The Wayland Service charities join forces
Players Get their to help Veteran with PTSD
hands on
'Tons of Money'
Wife: "Who do we owe money to?"
Husband: "Everyone we've ever dealt with."
Louise Allington's response to this is to fake
her husband's death, in order to bring him back
as a long-lost relative who would inherit the
money that has just been left to them, but
without any obligation to pay off debtors.
Naturally, as this all happens at the beginning
of ‘Tons of Money’, the Wayland Players
Spring production, we know there are more
complications ahead. Two other men claim to
be the long-lost relative, and his real widow
"recognizes" the impostors but humours the
genuine one as a harmless lunatic.
This classic Aldwych farce, set in the 1920s
and revised by Alan Ayckbourn for the
National Theatre, demands that the audience
suspends all disbelief. Even when one character
after another seems, in the words of one of
them, to have "the brain of a very, very small
potted shrimp"!
Performances are on the evenings of April 27 –
29 with a matinee on Saturday 29th. Tickets,
Recent events saw SSAFA, the Armed Forces his own equipment to use and so various service
priced just £7.50, will be available from the
charity, reach out to the military charity community to charities were approached for funding. The RAF
Wayland Players Honorary Ticket agents,
help a disabled veteran. Benevolent Fund, Help for Heroes and the Royal
Adcocks of Watton from Monday 27th March.
Dave Capps of Watton served with the RAF British Legion answered the call by making over
Jenny Mann, Director
Regiment for 22 years, seeing active service in several £2000 available to help in the purchase. Local
areas including Northern Ireland, the Falklands, the photographic retailer WEX Photographic then turned
Soup & Sale in First Gulf War and Bosnia and service has left him in a very competitive quote to maximise the funds
suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a available for equipment.
Ovington on Saturday debilitating condition that can leave him confined to The provision of this equipment will ensure Dave
his home for days on end. continues to be able to get out "on the ground" and
4th March As part of his treatment and therapy Dave has been capture images of the local wildlife while forwarding
Come to Ovington Village Hall for lunch using photographic equipment borrowed from a his treatment and therapy regime.
(home-made soup, coffee/tea + cakes) on friend to take wildlife pictures. This encourages A heartfelt thank you to all who have made this
Saturday 4 March, 11.30 – 2pm. Pick up a him to leave the safety of his house and explore the possible and proof of where your kind donations go to
bargain from our books, gifts and bric-a-brac local countryside. when you drop money into a recognized service
stalls. All proceeds go to village hall funds. it was suggested that Dave may benefit from having charity collection tin.

Buy a book to keep warm
in Griston Church
Keep the date free. Put it in your calendar now. Saturday March 25th
is the next Grand Second Hand Book Sale at Griston Church in aid of
our heating fund. We’ll be open from 10am until 4pm, and as you’d
expect we’ll have a HUGE new range of books on offer, with no
book costing more than ONE POUND.
There will be hot and cold drinks, cakes, snacks, and ploughman’s
lunches on sale inside the church, with provision made for eating in.
Just in time to tempt you with Easter approaching, there will be a
tombola with just chocolate as prizes. In addition, we will have cakes
and savouries for you to take away, along with a selection of both
indoor and garden plants for a lovely summer floral display.
Looking ahead to the summer, we will be selling toys & games at our
July event, so have a spring clean now and donate your unwanted
items for a good cause. If you have items to donate, or would like to
help us in any way, please contact Keith and Caroline on 01953
880153. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there.

Ashill Outdoors Bowls Club
Are currently looking for new members for there coming season
starting April 2017 whether you have bowled before or not we
would be happy to see you. We are currently very short of you
Ladies. If you are couples or singles we have a good club
relationship plenty of club matches and competitions so play as
much as you want or just roll-ups stuck on transport we could help
out with current members living in the Watton and surrounding
villages interested then contact Brian Smith 01953 885472.
The Wayland News Page 2 March 2017
March 2017 The Wayland News Page 3
vandalism, but a well- appointed one in a
A Quick Look Round shopping mall should be a must in all towns. The Royal
By Orbiter But, of course, in today’s world the customer’s
Here we go into the merry month of March, benefit is always last to be considered, as
proved by the closure of police stations, post
British Legion
and quite possibly the beginning of Spring,
though we can’t be too confident as Winter offices, banks and building societies, the most Watton & District Branch
is still hanging around, and on the basis of recently announced being most of the N.& P. We are still desperately looking for new
the last couple of years anything may branches, including the one in Watton, further members. We are in a bit of a catch 22
happen. I know that in years past March has inconvenience being the withdrawal of current situation. We need new members to come
offered deep snow-drifts, but also heat- accounts there. along so that we can increase the social
waves, so it’s fingers crossed, as they say. Most of us will remember the time, not very aspect of the branch but more importantly
In the great big world the cat seems to have got long ago, when banks were falling over provide the services the Legion offers. The
in with the pigeons with the U.S elections themselves to gain our custom, since they legion locally can provide things like
having produced their new president, who wanted the use of our money, but now times hospital visits, bereavement visits, home
seems to provoke world-wide disapproval on a have changed and it would seem that we are visits and telephone calls that help with
daily basis, but who knows but that he may just a source of inconvenience to them. We loneliness. After our last article we had a
surprise us. have bravely put up with the reduction of few enquiries that hopefully will result in
Meanwhile the name Trump appears in my interest rates to virtually nil, but now we are those people joining the Legion.
daily paper even more frequently than Mary faced with the removal of most of the services Our meetings at the moment start at 7pm
Berry ! that remain. with a (hopefully quick) committee meeting
Our main worries here come with the Even more surprising is to read about a that will not interest everyone. I am sure
pronouncements of our experts, those people proposal to cut the number of A & E that you all have been along to boring
who are always telling us how wrongly we live departments in many hospitals, though this committee meetings that the general
our daily lives. Lately we have been chastised may conceal some ‘cunning plan’, since members do not find of interest. So come
for eating our potatoes too well done, and we otherwise this would appear to be a recipe for along about 7.30pm when we then have a
don’t cook rice the way we should, and making bad things worse. more social aspect by staying and having a
everything that contains even a grain of sugar Probably this is merely yet another of those drink a chat.
brings us nearer to our ends. This latter point is ideas that are publicised and then quietly Thanks to John we have gone into the digital
being met by chocolate manufacturers forgotten. age. We now have our own branch website
proposing to make their bars even smaller than One of the great benefits I reaped when I under the address
they are today (many of them were reduced in retired from the employment scene is that I no and a page on the national Royal British
size anyway to keep them within affordable longer have to travel by rail, since hardly a legion website with links to our own. An
price ranges). For example, compare the week goes by without news of strikes, late account has also been set up on Streetlife. A
present day Mars bar with the same product in running or cancellations, all of which I facebook page was already up and running
1938, if you happen to have one handy – quite experienced regularly, but nowhere on the but nothing had been put on it since 2014.
a difference you will find. scale of today. And not only do the services We now try to keep that up to date.
And the ‘experts’ have really gone overboard give continual cause for complaint, but the We meet at The Hare and Barrel on the 3rd
with their denigration of the use of diesel fuel. fares travellers are charged beggar belief. Tuesday of every other month (the odd
Not so long ago they assured us that diesel was We are told that passengers who can be months). Meetings start at 7pm and if you
the way to go, and thousands bought cars using bothered to book their tickets on a station to are not interested in the committee meeting
it, but now these are even being banned from station basis, can save enormous sums against itself, come along about 7.30pm. If you
the streets of several towns, or being made the whole route fare, which is scandalous. require any information contact Helen Daly
subject to ridiculously high parking charges. Oh for the old fashioned booking office where 01953 885124 / 0799959869 or our
On the domestic front the ‘experts’ also tell us the clerk could issue a ticket from anywhere to chairman Alan Chilvers on 01953 883250.
that the way we wash our hands is completely anywhere, based on so many pence per mile,
wrong, and that the bar of soap in our or would, without pressure inform you of any
bathroom harbours all the germs we thought cheap day fare that might be available.
But it seems that the Queen managed to travel
Prescription letter
we were washing away, and the only safe way
is to use liquid dispensers. Perhaps we should from King’s Lynn to London without suffering
a delay or being overcharged, so perhaps my
use rubber gloves (disposed of after each Readers have been in touch with the Editor
wash) to handle the dispensers, too ! fears about today’s railways have been
because they have received letters recently from
With all these terrible habits, how have we misplaced. So get on with HS2, it is only
a company called Pharmacy 2U which
managed to keep going and live so long? expected to cost 55 billions, which means the
promotes a repeat prescription service and
One suggestion that does seem to make sense, actual outlay will be at least 80!
encourages people to nominate them as their
and might well affect those of our children On which cheerful note I say Good Afternoon.
supplier. The main concerns expressed by
who play football, is to ban heading, which is readers has been the undermining of local
obviously not good for anyone, although it has services and confusion about what to do.
always been an integral part of the game, and Norfolk Wildlife Geoff Ray from Total Health Pharmacy in
indeed is the source of many exciting moments Watton explained who and what was behind the
of a match. At least the modern ball is much Trust Breckland letters. “Pharmacy 2U is a distance selling
more user-friendly than those in the ‘old days’, internet pharmacy based in Leeds. They are a
when the leather used to soak up moisture Local Group pharmacy business operating via the internet as
during a game, increasing the weight of an The group has got off to a good start to the opposed to having a physical presence that you
already heavy ball by several ounces, and with year with it’s AGM ahead of a well received can visit like Total Health Pharmacy or Boots in
a lace system that invariably protruded talk by Rob Hawkes of RSPB, about the Stone Watton.”
dangerously, however slightly. The matter has Curlew Project. We were very pleased to see The letter looks very official and appears to
been given prominence through a recent case several new faces among the audience and suggest that it is being done in conjunction with
of concussion leading to a fatality, but is it everyone enjoyed Rob’s very enthusiastic your GP. However this is a non personalised
right to ban it, if players are willing to take the presentation. Rob’s talk underlined how mailing looking for business in the Watton area.
risk ? If so, most sports, particularly boxing, in privileged we are in the Breckland area with The same letter has been distributed in other
which deliberate harming of an opponent is the the breadth of wildlife on our doorstep. Did areas of Norfolk.
object of the proceedings, should be outlawed you know there are more Stone Curlew in the The Pharmacy 2U letter refers to the 'new' NHS
too. Breckland area than anywhere else in the UK? Electronic Prescription Service. This is not a
Football always causes controversy, but these During the summer the best place to see them new service. It has been in operation in Watton
days the trouble often comes from the fans. is NWT Weeting Heath, where hides have since last September and it simply enables your
No, not just the occasional outbreak of been set up to provide the best chance of GP to send your prescription electronically to
violence, but the attitude they take to the seeing this shy and elusive bird. Rob the pharmacy of your choice. Many Watton
management of the game, at least in the emphasised the dependence of the Stone residents have been using this system since
Premiership division. Curlew on the variety of insect species in the September and both Total Health Pharmacy and
For instance, at one leading club the area, and again many unusual insects have Boots are receiving prescriptions in this manner.
