remote monitoring system of multipoint multilayer system principle as shown in figure 3. radio and other parts. A change will not affect the other layers. disk array. he application framework mainly on the server side. reduce the cost monitor based on Ethernet communication protocols. monitoring. you can use any server-side language (such as ASP. alarm function. center communication equipment monitoring. distributed and remote This system control aspects. routers. which maintains operating dynamically generated page content. achieved the returned to the client receiving. This system design a front-end equipment remote This greatly simplifies the client computer load. divided into the scene Opc Collection and communication equipment monitoring layer. as much as possible to increase both the efficiency and easy maintenance and extension Malleable. bureau station monitoring layer. application framework can be applied to any situation.Only few transaction logic in System is mainly for the boiler parameters such as pressure. Browser-based enterprise the purpose of safe and efficient production. different manufacturers to high efficiency and good performance. control mode. and realize the cross-platform. at the same time to adapt to the rapid development of Internet. DESIGN OF THE SYSTEM working on the WWW browser. It is not high requirements for based on server often for a specific platform. to make the framework based on server two kinds . modify the client page content. fast and high devices such as remote monitoring. Random provide software interface. x Control in the implementation stage: Complete layer is made up of any one computer can connect to the application control of the field devices. convenient for users to alleviate the difficulty and complexity of the AJAX for equipment fault diagnosis. in addition to realize dynamically development framework. forming the so-called three layer structure. improves performance of the Field devices Field devices Field devices system can be expanded. dopts B/S structure of remote monitoring system to computer parts of this system based on Microchip company keep up with the pace of the rapid development of computer developed MPLAB software platform developed by using c # hardware and software level upgrade. PC receives the corresponding instruction manual control. send request to server receives. prompt control accordingly. It makes full use of the c # programming features of construction in different periods. Achieve the network load. etc. When work environment parameters overrun field made up of acquisition module. to solve the problem of equipment development.) to The client is based on Web way. So as to realize the AJAX application development basic processes: unattended equipment or less unattended. interoperability requirements. database server. realize the equipment Especially after the cross-platform language appeared. B/S environment. PHP. and can satisfy the requirement of the system in different platform to run. After layer consists of a Web server. the front-end (Browser). To reduce connected to the Internet for remote monitoring of unattended the overall cost of users. printers. Bureau of station monitoring layer is output port through light lamp as a fault occurs. communication module and monitoring equipment to equipment failure occurs. Make full use of the resources of the enterprise local area Local PC monitoring software network (LAN). Center monitoring to monitoring server users. And provides data javascript client script. remote monitoring layer. the MCU upload alarm information to feedback switches. This system application development platform. etc. to improve the efficiency of add or delete the equipment. The whole initialization object . it monitoring client. but the main transaction logic on the flow and temperature data real-time acquisition and remote Server side (Server). User in the client work through independent equipment and have the equipment abnormal WWW browser can achieve business. printers. just uses the Web based remote monitoring mode. power supply and working condition of security structure management software is convenient. database server. distribution in different regions across the Internet network of Ajax-based Web applications need to write a certain amount of distributed remote monitoring of equipment. in order analysis and forecasting warning function. It can be of system maintenance and upgrade and workload. When the workload is bigger. B/S (Browser/Server) structure namely the Browser and Server structure. routers. server to realize the monitoring of equipment. 3. The user interface is III. On-site monitoring layer draw station monitoring using C/S and B/S combination of. the server monitoring system adopted B/S model. Meet the needs of language. Under this structure. realize the Internet. the user can to monitor equipment online at home. The local host monitoring Effect. can be manual or automatic monitoring system performance. hardware conditions. Therefore it is easy to adjust system and WebORB for Java is developing AJAX and Flash based client updated. By the user access layer at the centre of the Web control of user intent. can consider to use the existing AJAX reduces the network failure. So as to improve the monitoring efficiency browser-based application framework and application and the production efficiency of the enterprise.The Fig. JSP. can easily form a remote monitoring system.

and the result of the testThe corresponding analysis. After data processing. the Web server software field data collection and storage. Client function structure diagram x Reports and historical curve module: Mainly through the local database to read according to the customers' IV.NET and implements the function of real-time database server AJAX framework request server Web Service related method. temperature and humidity in communicates with local PC monitoring software excess of the alarmPassive control. to Ethernet server directly from this module. leave the connect to the Internet. Front end equipment of the Web server remote monitor serial port Ethernet conversion module in the application network takes up an IP address and port number accordingly‫ޕ‬ When the malfunction point to point. content. real-time data due to repeated return up a machine control results. changes the traditional serial Web client interface communication for Ethernet communications. the user will know nothing about the 867 . Server data processing structure updated in real time. software applications running on the production site. back to the Web server. Traditional acquisition and monitoring system is that When system runs through in the control room is decorated provide users with a powerful online control and better in the region of the front-end equipment remote monitor and interface display. Since most single-chip computer doesn't have Ethernet interface. monitor designed for on-site monitoring hardware. Fig. adopts the OPC interface from the industrial field to process real time data in a relational database. Centered on hardware reliability. ACHIEVEMENT demand to realize the data of the specified range of This article mainly to the front-end equipment remote statements and the formation of history curve. Centralized monitoring to multiple terminals. 4. In automatic mode. the system Data display Report forms and curve Feedback control design all terminals are directly connected to the Ethernet. It is through the real-time data accurate and beautiful (page no refresh) show Opc protocol communicates with local PC monitoring software. it will be a local database for subsequent local database Web client report generation and graphic generation. and limited by server technology. so using ASP. Real-time communication structure Application of real-time data achieves in complete read. through the development of Web remote real-time monitoring system x Feedback control module: by adjusting and setting based on Ajax applications. The client has three components: Field control equipment x Real-time dynamic display module: Mainly through the Ajax technology and the Web server for local data exchange. real-time monitoring of the control parameters to the control requirements of users temperature and humidity. Another processed directly through the Ajax technology to the client. easy to operation and maintenance.monitor. data processing and data storage are processed simultaneously. through the network connection. can module module module easily realize the remote centralized management. 5. provide test contact control realize the control of user intent. The traditional B/S structure of the system is control of the corresponding relay to control the output. But affected by geographic. When it gets the latest data from real-time database. within the local area network (LAN). the MCU IO pin to pass direct production status. S600 can complete data To the data acquisition and monitoring system of production collection and the programmable function. 6. so the serial port is added in the front-end equipment remote monitor Ethernet conversion module. Local PC monitoring software Real-time database Real-time database Web server application Fig.System is under a machine refreshes the page becomes scintillation and affect beautiful. interface Monitoring terminal information will be collected through MCU serial port sent to the conversion modules. the client data Fig. of S600 data collector for Siemens. the server based on Ethernet serial conversion module's IP address and port number Local PC monitoring software automatic identification each monitory point.

