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News THURSDAY MAY 5 2016


Police: Teen charged

in Pollard crash stole
car that morning
hotel on
Columbus police said charged
the teen charged in the with hom-
April 18 wreck that killed Cross icide by
Carver High baseball vehicle,
coach David Pollard stole felony murder and theft
a vehicle about an hour by taking auto and trans-
before the three-vehicle ported to the Muscogee
crash. County Jail.
Authorities said Cross was enrolled at
19-year-old William C. Carver, Spencer and Har-
PHOTOS BY MIKE HASKEY Cross stole a 2007 Audi daway high schools, said
Officials hosted a grand opening on Wednesday for Patriot Pointe, the citys new public housing complex for senior A8 valued at $9,000 from Valerie L. Fuller, director
citizens. The community replaces the old Chapman Homes and offers one- and two-bedroom apartments to the 1800 block of Somer- of communications at the
residents 55 years of age and older. The complex includes the demolition of the Booker T. Washington Apartments set Avenue around 11:30 Muscogee County School
and the building of a new public housing complex on the northern end of that land. The southern end, fronting a.m. He was driving at a District. He attended
Victory Drive, Veterans Parkway, Fifth Street and Sixth Avenue is planned to be used for commercial development. high speed when he ran a Carver from Aug. 13, 2012,
stop light at the intersec- to Aug. 13, 2014, before
tion of Buena Vista and attending Spencer from
Grand opening celebration for Patriot Pointe senior housing Andrews roads and Aug. 25, 2014, to Sept. 15,
crashed into Pollards 2014. He went on to at-
vehicle, which then struck tend Hardaway from Sept.
another vehicle. 23, 2014, to March 19,
Police said Cross fled 2015, Fuller said.
the scene on foot by the Police said they will not
time they arrived to the comment further on the
area at 12:53 p.m. incident until Cross pre-
Pollard, 36, died of liminary hearing, which is
blunt-force trauma at 1:52 set for 9 a.m. today in
p.m., said Muscogee Columbus Recorders
County Chief Deputy Court.
Coroner Freeman Worley.
He was married with a Sarah Robinson:
9-year-old daughter. 706-571-8622,
Cross was taken into @sarahR_92
Patriot Pointe replaces the old Chapman Homes housing After the ceremony, officials and residents gathered in custody at 12:30 p.m.
area and offers one- and two-bedroom apartments. the spacious lobby area for refreshments. Monday at the Value Place

Police: Man wanted

in carjacking held
woman hostage
This is the kitchen area of one of the one-bedroom
apartments. There
VIDEO This is a theater on the ground floor, open for use by all mention of
residents. the woman
For video from the event, visit Columbus police said being in-
Wednesday the man want- jured dur-
ed in the March 15 car- ing the
FROM PAGE 1A him the Columbus State The opportunity to re- jacking at the Wal-Mart on Thoman incident.
University funding was gain the funding exists Manchester Expressway Officials

BUDGET coming out of the budget,

Smith said. The reason
given was McKoons ac-
next year, Smith said.
McKoon has said all along
that the CSU funding was
held a woman hostage at
the time of his arrest.
Police said they went to
said they issued the origi-
nal arrest warrant for
Thoman after they identi-
seum is in Sen. (Ed) Har- ership. He also introduced tions in the General As- not needed in the new the 900 block of 42nd fied him as the man who
bisons Senate district and a bill that would have sembly, Smith said. budget and the projects on Street Tuesday morning to carjacked a woman on
Rep. (Calvin) Smyres taken away the governors Smith said he never told the main campus will apprehend Shawn Poo- March 15 around 10:15
House district, McKoon power to appoint a U.S. McKoon of either meet- move along as scheduled kie Thoman on a felony a.m. The victim told police
said. No. 1, I would be senator in the event of a ing. in a year. count of hijacking a motor that she was trying to
disappointed if Gov. Deal midterm vacancy. If Richard Smiths Columbus leaders need vehicle after receiving tips place items in the trunk of
tried to punish either of In March, Smith out- story is true, I will never to bring the governor here concerning his where- her 2012 Honda Accord
those legislators by harm- lined two high-level meet- understand why he did not and begin a healing pro- abouts. They announced when she heard a male
ing the memory of the ings in which he was told contact me if he was in- cess, but there also needs their arrival but no one voice. When she turned
infantry men and women that McKoons behavior terested in seeing these to be other proactive answered the door, ac- around, the gunman
who served our country. was an issue and it was items funded, McKoon moves, Smith said. cording to a police report. aimed a gun at her face
No. 2, if Rep. Smith had going to cost the Colum- said. Furthermore if it is If the governor and Officials then obtained before fleeing the scene in
information that the gov- bus region funding. true, I would hope the Josh have an issue, then a search warrant for the her Honda. She wasnt
ernor was intending to The first meeting hap- concern the newspaper maybe Josh needs to set residence. Police said they harmed, police said.
politicize the National pened in January, Smith has demonstrated in writ- up that meeting, Smith entered the home and Thoman is set to appear
Infantry Museum, I am said. The leadership team ing more stories on this said. Columbus State and found Thoman holding a in Columbus Recorders
surprised he did not do of the National Infantry issue than any other in the the infantry museum are woman against her will Court at 2 p.m. today to
anything about it. Museum met with Deal to six years I have served in too important to let this while announcing that he face one count each of
Smith said the infantry ask the state to put up $2 the Legislature would be drag on. This needs to be had a gun. hijacking a motor vehicle,
museum project is more million toward the con- directed at people who see nipped in the bud. After about an hour and false imprisonment and
important than district struction of a memorial their stewardship of tax a half of negotiating, the obstruction.
lines. for the Global War on dollars as an opportunity Chuck Williams: woman was released from
It may not be in his Terror. to settle political scores 706-571-8510, the home and Thoman Sarah Robinson:
district and its not in my The governor and his rather than to chide elect- @chuckwilliams was taken into custody 706-571-8622,
district, either, but it is a chief of staff made it clear ed officials who stand on and transported to the @sarahR_92
part of Columbus, Smith they were not giving any matters of principle. Muscogee County Jail.
said. It is a vital part of money and the reason was
Columbus because of our Sen. McKoon, Smith said.
emphasis on the military Toward the end of the
and economic develop- legislative session, Ral-
ment. stons Chief of Staff Spiro
The National Infantry Amburn came to Smiths
Museum issued the fol- legislative office and told
lowing statement: The
money really hasnt gone
away. The governor has
given the Department of Social Security
Economic Development
authority to spend it on its
highest priority tourism
Disability Denied?
projects. We will continue
to work with state tourism Call Ed Tante
officials to convince them Disability Claimants
that the planned Global Attorney
War on Terrorism memo-
rial and other projects at NO FEE
the National Infantry UNLESS YOU GET
Museum are worthy of BENEFITS
state support.
But for now it is gone Over 30 Years
and Smith has contended
it is part of a political
message aimed at
McKoon. During the most FREE CONSULTATION
recent General Assembly
session, McKoon intro- 706-324-6465
duced legislation to term Powell & Tante
limit the speaker of the Attorneys at Law
House and almost imme- 619 Broadway
diately pulled it at the Were Local, We
urging of Senate lead- Know your Doctors!