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Winter 2016/2017 Volume 35 Number 2
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seasons marked with sadness
TheWilds and CampsAbroad are registered
trademarks of TheWilds ChristianAssociation, Inc.
at the loss of dear ones.
North Carolina Campsite:
This has been true of The Wilds ministry in the past
1000 Wilds Ridge Road few months as several original board members and/
Brevard, NC 28712-7273 or their mates have gone to be with the Lord. They
Phone: (828) 884-7811
Fax: (828) 862-4813 are greatly missed. In the following eulogies written
New England Campsite:
by fellow staff members, we remember with fondness
TheWilds of New England two dear ones who were intimately involved as part of
1181 Deering Center Road our full-time staff familiesBob Stoner, early volunteer,
Trustee, and Comptroller of the organization for
Deering, NH 03244-6529
Phone/Fax: (603) 529-0001
more than 40 years, and Barbara Hay Leatherwood,
TheWilds Christian Association, Inc. is an wife of CFO, Steve Leatherwood, and daughter of
independent, nondenominational, nonprofit, 501(c)
(3) organization created for the purpose of operating founders, Dr. & Mrs. Ken Hay. Thank you for your kind
Christian camps and conference centers. We are expressions of condolence.
fundamental in our beliefs, Bible-centered in our
philosophy, and evangelistic in our outreach.
TheWilds Christian Association, Inc. presently
operates a Christian camp and conference center
in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North
Carolina that is open year-round. The camp has a
carefully selected and trained staff and averages over
20,000 campers per year. In 2009 TheWilds of New
England began ministry at our campsite in Deering,
New Hampshire. In this peaceful, rural setting we
experienced good growth in attendance at our
summer camps as well as in our limited fall schedule
programs. We anticipate a continuing steady growth
and expansion of the ministry at this New England
In addition to providing a God-honoring music
publication service as an integral part of our
ministry, TheWilds Christian Association, Inc. has
also established the CampsAbroad program to assist
others in the formation and operation of Christian
camp ministries around the world.

2 newsletter winter 2016/2017

Barbara Hay Leatherwood
Editor's Note: On May 27th, Barb Leatherwood went Once Barb embarked on what
she called her cancer journey, she
to be with her Savior after an extensive battle with endeavored to live her life with the
cancer. Many people were drawn to considering Christ gospel in her mind and on her lips. She
shared Christ with whoever would listen.
through Barb's delightful, hope-filled personality. So eloquently, honestly, tastefully, and
She was always sharing Christ with those around even with good humor, she would share
her all the way through her cancer journey. Mardi the hard reality of her journey with
anyone who wanted to hear. Her Caring
Collier, wife of the President of TheWilds, shares Bridge posts moved us to tears and, at the
the blessing of being Barb's friend. same time, gave us hope. She allowed us
to go on the journey with her. All along
Have you ever known someone who at any given moment, we were all on the way, she pointed us to the Word of
lights up a roomsomeone you cant that high list as well. She managed to God and our good and great God as He
help but notice when they are present? fit us all in, whether church family, close led her in paths of righteousness for His
Barbara Hay Leatherwood was one of friends, co-workers, Wilds staff, fellow names sake and eventually through the
those people. Yes, Barb was attractive, teachers, medical staff, her dear pre- valley of the shadow of death.
stylish, and classy. Yes, she was a super- school children, and even strangers (who We are grateful for Barbs life and
gifted teacher and communicator. And never remained in that status for long).
yes, she was outgoing and fun (who would Barb used her God-given, vibrant, loving
not remember her contagious laugh personality to draw us like a magnet,
and her red shoes?) But those outward with the goal of sharing the gospel or
attractions were not what ultimately encouraging us with Biblical truth. She
drew you to her. Barb Leatherwood managed, somehow, to make each of
had an obvious joy in her growing us feel like the most special, cherished
relationship with her Savior which could person in the world. Serving God by
not be ignored. Her unquenchable serving people was her passion. In her
love for God led to a compassionate memory and to commemorate her love
love and interest in people and their for children, her family established The
needs. Whatever room she occupied Barbara Leatherwood Junior Camper
at any given time, whether a classroom, Scholarship Fund at TheWilds.
an office, a convention hall filled with One of Barbs favorite quotes was:
educators, a church lobby, a kitchen, a
cancer infusion center, a waiting room,
her little sitting nook in her home, or God has a master plan
even outdoors in any of Gods rooms, that includes me, and
you would likely find her engaged with
although I may not
people. She just loved peopleperiod.
Though all people were fair game fully grasp His way,
for her encouragement and challenges, I can know that His for the grace and strength that God
her soul-mate of a husband, Steve; her gave and is giving the Leatherwood
plan is good. It is my
beloved children Kristen, Rob, Kara, and Hay families. Surely goodness and
responsibility to trust, mercy followed Barb all the days of her
and Amanda; their spouses; her adored
grandchildren; her Dad and Mom, Ken obey, and life, and, as Gods little lamb, she is now
and Diane Hay; and her sisters, Janie dwelling in the house of the Lord forever.
and Laurie were right there at the top
GLORIFY GOD. We love her and miss her.
of her People Priority List. However, 3
Bob Stoner
[Editor,s note] in accounting. Their family was already
growing and Bob would tell me many
On June 29th, Bob Stoner, willing volunteer and
times how that responsibility to provide
later long-time Comptroller of TheWilds Christian for them grew him up in a hurry. He had
Association, Inc., was injured in a hiking accident to work a full-time job to make ends

