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Department of Education

Region III
Division of Pampanga
City of San Fernando

SY 2016-2017

Direction: Choose your answer from the choices lettered A, B, C, and D. Write the letter of your
choice in the answer sheet.

1. If two triangles are congruent, then
A. only their corresponding angles are congruent.
B. only their corresponding sides are congruent.
C. their corresponding parts are congruent.
D. they have the same shapes

2. Which of the following is TRUE about Postulate.
A. It is a statement that is accepted without proof.
B. It is a statement accepted after it is proved deductively.
C. It is a statement evident in the process of proving.
D. It is a statement uses specific examples to arrive at a general rule

3. Given  WIN, what side is included between  I and  N?

4. What property of congruence is illustrated in the statement HI  HI?
A. Reflexive C. Transitive
B. Symmetric D. Addition

5.  IFE   IFL, then  LFI  __________.
A.  EFI C.  FIL
B.  ELI D.  LIE

6. Which of the following is not a postulate but is used to prove the congruence of triangles?

7. Which is used to prove that HEA   LEA, if HA  LA, HE  LE?

8. In ABD, which is the included angle of AB and AD?
A. ABD B. D C. B D. A

9. What is the sum of the measures of the angles of a triangle?
A. 60  B. 90  C. 180  D. 360 

10. Given  LAX, what angle is included between LA and AX?
A.  L
B. A
C.  X
D.  ALX

In PEI. EI C. TA A H R . KJ B. ACB is a right angle. F  A D. What other information must he know to prove FIA  HIT by ASA postulate? A. 1  3. CP  PA. In  CPA.11. Given DEF  KJI. AT E T B. RA C. If m A = 50. 55 6 7 D. Allen knows that F  H and FI  HI. what is m5? A. The triangles are not necessarily congruent 16. In the figure  HAE   TAR. 50 1 2 C. ASA postulate B. 50 B. SAS Postulate D. I  I 14. SSS Postulate C. If the pictured triangles are congruent. IK C. PE B. 45 A B. A  T C. PI D. RT D. KI 17. 130 50  C A 12. FD  ___?____ A. EP 13. IJ D. ACE is equilateral. which is the included side of P and I? A. P A. 80 C. what is the side corresponding to HE? A. what reason can be given? A. 60 B 3 4 5 9 8 D C 15. then mP = ________. H  T B. 100 D.

PQ = 5cm. It intersects the base C. RQ = 5 cm. Given PQR. VT C. When he opened the box. QPR 22. Its length is equal to the length of the base. TA T 19. 30 B. Identify the triangle that is congruent to ABC. PJM  PMJ B. 120 24. 105 D. A. The wings of an SR-71 Blackbird aircraft suggest congruent triangles. 30 B. Which statement correctly names two congruent angles? A. Mark bought a model airplane kit. Which of the following conditions would be sufficient for the above triangles to be congruent? . In  VAT. 150 21. KJP  JKP D. PQR D. RQP C. 75 C. TV A D. Q = 60. 20. 90 D. PML  PLK 23. It divides the triangle into two D. VA V B. Find mR. It is perpendicular to the base at its midpoint B. QRP B. what side is included between V and A? A. What is true about the bisector of the vertex angle of an isosceles triangle? A.18. 60 C. JMK  JKM C. What is mD? A. A. these two congruent triangular pieces of wood fell out of it.

NA = NC. SSS . A. YV 30. PAB ≅ NAB? A A. y = t. c = f B. ASA B. Which of the following is NOT equivalent to the correspondence indicated? A. 40 B. which segment is congruent to UV? A. SAS C. scalene triangle D. isosceles triangle B. 100 D. If corresponding congruent parts are marked. PAG DZO 29. find the measure of N? A. how can you prove HDW  PDW ? D A. x = u. Which of the following is not a postulate but is used to prove the congruence of triangles? A. z = s D. a = e. SSS Congruent B. Which is used to prove that PBA ≅ NBA if PA ≅ NA. y = t. XY F. ASA Congruent B 31. AGP OZD C. UV E. SAS Congruent P N D. equilateral triangle 26. 120 28. SAA Congruent C. AAS B. z = s 25. UVW ≅ XYZ. SSS W P H 32. a = f. ASA 27. z = t C.  GAP  ZOD . LL C. This triangle has at least two sides congruent. a = e. SAS D. y = s. GPA ZDO D. In NAT. If mA = 40. 80 C. A. UW B. Which method can be used to prove that these triangles are congruent? A. APG ODZ B. Hy-L B. x = u. acute triangle C. SSS D.

AAA D. B = E. WX  JX B. EB = EF. S B. INF O D C. what side is opposite U? A. HAD and HEA B. Which of the following conditions would be sufficient for ABC  DEF? A. In USA. Suppose RT  ND and R  N. AC = DE D. W  T D. symmetric C. AC = DE 34. H E D A A. In PHI. PI C. JN  FB C. the angle included between AN and AT is A. C = F. reflexive B. US D. A = B. Which triangle is congruent to CAT by the ASA Postulate? A. S D. DOG F C B. UAS 38. ASA 33. RW  JT 43. C. U C. GOD D. FNI N I T A G 35. A D. BC = FD. PH B. AHE and HAD . The statement “If A = B and B = C. What additional information is needed to prove RTJ  NDF by ASA? A. transitive D. UN C. Name the two congruent triangles which is supported by the AAS Congruence. SU B. what angle is opposite UN? A. multiplication 39. N B. AB = DE. which of the following is true? A. T  D D. TJ  DF B. If JAN  FEB. J  F 42. RXW  JXT. B = E. J  R C. SUN 41. then A = C illustrates that congruence of angles is A. In SUN. the side included between P and I is A. U C. NS 40. C = F C. Which statement is not necessary true? A. AC = DF B. JR  FN C. H 37. A  B D. HI D. JN  EB B. A = D. N  F 36. In the diagram. In SUN.

In XYZ. YZ C. which statement is false? A. CA 68 16 A D . which of the following will complete the statement. V  Y. XY  UW B. XZY  UWV D. EAH and DAH 44. ZY 47. what statement can be deduced? A. If UVW  XYZ. VW  ______ ? A. CD  ______? A. C. AAS 49. LL B. U  X. HyA A B C 45. Y  Z B. In the figure. SSS B. EC 73 C 14 C. Which postulate is shown in the figure? A. ASA C. XY B. HyL D. HyL B C D 46. BC B E B. Y  Y 50. UV  XY. LL E D B. Y  V 48. AB D. ABC  DEC. if XY  YZ. XZ D. In the accompanying figure. AC is the perpendicular bisector of BD. which postulate should be used to show that UVW  XYZ? A. LA C. EHA and DHA D. SAS D. What congruence postulate concludes the given information? A A. HyA D. LA C. Y  X D. YZX  VWU C. Z  X C. Using the same given in #46.