‘supporters’ are calling for the replacement of their stronghold in our local area. If you complete the Pharmacy 2U forms and
the manager, despite the team being in third Having now got the group reorganised, we are sign up for their service, your prescription will
place. Yes, the admission prices may be looking forward to a year of interesting events be sent to Pharmacy 2U and will no longer be
exorbitant, but does that entitle a ticket holder and we also hope to spread our net a little looked after by your current pharmacy. Total
to demand a change of the club structure ? If wider and go to different venues for some of Health Pharmacy say they have been made
one goes to a theatre and doesn’t like the play, our talks. aware of patients that have completed the forms
one is not entitled to demand the cast to be The next talk is back at Watton Christian without realising that their prescription will no
changed, for like football, it is entertainment, Community Centre at 7.30pm. on Wednesday longer being dispensed locally. As a result,
and if it disappoints, one merely considers 15th March. It’s with Gemma Walker the neither Total Health Pharmacy or Boots will be
whether to continue patronage. NWT Project Officer and she will be telling us able to help or advise about any prescription
Back in the real world attention has been about the wildlife being recorded on local dispensed elsewhere.
brought to the lack of toilet facilities in the nature sites and churchyards and how we all Geoff continued “From the comments we are
main shopping areas, and, for many old people can get involved. receiving from patients there is clear confusion
especially, this can be a great deterrent to In April, on Sunday 23rd we are having a walk as a number of people think it is from the GP or
making a journey there. On a recent trip to and talk at the BTO Nunnery Lakes in their local pharmacy and something that they
Peterborough, in the main large retail centre, Thetford. They have recently opened a new have to complete. The mailing is nothing to do
their seemed to be no public toilets anywhere, trail, so that should make for an interesting with either Total Health Pharmacy, Boots or the
and when I asked a trader, the only one he walk, especially for anyone who’s been before. surgery. If you are happy with the service you
could suggest was in the M & S store, which It’s a 9.30 for 10am start at BTO Head receive from your local pharmacy then you do
proved to be a miniscule facility, surrounded Quarters. For further details on these or any of not need to respond to the Pharmacy 2U
by a long queue of people. Surely toilet our future events see our posters or this mailing”.
provision should warrant a high priority for all newspaper. Alternatively, our events are listed If you have sent the forms off already and wish
big stores, and would only help their sales and on the following site: to change your mind, you can simply contact
reputations. We all know that public the pharmacy of your choice, or your GP, and
conveniences in side streets are often subject to interests/local-groups/breckland-local-group they can change your nominated pharmacy.
The Wayland News Page 4 March 2017
Valentine's Day I had daffodils and tulips with about by a litlle light watering. It doesn't say what to do
Streetwise three inches of growth and one, just the one, little yellow with them afterward so I assume potting them up at
By Lesley Cowling aconite. Over the years I have planted lots. Not a clue some point.
Stokes’Avenue, Richmond Road, Rudling Mews and where the other 199 went. Still, the catkins appeared Something I have tried with no success is to plant
Tom Turley Close overnight and there are lots of snowdrops around and early crops in pots. For example extra early new
In writing Streetwise for the Wayland News I have about. The RHS book is still obsessed with snow, potatoes (they rotted), summer cauliflowers and
discovered that some very interesting people have saying that heavy falls are rare but in milder parts the cabbages. I assumed these latter would be seeds. If
associations with the town: some I knew, others I have average is 0.9 to 1.4 days of snowfall. For goodness' so they disappeared. If seedlings I didn't try yet.
had to research and this month I’ve hit a bit of a problem sake cheer up Lotta! Maybe this year if I have a go at the lettuces etc.
because the personal knowledge is scant and the Well there's nothing for it but to get on and see what we Pests will be out and about and need to be controlled.
research has not been very productive. However, rather should be doing this month. The grass will be growing Slugs and snails will merrily over-winter in stacks of
than omit them altogether, it is perhaps mention to so this is the time to start mowing. Set the blades of the pots even in the coldest weather. Dispose of by your
mention these local folk after whom the roads have been mower at the highest level and collect the cuttings so favourite method. Greenfly will also appear but don't
named, and if anyone has any further information I that air and rain can get to the roots. This is the time to be too hasty with sprays as any birds you have been
would be delighted to hear from them. repair damaged lawn edges by cutting a square out feeding will get rid of them for you, specially when
Stokes Avenue lies to the west of the town just off the around the damaged edge, turning it round and repair the the young are hatched and hungry. As creatures of
Brandon Road. I believe that it was named after a damaged bit inside the lawn with compost and seed. Do habit birds will continue to get rid of greenfly for the
Veterinary Surgeon who practised in the town and lived not do any of this if the lawn is soggy. season and later will enjoy caterpillars.
along the Norwich Road. This month is about the latest to plant bare-root shrubs If you have any time and energy left finish off the
Richmond Road is technically in Saham it is a and trees and to move any evergreen shrubs. In both jobs that should have already been done, most of
continuation of Swaffham Road and it is named after cases it's because you don't want leaves forming, which will be wet and involve washing pots. Hope
Canon Maurice Richmond who was the Vicar at St showing new growth is beginning so the plant is taking for a fine day on that one! On the other hand just
Georges for many, many years. He was a delightful moisture from the soil. Therefore chances are that the carry on and keep weeding.
eccentric driving a large and ancient car around the area plant will take longer to establish as the leaves will
with not a lot of regard for road signs, lines on the road begin to lose the water. If you should get stuck with this
or speed limits. (This was not as serious as it sounds as situation keep watering to help recovery. Letter to the Editor
the road traffic was much less in those days and cars If you are planting roses or have roses already now is the I read last month's hedgehog piece with interest. I
didn’t travel very fast anyway). My father told a story time to prune shrub and bush roses. This is because the found a hedgehog eating my birdfood earlier last
about how the good Canon parked on the double yellow flowers appear on the ends of the stems. Leave them year. I found out that mealyworms were favourite. In
lines outside Jarrolds in Norwich. On receiving a and the only place to see the flowers is from an upstairs due course, I saw 4 young hogs. The food bill rose
parking summons he gave his reason in court ‘I parked window. If you don't have upstairs windows you'll have dramatically!
there because I wanted to buy a book’ Needless to say to cross the road to admire them. Don't be frightened of In November I realized that one baby was not
he was heavily fined. pruning. Pruning is very unlikely to kill roses. The growing properly & when I met him on the garden
For all his quirky ways, Canon Richmond, and his wife, most likely death would be if you prune and frost gets in path at 11.30 in the morning I decided to pick him up
gave a great deal to the community in which they lived the wounds but it needs to be a really hard frost. I & check his weight. He was much too small. I put
and worked. remember pruning roses on Christmas Day years ago him in my back porch with all sorts of goodies which
Roy Rudling and Tom Turley were prominent and they thrived. The rule of thumb basically is to aim he rejected.
characters in Watton chiefly in the 1970s and 80s. Both for an open 'vase' shape. This will allow air circulation He scratched at the back door to get out which made
held the office of Mayor and were therefore very active to deter disease. If you are unfamiliar with the me feel dreadful & eventually went inside one of my
on the Town Council. Roy Rudling was instrumental in procedure stand back and look at the plant. Remove any shoes. This was an advantage of big feet that I hadn't
obtaining one of the town minibuses which was used for dead, diseased or very weak shoots. Now take out any thought of before. He went off to PACT but not
a long time to transport people to the Day Centre at that are crossing in the middle of the bush as if they rub before we found a poo which was green instead of
Wayland Hall. He had a large DIY business on the the bark off one or both stems disease will get in. You black indicating the probable presence of worms.
corner of the Market Place and the Mews are just at the can now see how it's shaping up. If it's lopsided prune This whole situation was widespread last year so
side and behind the building which still remains. I think the lower side harder (growth follows the knife) to unusually large numbers of young hedgehogs had to
Tom Turley was originally a serviceman, in the RAF balance it up once it's really in growth. Otherwise just be rescued & many will not have survived. I would
which makes the fact that Tom Turley Close may be prune the stems about knee-high at an outward facing suggest that if people do have hedgehogs in the
found off Akritori Square which is on the old RAF bud. These are tiny red or green spots. Once you garden, they need to watch the poo. It should be
station. He was a leading member of the British Legion identify them you'll never miss them. If you can't find black, narrow & pointed.
