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The time of your life

But there are places in the world where people live longer than anywhere else. The remote Japa
The calendar may say theyre 70 but their body says theyre 50, says Bradley Wilcox, a scient
Research has shown hormonal differences between Okinawans and the rest of the population bu
Thats about 20% less than most people in the UK. Scientists refer to this way of eating as calor
Its a stark contrast with the cultural habits that drive food consumption in other parts of the w

Read the article quickly. The first sentence of each

paragraph has been removed. Write the correct letter
(a-e) in the gaps in the article.

A- Scientists research shows that Okinawans actually age more

slowly than other human beings.
B- The typical daily calorie count in Okinawa is about 1200.
C- Its this ability to trick their bodies into starvation that may be
keeping Okinawans physiologically so young.
D- Thanks to advances in medical science, we are all living longer
and healthier lives.
E- It isnt easy to explain why these people live so long.

Read the article again. Decide if these sentences are

true (T) or false (F), or if the article doesnt say (DS).

1. On average, men in Britain live longer than women.

2. Okinawa has four times as many people over 100 as Britain
or the United States.
3. Women in Okinawa live longer than men.
4. Okinawans bodies stay young for longer than other
5. Many Okinawans live a long time but also have a lot of
health problems.
6. Okinawans stop eating before they are really full.
7. A calorie- reduced diet leads to long life in all nationalities.
8. Scientists have worked out why Okinawans live longer than
other people.
9. Japanese supermarkets dont have many special offers.
Roleplay 1
Youre a patient. A is your family doctor. You havent been to the
doctors for some time so youre quite surprised to see that you have
a new family doctor. You had known the previous doctor all your life.
He knew all about your fear of flying and was very sympathetic to the
problem. He also knew about your fear of needles and injections.
Youre going on holiday next week- by plane. Your old doctor always
prescribed Calmozene- a tablet which relaxes you when you fly. If you
take two before plane takes off, you simply fall asleep and dont feel
afraid. You know what you want- Calmozene! If you dont get it you
cant go holiday. You are not very convinced by alternative medicine!

Answer any questions the doctor asks you about your age, job,
family life, previous illnesses, operations. Explain the reasons
for todays visit.
Ask the doctor to prescribe Calmozene and explain why you
need it.
Only accept an alternative from of treatment you feel
completely happy with.

You start the conversation.

Roleplay 2
Youre a family doctor. A is your patient.
Youve been working for seven hours and youre very tired. Your last
patient is a man/ Woman who comes to see you very often, always
with a different problem. You think he/she might be a hypochondriac.
For some reason, this patient always calls you by your first name. You
hate that!

Ask him/her not to call you by your first name. Ask him/her to
call you Dr Woods.
Ask what his/her symptoms are (this week) and how long he/she
has had them.
Give your diagnosis (a virus) and refuse to send him/her to a
Prescribe some painkillers.

A will start.

Health. Weight loss tips (The NHS, UK). Video.
Fill in the gaps with the right info when necessary or
answer the questions with your own words.
1. Around 1.000 people die every week from _________________ in
the UK.
Speaker 1:
2. I was borderline going to be diabetic because of my
3. What two simple physical activities does she suggest?
a) ______________________________
b) ______________________________
Speaker 2, fair-haired woman with a pony tail
4. What does she usually do on the weekends?
Speaker 6, woman at the gym
5. Whats the main idea she wants to convey?
Speaker 4 again, the black woman
6. She thinks in a diet its not about the food you eat, its about
the ___________ you eat.
7. According to the dietician, what is a really good tip?
8. She says that the most important thing is that

Choose the correct words. Then decide if you think the
sentences are true or false.

Complete the conversations with the words in the

eyesight can be caused from / by sitting too close to the TV.

ing at an eclipse of the sun can lead / make you blind.
king warm milk makes you go / that you go to sleep more easily.
ving hair makes / causes it to grow back faster and darker.
ing a lot of vitamin c doesnt lead / mean you wont catch a cold.
ing a flu injection can make you to get / get flu.
daches are link / linked to high blood pressure.
ting down on salt can lead to / for a reduction in blood pressure.
ple are always giving us advice on keeping safe and staying healthy but how much of it is true?


painkillers sneezing a nasty cold

thermometer 1. A:
Are you OK?
B: Yeah, Ive just got ., thats all. I cant stop
A: Do you feel hot? Shall I get the .. to take
your temperature?
B: No, thanks. Im sure itll clear up in a couple of days. Ill
just take some for my headache.

medicine coughing flu

allergy 2. A: I didnt sleep
at all last night. My little boy was .. for hours.
B: Poor thing. Has he got .?
A: No, he has an to dogs. He must have
been playing with my neighbours puppy.
B: That must ve a worry.
A: Dont worry. Hell be fine if he takes his for
a couple of days.

support dizzy stitches

3. A: Sorry, Bill, I wont make it into work today. Ive had an
B: Oh, no. What happened?
A: Well, I felt .., and I fell and
.. my ankle.
B: Oh dear. Is your foot in plaster?
A: No, its just in a .. because it isnt broken.
But I also ended up with five . I cut my head
when I fell.
B: Poor you. Just stay at home until you feel better.

Which word is the odd one out in each set?

1. infection antibiotics painkillers medication

2. malaria stimulant diarrhoea arthritis
3. acne rash sneeze sunburn
4. sprain blood chest joints

Match the question halves.

1. Have you ever had any 8.

adverse a. you finger joints?
2. How long did it take for b. symptoms when you gave
you to up coffee?
3. Why do you keep cracking c. my blood pressure?
4. How did you get d. reactions to taking
5. Do I need to lower antibiotics?
6. Did you suffer many e. medical condition?
withdrawal f. such a good tan?
7. Have you ever had a g. regain consciousness?
Write an email (120-150 words) starting with these
Read the following text and think of the word which best
fits each space. Use only one word in each space. There
is an example at the beginning.
14. Millions of people today (0) ARE overweight and out (1)
___________ shape. This is due in part to their diet, (2)
___________ is often high in sugars and fats. Another reason is
that too many of (3) __________ spend our evening glued to
the television, (4) ____________ of doing something to keep
ourselves fit. Todays hectic lifestyles also prevent us (5)
___________ spending as much time as we should (6)
___________ staying in shape.
15. Long hours at school and work (7) ___________ leave much
time for healthy eating. Convenience food, (8) ___________ as
frozen meals and canned vegetables, saves time but are
often unhealthy. (9) _____________ food and takeaways are
also responsible (10) ____________ many health problems.
16. In (11) ___________ to enjoy good health, a regular
programme of exercise is essential. This can be anything.
Doing a little exercise every day so as to prevent developing
health problems is something that all of us (12) __________
consider, young and old. Start today and get in shape!

Thanks for your note. You wanted to know how I ended up

in hospital? Well, its a long story, but here goes