on one of the many hiking trails on the Blue Ridge meet and to pay for school, but he and
Ann always spoke fondly of those days.
Parkway. He fell and the resulting trauma caused his Bob completed his degree and taught at
death on July 2nd. Gary Williams, Business Director Bob Jones University, but soon moved
of TheWilds and very close associate of Bob,s, gave the family back to Pennsylvania to do the
bookkeeping for the Ford dealership
this following eulogy at the funeral. We honor the
Bobs dad now owned. However, the
memory of this faithful servant of God. work didnt satisfy what God had
planted in their heartsa calling and
devotion to full-time ministry. Bob Jones
University again offered Bob a teaching
Bob Stoner was born and grew of Bobs personality. position and, discerning that God was in
up near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His But before the whole college plan it, he accepted. Bob taught accounting,
formal education came courtesy of the could play out, a young, cute athletic and Ann served as a docent at the Art
public schools but one area where Bob majorette at the school, Ann Gladfelter, Gallery.
excelled was, believe it or not, music. caught Bobs eye. They soon married Bob and Ann settled in at Hampton
His trumpet talents landed him two and the life-long love affair of Bob and Avenue Baptist Church in Greenville,
summers during high school at the Ann had begun. Ann was Bobs hand- a small work where Dave Yearick and
internationally-acclaimed Interlochen holding best-friend. She was the love his wife, Bobbie, were serving. That
Music Center in northwest Michigan of his life and no one who knew them started a life-long friendship for these
developing that talent. Bob had a ever doubted that. They had their two couples and is really where Bob and
temper and it earned him the nickname, differences and both of them could Anns spiritual growth took off. During
Rocky. He wasnt proud of it but he express themselves quite well, but their college, a close friendship with Ken Hay
said it fit. However, God had plans for bond was iron-clad and life-long. Their had started as Bob and Doc were in
this young man and the working out of ministry of hospitality to friends and the same society and enjoyed sports
Gods plan started with an evangelist the staff are legendary. An invitation to together. That friendship led to Bobs
by the name of Dr. Ed Nelson who came dinner meant you better come prepared introduction to and interest in a new
to preach a series of messages at Bobs to eat because it was a feast. Even a camp being proposed for the Southeast.
home church. During those meetings as stop by their house to pick-up their trash When Bob got involved with TheWilds,
an older teen, Bob accepted Christ and would normally earn you a coffee tin of he was teaching a full load, working at the
Dr. Nelson steered the young convert chocolate chip cookies from the freezer. accounting firm of Elliot and Davis on
to Bob Jones University. God started to Bob and Ann headed off to Bob the side, serving a number of personal
slowly-but-surely undo the Rocky part Jones University where Bob majored tax clients, and he and Ann were raising

4 newsletter winter 2016/2017

3 small children. Even transition, this time his desk. He was gracious, but it helped
with that load, Bob and Bob was not to North Carolina. me see Bobs priorityhis love for God
Ann didnt sacrifice a "preacher" They worked tirelessly and his devotion to his personal spiritual
time with family. I think in those early days. growth. Bob was not a preacher, but
but he was a
Bob identified Myrtle When I started with he was a man of the Book and a prayer
Beach as a destination
"man of the Book" The Wilds 34 years warrior. If he knew you, he prayed for
spot long time before and a prayer warrior. ago, many mornings I you.
it became as popular would head down to Bob was so gracious. We did dumb
as it is now. Ann kept the camping work in the kitchen around 6 a.m., and things in those early years, and I know
gear prepared as many Fridays Bob the light in Bobs office was already on. he knew they were dumb things ahead
would announce that the family was On many of those same days, his light of time, but he gave us the freedom to
going camping as soon as his last class remained on until 9 p.m. I just thought learn some lessons the hard way. He
finished. Bob and Anns priority to family Bob started work that early. Then, one had an open door policy before the
lasted a lifetime. day I got called to his office. I arrived business gurus ever started writing
As the camp grew, it required more of early and knocked on his door. He called about it. He and Ann loved the staff
Bobs time, as it needed an experienced for me to come in, and I was embarrassed and considered them as their family.
business hand AT the campsite. So, to see that I had disturbed his personal We miss Bob and thats as it should be.
discerning Gods leading, the team time with the Lord. An open Bible and Proverbs 22:1 instructs us that A good
of Bob and Ann made another major commentary books were lying open on name is to be chosen rather than great
riches. Im convinced Bob could have
earned greater riches but he made a
better choice to love and serve God.
Because of that choice, God has given
the Stoner family a good name. Bob
missed his Annie as she slowly left
us in her battle with Alzheimers. The
lessons in love and faithfulness that he
demonstrated during her last few years
on this earth, when she could no longer
love or express love back to him, are life-
lessons none of us will ever forget. Bob
was a faithful man.
Bob Stoner was not a flashy man
but he was a lover of God, a lover of
his wife, a devoted family man, a faithful
church member, a humble servant, and
hospitable. Any regrets he had, and he
had a few, he left at the foot of the cross. 5
Ken Hay
Founder, Former Director, Chairman of the Board

When did the first camper trust Christ as Savior at

Before our first camp week began on August 4, 1969, many of
the early arrivals were in line to buy something at the Snack Shop.
One of these campers was a 15 year-old boy from Columbia,
South Carolina. Because the shop was just opening for the first
time in history, the service was very slow. The delay allowed
one of our cleanup crew members, who was in line behind the
camper, to present the gospel. The boy joyously trusted Christ
as his Savior. This showed us that speed is not always most
important and that counselors are not the only ones who must
be ready to share the gospel.

What has been the key to TheWilds remaining

faithful to God for almost 50 years with 3 generations
of Directors?
A Biblical Philosophy that has been written, taught, and
practiced for all these years is the key. This has allowed our
leadership to be pro-active rather than re-active. In other words,
every staff and Board member, regardless of their position or
assignment, is going the same direction, striving to manifest a
servants heart.

The world is full of What are your requirements for staff members?
Among other things, they must be FEPI: F Flexible; E

FREQUENTLY Energetic; P Persevering; I Ingenious (Editors note: At times,

Dr. Hay would insert an extra P that added the ever present
factor of Perspiration while working at camp.)

ASKED QUESTIONS What is a funny real life story that happened at

TheWilds in the early years?
One of the activities we had the first year (1969) was The
...(FAQs) and occasionally, they are even helpful! What Centipede Race. With two teams competing, the campers had
are FAQs? They are a list of Frequently Asked Questions to hang onto a rope with at least with one hand through a maze
most often with their answers included. On our website, of obstacles such as sand piles and huge culverts left over from
weve got five different topics with a list of FAQs under the construction. They had to go over the creek walking on a
each one. Thats a great idea! large fallen tree, then at the lake go around a row boat that was
However, what do you do when you have intriguing, in shallow water (one camper was very short and submerged for
fascinating, delightful information and no one will give a second, but did not take his hand off the rope), and finally run
you an opening or ask you a question so you can share down the hill in a 4 deep trench that was dug for a light pole
and proposed sound system. One thing we miscalculated was
it? We have just the solution. We want to tell you about
the fact that we had daily rain the entire summer. The trench had
so many enthralling, riveting, and gripping thoughts 8-12 of mud at the bottom, and the mud sucked off the shoes of
about happenings at The Wilds, that we are creating nearly every camper and counselor as they traversed the ditch.
a way to ask ourselves questions so we can bring out You should have seen the look on the face of the lady at the
some of the hidden blessings, thoughtful moments, and Rosman laundromat when we took in 150 pairs of tennis shoes to
cheery happenings we encounter at The Wilds in North be cleaned. Some of those shoes were never claimed even after
Carolina, New England, and all across the world through all the effort to get them cleaned. It was no wonder why.
CampsAbroad. Introducing FAQsWilds Style. We call
them FAQsFictitiously Asked Questions!
Thats right! These questions are guaranteed to be
Steve Stodola
Assistant Director, TWNE
fabricated, fanciful, and fictitious. However, the answers
are all true! Some of the questions we wrote ourselves and What is your favorite camp memory of Summer 2016?
gave them to our staff members to answer. Some of the One Thursday afternoon as I sat in my office immersed in
questions we invited them to write for themselves. So here audio and video details for our upcoming building project, my
are some Fictitiously Asked Questions about which our meditations were interrupted by a staff member who came to my
staff are passionate. We hope you find them interesting. office door and asked, Do you have time to talk with a camper
And, by the way, thank you so much for asking! who is not sure she is going to heaven? I smiled as I realized God
was re-scheduling my afternoon. After asking a few questions, I

