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Prof. Shimon Silman

8 SPAIN 52:


Rocheli Dickstein

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A. D. Mur

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From Chapter Fourteen of Rabbi Shloma
Majeskis Likkutei Mekoros, Volume 2.
(Underlined text is the compilers emphasis.)
Translated by Boruch Merkur

14. Among the things mentioned return your judges as in former

in Meseches Sota that will transpire times,* in the true and complete
in Ikvisa DMeshicha, at the redemption through Moshiach
threshold [literally, heels] of the Tzidkeinu, may he come and redeem
Messianic redemption [when you as very soon.
can already hear the footsteps of (From the address of Shabbos Parshas not yet appeared, nor has Moshiach
Moshiach approaching], is that Rei 5728; Likkutei Sichos arrived (especially in light of what is
pnei hador kpnei hakelev the Vol. 9, pg. 105) written in Rambam Sanhedrin 14:12
face of the generation is like the face
NOTES: that in the future the Great Court will
of the dog.
*Footnote 74: Yeshayahu 1:26 for the first return in Teveria).
All details enumerated in this
return [of] your judges will precede We may, therefore, assert that (at least
passage of Talmud, bpnimiusam
the advent of Moshiach, as in the to Radbaz) the members of the Great
in their inner aspect, are
conclusion of the verse, afterwards you Court referred to in Eruvin is a casual
actually blessings. The blessing
shall be called City of Righteousness, use of the term meaning, the great(est)
concealed within the likening of
etc. (cited in Rambams Perush court of the generation [and not the
the face of the generation to that
HaMishnayos (Sanhedrin 1:3)). Great Court proper] and its members
of a dog is that the period leading
Regarding the commentary of Radbaz are not necessarily bestowed with
up to the Messianic redemption
on Rambam (Laws of Sanhedrin 14:12), smicha. (In any case, this understanding
(especially through our avoda of
It is possible that he (Moshiach**) of Eruvin is more logical, for how is
disseminating the wellsprings of
will bestow smicha upon the Great smicha relevant to the coming of
Chassidus outward) evokes in the
Court (Beis Din HaGadol) [i.e., Eliyahu the Prophet?)
entire generation the hunger for
the word of G-d (see Amos 8:11) Moshiach will actually come first, **It still remains to be determined from
[hunger being characteristic of a before the Great Court is restored] whom Moshiach will receive smicha.
dog]. In fact, the hunger is so great this opinion is dependent upon the ***It is not necessary to ascribe to
that it is described as they did not determination of whether or not it is Rambam that the Talmud rejects the
experience being satiated, for as possible to grant smicha in the current notion [brought in Midrashim] that
much as they attain and consume, era (bzman hazeh), and Radbaz follows Moshiach will be revealed and then
they are overridden with hunger; his approach on the matter.*** (See later conceal himself (nor must we
give, give they demand, pleading Rambam Laws of Sanhedrin 4:11 and assume that in Yad HaChazaka Rambam
for more and more. Radbaz there.) changes his opinion from what he writes
The notion of bringing out the Some further investigation, however, is in Perush HaMishnayos, that I will
inner blessing is connected with still required into Radbazs commentary return your judges precedes the advent
the beginning of the sidra [Parshas on Sanhedrin Chapter 14, from Eruvin of Moshiach) as in his proof (Laws
Rei]: Behold (rei) I give before (43b), where it says that Moshiach of Kings 11:3), Do not assume that
you today a blessing and a curse. comes to the Great Court. It cannot [HaMelech HaMoshiach must perform
This verse alludes to the fact that be said that this Great Court receives miracles] for Rebbi Akiva said
even the curse will be transformed smicha from the descendants of Reuven about him (about Ben Koziba) that
into a blessing. [] [who are destined to return before the he is Melech HaMoshiach because
advent of Moshiach and wage wars], Ben Koziba was in fact concealed for a
And through the transformation
nor can it be said that it is received from period of time (in the caves) during the
of Parshas Rei, we segue straight to
Moshiach when he first reveals himself course of the war, and in his time there
the next sidra, Shoftim vshotrim
(as Radbaz writes in Laws of Sanhedrin was a court that had received smicha,
(judges and officers) you shall
4:11), because the difficulty still remains etc. Regarding the coming of Eliyahu,
appoint for you at all of your city
that the descendants of Reuven have see Laws of Kings 12:2.
gates that there will be I shall

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25 Years of Swords into Plowshares:

