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1 Get started
2 Get productive

1 Add and edit data

Select a lesson to open

2 Resize and merge cells and

align data

Format numbers in cells

Change the look of cells

Copy cell formatting

Select cell contents

Move or copy cell contents

Insert or delete rows or


Resize rows and columns

2 Create formulas
AutoFill time spans 1 Create and format tables
Name cells and ranges
2 Hide or unhide columns Split and combine data 2 Sort data in a table
Use Trace to fix formula
1 What is Excel? Freeze top and left panes Build custom numeric errors
formats Filter data in a table
Create a workbook Move or copy worksheets Locate functions
Validate cell data Add a Total row to a table
Add, delete, or rename Apply themes to change Calculations using
sheets the look of a workbook Create reusable lists functions Filter data with slicers

2 Create PivotTables
Add and
Get started Design Add text and Use formulas format
Work with PivotTables with Excel workbooks data and functions tables

Group data in PivotTables

Filter data with Slicers in

2 Create charts
Create PivotCharts
Format charts
Create and
format Add sparkline charts
PivotTables Analyze Add and
1 Share workbooks Collaborate and and chart format Add trendlines and drop
with others lines
PivotCharts data charts
2 Add and review comments

1 Quick Analysis of data


2 Password-protect

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