Foreign Language Exploratory programs introduce students to other cultures and to language

as general concept. Time is spent exploring one or more languages. ( 1) . . . this information
may be introduced, the emphasis is not attaining proficiency. (2) . . . some proficiency may
be attained with a one-or twice –per-week program emphazing the use of a specific langauge,
parents should not expect children to attain fluency in such programs. These programs, (3) ....
can provide a basic for later learning.
1. The appropriate word/phase for the blank space (2) in the text is . .
A. Whenever
B. Even id
C. While
D. As
2. The appropriate word/phase for the blank space (1) in the text is . .
A. Although
B. Because
C. Unless
D. Until
3. The appropriate word/phase for the blank space (3) in the text is . .
A. Simply
B. In brief
C. However
D. For example

Carrier-Based Aircraft
There are a wide variety of airplanes. For example. Seaplanes, vertical takeoff and landing
( VTOL) space shuttles, land planes and carrier –based airplanes; all take advantage of the
same basic technology , but their capabilities and uses make them seem only distantly related.
Carrier-based airplanes are a specially modified type of land plane designed for takeoff from
and landing aboard naval aircraft carriers. Carriers airplanes have a strengthened structure,
including their landing gear, to handle the streeses of catapult-assisted takeoff, in which the
craft is launched by a steam-driven catapult ;and arrested landings, made by using a hook
attached to the underside of the aircraft’s tail to catch one of four wires strung across the
flight deck of the carrier.
4. The text tells us . . .
A. Relations among airplanes
B. Advantages of airplane types
C. Characteristics of passenger planes
D. A description of carrier-based airplanes
5. The word “ Catapult “ in the text means . . .
A. Device which can throw objects at high speed
B. A Y-shapped stick with a piece of elastic material
C. Sudden experience on particular state, such as fame
D. Device used for catching wires strung across the deck

''You have taken everything of mine. The robber looks so powerful C. A. . Intellignce may defeat power B.6. A clever farmer who saved himself from a robbery C. Capacity C. Speed Clever Farmer One night a clever farmer was returning home from a cattle fair. "Hand over all that you have." The farmer got scared and gave his money to the dacoit. Design D. It is implied in the story that the afrmer is scared because . Immediately the clever farmer started beating the dacoit with the stick. So the clever farmer saved himself and his belongings too. A farmer who bullied a dacoit Ingredients: Lobster 4 lobsters live and 1-1/4 lb each. . As he turned to go. Brainpower is superior to stupidity C. a dacoit came in front of him. He said. Can you give me your stick?" "Why do you need it?" the dacoit enquire "My wife will be pleased that at least I got a stick from the fair. "Give me the buffalo too. A. A. He loved his life more than his belongings 9. He was alone on the area B. We learn from the text that . . . . The story is about . Then the farmer said. olive oil as required’ to taste salt ‘ to taste ground blackpepper Instructions ." The dacoit gave the stick to the farmer happily. An argument between clever farmer and a decoit B. He had no idea to defeat the dacoit D. the dacoit said. Physical strength is necessary for farmers D. Why are you taking it away?" The farmer handed over the buffalo's rope to the dacoit. . Modification B. He had a thick stick in his hand. . As he passed through a dense forest. A. Farmer’s strength is inferior to that of dacoit 8. He bought a buffalo from there. 7. A robber who was bullied by a clever farmer D. . The significant caharacteristic of this airplane types is its . The dacoit ran off to save his life leaving the buffalo and the farmer's money behind.

Learning in an integrated way C. Brush the claws and tail pieces with olive oil Thematic instruction is based on the idea that people acquire knowledge best when (1) learning in the context of a coherent “whole” and when (2) they can connect what they’re learning to the real word. There is a relation between learning and the world C. A container from which food can be served 11. There is no difference between learning and living B. turning once half-away through. science. Remove the lobsters to a large colander to drain and cool. Set the claws aside.Which of the following sentences can best replace the underlines part (2) in the text ? A. and writing in the context of a real-world subject that is both specific enough to be practical. With the blunt edge of a large knife. A. A. discard the bodies and cut the tails into two. usually round dish with a slightly raised edge C. The colander in the text means . 13. Integrating different lessons D. The best title to the text is . A bowl with small holes in it used for washing food D.  Preheat the grill  Remove the lobster claws. A flat.. There is a link between classroom learning and real life D. Set aside. Grilled Lobster B. Remove the lobster claws C. . Crack the claws without opening D. Place on the grill shell side down. Plunge the lobster into the boiling water and cook over high heat for 4 minutes. . . Preheat the grill B. . . Knwoing broad concepts 14. and broad enough to allow creative exploration. A. A metal device with holes in it used for straining B. Thematic instruction (3) seeks to put the introduction of cognitive skills such as reading.  Fill a very large stock pot with slated water and bring to boil.Which of the following sentences can best replace the underlined part (1) in the text ? A. Grilled Lobster Pot 12. There is no disparity between class and outside class work. crack the claws without opening them completely.  Arrange on a serving platter and keep warm. Separate the tails from the bodies. 10. Olive-Oil Lobster D. EXCEPT . mathematics. Cover and cook about 5 minutes. Clawless Lobster C.  Brush the claws and tails pieces with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Discovering knowledge broadly B. The following steps are about dealing with the lobster. keeping on the shells on..