and very active within the town. any cut the stem back and hope for the best. You can
rectify any that have gone astray later. Always cut on
the slant about half an inch above the bud with the slope Shipdham & District
Diabetes UK to take water away from the bud. Sometimes you get an
illustration on a rose bush label. Don't get disheartened. Book Group
"Life & Death in a Victorian Gaol" was the subject of
our February meeting, delivered amazingly, as usual, by A few years ago a rose grower pruned all the shrub roses The book for discussion on 15th February was The
a great friend of our group Mike Wabe. As usual, his in their beds with a hedge-trimmer. It worked just fine Help by Kathryn Stockett. The novel is set in
talk involved in him dressing for the part and bringing in but they had to go back to doing it properly after about Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960s when
some "props"! His talk was extremely entertaining and three years. The roses survived. coloured people were segregated in every aspect of
among other things we learned about the difference If you haven't been able to get outside in the winter life and had little freedom. The upper and middle
between prisons and jails, a prisoner and a convict, how now's the time for a real spring clean. Fork over the class white adults were the descendants of slave
conditions were better in jail than at home - for some, soil in beds and borders, weeding as you go and dig owners by only a couple of generations and employed
both men and women had to work, their daily routine up and divide over-crowded perennials. If you have the descendants of the original slaves. It centred upon
and their diet. Hang man's nooses were also featured in snowdrops in large clumps dig them up and divide, the coloured ‘maids’ who cooked, cleaned and looked
his talk. Mike was warmly thanked by the members replanting the divisions. This method of planting 'in after the babies and young children who were later
and he will hopefully be back next year with another the green' works much better than buying dry bulbs in taken over by their parents and encouraged in the
entertaining talk for us. September. If you buy a gardening magazine from same attitudes. In Mississippi the Jim Crow laws
Our next meeting is on Monday March 13th, 10.15am, February to the end of March you are bound to find introduced in the southern Confederacy States
at the Pentecostal Church, Watton, who we thank for the nurseries' ads for snowdrops 'in the green' and they following the abolition of slavery after the Civil War
generous use of their facilities. This will be a shorter are usually well-priced. While spring cleaning now in the 1860s, were not repealed until 1965. They
meeting than normal due to our annual pre-booked really is the time for housework outdoors – clean up enforced white ownership of everything and complete
lunch date. the paths and patios. A pressure washer and stiff yard domination over the coloured families of former slaves.
For details of the group and any of our meetings, please brush are the ideal tools. It's a very messy business The white narrative voice comes in the person of
email me or phone 01953 but once the moss and weeds have gone and the ‘Skeetar’ Phelan a recent female graduate from
884713, leave a message and I will get back to you. paving is clean it's worth it. Dare I suggest that if you university with literay rather than marital ambitions
didn't do it in autumn extend the housework to starts to question how the maids feel. The coloured
cleaning the greenhouse as well? Better than waiting narratve voice is through Abileen, coloured maid to one
until you are ready for the tomato plants. of her former school friends who finally agrees to ask
Gt Ellingham & District It's possible to sow hardy annuals and wildflowers some of her coloured contemporaries to tell their story.
outside but I would wait until the end of the month. Many of us had read the book and /or seen the film
Flower Club It's the same with veg: I just read a recommendation but not discussed it. Those who reread it said that
Floral Demonstration by PAT BARTON Entitled : to sow lettuce, rocket, radishes, spring onions, leeks, they found far more in it the second time around. It
BUTTERFLY EFFECT MONDAY MARCH 20th onions, broad beans, parsnips, spinach, turnips early lead to discussion about attitudes and life styles in our
Rocklands Village Hall, NR17 1TR Starts 7.30pm carrots and peas! Really? I confess as far as the own country and time. The realisation dawned that
Doors open 7pm Guests £5 Members Free. Raffle/ onions are concerned I plant sets in autumn. I was probably we would not have behaved so differently if
Refreshments sceptical the first year, but there was nothing else in the ‘norm‘ dictated it and we lived in seemingly less
We are a friendly NAFAS affiliated Club (Fees £25 p.a.) the beds so tried it. I am now in the third year and enlightened times. The conclusion was reached that it
We meet Monthly for demonstrations, workshops, visits despite the hard frosts and snow the onions and garlic takes courage to ‘break the mould’ and Skeetar and
& lots of other fun events. For more information call are sprouting merrily. Maybe I shouldn't be so Abileen in different ways both had much to lose. We
Secretary, Jane Dalton 01953 498694 or email cautious of the other things listed and maybe try. At realised that the white women had power over the least it could be looked on as the first effort in a black women whom they could not only dismiss for
succession sowing effort. If I omit the veg we don't supposed ‘crimes’ but make unemployable and
eat there is a manageable list there so perhaps... it's homeless and pass the retribution on to their
In your garden never too late to learn. husbands and children. A maid called Minnie does
I was quite surprised to see advice on pruning apple the ‘Terrible Awful’ to punish her former employer
with Lotta Potts and pear trees before the buds burst. I had thought it
had to be done in winter. I must confess I didn't so
who dismissed her by falsely accusing her of stealing.
So here we are in March. March is the first month of This gives her a hold over her and makes us cheer
spring so I am informed. If I am wrong I am sure an will try to get this done. I don't have much in the way whilst being filled with revulsion.
eagle-eyed reader will advise Julian. It might 'come in of fruit but should still look after it properly. I can't The book was well received apart from one member
like a lion and go out like a lamb' or it may behave like dish out advice if I don't take it from proper who felt it could only apply in America. Most felt there
February and remind us winter is still close. I shall be gardening writers. is far more to it and we laud those, black and white, who
glad to see the back of February as the weather has been Again, I think maybe a bit early, we should start took great risks to expose the way of life whilst making
truly awful in the middle – east wind, snow and general stored tubers like begonias, cannas and dahlias to a very readable and intereating novel as it is largely
gloom with bone-chilling cold. All this added up to not name but a few, by potting them and keeping in a biographical. Unusually we felt the film follows the
a lot going on outside. On my daily peer through the frost-free greenhouse. Other not-so hardy plants such storyline more faithfully than most whilst
window and occasional walk round the paths by St as fuchsias, cacti and succulents should be started off understandably making changes for the sake of length.
March 2017 The Wayland News Page 5
Digging In At The Wells
Cole Community Centre
Saturday 28th January was a hive of activity at
the WCCC not only was it the Burn’s Night
Celebrations but the Growing Together Project
Hedge Planting day. I am sure if you are a dog
walker or visitor to the village hall, you cannot
have failed to observe the appearance of a
magnificent 30 metre (90 feet in old money)
line of sapling hedging plants.
This work party ‘planting day’ marked the
culmination of 6 months of meetings, discussions,
site visits and planning. From the initial ‘seed’ of
an idea from our own Shelley Mitchell (Nature
Notes) this community project, funded by the
Peoples Post Code Lottery in conjunction with the
Wayland Partnership, has been steadfastly
progressed by a small but passionate group of
nature loving residents.
As the project worker for this Wayland wide
community initiative I have, quite simply, been to ensure the success of the hedge now that the It was so exciting to arrive at WCCC on the
bowled over by the commitment and community hard work of planting has been completed, and morning of 28th January and see so many
spirit shown by the residents of the parish of with a Master Gardner (no pressure Mr Bunce) volunteers working hard to plant the hedge, and
Saham Toney. Thanks must go especially to Mr in charge I am sure it will go from strength to a real atmosphere of fun and enjoyment
Trevor Bunce who as the ‘team leader’ has done a strength! prevailed throughout the morning. Some of the
sterling job in progressing preparations, collecting This is not the only part of the Growing Together work party had also had a very busy day the
the plants and pulling together a party of over a Project whose aim it is to create/enhance green previous Saturday 21st January, when they
dozen residents for the work party. spaces for wildlife. You may also have noticed a supported the Acorn ‘conservation’ Fair at the
We can look forward to seeing this beautiful schedule of ‘tree works’ in the woodland beyond Queen’s Hall with some splendid exhibition
native British hedge flourishing over the next the new hedge. Following on from a full survey by boards illustrating their community project at
three to four years into a marvellous habitat for a Norfolk County council approved ‘conservation Wells Cole. I am so proud of the achievements
wild birds, bee’s, moths and not forgetting the minded’ tree surgeon, a selective ‘thinning’ of this community and the Growing Together
Brimstone Butterfly’s (as we have included programme will also be completed ready in time Project. Whilst it is so rewarding to see the
their favourite ‘Buckthorn’ in the hedge mix). for the start of the nesting season. Diseased Ash project to fruition, it is tinged with a little
The hedge will also provide an important will be removed, saplings thinned to encourage sadness that I won’t be seeing so much of my
‘wildlife corridor’ to link in and attract species light to the floor of the wood(to encourage newfound nature loving friends at Saham.
from around the surrounding areas of the wildflowers) and give remaining trees the Pamela Morgan, Project Worker, Growing
village. A management plan will be put in place opportunity to thrive. Together Project, at The Wayland Partnership.

Turf Cutting marks Ashill Community
final phase of Centre Events
Tuesday March 14th Spring Bingo - Cash
Thompson dream Prizes eyes down 7.30pm
Sunday 25th March Indoor Table Top
There was great excitement in Thompson when a
Sale 10am to 1pm
long-held dream finally began to take shape.
Coffee Mornings - every 2nd Friday in
Two turves were cut in a ceremony on the site
every month 10 – 12 Noon. Bric-a-Brac,
where a new Community Hall is to be built. The
puzzles, books and delicious cakes.
first turf was cut by the youngest pupil at the
Friday 22nd April Beetledrive 7pm
village school, Billy Jones. (pictured) The small
All in aid of ACC funds
spade bought especially for the occasion for him
to use will be engraved and hung in the new hall
once the build is complete.
