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Eng. 11/ 2003


offers you
a system solution
A wide choice of accessories to Kingspan roofing and
wall sandwich insulated panels is presented in this
material. This catalogue should help you select right and
functional fittings and the ancillary of Kingspan Company
suitable for the details of the construction since they:

make the building more interesting

make the construction functional
are a part of our jacket system

The following offer of accessories and

fittings is divided into a few independent
groups of products depending on the way
of their application and location.







Terms of delivery
Manufacture of supplementary fittings must be discussed by the
producer and customer not later than three weeks before the delivery.
Even nonstandard components can be supplied if it is agreed with the
Kingspan Technical department.

Flashing elements:
roof flashing elements
wall flashing elements
flashing profiles wall/roof
hole flashing

Roof flashing elements:

crest components
llight flashing
connecting roof panels to the wall
connecting roof elements to the wall of a higher
connecting roof panels to the panel wall
verge flashing
attic gable flashing
gutter flashing

Wall flashing elements:

sill drips and baseboards
corner and angle flashing
vertical cover strips
the flashing panel joints laid vertically/horizontal
joining panels to the walls of neighbouring
Flashing elements for roof/wall
verge flashings gable attic gutter details

Lemovn otvor:
flashing of heads of windows, doors and gate
flashing of window lining, door and gate
window sill flashing
louvre flashing

Verge flashingss Crest elements Vertical cover strips

standard crest


Corner flashing Sill drips and


Kingspan flashing elements used for jacketing COLORCAT Pvf2, good quality finish,
are made of galvanised sheet with coating, its thickness of 27 , high colour stability
girth is max. 1,250 mm and length up to 6,000 mm.
coating on the inner (interior) side of the flashing
If Kingspan flashing elements are installed
simultaneously with the roof and wall jacket of the
same manufacturer, the standard guarantees and polyester protective coating.
warranty are applied to these flashing elements
as well.
Colour design
All standard colours as given in the RAL colour
Material specification card are available
galvanised sheet with coating if nonstandard shades are required, please
sheet thickness in the standard Kingspan colour contact Kingspan Company
shades is 0.6 mm, other thicknesses can be
delivered too dependently on the suppliers
capacity (0.55 mm, 0.63 mm, 0.70 mm)
coating on the external side of the flashing Complete technical details of tinsmith elements
element: are included in a CDROM and in Kingspan
PLASTISOL HPS 200, both unilateral and Technical Manual, Chapter 5.
twosided (available only in Hamlet shade), Engineering solution of nonstandard details can be
high quality coating with thickness of 200 , long consulted with Kingspan Technical department.
life and stability of colours, resistance against
damage during transportation and mounting,
PES/polyester 25, good quality finish, thickness
of 25 , with expected standard life

required for

Supplement to sandwich panel jacket

complete accessories
harmony of colours
simple and fast installation
attractive appearance

Roof draining systems :

Kingspan eaves gutter system (square section)
system without inclination
eaves gutter system (semicircular section)
prefabricated insulated gutter system without
valley gutters
parapet gutters

Roof draining systems
The way how rainwater is removed from the roof into the stormwater sewer is an important part of the
system. The system can be divided into two groups depending on the roof geometry and architectural

A. Outside gutters
Kingspan offers the outside gutter system with a
square or semicircular profile for oneaisle and 35
pitch saddle roofs. 15
18 35

External slopeless square Kingspan
1. External slopeless square Kingspan gutter 85
gutter capacity (standard profile) = 11,8 l/sec (84)
outlet capacity ( 100 mm) = 4,7 l/sec
kapacita vtoku ( 150 mm) = 9,1 l/sec
(173) Panel profile
max. pitch between outlets = 15 m 3 or 5 waves

Detail square gutter

* lower section of the panel

where insulation was removed

panel profile
Profil panelu panelpanelu
Profil profile
33 waves(mm)
vlny (mm) r.girth(mm)
. (mm) 55 waves(mm)
vln (mm) r. girth(mm)
. (mm)
2 oo 140
140 590 145 595 This Table should be used for
4 146
146 596 151 601 determination of a suitable gutter type in
6 152
152 602 157 607 dependence on the pitch of the roof.
9 161
161 611 166 616 Contact Kingspan Technical department
12oo 169
169 619 174 624 for pitch higher that 21o.
15 oo 178
178 628 183 633
18 oo 186
186 636 191 641
21 oo 194
194 644 199 649

