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[Sushma Tamang Syangtan] [UOI] [Unit Length: 20 minutes]

[Class/Grade: 1]

Lesson: [Number: 3/ Title: Conjunction]

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment

Through Jesus Christ we are all

connected to God.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

1. What is conjunction? Student will be able to understand

that conjunctions are joining words.
They join words and sentences.
2. How do we use the word and to Student will be able to practice and
put words or two sentences use a word and as conjunction in
together? the classroom.

Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies

3 min Beginning the Lesson
Hello! Grade 1. How are you? Teacher will tell the students that they will be learning
about conjunction.
Ask questions to the students
1. What are conjunctions?
Teacher will explain
Conjunctions are joining words (and, but, or) with conjunctions
cards. They join words and sentences. But today we will only use
the conjunction and.
Okay, everyone say with me: AND
We can use and to join two sentences and two words into one.
min Developing the Lesson:
Teacher will write two sentences on a white board.
1. The dog has a ball.
2. The dog has a bone.
The dog has a ball and a bone. Here, and is use to
join the words a ball and a bone. It means the dog
has a ball as well as a bone.
Lets try another example:
Teacher will show a worksheet on the slide and use an example from there.
Here, we have two sentences. Lets read this sentences:
1. The bird made a nest.
2. The bird laid an egg.
Teacher will ask the students to join two sentences into one by using
conjunction and.
The bird made a nest and laid an egg.
- If the students able to do this activity then teacher will give them a
worksheet and tell them to do in the class.
- If they are still struggling then teacher will tell that the sentence that
they are making has to make sense otherwise it will be incorrect.
- Teacher will give ten minutes to work on the worksheet. If the student
2 min
[Sushma Tamang Syangtan] [UOI] [Unit Length: 20 minutes]
[Class/Grade: 1]

finishes their work earlier then ask them to read any book from the
Closing the Lesson:
Collect the worksheet
And tell them to get ready for another class.
Formative Assessment Differentiation
Worksheet: Use the word and to
put the sentences together.(work

Conjunctions cards

1. Conjunction: The words (and, but, or) that use to join two sentences and two words

Feedback from Cooperative teacher:

Preparation for this lesson was good

Areas to concern:

Your expectations for the students was not clear to them when they responded to your questions
their answers were correct but you did had a higher expectation of them.
(Using different verb): they did not clearly understand that. This cause confusion for them
because they wondered why their answers were wrong or unacceptable to you. You need to be
prepared to mere than one or two example to get the objectives taught.
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