By Prof. Shimon Silman,
RYAL Institute and Touro College

hile state THE STATE OF THE WORLD statistics, the world has in fact
budgets are become more peaceful.
struggling to We ask this question against
So why does Gorbachev say,
fund peoples the backdrop of 25 years of
It all looks as if the world is
essential social needs, military Swords into Plowshares. It was
preparing for war? Gorbachev
spending is growing. Money is 25 years ago this week that the
is now 85 years old but back in
easily found for sophisticated Rebbe MHM said his famous
the 1980s he played a major
weapons whose destructive power sicha identifying the declaration
role in the transformation of
is comparable to that of the of the heads of state meeting at
Russia that led to the Swords into
weapons of mass destruction; for the UN, announcing a new era
Plowshares declaration.
submarines whose single salvo of peace and mutual cooperation
among the nations of the world There is a well-known
is capable of devastating half a story that when Gorbachev
continent; for missile defense as the beginning of the fulfillment
of Isaiahs prophecy that in the first came to power the Rebbe
systems that undermine strategic MHM called in Professor
stabilityIt all looks as if the world Era of Moshiach the nations of
the world will beat their swords Branover (Yirmiyahu ben Devora
is preparing for war. (Mikhail shyichyeh we mention him for
Gorbachev, former president of into plowshares.
a speedy and complete recovery
the Soviet Union, writing in this Over the past 25 years we
from his illness) and told him
months Time magazine) have reported frequently on
to start working on a project to
Swords into Plowshares (SIP)
The way things are going, provide housing and employment
type developments: military
I think that if there is awarin in Israel for the thousands of
technologies and resources
the future, the two countries Russian Jews who will soon be
transformed for peaceful uses,
will just play a chess game with coming out of Russia.
nations that have given up
each other. (U.S. Department Branover was shocked by this
their militaristic agendas and
of Defense scientist, expressing request since nobody knew of
now pursue peace, and quoted
his personal opinion in a private any such event on the horizon.
extensively from the annual
communication to me) So he contacted his friends in the
Human Security Reports
Who is correct, the president showing that, when you do the Soviet Union to see if they knew
or the scientist?

4 28 Shvat 5777

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if the world is in fact preparing
for war or for a chess game.


The characterization of
the Swords into Plowshares
development is described in the
first few sections of the sicha.
Here are some excerpts:
It is well known that
everything that happens in
the world is through Divine
Providence, especially major
events connected with countries of
great importance whose influence
and leadership affect the whole
First of all, there was the
event which occurred on the eve
of this Shabbos, a conference
of the heads of state of the
major world powers, led by the
of any indication that the Jews came to visit Israel. The Israeli leaders of the two superpowers.
would soon be leaving Russia. government assigned Branover to At that meeting they decided
They told him that there was no show him around. At one point upon and announced a new era
indication of any such thing and Branover told Gorbachev about in international relationsan
that in fact from all indications it the Rebbe MHMs prediction era in which warfare would be
was expected that things would that soon the Jews would eliminated, weapons would be
get worse under Gorbachev. leave Russia by the thousands. reduced or destroyed, and peace
Branover wanted to be sure that Gorbachev was shocked. and unity, cooperation and
he understood the Rebbe MHM He couldnt believe that any mutual aid would prevail among
correctly so he went back to person could have known this. the nations of the worldfor the
the Rebbe MHM to verify the Gorbachev said that he himself good of all mankind ...
instruction. The Rebbe MHM had no plans to make major One of the prophecies of the
told him again that very soon changes when he came to power. Geula by Moshiach regarding
thousands of Jews would be In fact, he said, he had no idea the conduct of the nations of the
leaving Russia, that there must what he was going to do. But he world is: They shall beat their
be housing and employment wanted to preserve communism. swords into plowshares and their
ready for them and that Branover Gorbachev is not to be taken spears into pruning hooks. Nation
should work on this project with lightly. But is he correct that shall not raise a sword against
such intensity that he would even It all looks as if the world is another nation nor shall they
dream about it at night! The preparing for war? learn any more war.
rest is history: Jews came out To answer this, lets first Since these days the heads
by the thousands, many settled take a look at the Swords into of state of the nations of the
in Israel and Branover had built Plowshares sicha and see what world are making decisions
a community with housing and we should expect to see in the and announcements regarding
employment for many of them. world after 25 years of SIP. Then the reduction and elimination
But thats not the end of we will take a look at some of of weapons and the increase
the story. Years later, after the the data that will tell us what has in things required for the
communist regime fell and been happening and where we maintenance of the economies
Gorbachev was out of power, he are holding. Then we can decide of their individual countries and