Kingspan eaves gutter system without inclination

undereaves gutter

gutter support

square dopwnpipe
100 x 100 or 150 x 150 mm
(or with a circular section)

type verge gutter coupling


corner gutter verge joint collar

The above Kingspan gutters are usually

manufactured from steel galvanised sheet, standard
thickness 0.6 mm with onesided coating (PES/ The detail of gutter and downpipe mounting
polyester 25 microns thick or HPS Plastisol
200 microns thick) or doublesided (HPS Plastisol Gutter support length 600 mm; galvanised
sheet with coating, maximum spacing between
200 microns), length is up to 6,000 mm. The system the supports is 660 mm. Profile
600 mm
contains all accessories (eaves support, joint collars, gutter bracket 0m m separator
0m m fix ed ce ntr es 20
heads, corner elements, downpipes, elbows, and fix ed ce es 20
the like). Type, thickness of the roof panel and roof
pitch must be determined for the design and
specification of the system
The standard accessories are shown in the
Figure above.
max. 200 mm

The detail of downpipe mounting

External downpipe
150 x 150 mm
(100 x 100 mm) joint collar
max. 2000 mm

K + D binding material
is between the gutter
gully and the gutter

2000 mm
Kingspan wall panel
max. 2000 mm

The detail of gutter butt joint

joint collar of the
gutter coupling downpipe fixed with
gutter binding material K + D

internal side
max. 2000 mm

external side
rivets of stainless
steel or A/E

2. Semicircular eaves gutter
Semicircular Kingspan gutters are usually ma be determined for specification of the system (con
nufactured from steel galvanised sheet, standard tact Kingspan Technical department).
thickness 0.6 mm with onesided coating PES/
polyester 25 microns thick. The internal side of eaves gutter
the sheet has polyester protective coating. Size (semicircular)
of the gutter as well as all the accessories must

Detail semicircular undereaves gutter

08 10
110 P P minimum 190mm 14 02
K 30mm P P


07 System components:
undereavesgutter girth 330, 400 mm
07 193 circular downpipe 100, 120, 150 mm
gutter hook 330/ 200, 400/200 mm
01 136
Z K frontal gutter hook 330, 400 mm
downpipe joint collar 100, 120, 150 mm
P rainwater header girth 330, 400 mm
conical or dilatation
cornice or outlet bend 100, 120, 150 mm

internal or external corner girth 330, 400 mm

snow barrier
accessories (bolts, nuts, washers, pads,
calottes,cappings, rivets, adhesive).

Prefabricated Gutters
valley and parapet gutters

B. Internal draining valley and parapet gutters

A drainage system into the internal rainwater Kingspan colour shades. The thermal insulation is
sewer must be used in one or moreaisle saddle made using hardened polyurethane (PUR) or mi
roofs. Kingspan offers here the system using slo neral wool plates. Thickness of PUR thermal insula
peless prefabricated insulated valley and parapet tion is 30, 50 or 60 mm, in mineral wool plates it is
gutters. Insulated Kingspan gutters are usually 80, 100 or 120 mm. Gutter dimensions must be
manufactured from steel galvanised sheet, thickne taken into consideration in designing the roof with
ss 0.6 mm with coating (PES/polyester 25 microns insulated gutters so that they could be installed
thick or HPS Plastisol 200 microns) with standard without any problems into the roof structure.

Set of standard prefabricated gutters
(contact Kingspan Technical department)

Minimum recommended width is 500 mm for the valley and

300 mm for gutters near the wall and parapet ones. The standard
gutter set also includes standard gutter ends or the end with
the overflow.