He was so excited he would have been happy to
carry on digging the foundations, and he repeated
the ceremony for any late arrivals. The second
turf was cut by the oldest ex-pupil in the village,
Betty Norris MBE (pictured), who has spent the
past 62 years trying to raise sufficient funds for a
new hall. She observed that now that her dream
was being realised she might be allowed to retire.
At 86 years old Betty still runs the Post Office
and delivers the daily papers in the village. The
hall is being built largely without the need to
apply for outside funds, thanks to two legacies
from former residents, a generous donation and
village fundraising. The site is on land on the
edge of the Millennium Green owned by the
Parish Council and leased by the Community The start of work is imminent, with builders planning
Hall Trustees on a 999 year lease. The space has to have moved onto the site before the end of February.
been designed to be flexible and will have two The architect is Paul Lucas of Lucas Hickman Smith of
main rooms, a kitchen and large foyer as well as Wymondham. The builders are Draper and Nichols of
a veranda opening onto the Millennium Green. Costessey. Bronwen Tyler Chair of Trustees.

Open Week Across Tuesday 14th March 2017 (9am-5pm) - Cecil
Amey Opticians, DEREHAM
Breckland to Help Wednesday 15th March 2017 (9am-5pm) - Cecil
Amey Opticians, ATTLEBOROUGH
Those with Hearing Thursday 16th March 2017 (9am-5pm) - Cecil
Amey Opticians, WATTON
Loss Friday 24th March 2017 (9am-5pm) - Healthy
One in six people in UK have a hearing problem, Living Centre, THETFORD
and if you think this sounds familiar there hasn’t Breckland Audiologist, Simon Myhill said, “By
been a better time to have your hearing checked. holding events such as these we hope to encourage
Hearing tests and professional advice are being those people who have been thinking for a while
made available free of charge to encourage people about having a hearing test, and just haven’t got
to take that first step. round to it.
Local hearing care specialists, The Hearing Care All services are available by appointment only. To
Centre, who visit centres across Breckland have book your appointment call The Hearing Care
organised 4 ‘Hearing Care Open Days’ between Centre on 0800 096 2637 or visit
9am and 5pm at the following centres . . .
March 2017 The Wayland News Page 6
Wayland Mens Shed The Heavy A Brand New
Evening Opening Horse at the Summer Date for
Over the past months we have been asked on
numerous occasions if we will be opening in Watton Society The Wayland
the evenings for those of you that work during The January meeting was
the daytime, during the month of April we are extremely interesting, a talk by Festival
having a trial period to evaluate the true interest Tom Thurston (right) on "The The new format Wayland Festival is
of an evening opening time, we will be opening History of the Heavy Horse" packing a whole lot of awesome
each Thursday evening in April from 7pm to These are the Shire horse, entertainment into one fun-filled
9pm so if you are interested come along and say Clydesdale, and Suffolk Punch, summer weekend from June 8th to
hello. each having its own description the 10th this year
Now a few words form Malcolm Trayhorn our and distinct job. Among the treats, festival-goers will
Events Cordinator: As the newly appointed Starting from 1066 when knights used them in battle as chargers, right be able to roll back the years with
events and activities co-ordinator for Watton up until modern times when they were used in agriculture for work on fabulous afternoons of '40s favourites
Men's Shed I would like to give a brief report the land, also before the motor vehicle they were used around towns and with Rachel Duffield, and '50s fun
on some of the things we have planned. As the cities. A very pleasant evening with several new visitors joining us. with Perfect Vintage. (Join in the
number of members grows, the interests and singing and dancing if you've a mind
potential for events and activities is limitless coffee. Donations for St Mary’s to, or just enjoy the entertainment -
and dependant on the requests of the members. What's on at St Church, Funds. and appropriate refreshments). While
I can report that the woodwork and metalwork Thurs 2nd March 10-12noon on Saturday afternoon Four4 Jazz
workshop is moving forward at a good pace Mary’s Church, Thursday Chat a social coffee will get everyone out of their seats
with tools and equipment being installed. There with their brilliant jazz show. Andy Laine and extraordinary multi-
has already been a test of all electrical
Watton morning at St Mary's, Watton.
Continuing on 1st Thursday of Children are in for a humungously instrumentalist Rachel King, present
equipment and a health and safety talk given to St Mary’s Church Watton ‘100 brilliant treat on Saturday morning, a feast of musical genres from well-
each month. All are welcome.
those interested in working in the workshop. Club’ Is a way of raising much when Alex the Clown, famous to us loved classics to contemporary
Each Monday 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
There is a pool table available for member's use all from Russell's Circus and his favourites.
needed funds for the Church whilst March 9.30-10.30am Story Bags at
which is proving popular and also on Mondays giving the ticket owner a chance to Christmas show at Melsop Park Finally on Saturday evening, in a
St Mary’s Church for parents and
we have a member who is setting up a win £50 in the monthly draw. Farm, stages his very special Festival ground-breaking event two Queens
preschool children. This is held
computer repair room. A number of members The year for the 100 Club ends in Party - entry is free for under 18's meet in Watton. The Queen's Hall
weekly on Mondays, only during
have expressed an interest in Photography and March, so now it is time to renew too!! Places are strictly limited, so plays host to Queen II, possibly the
term time.
it is proposed that we get a group together with your subscriptions for the year register at as UK's finest Queen tribute act in what
Sun 19th March 2.30pm-4.00pm
a view to sharing knowledge of best camera soon as you can. promises to be a truly roof-raising
April 2017-March 2018. Tickets Café Stop at The Blenheim Centre,
practices and getting a good picture. The first The evening schedule is full of Festival finale.
are £12 for the year and may be Tedder Close, Watton. Crafts for
meeting for this will be Monday 6th March at purchased by mid March for the all the family, free refreshments. variety and delight. On Thursday 8th
10am when we can discuss the way forward.
We are also looking at how much interest there
first draw on 2nd April. If you are
interested please see Cath in
Wed 22nd March 3.30-4.45pm June you'll meet the hilarious,
brilliant (and rather naughty) comedy
Friends of St
Stop Gap after school club at The
might be for a chess group and also a cribbage Church or telephone 01953 885811 Blenheim Centre, Tedder Close, mind-reader Doug Segal (pictured), Andrews
group. for further details. Watton who will simultaneously make you We are holding our annual Plant Sale
As we progress, we are open to any ideas for The Winner of the 100 Club Sat 9th April 9.30-12 noon Easter laugh and baffle you. at Bradenham Village Hall on
other events or activities for members to February draw was number 69 Coffee Morning at St Mary’s On Friday music lovers are in for a Saturday 13th May from 10.00am to
participate in. Linda Clover Church. Coffee/tea hot cross buns spine-tingling evening with 'Bella 12.00noon. More information will
Of course we also like to just get together for Tues 28th February 12-200pm or cake, Easter cakes for sale. All Musica’. Dale Bullimore, who many follow!
a good chat and a cuppa. Way land Mens Shrove Tuesday Pancakes at St welcome to come along with of us know and love from previous Contact Marianne Kilmartin 01362
Shed, Old School House, Church Walk, Mary’s Church, come and enjoy family and friends. Proceeds to festival and carnival shows, alongside 820744
Watton Enquiries: Tel: 01953 881004 pancakes followed by tea and Church Funds. talented colleagues Hannah Long,
The Wayland News Page 7 March 2017
A Fantastic
community event Please Mention
This was the headline of the ‘your opinion’
page of the Watton and Swaffham Times
edition following the Wayland Partnership,
The Wayland News
Growing Together Project, Acorn Fair.
Thanks must go to the ‘Breckland Birder’ of
When talking to advertisers
Watton for his comments, which both
reflected, and supported the extensive
positive feedback received from press and
individuals attending. The exhibitors and
visitors alike all contributed to making the
first ever Acorn Fair held at the Queen’s Hall,
Watton a huge success. The conservation
themed event with representatives from
Norfolk Wildlife Trust, RSPB, Master
Composters, Master Gardener’s etc. drew
crowds well in excess of 200.This
community event promoted conservation of
wildlife, awareness of the natural treasures of
our local Breckland Habitat, whilst also
offering help and advice on how to ‘make a
place for nature in your own green space’.
Young and old alike also enjoyed a multitude
of activities and games from the traditional
Tombola provided by PACT, to making
dragonflies and planting primroses. The
lucky winner of the Zoo Keeper Experience
was Mr Trevor Bunce of Saham Toney. Miss
Lauren Rhind correctly guessed the ‘number
of conkers in the jar’ to win a bird feeding
starter kit, kindly presented by Mayor Beryl
Bunning. (Righ: Pam, Lauren and Beryl)
Many seeds of ideas were sown at the event,
and I am sure that great Oaks from the Acorn
Fair will grow in our communities.
Pamela Morgan, Project Worker for the
Growing Together Project and organiser of
the fair.

Ingredients: 10oz (280gm) S.R.Flour, Swaffham Community Centre, The
Watton Churches 8oz (230gm) Castor Sugar, 1 ½ Campingland, Swaffham, Norfolk. PE37
Together Lent teaspoons baking powder, 4 large 7RB
tablespoons of cocoa powder, Vanilla Further information about the
Course 2017 Essence, 1 small jar of mayonnaise photographers and more of their work
Our Lent talks this year are based on the (NOT ‘light’) can be found on their website:
film 'The Way', the story of a bereaved Method: Dissolve cocoa in 8 fluid ounces
father walking with other pilgrims the of HOT water. Add all ingredients and
Way of St James to Santiago de mix well but do not beat. Divide mixture
Compostela. between 2 X 10” lined tins and bake at Watton
The talks are on Thursdays 9th, 16th, No 4 gas or 180c for 25-30 minutes.