Issue 1058 5

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The game of chess is all about strategy, as a percentage of GDP, military
expenditures relative to health
positioning, projecting power, exerting pressure spending, military personnel in
and bluffing. In my opinionI agree with the Defense relation to the population and
heavy weapons in relation to the
Department scientistits all about positioning and population.
projecting power rather than preparing for war. The Global Militarization
Index, then, would be a good way
to quantify the transformation
the world as a whole, which 3) The transformation. of military to peacefulthe 3rd
is the content of the prophecy The reduction and elimination focal point on the list above.
They shall beat their swords of weapons and the increase The one drawback of the GMI,
into plowsharesdismantling in things required for the however, is that it only goes back
the instruments of war to maintenance of the economies of several years, not all the way
construct from them instruments their individual countries and the back to 1992. But we will note
for working the ground, the world as a whole. the ranking of the 5 major world
earth from whence comes forth powers on the GMI list for the
So to see how Swords into
breadthis is a clear sign of the year 2016:
Plowshares has progressed
beginning of the fulfillment of this over the past 25 years, we Nation Rank
prophecy as part of the true and should focus primarily on how Russia 5
complete Geula by Moshiach. this transformation has been U.S. 31
(Translation from Chapter III implemented by the 5 major France 60
of my book Scientific Thought world powers. England 71
in Messianic Times, where a Over the years, we have
more complete translation can be China 91
extensively documented specific
found.) Surprise! None of the major
transformations in each of these
I would like to focus on world powersexcept for
countries, but now lets see
several elements emphasized in Russiaare even in the top 20%
if we can quantify the overall
this description: of militarized nations. Most of the
transformation for each of these
highly militarized countries are
1) The nations. There is an countries.
small countries (that youve never
emphasis on countries of great There are many organizations heard of) and are certainly not
importance whose influence and institutesincluding the countries of great importance
and leadership affect the whole UN itself, when its not busy whose influence and leadership
world. a conference of the criticizing Israelthat have affect the whole world.
heads of state of the major world been studying this, and that fact
powers, led by the leaders of the The Stockholm International
alone is a sign of how the world
two superpowers. The meeting Peace Research Institute (SIPRI),
is changing and what the world
was the first ever between the however, has data going back
now expects from itself.
heads of state of the 15 members to 1992. Their data considers
of the Security Council. But there military expenditures as a
are only 5 permanent members
MR. GORBACHEV, percentage of GDP for numerous
on the Security Council U.S., TEAR DOWN nations throughout the world. We
Russia, China, England and In recent years, the Bonn have generated a graph to show
France and they are the major International Center for this percentage for the 5 major
world powers. Conversion (BICC), whose world powers. (Credit goes to
Yan Zverev of Touro College for
2) The era. An era in which reports we have used extensively
over the years, has published generating the graph. The graphs
warfare would be eliminated,
the Global Militarization Index are color coded, but if you are
weapons would be
(GMI) which is a measure of how reading this in black and white,
reduced or destroyed, and it may be hard to identify which
peace and unity, cooperation and militarized a nation is. It evaluates
over 150 countries using a graph represents which country.
mutual aid would prevail among The curve that ends off highest
the nations of the worldfor the complicated formula which
considers: military expenditures in 2015 is Russia, and the one
good of all mankind.

6 28 Shvat 5777

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below it is the U.S.) To answer this, lets take a they learn any more war. They
Surprise again! What do closer look at this prophecy of will not even maintain a readiness
we see? In all cases except for Isaiah. He says: for war. There will be no military
Russia, this Militarization Index And they shall beat their exercises, no military training or
has gone down. swords into plowshares and their even any computer simulations of
BICC also considers a Global spears into pruning hooks; nation conflicts.
Hunger Index (developed by shall not raise a sword against The game of chess is all about
the International Food Policy nation nor shall they learn any strategy, positioning, projecting
Research Institute) and notes more war. power, exerting pressure and
that most states suffering from We notice something very bluffing. In my opinionI agree
hunger also have comparatively interesting here. First he says that with the Defense Department
low levels [of] militarization. So the nations will beat their swords scientistits all about
for Gorbachev to say that While into plowshares because (as the positioning and projecting power
state budgets are struggling to Radak explains) they wont need rather than preparing for war.
fund peoples essential social them any more as a result of A case in point would be the
needs, military spending is Melech HaMoshiachs influence controversy over the islands in
growing is an exaggeration. on the nations of the world. Then the South China Sea, claimed by
We politely say to him, he says, Nation shall not raise a China as well as other nations.
paraphrasing President Regan, sword against nation. It would A recent Bloomberg News
Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that seem that the order should be report analyzes this situation
picture youve painted of the reversed. First it should say that and explains that while there is
world. the nations will not raise swords a possibility of this leading to
against each other; then, since war, its unlikely, because China
A GAME OF CHESS they wont be fighting each other does not want to interrupt the 5
they wont need their weapons trillion dollars in trade that passes
This brings us to the any more so they will beat them through the area every year.
alternative theorythe chess into plowshares. From the fact Its all about posturing.
game which, I think, is a good that beating the swords into
model for whats going on in the One might even say that the
plowshares is stated first, we see last line in Isaiahs prophecy,
world now. that this process will begin even nor shall they learn any more
Firstly, lets ask the basic before all wars cease. Then, as war, means that they will stop
question: Since we are in the a further development, nation playing these chess games.
era of Swords into Plowshares, shall not raise a sword against
should there be any military So raise your glass, say a
nation, i.e., there will be no
conflicts in the world at all? bracha, take a SIP and say,
more war. And finally, nor shall