The gutter end with the overflow


see the detail of

gutter coupling
elo labu
external gutter sheet is
longer by 50 mm

internal gutter sheet is

longer by 150 mm

misalignnment 150 mm
The detail of the gutter coupling
50 25
The detail of the gutter end
internal sheet
25 K + D joint my means of
with coating 50 adhesive
along the perimeter

pln utsnn
konc. elo labu

gutter sheet 38 12 plates of
or mineral wool
Valley gutter
P Parapet gutter
08 21 135 130
50mm 02 K K
P 50mm

max. 200mm


20 20
overflow 21

20 08

03 02
gutter support L P


Bear in mind that the vertical downpipe must not

Note: Details of location of valley and parapet
cross with horizontal bearing elements of the roof
gutters in the Kingspan roof systems can be
structure (beams, frames, purlins, and the like). found in appropriate chapters of the Technical
Perform the mounting according to Kingspan Manual on CDROM or in Kingspan Technical
Technical Manual. department.


Prefabricated gutter elements

Marking Profile Note

PUR foam filling.

Length up to 5,850 mm only.
Standard thickness
of the filling d = 30, 50, 60 mm.
L01 b value = d . 1.3 + 80

PUR foam filling.

Length up to 5,850 mm only.
Standard thickness
L02 of the filling d = 30, 50, 60 mm.
b value = d . 1.3 + 80

PUR foam filling.

Length up to 5,850 mm only.
Standard thickness
L03 of the filling d = 30, 50, 60 mm.
b value = d . 1.3 + 80

PUR foam filling.

Length up to 5,850 mm only.
Standard thickness
L04 of the filling d = 30, 50, 60 mm.
b value = d . 1.3 + 80

Mineral foam filling.

Length up to 5,850 mm only.
L05 Standard thickness
of the filling d = 80, 100, 120 mm.
b value = d . 1.3 + 80

Mineral foam filling.

Length up to 5,850 mm only.
Standard thickness
L06 of the filling d = 80, 100, 120 mm.
b value = d . 1.3 + 80

Mineral foam filling.

Length up to 5,850 mm only.
Standard thickness
L07 of the filling d = 80, 100, 120 mm.
b value = d . 1.3 + 80

Mineral foam filling.

Length up to 5,850 mm only.
Standard thickness
L08 of the filling d = 80, 100, 120 mm.
b value = d . 1.3 + 80

All dimensions are in mm.


RW/GRP/MK1 the way of panel arrangement can affect uniformity

of daylight dispersion in the interior of the building.
doublesided selfadhesive weather strip doublesided selfadhesive weather strip
(between the upper and lower shells) (between the upper and lower shells) Maximum length of the panels is 6,500 mm
including the lap.

polyethylene profile and

distance piece
Such layout can influence uniformity of light
dispersion in the building, but, very frequently,
RW/GRP/MK3 the structural point of view is decisive.
doublesided self

butyl weather strip (between the

adhesive weather
butyl weather strip (between the Chessboard pattern
strip (between the
upper and lower shells) upper and lower shells)
upper and lower
shells) This layout provides the most
uniform light dispersion, but the
mounting is more laborious and
the number of panel cross joints
polyethylene profile and unilateral closed rivet after each 150 mm is greater, which is especially
distance piece unsuitable for roofs with lower pitch.

Rooflights bring daylight to the interior of the Crest arrangement
building. It is true especially in roofs with a large It provides adequate light distri
span where uniform daylight dispersion can be bution in halls of small width. Cir
achieved only using roof lights or rooflight panels. cular or saddle crest lights which
The roof light panels are laid at the roof level and should be mounted together with
in comparison with the lights the light loss is not Kingspan roof systems are sup
so great when they are applied (light stands, plied by specialized manufacturers.
oblique light walls).

Doubleleaf rooflight panels KS 1000 RW/GRP Layout in the direction of the
can be used only with sandw ich insulated panels slope
Kingspan KS 1000 RW in roofs with pitch of 4 o This layout gives the easiest and
(7 %) or more. most reliable structure and ade
samolepic tsnic each 500 mm steel selfadhesive clamping quate light distribution. Arched and
pska (soust panelu) selfdrilling screw polyethylene weather strip stainless steel
nebo butylov tsnic JT3.2H5.5x25E29 (part of the panel) or butyl fastener each
saddle lights and rooflights are
pska strip (to be applied during
the mounting)
500 mm very suitable for this layout and
(aplikovat na monti)
can be easily incorporated into
Kingspan roof systems.