30th March, and 6th April in Watton Leave to cool in the tins for 10 minutes
Christian Community Centre, 7.30-
9.00pm, with free refreshments. As an
and then turn out. Sandwich together
with apricot jam or butter icing and
introduction to the course there will be a The very popular "A Street Cat Named
decorate top if you wish.
free screening of the film at St Mary's Bob" comes to Watton Community
church, Watton, on Sunday 5th March at Cinema on Friday 24 th March, the Cafe
2.30pm. All are welcome to join us on Photographic with refreshments will be open from 1.00
this Christian journey. pm with the film screening at 2.30 pm and
Exhibition again to give those who work during the
Alan Porter and Bob Darts, two week, there is an opportunity to see it on
Recipe of the Month photographers living in the Breckland area, Saturday 25th March, the Cafe with
Fellowship member Sonya Thompson are getting together to stage an excellent refreshments - doors open from 6.00 pm,
has a wonderful collection of recipes all and varied exhibition of their work that film screening at 7.15 pm. Venue: St
with a little story behind them. includes Landscape and Portraiture Marys Church, Church Road Watton
Of this one, Chocolate cake with an photography. Alan and Bob are both IP256DQ. Visit or
unusual ingredient, she says, Licentiate members of the Royal watton community cinema Facebook
‘I first made this cake after watching Photographic Society and working towards group/page or contact
Valerie, Peter and John make it during a obtaining an Associate distinction. for
‘Blue Peter’ programme in the 1970s. It The exhibition is being held from the 2nd volunteering opportunities and further
is quick, easy and very moist.’ to 31st March at the ICENI Gallery information.
March 2017 The Wayland News Page 8

Please Mention Watton
Evening WI
The Wayland News Well the new year is well and truly
underway…..with ladies enjoying a great
When talking to advertisers lunch at Babaco’s in the High Street and
at the Craft Club pebbles were painted in
an array of designs. The walking group
had an energetic trek to Merton on part of
the Peddlar Way.
The organisers of the Acorn Fair asked us
to provide homemade refreshments for
the exhibitors and over 200 visitors. We
were happy to participate and soups,
bacon rolls, and lots of cakes were all
eagerly consumed. We had a table for
children to colour Green Hearts which are
a symbol of our campaign for climate
change. You may remember last year we passionate about this subject for over 30 refreshments along with Bring & Buy
held a Green Hearts Coffee Morning but years gave an interesting, factual insight table top sale and finished with the usual
we were honoured to have been asked to into this subject using PowerPoint. We notices for the forthcoming month.
participate in this family-friendly were shown many pictures of buildings It has been a very busy and diverse
community event to promote our showing the iconic style of Art Deco. We month and we look forward to what next
environment. There were many groups heard of the styles of many designers month holds for us all.
represented and it was enlightening as to including Oscar Deutsch, Clarice Cliff If you are interested to find out more
the varied aspects of how we may all and Rene Lalique. This was a fascinating please contact Carol Robeson on 01953
make a difference. eye-opener of how these designers have 881006 or come along to our next
Our talk this month, entitled Art Deco, an influenced our lives today. Genista meeting as a visitor (fee £3.50) on 9th
Iconic Era was given by Genista finished her presentation by showing us March. Please note - This meeting is to
Davidson, a freelance writer both of items in her own collection of objet d’art be held in Tom Pettit Room in Watton
books and magazine articles and a whether authentic or in the style of Art Sports Centre we look forward to seeing
researcher for TV. Genista, who has been Deco. We then adjourned for you there.

door and went to turn off the alarm to find proposed activities. By the time you read
The HAPPY Project that she had lost the “key”! The alarm was this article, the group will have enjoyed
I’d like to start by thanking people who are ringing away and we were not able to turn another session of ten pin bowling at
or have been involved in The HAPPY it off. I expected half of the village to be Dereham and a meal at The Windmill at
Project so far. That people have been racing up to the Centre but luckily we great Cressingham. The group always meet
interested and dipped their toes in the water didn’t disturb too many people. After a on the second Monday of the month at The
to find it wasn’t for them is all a learning short time help arrived and we turned the Hare and Barrel, Brandon Road Watton
curve and we thank them for their interest. alarm off. from 7pm onwards for a drink and a chat.
Some members of the Steering Group have We set out lots of tables and prepared the This is when the activities are planned, why
given freely of their time and have offered activities which involved icing and cakes, don’t you pop along?
good ideas and now decided to move on. I paints, glue and glitter then we waited, but If you have any of activities that you would
would like to thank those people for their only for a very short time until the children like to see implemented in the Town or you
help and interest and to the current began to arrive. What a busy fun morning feel that you could offer some help, please
members of the steering group I say thank we had with some beautiful art work and contact me: Jean Williams, Wayland
you very much for all your help and lots of pipe cleaner dragonflies. Partnership Development Trust, Wayland
support because without you I could not The children enjoyed themselves and so House, High Street, Watton. 01953 880235
achieve what we have achieved so far. did the parents, we will do it all again next
We had a fantastic morning at The Acorn month on 11th March 2017 to be precise, Dereham Indoor
Fair. Owls were our theme we had a great from 10:00am to 12:00 noon.
time making masks and decorating owls The games group continues to meet in Bowls Club
there were some wonderful, creative Watton Library on a Friday from 1:30pm Due to a large increase in numbers on
efforts. Thanks to those who organised the to 3:30pm, we have added some more roll ups on Tuesday, we will now have
fair and those people who visited our stall. games to the collection so do pop along for two sessions the first one will be 9.00 til
I have just returned from Ashill where we a natter and a game. Are there any keen 11.15 and 11.15 til 1.30.There is a list in
had our first Family Art and Craft chess players out there? We have one the bowls hall for which session you
Morning. It was a fun morning and started member of the games group who enjoys would like to attend.
off in an interesting way. I had packed my playing Chess would you like to come and Coaching sessions for anyone wanting to
car up to the roof with feathers, beads, give him a game? learn to bowl are continuing each Thursday
paint, glue and glitter (like you do)! I The Social Group is hoping to expand its from 4pm til 6pm for Adults and the same
arrived at Ashill Community Centre and a numbers. They have an interesting time for juniors 9 to 17 years old every
very kind lady came to open up, she programme planned contact Steve on Friday. For more information contact Terry
unlocked the outer door and then the inner 07845 024543 for dates and times of on 01362 525 042

Tales of The
Watton Society had a very adventurous evening
travelling 7000 miles and back when Peter
Walmsley (pictured left) spoke about his time on
the Falkland Islands. Vividly describing learning
how to shepherd sheep on horseback, how bleak
the terrain is, the braying on an evening of
penguins by the thousand and the strength of
winds coming straight from the Antarctic.
But the bleakness of the terrain did not stop
them having "two nighters", that is where
everybody gets to the social hall by fair means
or foul, for 2 nights of dancing, drinking and
heavy socializing. Even though it is heavily
bogged, very dangerous to travel over the
islands have their own mystical beauty.
Our next meeting is on Wednesday 15th March,
at 7.45pm in Watton Christian Community
Centre and the speaker is Georgette Vale
"Elizabeth Fry" - Five o'clock Tea with Betsy".
All visitors are welcome, for more information
watch out for the new poster.
March 2017 The Wayland News Page 9
Watton Churches Together Thought for the Month The Watton Society
St. Mary’s Church, Watton Rev Eleanor Reddington, Watton Methodist Church Dear Friends, Isn’t it lovely to see the first signs of spring all Georgette Vale Presents: Elizabeth Fry - Five O’clock Tea
Follow us @StMarysWatton around us? Aconites have been in bloom for a couple of With Betsy. Join Mrs Fry in 1845 and hear her tell of her life
If I can be of help to you please do not hesitate to contact me, weeks now, and so have the snowdrops. Driving around I’ve as a Quaker and her work as a prison reformer,
on 01953 881439, I shall be available at church on Tuesdays noticed catkins, and a few buds beginning to show colour on philanthropist, anti slavery campaigner and more besides.
between 10.30am and 12 noon - Gerry Foster the trees and hedges. The weather can still change, but as I’m 7.45pm Watton Christian Community Centre
1st, 3rd & 4th Wednesday at 9.30am Holy Communion 2nd writing this there’s blue sky and sunshine outside - these bursts More information John & Judy Kerr 01953 882613
Wednesday Morning Worship of sunshine and blue sky have lifted our spirits and made us all
Tuesdays 7.30am - 8am, Thursdays 5pm - 5.30pm feel so much better.
Saturdays 9.30am - 10am Parish Prayers All around us there are signs of new life, and these are also signs
5pm - 6pm Pray & Praise of hope. As the days begin to lengthen, there is the hope of better
Church Office opens Tues, Wed & Thurs 9am-1pm weather. As we look at all the flowers blooming there is the
Tel: 01953 881252 promise of the riot of colour that comes as more and more flowers
Wed 1st Ash Wednesday bloom. As seeds are sown, and shoots appear, there is the promise
7.30pm Group Service of Holy Communion of food and plenty later in the year. Yes, it’s been a long, dark and
& Imposition of Ashes drab winter, but those signs of spring remind us that there is the
Sun 5th 8.00am Holy Communion hope and promise of longer and brighter days to come.
10.00am Holy Communion In the life of the Church, we are entering the season of Lent when
Sun 12th 8.00am Holy Communion we remember the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. For forty
10.00am Informal Holy Communion days, we reflect on his hunger and suffering there. However, Lent
Sun 19th 8.00am Holy Communion also brings with it a sign of hope, because it ends with Jesus’
10.00am Holy Communion death on the cross for us, and then his glorious resurrection.
