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February 23, 2017


Alexis I DuPont High School
c/o Mr. Paladinetti
50 Hillside Road
Wilmington, Delaware 19807
(302) 651-2626 Office
(302) 651-2757 Fax

Dear Mr. Palladinetti;

This missive should be received as an official request for an appeal on behalf of my son

The current appeal is being made based on an arbitrary, capricious decision made by the
leadership staff at AI High School related to my sons ability to participate in youth athletics for
the remainder of the basketball season. I firmly believe the decision made was emotion based,
pandered to public opinion and perception, appears to be racially motivated, is void of any
relevant facts, denies my child procedural due process and meets the strictest definition of
excessive and punitive in nature.

According to page 24 of the Red Clay School Districts student code of conduct students and
their families have the right to appeal any decision made on behalf of the school, when the
student perceives unfair treatment or is denied the procedural due process afforded all citizens. In
the current matter, I believe the appeal should be based on the following:
1. The decision made on behalf of the school was not supplied in writing, which violates
requirements outlined in the student code regarding disciplinarian decisions made by the
2. I believe my child was unfairly treated in the schools swift decision to deny my son
participation in youth athletics and his individual involvement was never considered.
3. The decision was made without an opportunity for my family to review the facts used to
determine the decision, to present our side of the story, to present relevant facts, critical
evidence and to scrutinize the facts the school considered in arriving at their decision
4. The decision was unprecedented; emotionally charged and racially based, evidenced by
the decision being made without careful consideration of facts and circumvention of the
decision-making powers of AI High Schools athletic department.
5. Based on the facts currently available we believe the so-called independent investigation
performed by Brian Moore, after the decision was made, was bias and only sought to
further justify the schools previous decision.
6. The consequences imposed on the students, even if a consequence is warranted, is
punitive and excessive in nature. In fact, is does not meet the code of conducts intent to
progress in discipline or the best practice of restorative justice.

Proposed Resolutions

1. The school should forward a statement in writing outlining the proposed

disciplinary decision
2. A hearing to determine if the written decision is appropriate
3. The school not contact DIAA with a definitive decision on the teams participation in
the playoffs until the hearing is conducted or to express the teams participation
until further notice
4. Forward any information utilized in making the disciplinary decision including
witness statements, written reports, emails and any/all video(s) of the event