these conditions. Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city. fitted with on oven. A. It can be inferred from the text the location of the property is . A semi-fully furnished condominium D. Throws planning down the drain C. Free private parking is avaible on site. Teaches mainly cognitive capacities D. . Chez Anne-Marie Perez features a seasonal outdoor pool and hot tub. A. students needs to . The text informs us about . A.15. A. Educates cognitive mastery B. The nearest airport is Avignon-Provence Airport. A house in a comfortable environement. amjor is English will become the academic advisor of the students with language learning interests. . Lower than other apartments D. 19. Whom C. A. Wholly understand 20. . The teacher . In the southern part of Provence –Alpes-Cote 18. Emphasizes the teaching of cognitive aspects Located in Apt in Provence-Alpes-Cote . Half way between Aix-en-Provence and Avignon Provence Airport B. Whose B. 40 km from Aix-en-Provence. The scope of the student’s research needs to be limited. Therefore. 40 km from th property. Half way between Provence –Alpes-Cote and Chez C. Otherwise. . the property is . he . Relatively affordable B. . A. . Which of the following sentences can best replace the underlines part (3) in the text ? A. That 21. Chez also includes a barbecue. 16. with his thesis. Completely know D. According to the text. There is also a kitchen . Prioritizes the mastery of cognition C. A fully furnshied apartment B. Relatively close to the Avignon Provence Airport D. A bit higher than motels C. The lowest among other residences 17. An quiet township residence C. Who D. Bites off more than he can chew B. Entirely realize C. . Barks up the wrong tree . Fully recognize B. Learning English succesfully needs strong motivation and a lot of practices. Some units havea terrace and/or balcony. . . . . A fridge and kettle are also available.

Utterly C. Readily accept D. . Wholly lament D. the suggestions. useless for her defend her wrong ideas in the discussions on the effectiveness of the teaching method. Deeply regret 25. Sick as a dog B. . . Clearly catch C. These materials . Rosana’s research results in her amazing achievement in her campus. . . Implementing D. For being implemented B. Need retrained B. when he knew the demands of the lectures on the project. . Many people . . Need to be retraining 29. An arm and a leg 26. A. . Fully B. Around the brush C. . Easily understand 24. .. Terry felt pretty . A. The innovation is worth .. as many students have not met the minimum passing grade in the quiz A. . . The thesis advisor’s explanation is so clear that Lalu Muhaimin can . A. Implemented 28. Totally mourn C. A hot potato C. Down in the dumps 23. To be implemented C. A. D. A. Evidently 27. A last straw B. the incident that has happened to the poor teacher who was beaten by his students and his student’s parent A. Need to retrain C.. . Under the weather D. It is .. A piece of cake D. No novice teachers should miss the workshop on the current strategies in langauge teaching as it presents a lot of innovation for them. Fully get B. Clearly D. It now becomes . Students will certainly be allowed to take their cell phone to the class . Burns the midnight oil 22. At the first. Need retraining D. Fully grieve over B. for effective learning.