Multiple users can also monitor the same information.nt). The whole application based on B/S String[] m1={"S7:[one]MB1". monitoring and control system configuration software can real-time guide industrial based on Web B/S structure of the client.350. you can display curve chart again. flexible.servertype. By the client we implemented without a page refresh to x Xelement getpicture(xelement xml. Curve graphics can put inside a month or a few months of data. flicker-free page.1. instead of belonging to the Com library. structure has been implemented. which can draw the real-time x Public class real-time image maker . curve of the dynamic systems and the curve of history. then. do not need to after a long time in the current detection.ajax the three-dimensional graphics and real-time image settings.opc_Simatic Net). there are many device monitoring information. intuitive and clear all kinds of longer overwhelmed. make some decisions. and x [Servcie contract][operation contract]&. has library. the data update.obj). and a real-time database is established on the basis of the collected x Read and write data information.addgroup("gl1". strong real-time performance. To its high refresh. and adds the use for Opcrcw in the c # the output port to control alarm.m1. If you look at the data. to The PC monitoring software mainly uses c # development effectively manage data. Furthermore. More importantly. the remote real-time monitoring function can be realized. and data communication ports and so on a series After a lot of testing and practical application. will automatically find out the uncertain factors. and has development environment. string newpoint. The whole system can remote access. from a database to come over. every item of 868 . design button on a page by controlling of Opc client read data.out err). server. system. Production managers no longer need to visit the Implements the graphic drawing.Net platform support. the more data. the monitor Server. Monitoring the page itself is large. deal with the former collected data. This x Open the connection system solved the problem. so in this system all the front-end equipment corresponding data values. string value) . these libraries good man-machine interactive.synserver(Sconnection of data combined with several months of data processing on the . update Web data of real-time data acquisition and monitoring string attribute."S7:[one]MW3"}.write("maiker". without having to production.content type=” application/jison” transmission efficiency has a very good improvement in the Through to the Jquery calls brushless Wcf has realized practical applications. longer. it obtains the real-time Silverlight technology to develop. using Msajax and Silverlight techniques to Server. etc. through asynchronous reads data String err. anti-aging experiments. signals of boiler dry spot’s worker are been collected first. temperature resistance.Net faster response speed. In addition. user experience is very good. these The remote monitoring server uses the Windows server approaches could extend the system function and optimize the 2008 + IIS7 as operation platform. and control system.nt. using the traditional Web method is very awkward. But this system is through AJAX for database information. but also for the input. output. without the need to install any third-party Client browser side namely. can undertake the environmental monitoring display technology of Web based remote real-time monitoring requirements of the scene. and has a Siemens to provide for . The designed system has run normally more than a year. in order to therefore we develop a class library to simplify programming.server system. in the background when the user click to view one Because of complicated field environment. realize to the scene of the temperature and data query to refresh the page. the process signal. Then. so as to ensure the stability and reliability of the successfully on ASP. the amount Server=News connection. B/S mode to realize the real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity on the spot. x Add a group V. In summary. monitoring and err). production site to watch. Although reached the requirement of real-time monitoring. this system of tests. only need one can connect in the Internet browser. Complete real-time curve drawing. environment of various kinds of real-time everywhere. operation simple process at the same time. There is much number of data transmission in the managed and unmanaged area. Server. CONCLUSION Server.additems("gl1". can monitor the production of equipment. the process control personnel no and convenient.NET platform using AjaxReal-time system hardware. will see a data may need to humidity data storage. by x Create a server interface means of chart. has friendly man-machine interface process. and uses c # + ajax + system structure. A remote monitoring system has been designed in this x Add item article by using SCADA. wait a long time. The library is as part of the . Core classes are as follows: data of web monitor system. it could achieve real-time brushless description. Often when we need to see a graphical reports. We need the curve graphics. Specifically. users are far install any software Use the browser to browse the site away from the scene. don't need to refresh the page. are still difficult to programming. realize the data of openness and transparency of the Remote monitoring system is a large amount of data. show on the page. a user can monitor more than one information. and store historical information.

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