6 newsletter winter 2016/2017

the many campers who come to TheWilds. The fact that "God
is good" is true no matter who says it because the Bible teaches
this truth. However, it seems to resonate more when the campers
hear it from someone who has faced difficulty. In this way, God
has opened up a great door of ministry with those who are
hurting. I pray I can have some small part in providing a Biblical
perspective that will allow them to follow God in faith, even when
life doesnt make sense.

What is your favorite Wilds song?

Wow! I have to narrow it down to just one? Im not sure I can do
that. We have Wilds music (along with other conservative music)
playing non-stop in our home. I started listening to The Wilds
music when I was in high school. I think it would be fair to say that
the music of TheWilds has had more of an impact on my spiritual
walk than the preaching of TheWilds. (This due mainly because
quickly knew that I had a front row seat to watch God do His great I would only hear the preaching when I would attend TheWilds,
work in the heart of a teenaged girl. Having reviewed several but Ive had the music with me via tapes, CDs, and iTunes year-
passages from the Bible, she eagerly wanted to ask God to save round since I was a teenager.) So narrowing this down to one song
her. Not really knowing how to pray, she prayed a very short, will be hard. I think in high school the songs, I Will Follow, God
simple prayer of faith in Christ. She left my office a changed girl. Makes No Mistakes, Lord, Send Me Anywhere, and Where is
I was very thankful God rescheduled my day and gave me a small a Gideon? were extremely impacting in my life. During Julies
glimpse of His incredible power to save. cancer and death, God used songs like, My God is Near, He
is My Strength, Make Me a Stranger, Constrained by Christ,
How many different hats do people in camping wear? and Savior, Lead Us. On a recent recording, I would have to say
At a smaller camp like The Wilds of New England, it is not the song, Christ is Enough, has been the one on my mind most
uncommon to be given several hats to wear. For certain, we often. The music of TheWilds (whether Im singing it or listening
never get bored because we never know which hat we might have to it) has helped me keep a Biblical focus and perspective. I love
to wear at any given moment. Sometimes, we even get to wear 2 meditating on the Word of God through good music. Im thankful
or 3 of them at the same time! We love that variety in camp life! I for Mac and Beth Lynch and Matt and Christy Taylor who have
recently counted up 14 different hats that I routinely wear on any played the major role in keeping wonderfully fresh and Christ-
given summer camp day. Just for kicks, here is my list: Assistant honoring music in front of us.
to Rand, IT problem solver, Program Assistant, Photography
and Video Supervisor, Zip Line Supervisor, Safety Manager,
Sound Tech, Video Tech, Lighting Tech, Cleanup Supervisor, Matt Taylor
Maintenance Assistant, Dining Hall Supervisor, Lifeguard, and Music Director/Summer Staff Coordinator
Preacher. Sometimes I forget which hat I have on and give people
answers to questions they did not even askCamp lifelove it!
Is it a requirement to be able to sing if you want to
work at TheWilds?
It is not a requirement to sing well, but we love to have our
Matt Herbster staff involved in the music program. One of the most anticipated
Director aspects of coming to camp is the fresh, vibrant music that is
presented from the platform as well as sung by the campers.
How has your ministry at TheWilds changed since Our staff works hard to prepare and polish the music that is
your first wifes death? presented so that it clearly communicates the truths of the text
Julie passed away in March 2013 after a 10-month battle they are singing. We have weekly rehearsals with our volunteer
with colon cancer. Six months later, I was introduced as the third groups in order to fine tune each song that is presented. Now,
Director of TheWilds. The fall of 2013 was the most overwhelming it may also be true that directional microphones are strategically
time of my life. I was trying to get used to being a single dad, I placed along with the appropriate bodies behind them! It is also
was homeschooling our 5 kids, and I was trying to learn how to true that some know and understand well that their greatest
be the right kind of director for TheWilds. So, just from a position contribution to the group is their smiling face. So, next time you
standpoint, my ministry at The Wilds has changed. However, I come to a service at camp, you be the judge.
think the open door to help hurting campers is the biggest way As Summer Staff Coordinator, where do you find all of
my ministry has changed since Julies death. My experiences
have allowed campers to feel comfortable those 275 summer staff members?
in talking with me about the hurts they are We search high and low, near and
dealing with. This summer, while speaking far, turning over every rock (figuratively
to 70 CIT campers, I asked how many had speaking) to find able and willing bodies
lost a parent. Seven of the campers raised to come serve at camp! It is sometimes
their hand. I was taken aback. Exactly 10% a difficult task to fill these positions,
of that group had experienced the pain of but God continually provides those
having a parent die. I would never wish my able, willing, and qualified people to
experiences on anyone, but Im extremely be on staff. September and October
thankful for the privilege to participate in are the busiest recruiting times for the
a 2 Corinthians 1 type of comforting with summer. We travel across the country 7
visiting various Christian colleges to get are coming to mind. I am grateful for the
