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The Zohar is very clear when it tells us that every night at midnight a window in the universe
opens, and we can enter it to soak up Divine Energy through Zohar study. Sometimes,
instead of just studying for a few minutes, a half hour, or an hour or two, students and
kabbalists remain awake the entire night. The Zohar makes reference to this practice in the
following verses, from Volume 15, Metzora:

When the north wind is awakened at midnight ... the Holy One, blessed be He,
comes into the Garden of Eden to delight Himself with the righteous. An announcer comes
out and proclaims, and all people awaken in their beds. Those who are awake stand by their
beds to worship their Master. They learn Torah (Kabba/ah) and praise the Holy One, blessed
be He, until the morning comes.
There are additional times throughout the year where the opening in the universe becomes
more accessible. For instance, on the anniversaries of the deaths of the great kabbalistic
sages, their souls come into our world to assist us with our elevation to the spiritual realm.
Staying awake until sunrise for the purpose of connecting to these sages, and, in turn,
to the Light of the Creator is a practice that has been carried out by kabbalists for some
2000 years.

Some of the great kabbalists whose death anniversaries (passing anniversaries is probably a
more accurate term) are part of our technology include the following:

Ray Shimon bar Yochai: The passing of Ray Shimon took place on the 33rd day of the
Omer, which is referred to as Lag Ba'Omer. When a righteous sage leaves the world, all the
Light revealed in his or her lifetime is revealed on the day of his passing.

Think about this. Rav Shimon revealed the Zohar,

which contains the Light that vanished on Mount Sinai

as a result of the Israelites worshipping the golden calf. This means that the Zohar represents the
energy of the Revelation of Mount Sinai, and therefore the power of immortality. Thanks to Rav
Shimon, all of this Light is now available on the 33rd day of the Omer. Throughout history, students
stay awake all night on Lag Ba'Omer, fighting sleep (death) and connecting to the force of
immortality in its purest form.

Of course, the Opponent fears this night the most, which is why the world still largely remains
asleep with regard to the power and opportunity available on this night. After all, who ever heard
of Lag Ba'Omer outside of the ultra-religious community? It is now time to wake up to this truth,
and to stay awake all night long during the 33rd day of the Omer, so that death will give way to

Ray Isaac Luria (the Ari): The anniversary of the Ari's passing occurs on the fifth day of the Hebrew
month of Av (Leo). Rav Isaac Luria is the reincarnation of Rav Shimon bar Yochai, and therefore one
of the greatest

kabbalists in history. Make no mistake, without the Ari's revelations and writings deciphering the
secrets of the Zohar, there would be no Kabbalah Centre and no book on Kabbalah accessible to
more than a select few. The Ari deciphered the Zohar and unleashed its greatest secrets. Since the
Ari is the reincarnation of Rav Shimon bar Yochai, not only does the anniversary of his passing
awaken the full power of the Ari's insights into the Zohar, but it also allows us to tap into the power
of Mount Sinai once again. Bear in mind that what activates this technology is our awareness of it.
Now that you know, you can capture all the energy available on this powerful night.