panel panel
panel panel
External/internal shell leaf of the
panel is made of profiled fibre
anticondensation selfadhesive glass plates with thickness of 1.2/0.8 mm and
bearing weather strip anticondensation weather bearing
weather strip (to
be applied during strip (to be applied during structure
height of the upper wave of 35 mm, which are
the mounting) the mounting)
weather strip connected to each other using polyethylene distan
From the viewpoint of the structural design, ce pieces.
the rooflights can be laid in chessboard or continu Butyl or PE weather strip must be inserted into
ous patterns in the direction of the roof pitch and the longitudinal joint (lock) between the panel.

Thermal insulations
Heattransmission value for all values of thickness
of rooflights is U = 3.0 W/m2 K.

Light transmittance
Kingspan KS 1000 RW/GRP rooflights transmit Fire protection
81 % of light and they are not transparent. Kingspan rooflights meet building regulations
and standards for technical parameters of
Structure construction products of GRP (fibreglass)
Maximum span of rooflight supports (purlins) is
L<1.2 m (consultation with Kingspan Technical de Assembly
partment is recommended). Procedures and instructions for the mounting at
the building site are given in Kingspan Technical
KS 1000 RW/GRP/MK1
doublesided selfadhesive weather strip
(between the upper and lower shells)
doublesided selfadhesive weather strip
(between the upper and lower shells)

profile and
distance piece
modul 1000

Note: Fibreglass rooflight. The

34 269 29 shape and profile of the
exterior is the same as that of
53,5 50 RW panel. This type should

be used in combination with



panel having thickness of 60,

d 70, 80, 100 mm.


KS 1000 RW/GRP/MK3
doublesided self
adhesive weather
butyl weather strip (between the strip (between the butyl weather strip (between the
upper and lower shells) upper and lower upper and lower shells)

Fibreglass rooflight. The
shape and profile of the polyethylenov tvarov
jednostrann uzaven nt Al/E 3x6
distann prvek
exterior is the same as that of
RW panel. This type should modul 1000
be used in combination with
panels having thickness of 333
40 to 50 mm. 34 32 269 29

53,5 50




20 C

selftapping (self
Crosswise panel joint (minimum pitch 10%) Lower joint of GRP/MK 1 drilling) screw with
thread under its
Upper joint butyl min. 200 mm
head or a calotte
weather strip
selftapping (selfdrilling) screw
with thread under its head
butyl pa ne l
butyl min. 200 mm G RP
RW pa ne l
l weather strip
RW pa ne
6 pcs/panel
clamping fastener
G RP pa ne l polyethlene
weather strip
Lower joint of GRP/MK 3 selftapping (selfdrilling) screw
6 pcs/panel
permanently with thread under
clamping fastener
plastic adhesive its head
min. 200 mm
weather strip

G RP pa ne l

RW pa ne l
weather strip
6 pcs/panel
clamping fastener
Material specification
Kingspan Company provides the manufacture of
louvres as an accessory of sandwich panels. They
are made, as the standard, of galvanised steel
sheet with coating.

The standard louvre is supplied as a standard

module 1,000 mm and in lengths up to 3,000 mm.
Its structure is made of bend steel sheets riveted
bilaterally into the frame. It can also have an
insect screen optionally (it is not a standard part
of the supply). If required, alternative louvres can Material specification
be delivered with different sheet profiles, louvre The frame and louvres are made of steel
sizes, module dimensions, shapes and protective galvanised sheet
screens. standard thickness of the sheet is 0.63 mm
povrchov prava:
PES/ polyester 25 microns, anticorrosive
coating for the application to galvanised steel
sheet with supposed average life,
HPS 200 Plastisol, thickness 200 microns,
excellent coating with extra long life, colour
stability, resistance against corrosion and me
chanical damage during transportation and
Pvf2, thickness 27 microns, fluorocarbon coa
ting with high colour stability even at tempera
ture over 120o C and very good life,
inner side of the sheets has protective coa
ting (mostly lightgrey shade),
selection of the material is based on King
span Co. production capacity (contact King
span technical department).