Issue 1058 7

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Spain 52:
in Madrid, and mentioning a visit
Since G-d has brought you to Madrid, even if
of Rabbi Gorodetzky to Spain
it is for a short while, the inner purpose of it (translated from Yiddish Igros
Kodesh Vol. 5 page 200):
is to help a fellow Jew in matters of Torah and
I was gratified to hear from
Mitzvos * Seeing the extreme interest these my personal representative
students take in eating Kosher and, myself, and director of our European
Aid Bureau, Rabbi Binyamin
feeling the urgency of it, I was obliged to help Gorodetzky, regarding his visit
them * I receive letters from more students to Madrid.
I was very happy to hear
expressing their desire to eat kosher * I feel sure about your important work for
that you have instructed Barcelona to provide the benefit of the community,
that you and your spouse have
kosher for Passover food for all the students in dedicated a synagogue for
Madrid * Mivtza Kashrus on Campus the community, etc., and now
you have taken upon yourself
to significantly add to the
In the summer of 1975 the activities in Europe and North community by establishing a
Rebbe launched Mivtza Kashrus. Africa, was directed by Rabbi Kosher kitchen, and you have
However the Rebbes campaign Binyamin Gorodetzky. dedicated a building for this
to encourage Kosher eating These fascinating documents purpose in the center of the
dates back many years earlier, are part of the JDC Archives city
with the Rebbe encouraging the (which were digitized and
creation of Kosher Dining Clubs uploaded online, thanks to
in Colleges and Universities THE INNER PURPOSE
a grant from Dr. Georgette
across the globe, to encourage Bennett and Dr. Leonard OF LIVING IN MADRID
Jewish men and women to marry Polonsky CBE). In a letter dated Adar 5 5712,
Jewish spouses, and prevent the Rebbe writes to Rabbi Moshe
intermarriage. Dovid Schildrkraut, the Shochet
In this installment we present in Madrid, expressing thanks for
the Rebbes earliest known
KITCHEN IN MADRID his help in establishing the Kosher
involvement in such a project, In a letter dated Shvat 3, Kitchen in Madrid (translated
creating a Kosher kitchen for 5712, the Rebbe writes to Mr. from Hebrew Igros Kodesh Vol.
students in the University of Moshe Levanda the following 5 page 249):
Madrid (Spain), in 1952. This letter, expressing thanks for his When my representative,
project, as all other Chabad sponsorship of a Kosher Kitchen

8 28 Shvat 5777

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Rabbi Binyamin Gorodetzky, and receive blessings from residence separately. This
visited Madrid, he met you the source of all blessings, in little difference in the cost of
again, and he wrote to me all your personal needs, the living the students have no
about you and about the physical and the spiritual. possibility to pay.
help he received from you I take the liberty to ask
for establishing the Kosher POOR JEWISH STUDENTS you that you request your
Kitchen in the city. May you representative in Barcelona to
continue with strength in
help these students. So much
matters of Torah and Mitzvos KOSHER FOOD the more that the help they
to help others. Since you live On February 26 1952 [Shvat need is a very small one
there, you will surely look after 30 5712] Rabbi Binyamin We have organized in
this matter to ensure that it is Gorodetzky wrote a letter to Madrid a Committee of
done in the proper manner and the Chairman of the JDC in these young people which
it should be a lasting project. Europe, Mr. Moses Beckleman, is especially concerned
Thanks for keeping me updated describing his visit to Madrid, with eating Kosher Your
on this matter. Spain and the urgent need for representative can also contact
It is known that G-d plans Kosher food for Jewish students in the Shochet of Madrid, Rabbi
the footsteps of man, and Madrid: Shildkraut who is highly
since G-d has brought you to You are perhaps aware of interested in this problem too.
Madrid, even if it is for a short my recent visit to Madrid and I feel confident that you
while, the inner purpose of it is of my efforts there to help a will do your best to help in
to help a fellow Jew in matters group of poor Jewish students this matter and thank you in
of Torah and Mitzvos. from Spanish Morocco to advance for it.
And even more so, the Baal realize their ardent wish to eat
Shem Tov has taught that a soul Kosher.
may come down to this world
Seeing the extreme interest
for 70 or 80 years to do a favor these students take in eating
for another Jew, physically or Kosher and, myself, feeling the A few days later, on March 2
spiritually. urgency of it, I was obliged to 1952 [Adar 5 5712], Mr. Herbert
There is no need to help them. These young men Katzki (JDC Paris) responds to
expound on this matter, and are of poor Jewish families Rabbi Gorodetzky:
I am sure that you try with all from Spanish Morocco. We have your letter of
your might to spread the light They pay their board and February 26 regarding the
of Torah in your surroundings residence themselves. But it group of Jewish students from
through action, which this is will cost a little more if they Spanish Morocco now in
the channel to bring down have to pay their board and