the word out about our need for staff sponsors who come to camp. Whether Tim Meals
members. We then go through the vetting it is a full-time church staff member or Maintenance Supervisor/JBC
process, sending out our first contracts a lay person, male or female, athlete or Director
at the beginning of December and computer guy, etc., I realize that they
continuing until our staff is finally filled could take their teens elsewhere, and I am What do Juniors love the most
in the late spring. We will typically have grateful that they allow us to serve them. about camp?
approximately 25 colleges represented Not only am I grateful to this group, but
on our summer staff! It is a joy to see so secondly, Ive thoroughly enjoyed being EVERYTHING! That is what makes
many come together from many different around these folksnot only at camp, but Junior Boot Camp so fun. Juniors love the
situations to serve with one purpose in their homes, churches, a nearby Dunkin games. Competition is a big deal and at
at camp: "Using the unique benefits of Donuts, or golf courses. I have attended the end of the week, win or lose, they love
Christian camping, we serve people by their childrens soccer games, gone on their team. Juniors love all the Freetime
presenting the Truth of God with the love visitation with them, helped them paint or activitiesfrom the Game Room to the
of God so lives may be changed to the clean their houses, bought groceries with Land Trolley, Craft Shop, Lake, Superslide,
glory of God. them, gone kayaking with them, and other creek tubingyou get the idea. Juniors
diverse things. The last thing I will mention love to sing, and it is a highlight of the
is that sponsors are an encouragement week to hear the campers on Friday
John Bott to me. Yes, some of them encourage me singing the summer theme song that will
by bringing Dunkin coffee, a sleeve of stay with them for a long, long time. And
Program Marketing Director
golf balls, or a nice water bottle, but the Juniors love their counselors. Across the
As you have organized the sponsor way they encourage me the most is by board, the counselors are the one thing
their faithful service to the Lord year in about camp most remembered by each
golf outing every week in the camper.
and year out, and their desire for their
summer since 1994, have you ever people to grow in Christ-likeness. This was
witnessed a hole in one? How do the counselors contain all
evidenced once again the very last week
Yes! Actually, I have seen it happen of summer camp when I was praying with that Junior energy?
twice, in consecutive weeks! The first one, a man at sponsor prayer time, and through The only way is to love them, lead them,
probably in July of 1996, was hit by me. As tears, he was thanking God that two of his and listen to them. Our counselors show
it left the club, the ball was going straight own children trusted Christ as Savior the love to each camper by enjoying what they
at the hole, but I believed it was going to night before! Wow! Worth it! When it gets enjoy, and willingly sacrificing their time
go over the green. Next thing I knew, the down to it, I love the sponsors and I hope and energy to show Christ to them. The
ball disappeared directly into the hole. they love me! wonderful part of leading a Junior through
Wow, was that a cool sight! The very next a great week of camp is that these campers
week, sponsor Gary Bill [Starr, SC] hit love doing whatever their counselor loves
one on the very same hole! His ball took Willie Partin doing. And then by listening to their
one bounce and went right into the hole. Program Manager campers individually, the counselor is
Since then, Cummings Cove Golf Course able to show a genuine heart of love and
in Hendersonville, North Carolina, has Is that your real voice? concern for the future and spiritual well-
removed that par 3 hole and added a par Yes. being of each one. And, a week spent in
4 to the back nine. Guess it was too easy! JBC always prompts and promotes very
What is your favorite part of good sleep on the weekend!
Through the years, youve been a working at TheWilds?
part of the lives of a lot of youth Do you really see any long-term
That is a very hard question because I
pastors and youth sponsors. So, love so much of what I do. I enjoy running
influence in the lives of Juniors
what do you really think about the 3rd Falls Zipline and doing Funtime. from a week of camp?
I even love cleaning the Fireplace Room. Yes! It is always and only because of
these people? (I admit I love cleaning the FPR because God, but what a wonderful blessing to
Is this a trick question? Well, as I write I find dropped love notes that I use as be a part of His work. Jesus command to
this answer, certain people/memories sermon illustrations. Yes, I know thats a His disciples was to let the little children
little cruel.) I think my favorite part of the come unto Me. Each week we get to see
job is two-fold. I love spending time with and hear of decisions being made by
campers and I love opening up Gods young people who have trusted in Jesus
Word in the services. Christ as their Savior, committed to having
a daily devotion time, or purposed to
Where do you come up with your guard their heart for service to God. It is
skits? always exciting to have a junior camper
We get our skits from all kinds of come back the following year with a heart
places. We look far and near for clean for God, and remind you of how great last
wholesome stuff. Believe it or not, it is year was; or a teen camper tell you he is
still out there. Some of my favorite skits staying faithful to God; or a counselor
are The Fly, Cooking Show, and The share how much she remembers from her
Sneeze, an original written by our staff. time as a Junior camper. JBC is a lot of fun,
and YES, it makes a lasting impression.