2.30pm Café Stop at The Blenheim Centre Whatever difficulties we may be facing, we are reminded that
Sun 26th Mothering Sunday there is hope, and God’s promise that he shares those difficulties
8.00am Holy Communion with us. As we enjoy the signs of new life all around us, let’s
10.00am 4th Sunday at 10 remember that God offers us hope and new life as well through
6.30pm Choral Evensong the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus. God bless. Eleanor

Watton Methodist Church The Ovington Crower
Every Wednesday the Church is open for quiet reflection and By Boy Sid
prayer between 10.15am & 11.30am It’s your quiet place. At Well thet hent got a lot warmer
10.30 there is a half-hour Midweek Service in the Large Vestry hev it, saw a bitta sun larst week
led by the Minister or a Church Member. and wos shure spring wos jist
Sun 5th 10.30am Rev E Reddington arownd tha corna. Har yew a
6.30pm Mr A Warby doin? Hoop yew hent got thet
Sun 12th 10.30am Mrs E Warby bird flu wos gooin abowt, my
6.30pm Rev B Trinder missus hev covered ower ole
Sun 19th 10.30am Mrs S Mann hens up with sum owld corn sacks,
6.30pm Rev E Reddington trubble is thar reckon thas nite time orl
Sun 26th 10.30am Rev R Wakelin tha time an hent laid enny eggs leartly.
6.30pm Local Arrangement Horry dint muck abowt, he killed hisn
an et em orl up, from wot I saw ovvem he dint git a lotta meals
Roman Catholic Community from em. He’ll git sum more when orl this palava is oova he
Each Sat 5.30pm Mass at Watton Methodist Church say.
St. Nicholas’ Church, Ashill I’re bin in trubble agin, tha ole parish Chairmawtha reckon I
Tuesdays at 10.00am Holy Communion hent got a gud word tew say abowt har when I rite abowt har in
Sun 5th 10.00am Lay Led Worship & this bit o squit. I say tew har I say “Thas corse yew git on yore
Sunday Funday for school age children high hoss an git up peeples nose’s an niva say a kind word” cor
Sun 12th 9.30am Family Holy Communion blarst she wos suffin rore and sed I hent welcome at enny
Sun 19th 9.30am Morning Worship Cowncil meeting in tha footcher. I say tew har “Thet hent
Sun 26th 9.30am Mothering Sunday Service legal” I say “Tha public is allus welcome tew goo tew tha
cowncil meetins” “Not if I say diffrunt” she say. I wos gooin
St. George’s Church, Saham Toney ter say suffin gud abowt har this munth, but I reckon I’d best
Sun 5th11.00am Lay Led Worship shut up fer a while till she carlms down.
Sun 12th 11.00am Family Holy Communion We hed a house in tha willage ketch fire tha otha week, thet
Sun 19th 11.00am All Age Worship wos a rare ole blearze an thas put two families owt of thar
Sun 26th 11.00am Mothering Sunday Service homes. Jist hoop tha ole insurers git thar finger owt.
Horry went up tha pub larst week, got his yewshall pint an say
S.S. Peter & Paul’s Church, Carbrooke tew tha landlord “Put thet on my slearte ole partna”
Sun 5th10.30am Family Holy Communion
The landlord he clawed back tha pint and say, “Yew hent
Sun 12th 10.30am All Age Worship
cleared yore slearte fer nigh on a munth Horry, so yew pay up
Sun 19th 10.30am Holy Communion
or goo without” “Wot” Horry say “Ire bin cumin hare regler fer
Sun 26th Mothering Sunday
moran fifty years an hent niver heard so much ole squit, I allus
10.30am Lay Led Worship
pay my way,----- ‘venchewally” “Well yis” tha landlord say.
St John the Evangelist Church, Ovington “But things is gittin hard an my cash flow hint wot it orta be”
Sun 5th 9.30am Holy Communion “Thas abowt like yore beer then, thet dunt flow tew sharpish
Sun 19th 10.30am All Age Worship eetha” “No argewing” say tha landlord “Cash or nuthin”
Sun 26th 10.30am Mothering Sunday Service “Rite” say Horry “Thas it, I’ll teark my custom sumware else”
“Best of luck” say tha landlord “Yew won’t find any wun
else’ll give yew a sleart, orl onus hev got tew meark ‘conomys,
an yew hent helpin attall”
He wos rite an Horry coont git a drink fer nigh on a week, till I
All Saints Church, Threxton I tret him tew wun on Satdi. He still hent paid wot he owes, so
heeze on tha wagin fer a long time I reckon.
Our next service will be on Sunday Tha Chuch hev started ter git sum o thet lottry munny tew pay
5th March at 10.30a.m. fer tha repairs tew tha ole plearce.
Jist leartly the plearce hev bin full o yungsters from sum o tha
loocal skools orl traipsing round tha Chuch an tha yard lukkin
Watton Pentecostal Church fer wild animals and such. I say ter tha Wicar thet I’ll gi em a
quid fer each mole they ketch, bu I hent hed nowun askin fer
Old Dereham Road, Watton. March Services enny munny as yit. We got rid of orl tha mice in tha Chuch
Sundays at 10.30am “The Depths of Discipleship” afore Chrismus so thar wunt ketch enny of them eetha.
All Welcome I’re got my seed tearters, but I hent gooin ter be planting them
fer a while, boy Barry hev got his set in tha greenhouse an it
ont be long afore thare showing green.
Dance Away at The Queens Hall Hed anotha birthday larst week, tha whole famly cum rownd
an et all my ceark an drunk orl my beer, nice tew see’em tho.
Ballroom, Latin and Sequence Dancing Well thas gittin on an cos orl my beers hev bin drunk I shall
8pm - 11pm Admission £4 hatta hev a cup of coco instead.
Dew yew teark care an dew yew kip a troshin.
Dances March 4th, April 1st, May 6th Boy Sid
The Wayland News Page 10 March 2017
A lively question session, which turned into more of a manager or administrator. The position is unpaid but
Why make a Will? discussion, followed; it somewhat took over but agreed out of pocket expenses can be claimed. Time
The importance of making a Will can for some be incorporated Anton’s prepared presentation! He explained spent executing duties can be recorded and costed as
overlooked, only thought about in the event of an the whole process of prefect selection; currently there are potential match-funding for grants and other sources of
upcoming holiday or ill health. Many have good 36 applications from year 10 students to fill 30 places. He finance and support. Ideally the appointee should be
intentions of making their Will, but put it off in the midst described his role in developing the Academy’s Youth independent of the hospitality trade, IT and web
of other distractions. Leadership programme, which, as a young teacher literate, and able to work from home, though a work
There are a number of reasons why making a Will is so himself, he found most fulfilling. Most members of the station is available in the Visitor Centre (Dragonfly
important. These include: club had had experience of working with and helping the Gallery) at Wayland House. Experience in, or of, the
1. It is an opportunity to provide for what it is you want to school with various projects over the years, including tourism industry is not necessary but experience as a
happen on your death. In the absence of a valid Will, a set young inventor, designer, chef, poet and math traveller and use of B&Bs in UK would be useful.
of legal rules, known as the Intestacy Rules apply. These competitions, and conducting mock interviews. Our Any business affording local or visitor hospitality is
Rules stipulate who will receive your assets and it may not continued involvement was offered and welcomed by asked to check whether they are listed on both the
be what you had hoped. The effect of the Rules may cause Anton. Association’s websites; the front page of the old one -
disagreements between the family members left behind. It March sees two major events, fundraisers for our Rotary - contains a link to the
can also make the administration of your estate more Trust Fund. On Saturday 18th March our Pat Murphy is new website: . Comments on the
complicated. running a Grand Quiz Night at the Wells Cole websites are welcomed from anyone; they should be
2. With a Will you can appoint legal guardians to care for Community Centre, Saham Toney. Teams of 4 (max) are addressed by email to
your underage children and to provide a mechanism for invited to book a table through Pat Murphy on 01953
ensuring that those guardians can access your estate to 498164. The cost is £8pp, including a supper of fish,
maintain your children to the standard you would expect. sausage or veggie, & chips. This event was previously a Watton U3A
3. A Will is an effective opportunity to consider tax fundraiser for the FOCC but that organisation is in David Morton presented The Wonder of Light to our
planning particularly for inheritance tax and capital gains abeyance following the 5th and final children’s visit last members at the January meeting. He illustrated his talk
tax purposes. Your advisor can consider with you what year. with slides, starting with a view of the sun with its
tax would be payable as a result of your death and by Within a week, on Friday 24th March, we have the first of sunspots. These influence our life on earth affecting our
whom it is payable. Furthermore they can consider with our biennial “Jazz at the Queen’s Hall” sessions, again climate every 45 years. In 1976 we had a heatwave, a very
you any options to limit a tax liability. with DixieMix. Our 18th session in our 10th year, tickets hot summer, so 2021 is a date to note! He told us about
4. In an age where there are numerous types of family at £12, including a light supper, are available from Light and Energy coming from the sun, taking us through
structure, your Will can be a helpful way to balance the Adcocks in Watton High Street. There will be a full bar from Chemical, being Vitamin D, 20 minutes necessary
needs and circumstances of all your beneficiaries. An service and a raffle at both events. Martin Anscombe every day, to Timing, our body clock reliant on light to
example would be a second marriage where you have function. David showed us slides of Cromer showing the
children from your first marriage. There are a number of Aurora Borealis and the Aurora from a space station. We
mechanisms you can include in your Will to provide for Ashill & Holme Hale learnt that humans only see 40% of the light spectrum
your new spouse whilst seeking to protect your estate for whereas animals see a far greater range of colours. He
your children. Garden Club took us through artificial light and its uses in our everyday
5. In addition, a Will can provide for vulnerable It was below freezing in January when Joe Sharman from life and informed us if you work with computers every
beneficiaries such as disabled adults or children. It might Monksilver Nursery at Cottenham, Cambridge came to day, you qualify for free eye tests because of the strain on
be that they are unable to manage an outright monetary talk about his passion for snowdrops. Surprisingly, your eyes. If you use fluorescent tubes in the home they
gift without help or support and your Will can put this although they have been around for a very long time, the should be daylight version. We heard about radar and
structure in place for their ongoing benefit. snowdrops we see in this country are not truly wild having optic fibre, night vision and hologram technology. David
There is often the temptation to seek a self-written Will, all been introduced at some time. Wild snowdrops, as Joe also told us about the latest technology in televisions and
perhaps from a stationer. Whilst a Will can on the face of showed in a photograph taken in Normandy, create a solar power. He finished the talk with a view of Cromer
it seem simple, there are a number of pitfalls for the blanket of flowers, whereas here they grow in clumps. again, this time showing lightning strikes. At the end of
untrained eye. Unfortunately the impact of those pitfalls There are principally 22 varieties, the most common here the presentation David answered questions, one of them
often do not come to light until it is too late. This can lead being Galanthus Nivalis, but there are thousands of being about SAD (seasonal affective disorder). A way to
to difficulties for those left behind. cultivars and variants, some bred by enthusiasts and others combat this is to shine infrared light on the back of knees
It is also important to keep your Will under review from cross-pollinating naturally. The record price for one bulb for an hour. This also stops jet lag. All agreed this was a
time to time. There are a number of changes in your sold on E-Bay was £2,016. I have to admit that until this thoroughly interesting and illuminating talk.
