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Research paper

Name: Karitika Doal

10 Angels

Topic: What would you

want to become someday?

Teacher: Mrs. Rhessie Santiago

Date: March 15, 2016


I would like to thank my friends and my teachers to help me in doing my research paper.

Also grade 9- garnet for cooperating well, when I was having the survey. Lastly thank you Lord

for guiding me in every moment while doing my research paper.

I. Introduction

When the researcher was a primary student, her parents always asked her, what she want

to be in future? Her answer was a teacher or a doctor. People say Time flies, the researchers

time spend very fast, her lifestyle changed, even decisions too. Until she realize that she is good

in arts and design, so she decided to be a fashion designer, but her parents want her to took any

course in medicine, so she decide to took dentistry, but she will follow her ambition of being a

designer after the dentistry. She have many goals in her life and few are pending, she want to

reach those before leaving this world.

Time has changed, students nowadays didnt care about anything, they just want enjoy

their lives, didnt care about their future. They think how their present is going, their future will

go on the same. Some who are street vendors, they just do work for their one day food. Students

nowadays have very little ambitions, that they think they just want their education as soon as

possible, they didnt

Think about their ambitions, they will take the course that have less years to take. Some students

Knowledge but laziness hits them first, Formal education will make you a living, self-education

will make you fortune. Every student learn in school, but there are some who just learn until the

exam then forget it. Internet using is the best example for the self- education, her hobbies are

trying different kinds of make-up and hairstyles, she didnt learn it from school or professional,

she just use internet and learn, now she is a beautician. If there is a will, there is a way. She

found ways to learn a particular thing and now she reach what she want. The best way to predict

the future is to create it. If she want to know a particular thing, she search for it or gather

information from other.

Being a professional is the best feeling ever, let our parents feel proud of us and

especially boys, because nowadays girls rule over boys, because girls left the boys in the part of

Other student thinks that education add their problems, for her there are problems in

every ones life, we should face it. Everyone has their own capability, she suggest that use our

capabilities in our life. Now the researcher would like to ask from students of garnet, what they

want to be when they grow up?


Ambition is one of the globally admired personality traits that someone could have.

Ambitious guys are usually considered more attractive to girls since they can provide them with

a sense of a secure future. Ambition can also bring you lots of friends and fans because of the

continuous achievements you make in your life which usually impresses others. Just like

ambition can stem from having a great big goal or a noble life purpose it can also stem from self

-doubts and feelings of insecurity.

When ambition goes wrong. Sometimes people become ambitious just to prove to

themselves that they can achieve a certain goal. Although this is not bad at all still it reflects

some of the self- doubts that this person is experiencing. When the source of ambition becomes

the desire to please others or to prove to others that you are worthy other than being rooted to

your real goals or personal agenda then this is another problem. Again this is not bad at all but

still it shows that you are obsessed by the way others think of you. In both cases the aim is not

reaching the goal or making progress in your life but its just proving to others that you are OK.

If that's the case then you seriously need to start building self -confidence so that people's

opinions won't affect you anymore.

Real Ambition, The best type of ambition is when the source of ambition becomes the

desire to reach a big goal or to fulfill your life purpose. Aiming for a big goal for the sake of

making a big change in the world is the best type of ambition that you can have because its not

rooted to self- doubts or to concerns about your image in front of others. Finally, ambition is

always a good trait even if its sources were self -doubts and insecurities. It's important to

understand the real drive behind your ambition so that you know whether you are on the right

track or whether you are just trying to prove something to others. Know myself is not a simple

article website nor its a place where you will find shallow fixes, but its a place where you will
find effective techniques that are backed by psychology and that are presented in obvious and

understandable format. If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see what other

visitors say about to know myself.


1. I asked my teacher for the letter I had presented to the advisor of grade 9- garnet.

2. I asked for the survey form then Xerox it in number of students in garnet.

3. I went to garnet in afternoon for survey them.

4. The advisor of garnet helped me to survey the students.

5. In few minutes they all are finished answering the survey.

6. I collected the survey forms.

7. I start doing a scratch paper and wrote down the ambitions of the students of garnet.

8. I made chart and bar graph.

9. I made some question then answered it by focusing on the data I gathered from the survey.

10. I made final draft.

Problem statement

What are the purpose of having an ambition in life?

II. Ambition Chart

Engineer 6

Architect 5

Pharmacist 4

Doctor 4

restauranteur 5

Musician 2

Flight Attendant 2

Seaman 1

Teacher 1

Guidance Counsellor 1

Accountant 1

Pediatrician 1

Psychologist 1

Psychiatrist 1

Medtech 1

Chef 2

Designer 1

Journalist 1
Ambition bar graph









Guidance Counsellor



Flight Attendant







0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Number of students
1. What is an ambition?

- Ambition is a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiing determination and

hard work to achieve success.

2. Why I want to know about their ambitions?

- I want to know, what they want to be someday and what are their ambitions.

3. Why most of them choose engineer?

- In my opinion, because it is high standard and high salary, even though it is tough and full of


4. How many of the class choose medicine?

- Twelve among the class choose to be a medical student.

5. How they can reach their ambitions?

- They can reach their ambitions by focusing, find ways to learn it, if there is a will, there is a

way and avoid doing things that are not related with your goal.

III. Conclusion
I therefore conclude that there are many purposes of having an ambition in life,

first of all if we know our ambition we concentrate on it, we found ways to learn it, we

know what will be our future, we are satisfied with our life because we follow our

ambition. In short it is for our satisfaction in our life.