Best Actions Against Antimicrobial Resistance

24 FEBRUARY 2017

In November, 2016, The International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA), the
International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF), and the International Veterinary Students’
Association (IVSA) joint efforts and actions against Antimicrobial Resistance. These three organizations
have been collaborating for two years with the common goal of raising awareness as well as encouraging
students all over the world to take an active role in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. We
recognize that the health of Humans is connected to animals and to the environment. Hence, a
multidisciplinary collaboration is needed to tackle Antimicrobial Resistance.

And as the three organizations believe that our strength comes from our members, we encouraged them
all to take an action against Antimicrobial Resistance, to spread awareness in their communities and to
be part of the change for which we are standing. We are honored to share with you these successful
examples of the best actions against Antimicrobial Resistance which were held during the Antimicrobial
Resistance Awareness Week in the different parts of the world by our members.
International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF): EPSF- Egypt
As humans, we are defined by our eagerness to evolution. We wake up, run the whole day to break
records, make discoveries and create new technologies; we run towards the future.

From November 14th to the 20th, the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students' Federation, in partnership with
IFMSA-Egypt, decided to stop running and analyze our progress. Among the terrifying new diseases, we
hear about each day, we looked at the world's oldest illness and the world's most basic medications:
Antibiotics. The results were not promising; antibiotics are now massively misused and, in some places,
distributed as OTC leading to antimicrobial resistance.

"Things as common as strep throat or a child's scratched knee could once again kill."—Dr. Margaret Chan.
So yes, with all our progression, humans around the world should stop and think.

We had to spread the word; volunteers, from both organizations, held campaigns in universities,
hospitals, sport clubs, mosques and streets. The AMR awareness reached more than 2593 persons.

Today, people will not take another pill without consideration. And we will always be here to remind
them, because pharmacy is our passion.
International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA): ASCEMCOL
The Antimicrobial Resistance Education Campaign was part of the “IFMSA Antimicrobial Resistance
Awareness Week" organized by the Colombian Society of Medical Students' Associations ASCEMCOL . It
was a joint campaign in which the members of ASCEMCOL collaberated with other national member
organizations in IFMSA in the Americas region including: AEMPPI Ecuador, IFMSA Chile, ASOCEM
Guatemala, IFMSA-Peru, IFMSA-Argentina, IFMSA-El Salvador, SCEMUSS. The campaign was directed by
the Standing Committee on Medical Education in ASCEMCOL, and it was held between 15th and 21st of
November 2016. The aim of this campaign was to reinforce the knowledge of antimicrobial resistance
between our societies in the different parts of the americas region, by spreading awareness through
different social media platforms and reaching the highest possible number of people. The campaign was
composed of three main activities:

1. Short films prepared by the local associations of ASCEMCOL about the questions raised in the
Antimicrobial Resistance Manual 2016 (AMR) which was released by the IFMSA.

2. an Online Virtual Medical Education Test to evaluate the public Knowledge about Antimicrobial

3. Infographics referring to the issue related to Antimicrobial Resistance.

These activities were shared in the social media of the participating countries of the national member
organizations from the Americas region.
International Veterinary Students’ Association: IVSA BURSA

Antimicrobial resistance is one of our most serious health threats. Infections from resistant bacteria are
now too common, and some pathogens have even become resistant to multiple types or classes of
antibiotics. In the field of veterinary medicine, antibiotic usage is more than important not just because
sometimes we need antibiotics to treat animals but also veterinarians use antibiotics on livestock which
means it is directly related to public health. A “One Health” approach is the only way to stand against
antibiotic resistance. So, the purpose of this event is basically increase awareness upon antibiotic usage
and antibiotic resistance among the veterinary students.

The event which is hosted by IVSA Bursa, has taken place at December 4 (delayed due to midterms)
Sanat Mahal (A culture center founded by an actor in the district next to university) kindly welcomed us
to perform the first part of our event. Almost 70 students from different faculties had the chance to
attend a great presentation about the resistance mechanisms, right use of antibiotics and his work on
antibiotics is given by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Cengiz from Uludag University, Faculty of Veterinary
Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Further projects are planned. Interviews on the streets with people from the general public about their
antibiotic usage will be conducted this upcoming spring.