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Activities perform during internship

In Askari Bank Ltd. I really enjoyed my internship period. The staff of Askari bank
Branch really guided me to learn the basic of banking. It was almost impossible to
work in the entire department within that limited time. But my request, the staff of
the branch provided me the opportunity to work in the different departments for the
bake of practical knowledge. I examined the environment of the organization,
system of rendering services, the attitude of the staff which would help me in future
career. In my internship period I learned these things.

Special Category of Account:

If the account is of minor, UBL staff, Illiterate, Blind or Registered Alien, it
should be checked respectively. Passport size Photographs are required in this
case and customer can only make the transaction personally. Make sure
signatures are not too simple or shaky. If so, again passport size photographs
may be required and transactions can only be made personally for customer's
own security.
Service Charges:
This is the minimum balance penalty which is applicable to all except
students and government employees' salary or pension purpose accounts.
Know You Customer:
Here's an assessment that the account opening officer do in order to
understand some aspects of the new customer relationship.
Individual Account:
The customer is marked as walk in, marketed or a referral; he/she are a
public figure or not. Moreover what will be the customer's sources of funds?
What would be the usual mode of transaction and what would be the
intentions of account with UBL. Who will be the ultimate beneficiary and what
the approximate value of transaction per month is
Account Opening
In the beginning, I spent in account opening. Mr.Abbas taught me about
what are the prerequisites of opening an account of individuals minors,
shaky hand signature persons and different company account opening
procedure. The officer briefs me about how to fill the account opening
account forms, about specimen signature card and about introduce of the
account. Furthermore, he guided me how to fill requisition for the cheque
book. The procedure of initial deposit amount was also briefed to me. After a
week I started independently filling the account opening. Then I came to
know the procedures of opening current Account, saving Account and Fixed
Deposits. After the procedure of account opening I learnt about the request of
ATM card and on its receipt, its activation process.
The documents which are required for account opening are as follows:
Account Opening form
Having original id Card
Copy of id card
Tow pictures
Salary slip or income proof.

Account Opening Form:

In all the documentation within the bank, clearness and tidiness are the major
features. Over writing and cutting should always be avoided as it may lead to
any misinterpretation. Account Opening Form is the most important
documentation when a customer walks in for commercial banking and wants
to develop a relationship with us.
In AOF, all the necessary information should be completely scrutinized
before the customer walks back. Now lets look at some of the salient
requirements of AOF and their importance.

Individual Accounts (Single/Joint):

Individual Account determines if the account is personal or joint. Once again

understand your customer here. Illiterate and gullible customers should
better opt for joint account for their own security.
Particulars of Account:
First of all the title of account is entered by which it will be called off.
Following is the Key/Secret Word of six characters which is mostly preferred to
be mothers name because its simple unforgettable. Key word is used to
verify the customer on phone or while other subsequent inquiries. Next
comes the mailing address; where the bank should mail anything it has to.
Next is the permanent address of the customer which should be copied from
the CNIC of the customer. E-mail address is mandatory for Net banking and e-
statement facility whereas Mobile number for mobile banking. Lastly its your
choice to hold your statements for collection or mail it to you.
Then I was shifted to the Remittance Department and learned about the
issuance, procedure and entries of cashier cheque. I also learnt about
payment of cashier cheque and its cancellation procedure. The particulars of
the beneficiary on the application form were also explained to me.

Types of Remittance
The National Bank of Pakistan Layyah Branch deals with following
types of remittance.
Demand draft
Mail transfer
Telegraphic transfer
Pay order.
Loan Department:
The loan department which can be headed by M Sulman. He
aught me about the loaning and conditions of loads. In bop there
are three types of loan giving to their customers.
Agriculture loan
Salary loan
Auto loan
Deposit Department:
In deposit department and here my duty was to check and match
the presented cheques with request to open bearer, crossed
cheque, post dated cheque etc and got practical knowledge of
examining cheques.
Accounts Departments:
Accounts department is backbone of a bank. The account department
is computerized as well as manual. Accounting books of different
departments are maintained under this department and with the help
of these.