Issue 1058 9

1058_bm_eng.indd 9 2017-02-21 11:20:10 AM


Madrid, who you write wish to and you in particular will be some aid to the students on
arrange for Kosher food. The interested in this matter and a trial basis for a couple of
information which you present will do whatever possible for months, to see how it works out.
to us is new and we have no the students. We learned that Rabbi
knowledge concerning it. We Shildkraut has received his
shall try to make some inquiry KOSHER FOR visa for the U.S. and expects
and let you know as soon as we to be emigrating shortly. This,
have any word which we can
of course, may have some
pass along to you. On April 2 1952 [Nissan 7 effect on whether or not the
5712] Rabbi Gorodetzky reminds common kitchen can continue
THE KITCHEN IS the Chairman of the JDC in and especially whether kosher
Europe, Mr. Moses Beckleman, meat, etc., will continue to be
ALREADY FUNCTIONING! that Pesach is around the corner, obtainable in Madrid.
Two days later, on March and the students need Kosher
We shall watch the situation
4 1952 [Adar 7 5712), Rabbi LPesach meals:
Gorodetzky responds to Mr. Pursuant to our
Katzki, clarifying that he isnt conversation, and the letter
asking for approval, rather I received from Mr. Katzky,
reporting that the project has I trust that you have by now SPOKEN TO RABBI
already begun, and needs received a detailed report from GORODETZKY
financial support: Barcelona, concerning the
At the end of the school year
I have your letter of March matter of providing kosher
the JDC decided that they will no
2 regarding the group of Jewish meals for the Jewish students
longer support the Kosher kitchen,
students in Madrid and beg to in Madrid, especially kosher
especially since the Shochet left
inform you about the following: Passover food.
town. In a letter dated Teves 1
A kosher restaurant for Inasmuch as the time to 5713 the Rebbe writes to Mr.
these students in Madrid is Passover is very short, I feel Yosef Ben Maimon of Madrid
already open. It has begun sure that you have instructed about this issue (translated from
functioning on February 26. A Barcelona to provide kosher Hebrew Igros Kodesh Vol. 7
group of 12 students eat there for Passover food for all the page 107):
actually A fitting apartment students in Madrid, and for
I have received your letter
was rented for this purpose. kosher meals thereafter.
from the 5th of Kislev, and
Moreover, I receive letters I shall appreciate receiving since my secretary does not
from more students expressing word from you to that effect, write in Spanish, I must
their desire to eat kosher. But, as you can well understand our respond to you in Hebrew and
unfortunately, I cannot afford concern in the matter. you will surely understand the
to authorize them to eat in the With best wishes for a gist of my letter.
restaurant because the 100$.00 kosher and happy Passover, When my personal
I left them to compensate the and warm personal regards, representative, Rabbi Binyamin
difference in the cost of kosher
Gorodetzky, was here not
and not-kosher food till the
JDC: SUPPORT FOR A long ago, I spoke to him again
help of the JDC reaches them,
COUPLE OF MONTHS about the situation regarding
is not enough for a greater
the kitchen for the students in
number of students. There is On April 8 1952 [Nissan Madrid; about ten days ago
no ground to refuse the new 13 5712] Mr. Katzki responded Rabbi Gorodetzky returned
students and make a difference to Rabbi Gorodetzky that they to Paris, and he will surely do
between the 12 students eating agree to support the kitchen for a whatever he can to correct
already kosher and those willing few months (until the end of the the situation; if anything has
to. It would be good if your school year): changed since then, please
representative in Barcelona visit We have your letter of April report it directly to Rabbi
the students to see on the spot 2 concerning the students in Gorodetzky, so he can take
what can be done. Madrid. We shall try to make care of it quickly, and send a
I do hope that the JDC some arrangements to be of copy to me.

10 28 Shvat 5777

1058_bm_eng.indd 10 2017-02-21 11:20:10 AM


By Rabbi Heschel Greenberg slaves to Me; they are My slaves,
but they are not slaves to slaves.
In other words, the Torah
disapproves of a Jew subjecting
THE FIRST PARSHA the Ten Commandments (or
himself to even a limited form
more accurately the Ten
AFTER SINAI of servitude. Why? Because
Statements) they were etched
The first parsha that follows in so doing he has violated the
on two tablets instead of just
the giving of the Torah at Mount Divine declaration in the first
one. Moshe carried these tablets,
Sinai is called Mishpatim. It deals commandment/statement, i.e.,
which were divided into the two
with the so-called man to man that G-d took us out of slavery
subjects of man-to-G-d and
or societal laws. This underscores exclusively to be His servants.
man-to-man commandments,
the Divine nature of these laws. This too connects the laws
side by side to underscore their
Every civilized society has its governing society with G-ds
equal nature.
own system of law that keeps direct communication of the Ten
A second demonstration of Commandments.
its people civilized and protects the equality between these two
them from harm caused by illegal A fifth indication of the
categories of commandments
behavior. synergy between these two
derives from the juxtaposition
What makes the regulatory sets of commandments is what
of Mishpatim with the parsha of
laws different in Judaism is that happened after Moshe returned
Yisro which records the giving of
these social laws are not man- with the second set of Tablets.
the Torah at Mount Sinai.
made. They come from G-d, The Torah relates that on the
A third and stronger very next day Moshe was already
just as the laws that govern our indication is that the Torahs
relationship with Him. There is sitting in judgment of the Jewish
opening letter in the text of people. He was so preoccupied
no theological difference between Mishpatim is the letter vav-and.
the laws that dictate what we by this duty that his father-
Rashi explains that this indicates in-law Yisro had to counsel
believe in, revere and love G-d, that the laws contained here were
and the laws that tell us to not him to delegate some of that
also given at Sinai. responsibility.
mistreat our fellows.
More specifically, the Parsha In his commentary on a later
This symbiotic relationship begins with the description of
between man-to-G-d parsha (VaYakhel) Rashi informs
a Jew who sells himself as an us that on the same day, Moshe
commandments and man-to-man indentured servant and who
commandments is demonstrated gathered all the Jews to instruct
refuses to leave after completing them concerning the construction
by the Torah in at least five ways. his six-year service commitment. of the Mishkan, G-ds dwelling
His ear has to be pierced with an place. In effect, Moshe accorded
FIVE HINTS awl. Rashi, citing the Talmud, the same degree of importance to
First, when G-d gave Moshe explains: The ear that heard G-d adjudicating civil law as he did to
say For the children of Israel Are