8 newsletter winter 2016/2017

Steve Leatherwood
FAQs abound in this NewsLetter! If
you had to build a CampsAbroad FAQ,
what would be your top questions?

1. Is the middle A in
CampsAbroad supposed to be
Yesits a trademark thing.

2. Do TheWilds staff members

need to learn foreign languages to
run an international camp?
NoEnglish and translators work
great (most of the time).

3. Is it ever dangerous?
Generally no, although we have had
some camps moved or cancelled because a great job applying the training. Several experience with CampsAbroad like this: "I
of government influence. (However, the young people made professions of faith am a product of (Cameroon) Camp Joy. I
food can be a bit dangerous at times!) during counselor group time, and two owe my life to Camp Joy. I will never regret
young men in particular got saved that that I came to the camp property as a stone
4. How long has CampsAbroad week and surrendered to serve the Lord worker. The greatest miracle of it all is that
with their lives. They went on to attend the Lord has called me this year to serve as
been around?
Bible college. We recently heard from one a camp director. I have been praying about
15 years as of 2016! of them, and they are both still serving it until now, but realized I only need to obey
as bi-vocational pastors in another Him and serve faithfully." By giving them
province15 years later! The camp is still good camping philosophy and program
going as wellcontinuing on by Santhosh helps, these local camp directors get
and Sophie George. Theyve seen many what they need to be successful and sustain
young people trust Christ as Savior over camping in their countries and churches.
the years. Praise the Lord for 15 years of
40 countries and 75 locations later, CampsAbroad ministry! Whats next?
CampsAbroad is still as busy as ever. Dan would be the next FAQ. Requests for
and Amy Brooks joined the CA team help with international camping to extend
in 2008. They are leading camps and the Gospel message continue to grow.
reporting back to supporting groups in If the Lord wills, our desire is to expand
2001 marked the official start of the U.S. Over the years, various Wilds staff CampsAbroad to other venues by adding
CampsAbroad as the missions arm of members have often helped with trips and staff and raising additional funding. We
The Wilds. The Wilds had already been camps around the world and continue to want to come alongside more churches
helping with some international camping do so. and their youth by helping build camping
efforts, but in 2000 the Lord burdened It is estimated that 10% of CA campers ministries that reach lives for Christ. Please
Matt and Kelly Collier to expand who attend the initial camps trust Christ pray about this initiative; we value your
international camping in a BIG way. After in addition to the many who accept Him prayers for Gods leading. If you would like
securing some support from US believers during one of the ongoing camps. There is more information about CampsAbroad,
and local churches, they started looking something about camping that transcends please go to the CampsAbroad website:
for ways to assist international groups geography and culture and adorns the
wanting to start their own camping Gospel and magnifies its message with
programs. young people. Andrea Moreira from
It did not take longthe first official Uruguay put it this way: "Because of your Bob Roberts
CampsAbroad camp was March 2001. love offering, I could come to Emmanuel Junior Boot Camp Speaker
Kelly and Matt assisted Matthew and Camp. Even though I have been attending
Sarah Thomas in Kerela, India. Several church for many years, this time the Lord What is the most ridiculous thing
churches participated, and approximately showed me sin in my heart. I asked the youve ever done in front of a group
150 young people attended, including Lord to forgive me, and now I am sure I
some from Hindu families. We rented belong to Him."
of juniors?
out a run-down YMCA facility. A few Although our involvement is This story begins with a visit to
things that stuck out from that weekthe temporary (we arent involved in long- a magic shop long ago when I was
team experienced some monsoon-type term operations of any camps), the Lord introduced to a double-barrel flash-paper
weather. They were meeting outside in a has used CampsAbroad to train a great shooter that could be concealed in the
tent! Two times the rain was so loud they number of indigenous leaders. Brother palm of the hand. The net effect was that it
just had to wait it out. The counselors did Ernest Fih of Cameroon summarized his appeared to the audience that the bearer 9
of this delightful item had the power to address them. I forgot where I was in the ministry in one capacity or another, and in
shoot fireballs from their fingertips about story. I think I even forgot the story. The my childish way of thinking, sometimes it
40-50 feet. There was also a beautiful only thing I could think to say was: Wow. seemed to me it was more of a struggle
wooshing sound when the ball of fire That was pretty cool, wasnt it? than a blessing. Because of that, I decided
launched from the device. I was in my 20s. Indeed. And I'll never do it again! I did not want to be a part of that, so I chose
I bought it on the spot. But what to do with the business route in college. Through
it? Surely there must be a divine use for mission trips and counseling at camp, the
such a marvelous new prop! Meghan Leach Lord changed my heart towards ministry.
And then it came to me: Elijah on Mt. NC Office Manager At the end of the summer that I counseled,
Carmel. I would use this double-barreled the Lord opened up the door for me to
beauty for dramatic effect while I speak What keeps you busy when it isnt apply for my position here at TheWilds. I
about the awesome power of God in summer? knew this place could offer me godly co-
sending fire down from heaven! So I built workers and spiritual accountability which
Some people dont realize that
a scale model of the altar and sacrifices. were the two things I needed coming
in addition to summer camp we offer
I used Play-Doh to construct the bulls out of college. I have never doubted this
programs from AugustNovember and
and wood. Then I put it all on a large is where God wants me. I have learned
MarchMay. We even offer a camp in
steel serving tray, the kind you see in big so much in my job and been spiritually
cafeterias. The critical difference was that January and a camp in February! encouraged by so many godly examples.
I suppose that each department is
I used little barrels filled with a liquid other
a little different, but December through
than water to douse the sacrifices on the
altar. My barrels were filled with lighter February the office does a lot of the same
things as at other times, minus the million
Ellen Stoner
fluid, and I poured them over the Play- General Store Manager
Doh bulls and wood as I told the story questions! We record details about each
to 250 juniors, staff, and counselors at the camp that went well or could be improved, In that beautiful building we
Lakeside Center. plan for upcoming camps, and keep our
knowledge of camping, customer service, call the General Store, you have
I had not practiced. All I had in my
head was a vision of what should happen. and technology up to date. Since we are a variety of thingscute and
I knew that lighter fluid was flammable. pretty busy during the summer, we find time wearable things, resources that
to take our summer vacations in the winter!
And I knew that I had the flammable part challenge our spiritual lives, and
covered. I just needed that blazing wad of
flash-paper to come close to the altar!
souvenirs. How does the variety in
I stood about 15 feet away as the story
Kaitlynn Tompkins the General Store contribute to the
reached a crescendo, and I exclaimed Registration Supervisor
camp mission of serving people by
And then God sent fire down from What is the greatest blessing you
presenting the Truth of God with
Launch code alpha! Woooooooosh! have ever had at camp? the love of God?
Out went the first fireball. And it was a I was attending my second year of Its true. Not everything we sell at the
direct hit. A perfect hit. So perfect, in junior camp and Bob Roberts (also known General Store has Scripture on it or in it.
fact, I was caught up in the moment and as Big Bob) presented the Gospel in a way However, our staff at the General Store
mesmerized by the 5-10 feet high flames that I knew I was not saved. Growing up believes every item does its part to remind
that immediately began consuming my in a Christian home, I made a profession campers to do all to the glory of God. For
clay bulls (turns out the amount of lighter of faith as a young child, but that night I example, an obvious one is our God & I
fluid I used was unnecessarily abundant). realized I was still a sinner needing to be Time booklets. Over 1,500 copies went
Did you know that Play-Doh produces saved by grace. I sat in my seat thinking to new homes this summer. By using
black smoke? I didnt. After watching it about getting up or just sitting there. I was them, campers will be able to continue
for several seconds I realized that I had one of the good girls in the cabin and I going forward in their personal devotions.
a crowd waiting on me. I turned back to feared what the other girls would think if There were also 1,300 Wilds CDs sold this
I got up during the summer! A lot of people will now have
invitation. The more I music that gives glory to God and keeps
thought about it, the them strengthened in their spiritual walk.
more I did not care
what they thought. I What about those less obvious
asked Christ into my items? We see a lot of campers
heart that evening. I
will never forget that
walking around in garments with
moment. TheWilds on it. How does that fit
in? Pardon the pun.
Why do you
We sell t-shirts, polo shirts,
think the Lord sweatshirts, and jackets all the time.
has you serving This summer alone, campers bought
in a camp 4,900 team shirts. They like and wear
the garments, so its both a reminder
ministry? to them about their week at The Wilds,
My parents have and also a motivator for friends to ask
always served in questions about it. This means campers

