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Bharat Ji, I am actually confused about one thing: in KP the most strength is gi

ven to the SUB lord and next is the star lord, but you stressed that the most im
portant is STAR lord and take sub lord only when needed, why??

You seem to be mixing up 2 concepts.

Concept A : Ruling Planets. The strongest Ruling Planets, ONLY for the purpose o
f predictions using ONLY the Ruling Planets, are Lagna Star Lord, Lagna Sign Lor
d, Moon Star Lord, Moon Sign Lord and the Day Lord. The Lagna sub-lord and the M
oon sub-lord being reserve ruling planets.
Concept B: Sub-Lord concept (to be used as additional factors for horary and nat
al chart predictions using the KP techniques comprehensively which I did not use
in the Ruling Planets concept) : The Star Lord shows the likely result but it i
s the sub lord which approves the result. For example if the sub-lord of the 7th
house signifies the 11th house (by way of being in the Nakshatra of the Planet
in the 11th house) marriage may take place.
However, if the Star Lord (which signifies the 11th house) is in the sub of a pl
anet signifying the 6th house (12th to the 7th house) then the marriage may be d
enied even though the Star Lord signifies marriage. My presentation was on predi
ctions using ONLY the Ruling Planets concept and did not cover the complete KP s
ystem - as that was not the objective. You seem to understand KP so I suggest th
at you keep using the sub-lords the way to do it now. I trust this has clarified
your point. Best wishes.?