A very happy life C. . Italy. The appropriate word/phase for the blank space (2) in the text is . Dublin in 1902. Nora Barnacie. 1932 31. He was the eldest of the ten children. few teachers know about error analysis and some related theories. . It can be inferred from the text that Joyce’s family lived . He died in 1941. Errors are considered as nuisance in learning B. . and Zurich Switzerland. France. They often take so negative attitudes toward errors D. An adventurous writer In foreign langauge learning. 1931 D. 30. The text implies that James A. A. But actually. A renounced priest C. Consequently. and the students do not believe they have benefited a lot. To support the family was never comfortable financially. and his family was poor and Roman Catholic. Far from their hometown B. During much of his adult life Joyce suffered from as series of severe eye trouble that eventually led to near blindness. Joyce renounced the Roman Catholic faith. In disharmony 32. . If the school had set up their rules for using the device in the clas C. While he was at university College. . (2) . (1) . . A. . 1902 B. although they think they have been working hard enough and spend much time and energy working on error correction. A. A. They lived in Triesta. In 1904 he and his companion. A language teacher D. they could not tolerate any errors and tend to correct them as soon as they could find any. 33. A. left Ireland for good. 1904 C. . Learning should result in accurate forms of language 34. A. Their effort is not effective . Ineffective teaching is believed to be cause C. As a youth. . They had two children but did not marry until 1931. . error correction has become one of the important teaching processes. Joyce was educated at Roman Catholic lower school and at home.A Joyce was .A Joyce got married in . The appropriate word/phase for the blank space (1) in the text is .As a result. . If the school sets up their rules for using the device in the clas B. Unless If the school will set up their rules for using the device in the clas James Augustine Aloysius Joyce was born in a Dublin suburb. Should the school set up their rules for using the device in the clas D. A man of letters B. In real proverty D. James A. He earned a degree in Latin from University College .

A.000 years ago greatly increased the overall food supply. . Food production further increased with the industrial revolution as machinery. populations. technological revolutions have coincided with population explosions. A. the agricultural revolution. B. Argue about the population explosions . Mixed From a historical perspective . such as bow and arrow. Unrelated B.g. 35. Report the influence of technological revolutions to populations growth B. the use of tools. resulting in subsequent population explosions. Alternate C. Biased C. This startegy is essential for making each student responsible for learning while providing (3)equal opportunity for class participation. In short. allowed primitive hunters greater access to high energy foods (e. Similarly. which was used to support more people. . Decline D. There have been three major technological revolutions – the tool-making revolution. and pesticides were used to increase land under cultivation as well as crop yields.For example. Teachers’ correcting jobs increase D. animal meat). The appropriate antonym of the underlined word (2) in text is . . Correcting errors is still necessary to do The numbered heads together strategy enables the teacher to check for understanding while engaging every student in (1) simultaneous interaction and group processing. The appropriate antonym of the underlined word (1) in text is . and the industrial revolution – all of which allowed humans more access to food. Separated 36 . Expain the importance of food production to human health D. 38. The appropriate antonym of the underlined word (3) in text is . Neutral B. Relate technological revolutions. the transition to farming about 10. Degradation B. A. . Varied D. The text above intends to . A. Deficit 37. Reduction C. and food production C. humans have increased their population as soon as food became more abundant as a result of technological innovations. . . herbicides. similar to bacteria that multiply in response to increased food supply. fertilizers. . . The benefit of this strategy is that each student can use all four language skills to further academic language (2) development. Their teaching impacts negatively C. Individual D.

g on for 1 hour off for 1 ½ hour ). . A. A. On those soils where surging is effective it has been reported to allow completion of the irrigation with a lower overall water usage and therefore higher efficiency and potentially offer the ability to practice deficit irrigation. . The result of wetting and drying cycles to . . The effectiveness of surge irrigation is soil type dependent. The best title of the text is . many clay soils experience a rapid sealing behavior under continous flow and therefore surge irrigation offers little beneft. Advance rates of uniformities D. Technological innovations C. Reduction of infiltration rates B. . It can be inferred from the text that . . The phase of surge irrigration . Abundance of food 40. Machinery D. The increase of food production are dependent . Wetting cycle result in deficit irrigation B. Drying phase yelds higher efficiently D. A. Fertilizer B. Industrial revolution D. . Disintregration of soil particles C.The wetting and drying cycles reduce infiltration rates resulting in faster advance artes nad higher unifomities than continous flow. A.39. The effectiveness of furrow irrigration D. which on the following EXCEPT . Completion of seasonal irrigation 43. Pesticides C. Surge irrigation is relatively ineffective C. It can be inferred from the text that a population explosion is mostly dependent on . The advancement of modern irrigration C. . . Modernization of machinery B. filling of cracks and micro pores and the disintegration od soil particles during rapid wetting and consequent surface sealing during each drying phase. A. Cultivation Surge irrigation is a variant furrow irrigaation where the water supply is pulsed on and off in planned time periods ( e. 41. The wetting and drying cycles of irrigration B. The reduction in infiltrations is a result of surface consilidation. . for example. Furrow irrigation is more profitable 42.