10 newsletter winter 2016/2017

can encourage friends and neighbors to cooler until we were ready to use them. system powered by a gas generator
come and hear the Word of God at camp After finishing up the egg cracking task, sufficient to both amplify and record the
or they can testify as to how the Lord used one of the cooks came to me with a silly service for the over 1,000 campers, staff,
camp in their lives during the year. grin on his face, and asked me to go look and sponsors. Thankfully, we havent had
in the walk-in cooler. As I opened the to deal with a power outage during a
What is the question you and the door, there on the floor, were 180 yellow Funtime recently. That would be a stretch,
staff get asked most? eyeballs staring up at me! You guessed it. otherwise known as an impossibility!
He had dropped the bucket!
Thats easy. Do you have ________? How many services are there at
The blank is filled in a lot of ways, of course. Since you were never a camper at
Do you have the book that ________ TheWilds during a year?
recommended? Or Do you have my size TheWilds, how did you ever end This last year we had 628 separate
in this shirt? Or I saw a guy in this really up working here? preaching services on the campsite, with
cool shirt (description follows). Do you still I joined the Navy after graduating 66 different speakers. Those speakers
have it? from high school in 1967. During my four include both our staff and outside
years of active duty, I received Jesus speakers. The sessions were duplicated
How do you decide what to put in and sent out on 1,290 CDs, further
Christ as my Savior, while stationed at
the store? Naval Air Station, Atsugi, Japan. Upon expanding the ability of The Wilds to
my separation from the Navy, I went back reach people with the life-changing Truth
With careful consideration and prayer
home to Cincinnati, where I located a of Gods Word.
for wisdom, the items are purchased for
sale in the General Store. We desire that good Bible preaching local church. After
my freshman year at Bob Jones University,
each item that leaves in the hands of a
camper will have the purpose to bring I returned home to spend the summer as Rick Stoner
an intern in my home church. At the end Maintenance Manager
each camper back to their time at camp
and what the Lord did in their lives. Of of the summer, my youth pastor said to
me, Mair, you are going to hear about
Is the Lake natural or manmade?
course, each book and CD is carefully
reviewed and listened to and added to the this place they call TheWilds. I want you The Lake is manmade, and was a part
General Store if the philosophy is in line to work there next summer. I guarantee it of the initial construction of the camp in
with the philosophy of TheWilds. will change your life. Being an obedient 1969. The swimming area was limited, but
young man, I signed up to serve as a there was a rope swing and a water slide.
counselor the summer of 1974. My youth The first water trolley was built in 1973,
Cal Mair pastor was right. It did indeed change my and the island at the Lake was a peninsula.
Cool Beans Manager life! I saw God work miracles in the lives (I remember as a camper having campfire
of many of my campers, as well as myself. services on the peninsula. Of course, we
What was the biggest crisis you had What I heard about TheWilds back then is didnt have 800 campers a week back
in your area of camping? still true 42 years later: TheWildswhere then.) In 1978 we had to rebuild the dam to
the view is eternal. meet new government regulations put into
It happened many years ago, during effect after the failure of an earthen dam
a Couples Conference. I was in charge in another state. (Do you remember the
of the kitchen when a power outage Andy Anglea radio-thon held in Greenville to raise the
(which wasnt unusual back in those days) Audio/Visual Manager,
occurred late Saturday afternoon while
Information Technology
preparing the evening meal. I thought,
Oh no! Now what do I do? The teamwork How many microphones do you
of The Wilds Staff came through! The
maintenance men brought down the grills
have on the campsite?
(that were made from 55 gallon drums) It takes a lot of A/V equipment to
and set them up on the back patio of the present Truth and love to nearly 20,000
Dining Hall. The meat for the evening campers that visit us each year. At last
meal still had to be heated and the dinner count, we have just over 100 microphones
rolls still had to be baked. Both tasks were which, combined, send sound to over 300
accomplished using those grills! The meal speakers on the campsite.
was served a little later that evening, but
the folks didnt mind. Without the power What is the most difficult thing the
being on, we used oil lamps on the tables A/V department at TheWilds does?
for a real candlelight dinner.
Summer Funtime is our most
What was the funniest thing one of technically challenging event, taking a
crew of 4 or 5 guys to handle successfully. $80,000 needed to rebuild the dam? The
your co-laborers did? Even more difficult is trying to provide Lord was gracious to use the gifts of many
One evening about 30 years ago, amplification for a service when the power friends to provide the needed funds!) To
we were preparing for the next days goes out. This past summer we had 2 get enough dirt to rebuild the dam to the
breakfast. To save time, we cracked all services on the same day during which we new specifications, we had to borrow
the eggs we needed for scrambled eggs suffered power outages. With only about dirt from the peninsula, thus turning it into
or French toast batter into large buckets, an hours notice for one of the services, we an island. As part of this project, a bigger
then stored the buckets in the walk-in were able to set up a portable, outdoor and better swimming area was created
with the existing docks, water slide, and 11
Lake Trolley. The Climbing Wall, Jump-off What does it take to clean this Short answer: the Golf Tournament is
Tower, and Blob came several years later. place? indeed worth it.

How do you get the Lake to be that During the year we have camps most
weeks and weekends from March through
What has been your most
beautiful green color? embarrassing moment at a
November. Besides the ongoing daily spot
Green Dye. Lots of it! Actually it is cleaning, we clean the campsite every fundraising banquet?
due to the specific make-up of suspended Monday and Friday. Usually, about half
organic and non-organic particles that Many years ago at a banquet in
of our staff is involved in cleanup those
absorb and reflect light in the ultraviolet the Raleigh area there was a severe
days. During the summer, we have about
region of the electromagnetic spectrum thunderstorm when the banquet started,
14 staff who are hired as cleanup and
through the water. It is further dependent and the hotel lost power (except for a few
housekeeping staff plus another 5 staff
on the excitations of electromagnetic small generators). The food was already
to handle all the laundry. We
cooked so we ate by candlelight and then
also have about 15-20 other
tried to start the music program. Mac
staff who clean certain areas
Lynch and Scott Ashmore were scheduled
each morning. On Saturdays
to sing a duet, and Mac asked me (a total
when the campers leave, our
non-musician) to simply hold a lit candle
entire staff gets involved in
for the pianist to see the music. As I leaned
the cleaning. We have about
forward to position the candle toward
300 toilets on the campsite,
the music, halfway through the song and
so many gloved hands make
unbeknownst to me, my necktie, which
much lighter work. We also
was hanging down into the candle, caught
try to keep up with 5,700
on fire! Obviously, the piano light quickly
light bulbs. We go through
went out and Mac never again invited me
hundreds of gallons of
to participate in any Wilds music!
chemicals, soap, and laundry
detergent each year to try to If I wanted to make a gift to
keep this place disinfected,
clean, and looking good. We TheWilds, where is the greatest
use the winter season, when need?
there are fewer camps, to
do a lot of deep cleaning.
energy states, the O-H bonds and
harmonics andyou might want to check
That is when we get out the toothbrushes
to clean in all the little corners and scrub
Junior Boot Camp Expansion
Wikipedia and see if you can understand everything. It definitely takes a lot of
it better than I did. I think Ill stick with my Estimated Phase One cost: $750,200
teamwork from a great staff to keep this
answer: Green Dye. Lots of it! Pledges and gifts received: $325,000
place clean.