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constructing the Mishkan, G-ds added emphasis that they came we must always have in lifes
sanctuary; the most powerful from G-d at Sinai? journey. The first is to remember.
expression of the Divine in this The simple answer is that the We must always keep the
world! revelation at Sinai changed the memory of the Patriarchs and
Indeed, G-ds approval of entire dynamic of the previously Matriarchs in our consciousness.
the construction of the Mishkan revealed laws. Before Sinai, these We can never forget the Exodus
showed that He was willing to laws were intended to protect from Egypt that molded us into
forgive the Jewish people for society from self-destruction. a nation under G-ds exclusive
the construction of the Golden After all, there can be no place sovereignty. We must never
Calf and would dwell among for a relationship with G-d if we forget the evil violence of Amalek.
them. The construction of the cant get along with each other. The echo of Sinai must always
Mishkan was the climax of G-ds A world of chaos and anarchy is reverberate in our ears.
revelation at Mount Sinai; the headed to self-destruction just At the same time, we must
most dramatic revelation of G-d as it did in the generation of always look to the future, when
to the world. What happened at the Great Flood in the days of G-ds plan for the Universe will
Sinai, though, was a momentary Noach. be fully realized. It will be a world
revelation that dissipated with The revelation by G-d at of justice, peace and harmony
the sounding of the shofar. Mount Sinai introduced another among all of G-ds creatures.
Construction of the Mishkan dimension to these same laws. We will experience total
was actually the first step in Rather than just controlling harmony. There will no longer be
concretizing G-ds presence in threats to society, these laws now dichotomies between the upper
this physical world; a process underscored G-ds relevance and lower, inner and outer,
that continues to this day and in every facet of our lives. Sinai spiritual and physical, collective
will be completed with the Final linked G-d to the most mundane and individual. All that seemed
Redemption. aspects of existence. Similarly, to be in conflict will experience
What emerges from this the Mishkan demonstrated that complete unity. This will be the
analysis is that the need to judge G-ds presence is compatible ultimate and true form of justice.
the people and ensure a prompt with the physical world. In fact, The prophet Isaiah declared
resolution of their disputes was the only world in which G-ds that Zion will be redeemed
considered no less urgent to G-d essence can be manifested is our with Mishpat-Justice... Zion is
and Moshe than the momentous physical world. Isaiahs metaphor for Jerusalem
commandment to solidify the The social laws introduced and the Beis HaMikdash.
relationship between G-d and at Sinai and implemented Jerusalem is the City of Peace,
Israel by building the Mishkan! immediately after Moshe which, ironically, has known
descended from the mountain scant peace throughout its
SINAI JUSTICE reflected a much more positive long history. This is consistent
and sublime objective of these with the notion that the most
One may reasonably ask why important ideals are also the
laws. Rather than being a
the civil laws are accorded so most challenged and threatened.
distraction from the construction
much significance here? In an Only in the Messianic Age
of a Sanctuary for G-d, the social
earlier parsha, the Torah states will Jerusalem become the
laws served the same purpose:
that the civil laws had already fountainhead of peace for
bringing the Divine into the
been given at Mara, prior to the entire world, when it will
Sinai: house the third and final Beis
[T]here [at Mara G-d] HaMikdash.
gave them the commandments FOCUSING ON THE
When the Torah speaks
and judgments PAST AND FUTURE of justice in the post-Sinai
Rashi, citing Talmudic There can be another way of era, particularly as we stand
tradition, says that the understanding the need for and on the threshold of the Final
judgments referred to here are emphasis on the social laws after Redemption, the focus must
the civil laws. Sinai, which corresponds to the be on the higher function of
Why was it necessary to foregoing explanation: Mishpat. That will bring the
restate these laws and with the There are two focuses world to its ultimate state of