The same colour shade as that of the jacket
standard module width of 1,000 mm
standard module length between 500 and
3,000 mm
if required, atypical louvres systems can be
supplied meeting specific requirements of diffe
rent designs.

Standard louvre system

A Vertically anchored panels

B Horizontally anchored panels.

steel column


unilateral rivet
4x10 A/E

weather strip
B 20 x 5 mm

00 Kingspan Louvres Z 08 (Z09) Kingspan wall panel

unilateral rivet 4x10 A/E
00 000mm

butyl weather strip 10 x 3 mm

Z 08 (Z 09)
wall panel

steel transom
covering sill drip

The sill drip should be stuck

A to the panel cemented
(K + D adhesive or silicon

Kingspan Louvres Z 08 (Z09)

angle bar
80 mm

sill drip
steel transom

Note: Details of louvres installation in different

Kingspan wall systems are shown in the relevant
chapters of the Technical Manual or on Kingspan

A good choice of fixing elements may influence to
great degree the quality of the finished construction.
Such components fix roof or wall panels to the
main or auxiliary bearing structure.
The following requirements must be met:
wall and roof panels must be attached to the
main or auxiliary structure,
strength of the whole structure must resist to
the applied load,
damp tightness of the structure must be secured,
the life must be the same as that of the jacket
its appearance must go well with the whole

Secondary fixing elements and rivets

Types of fixing elements Such fixing elements and rivets are used for side
Main fixing elements lapping and for fixing the flashings. Components for
These are the components that fix insulated low thickness of material are required for the as
sandwich panels to the structure of the building. sembly.
They behave as supporting members and so Number of fixing elements used is rather high
they must be able to transfer the load affecting the due to thinness and elasticity of the materials at
jacket panels to the bearing structure for all their tached. It usually means that permissible load of the
service life. element is not of primary importance, total load is
The elements used in sandwich insulated panels distributed to a great number of fixing elements.
are selfdrilling with the upper thread (used not so When choosing the elements, consult the manu
often) or selftapping. Different types of fixing elements facturer of the material or Kingspan Technical de
can be supplied if required by the customer. partment.

selfdrilling fixing element selftapping fixing element screws for overlap joint safety screws

pad pad
(washer) (washer)

horn zvit

thread into the closed rivets unilateral rivet

thread into the structure A/E

self clamping
drilling tip fastener for

Kingspan recommends to use anchor and joint

pieces EJOT or SFS intec for fixation of its watertight rivets
sandwich insulated panels. Specification of the
pieces is given in Kingspan Technical Manual,
Chapter 3.

Materials and service life 2. The screw is pulled out
Expected service life depends on their corrosion of the structure
rate; it can be affected by technical parameters of The element is pulled out
the material, by external and internal environments of the bearing structure due
and structure of the building. to the wind.

Carbon steel
Fixing elements made of carbon steel with coating
can serve reliably on roofs and walls for tens of 3. The fixing element
years. breaks owing to tensi
Stainless steel The element breaks and
Expected service life of fixing elements made of a part of its thread stays in
stainless steel will be at least 25 years. the bearing structure.
The following Table shows minimum expected
service life in years for different fixing elements in
various environments. 4. The fixing element breaks due to shear
A different way of
fixing element town country industry failure, which is not
Carbon steel 20 20 N associated to the wind,
is shear. In such case
Stainless steel 50 50 50
the element is broken
N = not recommended through the shear caused by the panel shift.
The element can seriously damage the panel even
In case of industrial pollution or if there is a danger before it is cut. Sometimes the strength of the element
of chemical corrosion from inside (e. g. in swimming represents the force limiting the permissible spacing
pools) consult the problem with the manufacturer of of sandwich panels especially at the corners of the
the elements. building where draught of the wind is strong (see
the design example in Section 2).