circumstance where the effect of the change on your Will talk I couldn't imagine how one snowdrop could differ At our Christmas party a collection was made and £80
should be considered. These changes include divorce or significantly from another but Joe showed diagrams of the was collected for The Heart Foundation.
separation, buying or selling a home, starting a business or various shapes, patterns and colours in leaves, markings No2 pub lunch group is going to The Windmill at Gt.
having children. and petals (both outers and inners). Cressingham on Tuesday 28 March.
If you would like to make a Will or would like to review The bulbs are annuals, which means they use up all their On Thursday 9 March we are going to visit The Gasworks
the terms of your existing Will, we would be happy to energy in one season. So don't be tempted to cut down the Museum in Fakenham followed by lunch at Bawdeswell
discuss with you further. Please contact Spire Solicitors of leaves after flowering as they need to regain strength from garden centre.
40 High Street, Watton IP25 6AE on 01953 882864. them to produce a new bulb. The best time to plant bulbs At the next meeting we will be nominating the new
is August/September which is when the roots start to committee. Please contact our Membership Secretary,
grow. The plant grows under ground through the winter Anita Taylor on 01953 881110 if you would like to
Wayland Job Fair and then waits for the air to warm before bursting through become a member of the Watton U3A, or would like
the soil. So January to March is the ideal time to move further details. For further details on the National U3A, go
Returns for 2017 them in the green taking great care not to damage the roots to
The Wayland Partnership is pleased to announce that it is as these can't regenerate.
again hosting the Wayland Job Fair. This informative The snowdrops main pest is the larvae of the Swift moth.
event will be taking place on Tuesday 28th March It is a large white grub with a brown head. Unfortunately, A Home Grown
between 1pm-6pm at the Queens Hall in Watton. it will not take slug pellets, so the only method of control
This year our event is a part of a wider Job Roadshow in is a nightly inspection by torchlight. There is also a fungal Surprise
conjunction with the Dept. for Work & Pensions and disease. As it is particular to snowdrops the easy remedy There are occasions when it can be difficult to find
Breckland Council taking place in each of the Breckland is to dig them up and not replant snowdrops in the same speakers for Great Hockham Gardening Club's monthly
market towns. The event here in Watton is virtually fully area for several years. meetings – more difficult, for some reason, in the
booked with a month to go which is a great sign that There are varieties from warmer countries which flower in middle of winter. No matter, members invariably
employers are keen to come to the area to meet late summer/early autumn. Consequently, the season at manage to self entertain and keep the club going. This
prospective candidates. Some of the exhibitors confirmed Joe's nursery extends to about 9 months. But when he isn't month the meeting consisted of a slide show and a
for the day include TESCO, Center Parcs, Hammond Lee growing them he is collecting memorabilia and amused short quiz.
Estate Agents, Wincanton, Dawson’s Law, Melsop Farm the audience with photographs of all things snowdrop The slide show was a series of images taken by two of
Park, the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Trust, related, from pottery to toilet rolls. the members during their holidays at various places.
CGM group and the RAF. There will also be a number of What's on in the next 3 months. 23rd March Trevor The locations were Barnsdale Gardens in Rutland, The
organisations available to talk to about apprenticeships, Harrison Unusual Shrubs and Herbaceous Plants, 27th United States Botanic Garden in Washington, The San
training and help with transport to work. The event is free April Gardeners Question Time, 10th May COACH Francisco Botanical Garden, The Botanischer Garten in
so pop in and see us at a time to suit you and take the next, OUTING to be arranged, 25th May Graham Watts Berlin and The Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.
or indeed first, step in your career. Developments at Dale Farm Coinciding with the visit to the Phipps was an
For further information visit our Facebook group ‘Jobs in exhibition of glass sculpture by the American artist
Wayland’ or contact Suzanne Rhind on 01953 880204 or Dale Chihuli. Great efforts were made to avoid it being
email Wayland Tourism the ‘holiday snaps of the people next door’, partly by
removing all the selfies. For those who were finding
Association the pics a bit too much, the show incorporated a
Watton Rotary The Wayland Tourism Association was founded in soundtrack of gentle music.
1990 but with the imminent retirement of its founder Most people like a quiz and there’s nothing our
Roundup and administrator, and the need to explore new ways to gardeners like more than a chance to exercise their
On 26th January we had a “Wayland Academy Speaks” promote tourism in the local area, the Association is at gardening knowledge. Most of the members had no
event at which we welcomed Anton Harden, Head of Star a turning point. trouble in correctly answering a range of horticultural
House & the Young Leadership Team, and Head Girl A new website has been built and is already online questions, but to make it a little more challenging, we
Lauren Dade to our weekly meeting. Unfortunately, the whilst continuing to be developed and refined. This has were, of course, insisting on the correct Latin names
Head Boy, who had also been invited, was unable to do so been enabled by using some of the Associations where appropriate.
as he had an interview at City College Norwich. financial reserves that have been maintained and built This months competition results
Lauren spoke first and explained how in Year 10 she felt up over the years by good husbandry. Floral: First: Hazel Dunn. Second: Sue Cunningham.
rather under-confident but was encouraged to apply to At the Annual General Meeting, to be held at Broom Third: Jane Dalton.
become a prefect in her final year. She described the Hall Hotel, Richmond Road, Saham Toney, at 11am on Fruit / Vegetables: First: Hazel Dunn Second: Sue
process; filing an application, writing a proper letter (not Tuesday 28th March, a number of options will need to Thomas.
something many children do in these days of I-phones, be considered by members. These will be notified to Seasonal Photograph: First: Patrick Alzetto. Second:
messaging, texting, abbreviations and emoticons), accommodation providing members by email and to Jane Dalton. Third: Prue Szczepanowski.
addressing one’s peers and the dreaded interview. She was other ‘hospitality’ businesses (eg refreshment Our next meeting will be Wednesday 8th of March at
surprised to be selected as a prefect, and, following further establishments) by flyer. Any other business or person Hockham village hall. This will be a Talk by Abi Bell
process to achieve Head Girl status. She went on to interested in the ethos of the Association is welcome to entitled, ‘Pests be Gone’.
explain her duties and responsibilities including the setting make contact with us (see below). Doors open at 13:30 – proceedings will commence at
up of peer mentoring. The immediate need is to seek a new volunteer as a about 14:00.
March 2017 The Wayland News Page 11

Shinanikins! ON SATURDAY 25 MARCH 10AM to 3PM
Once again Queens Hall was alive with
the sound of music as an enthusiastic
and incredibly energetic crowd of Local Craftspeople showing and selling Handmade
people enjoyed the traditional Earrings to Small Gifts and Patchwork, Bird Boxes to
Valentine’s Barn Dance organised by
the Inner Wheel Club of Watton. Music
Beautiful Turned Woodwork and Handmade Fabric-
was provided by ‘Shinanikins’ with Covered Boxes, Hand Crafted Jewellery and Bags of Bags to
caller George trying to insist on some Children's Clothing and Attractive Ceramics Plus Cushions
semblance of order in his own and Aprons AND MUCH, MUCH, MORE . . .
inimitable style. Colourful decorations
festooned the tables and walls and, Free Admission – Lovely Refreshments all day – Tombola
judging by the smiles and laughter, love FURTHER DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT DENISE ON 01953-483961
(of life) was definitely in the air. At the
interval dancers were served with a
delicious Ploughman’s Supper prepared
by the Inner Wheel ladies and this was
followed by tiny cup cakes retained her interest in Inner Wheel to on Friday 3rd March at 2:30. It will
appropriately decorated for the the end: she was a lovely lady and we include Afternoon Tea. Tickets, (£8) are
occasion. On leaving many people miss her hugely. available from Mullengers, and they are
remarked on how much they had The meeting this month was dedicated to going fast! This event is in aid of the
enjoyed the evening and some have business, and following preparations for President’s Charity, the Norfolk &
even noted the date of next year’s event, upcoming events, elections took place Norwich University Hospital. On the very
which, in case you’re interested, is for Club, District, National and next day, Saturday 4th March there is a
February 9th. The Hall is booked and so International Officers. Coffee Morning at Queens Hall from 9:30-
is the Band – will YOU be there? Some IW Clubs are finding survival a 11:30. The ladies will be serving hot drinks
On an altogether more serious note, the struggle but Watton seems to be in good and more cakes and pastries then.