12 28 Shvat 5777

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fulfillment. This state is not just Jerusalem is the City of Peace, although,
simply the absence of strife and
discord; it is characterized by the ironically, it has known scant peace throughout
positive energy of unmitigated its long history. This is consistent with the notion that
Divine unity pervading all of
existence. the most important ideals are also the most challenged
The above thoughts on and threatened. Only in the Messianic Age will Jerusalem
Mishpat tie into the Rebbes
become the fountainhead of peace for the entire world,
statement that, while love of
our fellow Jew will repair the when it will house the third and final Beis HaMikdash.
communal flaw that lead to
the destruction of the Beis
HaMikdash and exile, our focus can now be interpreted to mean Second, one of the defining
today is no longer rectification When you bring the world to its characteristics of Moshiach is his
of the past but rather on riding state of perfection, it will be done fidelity to the highest standards of
the peaceful, loving and unifying through Moshiach (the Hebrew justice, righteousness, goodness
wave of the future. slave). and kindness. The Prophet Isaiah
And the Torah continues: he (Chapter 11:3-5) states in his
HEBREW SERVANT shall work for six years. This description of Moshiach:
= MOSHIACH can be interpreted to mean that And his delight shall be in
The laws discussed in our Moshiach will perfect the world the reverence of G-d; and he
Parsha this week allude to the while standing on the shoulders shall not judge after the sight
future, as evidenced by the of six millennia of efforts (we of his eyes, neither decide
opening theme of Mishpatim: the are now at the tail end of the after the hearing of his ears;
Eved-Ivri-Hebrew servant. The sixth millennium). Moshiach is but with righteousness he shall
Gematria (numerical value) of the container that holds all the judge the poor, and decide
this term is 358, the same as the cumulative energies of the past. with equity for the meek of
word Moshiach. This righteous As result of these mighty efforts, the land and righteousness
descendant of the House of we will be set free from all the shall be the girdle of his loins
David will be the ultimate constraints of exile and sin. and faithfulness the girdle of
Hebrew servant, whose life is his reins.
dedicated exclusively to the idea TWO MESSAGES Moshiachs fidelity to
of serving G-d. Mishpatim will be based on his
The fact that this hinted
One can explain the entire reverence for G-d and will lead us
reference to Moshiach is found
verse concerning the Hebrew to universal peace, as described
in the context of Mishpatim-
Servant in light of the above: metaphorically in verse 6:
social laws, informs us of two
If you buy a Hebrew slave, messages: And the wolf shall dwell
he shall work for six years. with the lamb, and the leopard
First, the social laws of the
But in the seventh year he is shall lie down with the kid,
Torah based on the revelation at
to be released without liability. and the calf and the young
Mount Sinai (as opposed to their
lion and fatling together, and
The Hebrew word for you secular counterparts) play an
the child shall lead them...
buy is tikneh, which can also integral role in bringing the world
mean you perfect. The verse to its state of perfection.

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Court of Crown Heights


This is a story about teachers and counselors
who did not give up on a tough student. * Anya
Kavnovsky lived through many challenges in a
life that seemed hopeless, but from a Ukrainian
street kid she became a Chassid of the Rebbe
who is now married and fulfilled.

By Rocheli Dickstein

went to high school with and no customs. The rule was: mother explained that wasnt
Anya Kavnovsky, but aside Go with the flow and do whatever possible because its not a bus
from knowing her name you believe is right for you. That ride away. If we go back, its
is Anya and that she was a might sound like an excellent permanent.
superstar in English and that she approach for raising children When I was around ten,
sang nicely, I knew nothing about with strong personalities, but my mother was diagnosed with
her. When I finished interviewing as a girl, it wasnt fun. This was Parkinsons disease wherein a
her, all I could say was, Wow, mainly because, as I grew up, I person progressively loses control
wow, wow! So much can hide discovered that in other homes of their body. My mother, who
behind a smiley, normal exterior. there were rules, and I liked was especially active and did
How did I miss all that? that. A child loves rules. They not rest for a minute, stopped
So before you even get to provide him with security. But in functioning and suddenly, our
know Anya, the first and very my parents home there were no lives changed. A non-functioning
important lesson is, when they rules. mother means a mother who
tell you that every Jew is an entire When I was eight, I was sent cannot attend parent-teacher
world, believe it. If you dont see to Eretz Yisroel as part of the meetings, who cannot go to
it, go a little deeper. You wont Chernobyl project. The idea work, who cannot cook I
believe what you will discover. was to send children away so began doing more around the
And now, let us hear Anyas they would regain their health. house, not all the time, but when
fascinating story. The children arrived without I could. As the quality of life
their families and acclimated in deteriorated in my house, the
Kfar Chabad. Despite the new less I wanted to go to school.
DESCENT FOR THE language and new people, I liked Eventually, I was absent more
PURPOSE OF ASCENT it a lot. The staff was amazing than I was present.
I was born in Kiev in Ukraine and the place was terrific, but I I attended a Chabad school
to a Jewish mother and a was homesick and after several in Kiev where they served three
Christian father. I did not know I months I returned to Ukraine. meals a day. The children in the
was Jewish until I was five, when I should have been happy being school were from good families,
my mother sent me to a Jewish back in the Ukraine but I had meaning, their parents could
school. I asked her why I was become too connected to that buy them clothes and shoes. In
going there and she answered place. I told my mother, I want my house, that did not exist.
because we are Jews. There to go home. She said, You I remember that it was winter
was nothing Jewish in my home; are home! I said, No, I want and I wanted pants and closed
we observed nothing, no mitzvos a home in Eretz Yisroel. My shoes. My grandfather said to