Andrew Stoner
Facilities Manager, Maintenance

What is it like growing up as a

Dick Reid
Director of Development

TheWilds has had 24 Annual Golf

Activity Center construction (barn raising)
Estimated Cost: $1,800,000
camp kid? Tournaments in Greenville. They Pledges and gifts received: $1,641,000
Growing up at TheWilds is awesome! must be a lot of work. Are they
Who has a better back yard than a camp

kid? However, contrary to popular belief,
worth it?
we dont just play and do camp activities The Golf Tournaments have helped
all day long. There are normal kid things the ministry by providing:
like going to school, chores, work, sports, Over $1 million in summer camp Funding for personnel to meet more
music, etc. Growing up at camp means scholarships to over 3,000 at risk worldwide camping needs
having lots of friends. Presently, we have campers. Estimated cost: $150,000
about 55 camp kids living on the campsite. Over $1 million in funding for major Gifts received: $80,000
Thats a lot of friends to play with! Growing
capital improvements at our North When are you going to retire?
up at camp means lots of accountability as
well. It seemed to me that I couldnt do
Carolina campsite.
As I am able and needed, I will
anything without my parents finding out A relaxed venue for fellowship with a
serve at this ministry, which I dearly love,
about it! I had a lot of parent eyes looking wide variety of Christian friends and until a successor is found. I would like to
on. That was probably really good for their guests. go to a 3 day/week position on June 1,
me! Growing up at camp means lots of An opportunity to develop a stronger and 2017 (the date on which I will have been
excitementthere is always something fun more mutually beneficial relationship with The Wilds for 30 years), if there is
going on at camp. Growing up at camp with many individuals and businesses a need and if I am still able to make a
means a lot of unique opportunities that know of TheWilds camp but really contribution. This has been a humbling,
including opportunities to regularly hear God-enabled journey of great joy and
dont know about TheWilds mission.
Gods truth and have opportunities to blessings for me.

12 newsletter winter 2016/2017

The Items received:
Commercial Torque Wrench

Needs Corner
Commercial Water Hoses (5)
Heavy Duty Tow Strap
L.E.D. Worklight
Soil Knife
Submersible Utility Pump
Defibrilator - $1,300
Random Orbital Sander - $125
Hand Seamer 6 Jaw - $120
Hand Seamer 3 Jaw - $85
Oily rag disposal can for Auto Shop - $65
Large live animal trap - $220
Soil Probe (2) - $25 each
Rubber Boots (4) - $30 each
Fire Hose Cabinets (3) - $150 each
Fire Hose nozzles (3) - $65 each
Amish Poly Furniture tables (8) - $300 each
Amish Poly Furniture stools (20) - $150 each

Items received:
Video Camera
Camera Lens - $500
Join us for one of these delightful programs when all Audio Cables (5) - $30 each
of Gods nature is springing to life! Enjoy hiking to a Zipline Carabiners (8) - $35 each
majestic waterfall framed by the vibrant showers of Kitchen Tools - $100
Lobby Video Monitor - $225
spring. Enjoy the kinship and fellowship of believers. Upright String Bass - $1,400
Enjoy the delicious meals, side-splitting Funtimes, and Summer Funtime Set Items - $250
the dozens of casual Freetime activities on our clean, Gift Bibles for Campers (2 cases 20 per-
case) - $75 each
well-tended campsite. Enjoy singing that glorifies God New TWNE Display - $215
and listen as the Word of God is practically preached
and applied to every persons life. Gods Truth is
where the real hope springs! There is a spring camp,
conference, or retreat just for you! I want to help
A or N
Enclosed is a gift toward the cost of the indicated need.
City____________________ State _________ Zip
Mail to: TheWilds PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009 13
Staff News: Andy and Carrie Anglea are
happy to announce the arrival of their
son, Ezra Miles. He was born on May2,
Abigail grew up at the North Carolina
campsite and served on our summer
staff for seven summers. Daniel served
Brent and Emily Allamon are 2016, weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces, on our summer staff for two summers.
happy to announce the arrival of their and was 21 inches long. He is welcomed They live in Greenville, South Carolina,
son, Jackson Wayde. He was born on home by his big brother, Mark. where Daniel is finishing up his business
September 2, 2016, weighed 7 pounds Abigail Gorsline, daughter of degree and Abigail currently works at
6 ounces, and was 19 inches long. Doug and Sonja Gorsline, married Starbucks.
Daniel Sprankle on August 20, 2016.

C.A.M.P. Staff Contracted Staff

BACK ROW (left to right): Kristoff Hankerson, Jeremy Anderson, Ray Holden, BACK ROW (left to right): Holly Brodwater, Jason Clark, Collin Rife, Ben Kashuba,
James Lindsey, Joshua Woodfin, Matt McCoy, Joseph Woodfin Joel Whited, Matt Fafard
MIDDLE ROW: Cherry Lockwood, Jenn Allen, Hannah Wallace, Amber Siegfried, FRONT ROW: Jeremy Bjur, Kris Wilder, Katelyn Hucks, Leslie Haynes,
Callie Summer, Stephanie Nutt, Daniel Riggs Charlene Brooks
FRONT ROW: Rebekah Shutt, Melissa Creel, Brooke Dyer, Alicia Healey,
Joanna Aulgur, Tamara McFadden

WEDDINGS: Kevin (07,08-10) and Sarah

[Thompson] Gillenwater
Bethany Horton (13,14) and Theron (05,06,07,08,09), Christopher Miles,
(TJ) Bowman (12,14), 6/11/16. 7/25/16.
Candace Montgomery (12,13-16) and Brandon (08,11-14) and
Jordan Corriveau (14-16), 8/29/16. Jessica [Brooks] Hamilton
Kim Kowalski (08,09,10,11,12,13,14, (06,07,08,09,10,11,12), Makayla
CAREERS: 15) and Deven Davies (15), 7/23/16. Brooke, 10/5/16.
Stephen Ashmore (01) became Senior Katelyn Bumgardner and Alex Eubank Chris (06) and Megan [Jaqua]
Pastor at Victory Baptist Church in (13,14), 4/23/16. Pennington (06), Ella Mae, 1/18/16.
Jacksonville, Florida, in the summer of John and Anna [Brooks] Robinson
Mackenzie Stratton (08,09,10,11,
2016. (02), Josiah Silas, 1/13/16.
12,13,14,15) and Daniel Gibble (15),
Greg Berkey (88,89,90) serves as 10/8/16. James (99) and Amy [Bishop] Tilson
pastor of Community Baptist Church (99,00), Caroline Hope, 4/8/16.
in Hickory, North Carolina, and as a
chaplain with NASCAR.
Eric (96) and Rebecca [Hamilton]
Jeff (07,08,10) and Kimberly Former Staff,
[Thompson] Carlson help keep us updated on your career
Peterman (96) live in Tampa, Florida, moves, marriage, and children!
(06,07,08,09,10), Janie Marie, 5/25/16.
where Eric is the Family Pastor at Send announcements to:
Hillsdale Baptist Church and the school Chris and Stephanie [Moss] Dale
administrator at Hillsdale Christian (03,04,05,06-08), Madelyn Rose, TheWilds
Academy. Rebecca teaches 4th, 5th, 9/21/15. Where Are They Now?
and 6th grade classes. They have two Ben (06) and Ashley [Stoner] Fairchild PO Box 509
children: Abigail and Caleb. (00,01,02,03,04,05), Debra Grace, Taylors, SC 29687-0009
8/24/16. or e-mail