Mrs. . This misconception can phychologically be understood B. how one person can make d difference. Language learning can be problematic C. They tend to “ plod thorough their classes. a Toronto-based dermatologist. feeling (2) . and two tablespoons for the body. A. An inspiring wonder example You’e slathering yourself in sunscreen before hitting the beach. (1) . More efforts are needed to make adults learn I am always happy to talk about my favourite teacher. Lisa .at Manshall Secondary School in South Jackson. There is a little hope of success B. My amazed English 7th grade teacher B. When it comes to guarding against sun damage .. The appropriate word/ phrase for the blank space (1) in the text is . My the 7th grade English amazing teacher C.. . A. Dr. She was (1). . You’re only getting SPF from your makeup. the SPF 10 or 15 . This is like a window that shuts down around the beginning of puberty. She was a great teacher and (2) . 2. My 7th grade amazing English teacher D. 1... 44. There is uniqueness in language learning D. . According to Kellet.A popular misconception regarding second-langauge learning is that there is a critical period for learning a second language. Mrs.. My amazement English 7th grade teacher 47. Josephne Henley. For sunscreen to be effective . The appropriate sentence for the blank space (1) in the text is . . . The appropriate sentence for the blank space (2) in the text is . A. The appropriate sentence for the blank space (2) in the text is . A. . recommends seven teaspoons for the face and neck . . . A wonderful inspiring example D.. Their teachers may become skeptical too. There is abundant evidence of the causes of this misconception 45.. A wonderful inspiration example B. . This misconception is common to many language learners C. Adults may become doubtful of their ability to learn a new language .. Henley identified my dyslexia and taught me to overcome this challenge. make up with SPF doesn’t cut it. You’re not applying enough sunscreen. An expert points out the harm this misconception can cause D. 46. . you need to apply the right amount . . An inspired wonderful example C. but are you getting the sun protection you really need ? Here ways your sunscreen might not be working.

. Making UVA protection less effective C. A. . it will take some time to get to the conversation hall and as soon as they get there. . for instance. You’re worried about looking greasy. The inadequate amount B. . The use of micronized ingredients 51. The procedures of protecting our skin from sun damage. matte-finish formula. Hate the shiny. Instead. . Will be beginning B. . EXCEPT . Coppertone’s Clearly Sheer. found in BB creams or mineral powders provide in sufficient protection from UVA and UVB rays. Protecting makeup from heat of the sun B. A. 3. 49. the general lecture . The purpose of the text is telling readers about . If the students take a walk. . Fpundation before applying makeup 50. Guarding the skin from sun damage D. is an oil-free sunscreen that uses micronized ingredients for dry-touch finish that doesn’t clog pores. Begins . The following reasons are for your sunscreen not to be working. she recommends applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 before applying make up. A. A. The uses of sufficient sunscreen products B. Is going to begin C. 48. Not completely applied SPF D. How to apply sunscreen products for skin protection D. Will have begun D. greasy complexion that you sometimes get from sunscreen ?Kellet suggests looking for an oil-free . The reasons our sunscreen doesnt work C. Anxiety about greasy skin C. Among the function of SPF is ..

. . . There is an opposite relation between home sales and home prices A jigsaw classroom is no a loose. A. The level of home sales in January is on the average . Opposite to the level of hokme prices in June B. Similiar to the one in February and May C. Matched . “ anything goes” situation. . . . Resource for the others. Twice as much as that of home prices D. . each student becomes a (2) . 200 B. The increase in the home sales is followed in the rise in home prices D. the higher their prices are C. A. 430 D. It can be inferred from the chart that . . It is highly (1) . In becoming a teacher of sort. . The appropriate word for the blank space (1) in the text is . Home sales and home prices are unrelated one another B. 220 C. The same as the level of home prices 53. and it is this interdependence that encourages the students to take an active part in their learning.52. A. 55 . 435 54. The higher the number of home sales. . The chart show that the average home price in March is around . A. It is the element of “ required” interdependence among students which make this a unique learning method. Interdependence is required.

. Coorinated D. B. 3) however. 4-5-1-3-2-6 C. 4-2-6-1-5-3 DEATH LITERACY ??? . Important 1) it frequently involves finding flaws in other’s arguments. but it is not always properly understood. The appropriate word for the blank space (2) in the text is . A. Structured C. 2) Put simply. 4-6-2-1-5-3 B. 4-6-5-2-1-3 D. 57. Harmonized 56. 5) it is not simply about criticizing idea. critical thinking means developing reliable. but that is not all that it is about. Reliable B. rational evaluations about an argument or idea. 4) the term “critical thinking” is used a lot. 6) it means for separating truth from falsehood and reasonable from unreasonable beliefs. it is about developing the ability to think about ideas with greater critical distance. Valuable C. A. Helpful D.