The designs for which Kingspan Co. grants
Mounting devices for selfdrilling
prolonged tenyear warranty must meet the strict
requirement that only stainless steel fixating elements screws and other tools
are specified and used.
It is important to use tools made for the given
purpose, i. e., correct mounting of the fixing elements.
Screws and pads (washers) are manufactured
Strength for such application when the pad is pressed
Primary fixing elements anchor the panels to the uniformly and thus the protection against the weather
building and must be strong enough to resist the is ensured. The electric screwdriver must have a
applied load. The most significant load is usually special bit with adjustable depth which automatically
wind suction through which panels are taken out of switches off when the correct degree of the element
the building structure. Here the joint can fail in three tightening is achieved.
different ways.
Correct mounting of primary
1. The screw head is forced through the pad and secondary element
The external surface of the panel is gradually Loose screw, the pad The screw is Overtightened
is not tightened screw
deformed around the head and pad and the hole compressed correctl
can get so large that the
panel is pulled out. The
fixing elements, however,
stays at its place.

Sandwich Panels

KS 1000 SF and KS 1000 TF panels make Detail:

Kingspan KS 1000 TF vertical anchoring of
possible to create rounded corners using
the cladding
prefabricated arched sandwich panels. The Standard joint
Figures of details show the methods of joining to Note:
Maximum length
the standard cladding as well as geometry of the of the panel = 8000 mm
Angle = 3001000
corner. A min. C min = 150 mm
A + B + C = 1000 mm (modul)
(it is necessary to consult that with
Kingspan Technical department)

Jacketing using sandwich panels

Simple mounting
Nunconventional and attractive solution
Smr monte

Detail: Detail:
Kingspan KS 1000 SF vertical anchoring of the Kingspan KS 1000 SF horizontal
cladding anchoring of the cladding
Concealed (secret) joint Note:
Maximum length
Concealed (secret) joint
of the panel = 8000 mm Note:
Angle = 3001000 Maximum length
Module is 1000 mmm of the panel = 8000 mm
R max. = 446 mm Angle = 3001000
for 90o angle (it is necessary to 08
Module is 1000 mmm
P R max. = 446 mm
consult that with Kingspan 04
164 (it is necessary to consult that with
Technical department) K P
Kingspan Technical department)
A min. C min = 150 mm
PUR deska 04
A min. C min = 150 mm
R min. = D of the panel
(pilepit) P R min. = D of the panel

08 P
Smr monte
PUR deska
The direction of the assembly
06 04
17 17

08 164 08

Introduction and Filling
The shell of the building is designed and furnis
hed in such a way that it is weatherproof.
Besides that, the building jacket must also
keep inner conditions, i. e., to prevent excessive
sunshine heat, control temperature and eliminate
air leakage.
For this reason it is very significant to choo
se, specify and install all suitable packing, strips,
adhesives and filling of the panel to ensure a
reliable function of the shell.

Butyl rubber packing
butyl rubber packing with foam core
polyethylene (PE) strips
weather strips of PVC foam
packing silicon sealant
polyurethane expanded strip
butyl packing material
the other specific packing materials

Hole filling
Where the end section of the panel is furnished
with flashing, the panel is laid only at the highest
point of the section and, therefore, free space
appears between the profiles and flashing. Filling
of appropriate dimensions thus must be inserted
into the profile to be packed so that penetration of
the wind, water and insect could be prevented. Delivery terms
The following materials are available for this purpose: Packing and filling materials can be
ordered directly from Kingspan Company.
The choice of the material depends on the
polyethylene filling suppliers production capacity (please contact
the other filling materials Kingspan Technical Department). A detailed
description of all types is given in Kingspan
Technical Manual, Chapter 3/material

An example of detail with profiled crest packing into the waves

Kingspan offers
a complete system solution
Roof systems Detail of the joint
KS 1000 RW (SX)
inclined roof

KS 1000 SM
flat roof, PUR
water repellent sheet

KS 1000 RS
inclined roof, mineral
insulation, sheet

KS 1000 RM
flat roof, mineral insulation
water repellent sheet

KS 1000 LP (CR)
inclined/bent roof,
PUT, sheet

KS 1000 RW/GRP/MK1 or MK3


Wall systems

KS 1000 SF
concealed joint, PUR

KS 1000 TF
standard joint, PUR

KS 1000 FR
standard joint, mineral wool

KS 1000 RW
trapeze wall, PUR

Kingspan a.s. Kingspan, s. r. o.

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