Taurus - June 12, 2008 Jealousy could rear its ugly head today, dear Taurus, on your part or somebody

else's. This may involve a romantic relationship. Oftentimes jealousy is groundless, so if you are to avoid an upset, it's best to do a little communicating. This is definitely the time to make the effort to turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Strong emotions can work for you under some circumstances. A passionate reconciliation is better than an angry estrangement! Taurus - June 9, 2008 Don't be surprised if you wake up this morning and leap out of bed with a spark of inspiration that wasn't there the night before, dear Taurus. Let your nighttime dreams linger a bit before you consciously face what is going on in your everyday world. This flash of genius is likely to strike quickly and unexpectedly, so keep an eye out for it, but don't consider it something that you can plan on or force into happening. Taurus - June 8, 2008 You may feel a need to tie in some fantasy with your daily routine today, dear Taurus. Do you have someone in mind you'd like Cupid's arrow to pierce? Well, don't rely on a cherub to do your work for you. Get out and do some target practice of your own so that you will be prepared when you see the object of your desire across a crowded room. Keep things light and cheerful. JUNE 6 You are riding on a wave of prosperity and things are looking up for you, dear Taurus. It could be that the situation today appears too good to be true. The bad news is that this is probably the case. It may be that the truth is being masked, and that there is a great deal of speculation and hype that is causing a frenzy of activity. Feel free to join in with the frivolity but realize that the bubble may burst tomorrow. Taurus - June 5, 2008 Be a bit more selective in terms of where you put your energy today, dear Taurus. Don't waste your time with situations that aren't healthy or conducive to your aims. You may find it hard to get motivated, but this is fine. This is a good day to lay low. Your energy is apt to feel rather sluggish, so be conservative with how you use it. Pace yourself throughout your day. Taurus - June 2008 On June 1, Taurus, watch your temper because you'll be very irritable. On June 2 you'll be motivated to try hard. A New Moon in Gemini on June 3 will inspire you to be more communicative over the next few weeks. On the afternoon of June 4 and into the evening, you'll be passionate about your work and may need to stay late. A feeling of being rushed will create stress on the evening of June 7. Be flexible on June 8 if you want to improve your interpersonal relations. Work and responsibilities will take center stage on June 9 and 10. You'll have a serious and determined attitude and others will be able to rely on you. Expect many phone calls and messages that will take some

time to deal with on June 11 and 12. You'll be productive later in the day on June 13 as long as you focus and concentrate. Erratic and confusing energies on June 15 will keep you off center all day. Other people will be difficult to deal with and you'll need extra patience. The week of June 16 will be busy but unproductive until June 19. On June 20 complete outstanding details on your projects in a methodical and efficient way. The weekend of June 21 will be frustrating because of an underlying feeling of restlessness. Use a creative and artistic touch on June 24 and 25. Relax and enjoy the weekend of June 28 by gardening, doing crafts, or spending time with family.

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