Club has been greatly saddened by the heart with lots of exciting plans for the Looking a little further ahead, the last in
death of Founder Member, Judy Wilson. months ahead. In March you are invited the current series of Lunchtime Concerts
Most members attended her funeral to a Flower Arranging Demonstration takes place on April 5th from 11:30.
service at Mintlyn Crematorium and at entitled ‘Jump into Spring’ (now there’s This will feature a return visit, by
the beginning of the recent monthly a good thought given that as I write there popular request, of the Folk Group,
meeting a minutes silence was observed. is sleet outside the window). This will be Pennyless, and tickets will be available
Judy had been ill for some time but held in the Christian Community Centre from March 11th.

Dereham Road. We form an integral part of Club Captain: John Hunter ~ 01953
Watton (Loch Neaton) the Sports Centre and as such we have the 882419 / 0794 1670925 ~ email:
Bowls Club full use of the Centre’s facilities, which
include the refreshment bar, changing
Club Secretary: Kevin Simpson ~ 01953
The new outdoor bowls season is fast rooms and car parking. 882790
approaching, and all the members at We have bowling sessions on Monday, Watton Sports Centre ~ 01953 881281
Watton (Loch Neaton) Bowls Club are Wednesday and Friday afternoons at Also take a look at our website
looking forward to another year of 2.30pm and Friday evenings from 6.00 pm
bowling. especially for beginnings and families.
You are invited to our annual Spring Initially for two weeks the sessions will be
Meeting on Wednesday 1st March at free and Club Rules relaxed regarding dress
Save the Date!
2.00 pm in our clubroom at the Sports code. If you could wear flat-soled shoes
Centre. It will give anyone the this would be appreciated, but if not Griston Babes in
opportunity of meeting our officers and appropriate slipovers will be available. We
club members and of discovering how also have a selection of bowls for your the Wood
we operate. convenience.
We are also continuing with our regular So do please come along to these sessions Festival 2017
Saturday coffee mornings in the regardless of your age. A date for your diary - taking place on
clubroom at 10.00am going through until We are a very friendly and sociable club the weekend of the 24th-25th of June,
the 7th April. with other events held throughout the year. raising money for local children's
Likewise if you are interested in playing We are affiliated to Norfolk County (Bowls charities. Now taking bookings for Drive
bowls for the very first time or have limited England) Association and we have league Sales (Saturday only).
experience we start the 2017 season on fixtures in the County League, the Ashill Donations needed for tombola, raffle,
Sunday 23rd April at 2.00 pm for a 2.30 and District League and the Age Concern bottle stall, cake stall. Any offers of help
start. A warm welcome awaits new League. We also play many friendlies and before and on the days also gratefully
members of all ages and gender, whether host Touring Clubs and County matches. In received. Please contact Nicky on 01953
beginners or experienced players in the addition we have numerous internal and 548375.
area looking for a fresh start. external competitions. Further details and full itinerary for the
We have an excellent Bowling Green at If you would like any further details or weekend to follow in the near future.
Watton Sports Centre, situated off other information then please contact:
The Wayland News Page 12 March 2017
West Norfolk Air Cadet Awards Night Are you Home Alone on a Friday night?
Aviation Do you enjoy good food, good wine and good
Society company? Then Join ”ONE FRIENDSHIP”
On Tuesday, 7th February, the West
Norfolk Aviation Society enjoyed the On March 10th at Broom Hall country hotel
presentation of a collection of aircraft
photographs taken this century by fellow
7pm for 7.30pm. Fine dining for folks on their own.
member Andrew Barnes. From Sea Fury 3 course meal £21 or 2 courses for £16.50
to Concorde, the range of aeroplanes was
wide and detailed. Anecdotes contributed Please phone Simon on 01953 882125 or Angela on 01953 884594
by other members added extra interest to
the evening. A further bonus was the to book your place. A very warm welcome awaits you.
hospitality and catering provided for us
by the Mundford Bowls Club. Our thanks
to them.
Our next meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday March 7th when another
member of the society will give a talk on
Aerial Gunnery. Chris Halliday's
performances are always informative,
humorous and unusual, so join us if you
can. Further details of the Society's
activities are available on our website:
On January 30th, 864 Watton Squadron Air Cadets Cadet Laurynas Dauksa; Best Examination
held their annual Presentation Evening. Cadet Results, Cadet Ethan Dade; Best NCO, Cadet
parents and invited guests, including Mayor Beryl Flight Sergeant Helenor Cox; Runner-Up Best
Watton Bunning and her husband John Bunning, local
representatives from the Royal British Legion,
Cadet, Cadet Ethan Dade; Best Cadet of the Year,
Cadet Flight Sergeant Helenor Cox
Indoor Rev’d Gerry Foster and Flt Lt Peter Howlett
gathered to see cadets awarded for their
A special award was given by Reverend Gerry
Foster to the Squadron in recognition of ‘Good
achievements during the last year. Flt Lt Matthew Citizenship in the Community’ that was
Country Miller, Commanding Officer of 864 Squadron,
spoke to the group about the events, courses and
demonstrated over the Christmas period in 2016.
On the 5th of February cadets attended a parade at
Market camps that our cadets have attended. Cadets were
presented with a folder containing their certificates
RAF Marham to commemorate ATC Sunday. All
of the cadets looked very smart and impressed
Watton Indoor Country Market has been that they have received including First Aid and everyone watching. Most recently the cadets
awarded a five star rating, so hopefully Heartstart, BTEC Diplomas, Drill Courses, braved the cold and snow at Norfolk and Suffolk
this will show you that we pride ourselves Instructor Courses, swimming certificates, Duke of Wing’s cross country competition on the 12th of
on quality of what we produce. Edinburgh Awards, Nijmegen and Warma February. Those who were chosen, along with
We started back on February 1st. It was Marches, Sports Certificates and ATC other cadets from the Wing, will go on to compete
so nice to see regular customers as well as Examination awards. in the Regional competition at RAF Cranwell in
some new faces come in to see whats The annual shields and trophies were then March. 864 Squadron parades on Monday and
available. Unfortunately there is no fruit presented in each category. The winners this year Wednesday evenings at the Drill Hall, Watton
and vegetables. But we do have our were: Most Improved Cadet, Cadet Susan Bloor; Airfield, Watton from 7pm to 9:30pm and
regular supply of locally produced eggs. Most Enthusiastic Cadet, Cadet Calum Davey; welcomes all young people aged between 12 (year
Some plants will be available soon. We Sports Cadet of the Year, Cadet Sergeant Joshua 8) and 18 years. They are currently recruiting. For
have had a new producer join us. Reynolds; Cadet of the Month, Cadet Emily Cox; further information, please email
Matthew is selling some really unique Betty Wilkinson Award for Best Junior Cadet,
handcrafted clocks. Mantel piece clocks
and wall clocks. Some of these clocks are friendly team who are responsible for the daily
made from big chunks of tree. To
SITUATIONS VACANT running of the church. Please phone the church
St Marys Church, Watton – Treasurer
appreciate there uniqueness you really office 01953 881252 for further details or an
Due to retirement after 10 years in post, St Mary’s
need to come and see them. informal chat.
Church is seeking a new Treasurer. This post is
We were sorry to lose one of our cooks,
voluntary. The applicant would need to be
she had other family commitments. This
has left us with a vacancy for another
cook. So if you bake cakes, make pies or
computer literate. Training and a good handover
would be given. Most tasks can be carried out in
Women’s World
the post holder’s own time, although a certain
quiches and you hold an up to date
hygiene certificate come in and see us.
amount of interaction with the Vicar, Day Of Prayer
Churchwardens and other staff is required. If you (INTERNATIONAL & Interdenominational)
The weather has been miserable wet and
would like to become part of the friendly team who Friday 3rd March, at 10.30am at St Mary’s
cold, do you get cold legs when watching
are responsible for the daily running of the church Church, Church Road, Watton IP25 6DQ
tv, we have some lovely crocheted
please telephone the church office 01953 881252 On Friday 3rd March over 5,000 services will be
blankets. Besides all the knitwear for
for further details or an informal chat. held in the British Isles on the theme of ‘Am I
young and old. Don't forget Mother's Day
is coming soon, why not come and see St Marys Church, Watton - Verger Being Unfair to You?’ The Christian women of
The main requirements of this post are Sunday the Philippines wrote the service and it has been
our gifts and greeting cards. We can make
morning duties from 9am – 12.30pm approx., and translated into 1,000 different languages and
to order any card that we can personalise.
attendance at weddings, funerals and other special dialects, to be used, throughout the whole world.
Watton Country Market is held every
occasions. The Sunday weekly duty attracts a small Why not find out more about the theme, the
Wednesday 8.30 - 11.30am in the
salary with weddings and funerals paying a set fee Philippines and the service? The Day of Prayer
Methodist Church hall. On the High
on each occasion. There is a deputy verger who can is not just for women. Everyone is welcome to
Street. The church ladies also serve tea
cover when necessary, by arrangement. All attend the service and enjoy refreshments
and coffee in the adjoining room.
necessary training will be given. afterwards. Contact details: Margaret Cator
Everybody is welcome. We hope to see
you there.
We would welcome the right applicant to join our 01953 882187/881252
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