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Preparation Practice of Professional

Engineering (PPE) Examination 2009

IStructE (Singapore Branch) /

Reve Chin
21 February 2009
How to Prepare for
Singapore PE Part 2 Exam
Know your enemy and
yourself, hundred battles
fought, hundred battles win.
Old Chinese Strategy Proverb
Prepare for PPE
Open book

PPE Part 1 (9 am - 11 am)

Common paper - 2 hours
Answer 10 compulsory Multiple Choice Questions (New in
Answer 3 out of 5 essay questions (4 out of 6 in 2007,

PPE Part 2 (1 pm - 5 pm)

Civil Engineering - 4 hours
Answer 1 compulsory question plus 4 out of 6 questions
(No Change)
Prepare for PPE - Part 1
Prepare for PPE - Part 2
Prepare for PPE
Prepare for PPE
Prepare for PPE
PPE Part 1

10 MCQ
3 of 5 ESSAY
PPE Part 1
The developer X of ABC building project has
requested Mr A to be the Accredited Checker (AC)
for the project. Coincidently, Mr A has made
substantial investment in this building project and is a
shareholder of the developer company. Mr A has
agreed to serve as the project AC. Mr B, the structural
PE for the project learned about this and highlighted
this to X. X has no objection to this arrangement.
Please advise what Mr B should do or not do.
Answer with reference to Singapore Code of
Professional Conduct and Ethics as well as the
Singapore Building Control Regulations.
PPE Part 1
Ineligible if he has financial or professional interest in
the project
Negligent if AC fail to perform the following tasks:
Evaluate, analyse and review structural design in order to
check adequacy of the structural element.
Verify key structural elements are consistent with the layout
Issue certificate that to best of his knowledge, the design
shows no inadequacy in the structural elements.
PPE Part 1
Mr R is a PE has been appointed by developer Y as the
engineer for construction of a new industrial building. The
building consistent of 5-storey and 2 level basement, and is
designed to be a RC structure. Recently, the project was
awarded to contractor Z. Three months into the construction,
the subcontractor L who is responsible for the excavation
works request R to design concrete diaphragm wall as part of
the temporary works for basement construction, which will be
partially retained as the permanent retaining wall. R disagreed
although the engagement fee was very attractive. Y heard
about the rejection and demanded to know the reason as the
proposed approach allows faster site progress.
What do you think R should respond to Y with reference to
Singapore Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics as well as
the Singapore Building Control Regulations.
PPE Part 1
Design of temporary works by contractor will be
checked by consultant of the project.
If he accepts the temporary works design, he would be
checking his own design. He would tend to oversee
design fault and accomodating the contractor
A conflict of interest and divided loyalty arise.
Violation of Code of Conduct and Ethics
Unable to serve best interest of client
Improper arrangement as both a consultant and
contractor PE.
PPE Part 1
Mr D is currently the QP in an infrastructure project. Mr E, a
PE, told the owner K that Mr D is not competent and does
not have the necessary experience for the project. On the
other hand, E made referral that Mr F, also a PE, is able to
offer a lower fee and claimed a better portfolio for this work.
K agrees and terminate D and engage F as the new QP. F
expressed intention to taking on the appointment in a 4 weeks
time. F was not aware of any of these communication between
E and K. Later, F was told by D about his act.
What should D do?
What should F do prior to taking the appointment?
Answer with reference to Singapore Code of Professional
Conduct and Ethics as well as the Singapore Building Control
PPE Part 1
Notify BCA and builder within 14 days of termination
of QP
Notify BCA within 7 days as new QP (on behalf of
owner in practice)
Upon termination, builder stop work till new QP
assume duties
Incoming QP obligate to investigate unusual
terminations and outgoing QP satisfactorily
compensated as a security.
Criticize PE contravene Code of Professional
Conduct and Ethics
PPE Part 2

1 QNS x 50 Marks
4 of 6 QNS x 12.5 Marks
PPE Part 2 - 2007
50 Marks
A&A works
Steel beam
PPE Part 2 - 2007
Change in load path result in beam
Load taking
State assumptions
Moment, shear and deflection
RC design
Reinforcement sketch
PPE Part 2 - 2008
50 Marks
Tower crane
Steel beam
PPE Part 2 - 2008
Various loadcases
Different boom orientation
Read support reaction tables
Determine force
Envelope / Critical / Conservative forces
Write assumptions
Steel beam fixities
PPE Part 2 - 2007
12.5 Marks
wall config
PPE Part 2 - 2008
12.5 Marks
Link Bridge
State pile
PPE Part 2 - 2007
12.5 Marks
Portal Frame
Propose stability
Support conditions
State base
PPE Part 2 - 2008
12.5 Marks
Box culvert
No calcs
How to
How to
PPE Part 2 - 2007
Foundation 12.5 Marks
A new development site is consist of reclaimed
sand overlying soft marine clay and founded on
Old Alluvium
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of
Bored piles and RC piles of the foundation
works for this site.
Bored pile advantage: minimal vibration and noise. Bigger pile size are easier to be constructed as compared to RC piles.
Disadvantage: Disposal of drilling mud, marine clay. Concrete quality perhaps compromised by seggregation and contamination from soil.

RC Piles advantage: Greater skin firction against the sides of the piles. Tested for load-bearing capacity. Not difficult to drive in soft and
moderate soil if pile length is not long
Disadvantage: Difficult to drive if the length is long and beyond stiff soil (OA). Reclaimed sand is prone to vibration-induced setlements
during installation of driven piles. May experience obstructiong object below ground in reclaimed sand.
PPE Part 2 - 2008
Excavation 12.5 Marks
Upheaval, settlement
Base stability
Stability number
Embedment length of sheet pile
Construction sequence
PPE Part 2 - 2007
12.5 Marks
Layout /
Invert levels
PPE Part 2 - 2008
External works 12.5 Marks
Bungalow plans provided
Sketch external works layout
Provide section
Retaining wall design
Typical drainage details
PPE Part 2 - 2008
Statutory 12.5 Marks
Describe statutory submission process for
external works
Steps and process
Types of authorities involve eg. URA,
PPE Part 2 - 2008
Specification 12.5 Marks
Steelwork specification applications
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