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Nr. Unitatea Continut Obiective operaionale Activiti de nvare Resurse Evaluare

Grammar : conditionals -teaching and training verb - key word transformation Revision ex
1 UNIT 4: patterns for each type of - word formation Textbook
conditional sentence - rephrasing exercises Worksheets
Vocabulary: science - teaching specific meaning - multiple choice exercises
Pushing the
Collocations of different collocations - correcting mistakes CD Vocabulary and
boundaries Fixed phrases and idioms grammar practice
Idioms - training word formation
in a given context by using -multiple matching
prefixes and suffixes (reading)
-finding similar words and
Reading : Murphys law - training listening for phrases Conversation
Gapped text specific information -answer questions scientific research
-ask questions Scientific
- training reading discoveries
comprehension by making
use of key words - predicting content by
- reinforcing general using key words
knowledge on the topic and - conversation
-training studentsability to - ordering paragraphs
Speaking : problem solving task recognize specific elements - open cloze Writing :an article-
of an article (style, -analyse a model article computer games :a
Listening : extracts-multiple organization etc.) so as to waste of time
choice be able to write an article
The red canary-sentence on a given topic

Writing: articles
Introductory paragraphs
8 UNIT 8: Grammar: direct and indirect - training pupils ability of - observation and Textbook
speech using direct and reported discussion ex. Worksheets Revision ex
-reporting words speech - fill in the blanks ex. CD
What keeps
- fill in and word-building
us going - training speaking ability ex.
and reinforcing vocabulary Vocabulary and
connected to work and jobs - conversation practice grammar practice
Vocabulary : careers and jobs by appealing to pupils - matching exercises
-work idioms personal knowledge (words to pictures / words
-three-part phrasal verbs - training contextual to their explanations)
differentiation between - translation exercises Project work
different situations which Unusual jobs
require the use of phrasal -contextual use of newly
verbs learned items

- training reading
Reading :My dream job comprehension skills
-gapped text - multiple choice exercise
- matching exercise ( new
words from the text to Conversation
- training first general and their contextual meaning ) practice:giving
Listening :Are you a self starter? then specific listening opinions about jobs
Amy Kyme-multiple choice comprehension - multiple choice ex. and careers
Speaking:agreeing and adding - fill in a chart (while Describing jobs
information - training students ability listening)
Comparing to interact naturally in oral - asking and answering
communication questions Listening practice

- fill in the blanks

-training writing skills- -discuss the questions Writing a proposal
identifying the difference
Writing : a proposal between a report and a
The difference between a report proposal
and a proposal
-comparing and
contrasting the situations Textbook
3 Grammar :substitution/ellipsis - teaching and training presented in the listening Copybook Progress test
- hypothetical meaning-wish contextual use of the given section CD
structures (expressing ( as well as referring to
Family ties wishes) personal knowledge and
experience) Grammar and
Vocabulary: Family - training students ability vocabulary practice
- easily confused words to identify and use the
-word plus preposition correct combinations of vb. - multiple choice ex.
+ prep. - error correction
- identifying and training - translation exercises
Reading :Be home by 9,30 the correct contextual use - rephrasing exercises
of words which are easily Speaking practice-
Speaking : exam focus- confused - fill in the blanks talk about your
collaborative task/discussion - identifying and family
- training students listening correcting the incorrect
comprehension and their word in a given context
ability to express their
views on the subject
- multiple matching ex.
Listening :Family life - training students ability - question-answer practice
Mother and child to identify specific
information out of the
different variants given by -conversation practice Writing a
Writing : competition entry making use of key words -sequencing expressions competition entry
Adding interest -checking for mistakes
Being persuasive
Grammar : future forms - teaching and training the - matching ex. and fill in Worksheets Vocabulary and
-verb patterns contextual difference in use ex. CD grammar practice
Creative and meaning between - error correction ( find the
talents different future forms lacking word in the
- reinforcing and training sentence)
Vocabulary : creativity the use of different verb - multiple choice ex.
-phrasal verbs patterns -translation ex.
-words with similar meaning
- teaching and training the - transformation exercises
use of phrasal verbs - multiple choice exercises Reading
- matching exercises comprehension
- enabling students to - open cloze
identify the shades of - fill in the blanks
Reading :Good game but is it an meaning of different words exercises
art? so as to use them correctly
Use of language:A case of in context - fill in the gaps with
collection madness matching sentences
- training reading explanation matching )
comprehension and - question-answer Speaking practice-
identifying specific practice conversation
information Individual long
- focusing on key - question answer ex. turns
information in the - fill in the blanks ex.
Listening :The cow parade- questions - describing pictures
sentence completion - training listening - matching ex.
comprehension - conversation practice
Speaking : two-way Listening practice
conversation - ordering events
Individual long turns -training writing skills - writing a review by
following instructions

Writing : a review Writing a review