14 newsletter winter 2016/2017

RON BROOKS Mrs. Myra Gorsline Mr. & Mrs. Ron Gorsline DEWEY RICKLES
Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hall Mr. & Mrs. Ray Hansel Given by: Mrs. Marjorie Rickels
Judy & Laney Hastings Dr. & Mrs. Ken Hay
Danette Stovall Hensel Dr. & Mrs. Bob Jones III
Given by: Hope Baptist Church, Savannah, GA Given by: Mr. Carl Boone
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Lanier Mr. & Mrs. Tim Larkins
DR. LARRY CARRIER Dr. & Mrs. Homer Larson Dr. Rachel Larson ELMER RUMMINGER
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ed Gamble Mr. Robert Laws Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lpez Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier
MARILYN CHESHIRE Mr. & Mrs. John Leatherwood Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair LEAH SEELYE
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ron Cheshire Dr. & Dr. Kris Martin Mrs. Guye Ellen Matthews Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout
Ms. Jane Maxfield Dr. & Mrs. Bruce McAllister
Mr. & Mrs. Russ McCall Mr. & Mrs. Willis Meadows
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. James R. Clark Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Bob Miller
JOE COBB Mr. & Mrs. Stan Miller Mission for Haiti, Greer, SC BOB STONER
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Larry Tolbert Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Morgan Given by: Mrs. Bette Andersen
TIM COREY Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Greenville, SC Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Mrs. Muriel Murr Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Neal Mr. & Mrs. Dan Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bryson
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Overly Dr. & Mrs. Ed Panosian Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cleary Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier
MR. & MRS. WILLIAM GAIL CRAVEN Ms. Rita Covalt Cmdr. & Mrs. Patrick DalPorto
Dr. & Mrs. Ross Penix
Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Langford Dr. & Mrs. Ron DeGarmo Dr. & Mrs. David Dersch
Besty Potter & Brian Martin, Catherine, Jenna Claire
MARY CRAVEN Mr. & Mrs. Hal Raw Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Reeder Mr. & Mrs. Capers Dixon Mr. & Mrs. David Floyd
Given by: Cmdr. & Mrs. Patrick DalPorto Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ertel Ms. Carol Reid Mr. & Mrs. Dick Reid Mrs. Trudy Fremont Mrs. Myra Gorsline
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Langford Mr. & Mrs. Jon Sparkman Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Gospel Fellowship Association, Greenville, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner State Line Motorcycle Ministry, Greenville, SC Mr. & Mrs. John Hall Ms. Delores Hogsed
JANET DAIL Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Mr. & Mrs. Roger Syrja Dr. & Mrs. George Jensen Mrs. Jean Johnson
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline Mr. & Mrs. Corban Tabler Mr. & Mrs. George Thornton Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Langford Mr. & Mrs. David Lasseter
Mrs. Katharine Tojdowski Mr. & Mrs. John Valdario Mrs. Ardith Linn Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lpez
MARTHA GARRETT Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair Mrs. Guye Ellen Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Voth Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wickensimer
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Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams Mr. & Mrs. Tim Winstead
DOROTHY GENOVESI Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wood Dr. & Mrs. Dave Yearick Mr. & Mrs. John McCoy Mr. & Mrs. Larry McKay
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fistere Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wickensimer Mrs. Muriel Murr Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Neal
WILLIAM LIVERMAN Palmetto Digital Trade Source, Greenville, SC
DONALD GORSLINE Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Gilley
Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier Mrs. Myra Gorsline Mr. & Mrs. Hal Raw Mr. & Mrs. Dan Sall
Dr. & Mrs. Steve Hamblen Dr. Rachel Larson GEORGE MALCOM Mr. & Mrs. Mark Steuerwald
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ron Cheshire The Robert & Grace Ulsh Children & Families
Mrs. Guye Ellen Matthews Mrs. Colleen Moser
Mr. & Mrs. David Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout NORMA MAROT Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wickensimer
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Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Perry Given by: Mr. & Mrs. George Thornton Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Steven Schweinshaupt
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Langford Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matthews Given by: Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Langford
Given by: Mr. Ismael Gullon Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bryson Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Billy Baugham
Given by: Mr. Ismael Gullon Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matthews Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matthews
Ropak Manufacturing Co., Inc. Decatur, AL
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams LUCAS NICHOLS GIFTS GIVEN IN HONOR OF:
Given by: Elaine T. Byers Mr. & Mrs. John Byers
Given by: Mr. Allan E. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Godrey DOT PRICE Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Gene Carrick
Dr. Rachel Larson Angela McElroy Phyllis Perrine Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout NELSON & DEBI NEAL
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Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier
Atlanta, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Grayson Dawkins Carolyn Henderson
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The Ken Manry Family

BARBARA HAY LEATHERWOOD Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Carrollton, GA
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Ms. Lois Boone Mr. & Mrs. Sam Brenneman Honor a loved one or friend with a Living Memorial gift to TheWilds.
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Jim Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bryson Mr. & Mrs. Roger Bush In Memory Of:
The Michael Cantarella Family
Ms. Anna Marie Carmean Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cleary Rev./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Miss_________________________________________________________
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Mr. & Mrs. Roger Eaves
Endeavor Greenville, Greenville, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ertel Given by:
Faith Baptist Church, Encouragers Class, Taylors, SC Rev./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Miss_________________________________________________________
Mr. & Mrs. Durwood Farmer Mr. & Mrs. David Floyd
Fowler Interiors, Greenville, SC Address______________________________________________________________________
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Franks Mrs. Trudy Fremont City_____________________________________________State_______ Zip_______________
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PO Box 509
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RunTheWilds2016 was a success so we are planning

another run on May 13, 2017.Runners can expect a
hybrid road/trail run as the course winds its way through
the various terrains of the campsite. All proceeds
from the race will go towards the camper scholarship
fund which
allows unsaved,
unchurched, at-risk
children to attend
summer camp.

Kids ages 3-12 will have a

Donut Dash. They can take part
in a short dash to the finish line
where a donut awaits them as a
For more information, visit or call (828) 884-7811.