14 28 Shvat 5777

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me, We dont eat pants and I did not sleep there but I spent of red tape, bureaucratic forms
shoes. Instead of buying me all day on the street and at night and questions such as, why is
clothes, they bought two big I went home. Being on the street she coming back? But a year
sacks. In one were potatoes and isnt pleasant, to say the least, later, I joined a new group of
in the other there were tomatoes. and the miracle is that nothing the Chernobyl project. During
That is what we ate that winter. untoward happened to me and that year, when it was hard for
As for clothing, I wore my that I am here to tell the story. me, I would stand in front of the
grandmothers clothes, from Street life provided me with mirror, with no one looking, and
when she was young. Obviously, all kinds of friends. I got clothing say to myself: Everything will be
I did not look too attractive and from here and there, and as far as all right. You will yet be happy.
as a result, I had no friends. dress went I looked a bit better. I would sing to myself, laugh
I yearned for a hug, for But my general appearance was to myself, try to provide myself
someone to fight on my behalf, still bad. My face was full of acne with what I wasnt getting from
for someone who could make me and I did not know how to treat anywhere else. It was good
feel socially accepted. But I was it. I tried to cover it with makeup for me. The mirror was my
the least successful girl in the but that just made it look worse. I psychologist.
class. The kind of girl to whom hated myself.
they say ugly to her face, the I remember that when I was CHERNOBYL PROJECT #2
one kids keep their distance from. twelve I was standing with my
The teachers did not encourage At the age of thirteen, in the
mother in front of a mirror and
me and did not try to lift me middle of eighth grade, I arrived
I said to her, Look what kind
up. I do not blame them but the in Eretz Yisroel. I had nothing to
of child you raised ugly and
situation got worse. At first, I pack. In my bag I put my pajamas
a failure. I wished she would
went to school just for the food. and my diary; thats all. I went to
have said, Nonsense! or at least
But in the end, I decided to go Eretz Yisroel with the clothes on
would have encouraged me, but
to a school that had children in my back and I relied on the staff
she remained silent. That is when
similar circumstances to myself. to help me. The staff was truly
I realized that our home was in
I left the Jewish school and went special. I was flooded with care
a state of complete despair and
to public school. But the situation and with questions like, How do
I had to return to Eretz Yisroel
got worse there and I quickly you feel? How are you? Do you
if I wanted to get out of this
found myself outside. like it? That kind of attention
depressing cycle.
was foreign to me.
I could not find a place for This time, they werent
myself, not at home and not in For a long time, they were
willing to readily accept me into
school. I was out on the street. unable to get a smile out of me,
the program. There was a lot
but they accepted me as I was. I

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The Rebbe wrote that the souls of all the children innate talents. I learned to play
the guitar and took part in plays,
who learn in Chabad schools are special souls I sang I discovered things in
and that I should stay and not leave. I took it personally. me that I did not know existed.
The Rebbe said I was special! I, who had felt superfluous Eighth grade came to an end
and I continued on to Beis Rivka
wherever I went, was special to the Rebbe! I decided to high school in Kfar Chabad
prove to the Rebbe that he is right. Beis. In my high school years,
I grew stronger in my Jewish
identity. For Yomim Tovim we
were sent to stay with families.
tried to be tough, the kind that
I did not have a steady family.
doesnt cry and doesnt care,
I was once in Nachala, once
the modern, cool, stubborn,
in Yerushalayim, once in Kfar
problematic one. They would
Chabad. And each time I thought
ask me how I am and I would
which custom will I choose to
answer, What do you care?
take to my future home? And do
Inside, I wanted to unload and
I like this Jewish-Chassidic way
talk, I wanted more attention,
of life? I remember writing in
but this was belied by my tough
my diary, What should I pick?
exterior. Nonetheless, the staff
Life like in Ukraine or life like in
did not give up. They constantly
Eretz Yisroel? I wanted a Jewish
focused on my good qualities
life and wrote this to the Rebbe.
even when I wasnt doing well.
The answer I opened to in the
They encouraged me and said
Igros Kodesh was not to commit
nice things, even when I tried
to everything all at once because
to put a distance between us. It
that leads to despair, but to work
took time but it finally happened.
consistently, a little each time.
I started believing them, and in
And that is what I did.
me, touched me, and said to each When I was in twelfth
The change from Ukraine to
other, See how pretty she is. grade, I considered returning to
Eretz Yisroel was extreme and
All my life I had heard I was ugly Ukraine. I wrote to the Rebbe
manifested in many ways. For
and suddenly they claimed I was and the answer in the Igros
example, at home I was used to
pretty! Kodesh was written in Nissan,
being the one who decided what
the month I wrote my letter, and
to do and when, and suddenly, I In general, the classroom
the Rebbe wrote that the souls
had to follow rules imposed on culture was foreign to me.
of all the children who learn in
me by others. I had to follow what The girls walked around the
Chabad schools are special souls
they told me. In the dormitory, classroom freely. They ran and
and that I should stay and not
there were endless rules, tznius, shouted in the hallways. It was
leave. Although the sentence
for example. It was all clear and a culture shock for me. In Kiev,
was written in the plural (souls,
detailed. I had to listen, which everyone is closed in, restrained.
children), I took it personally.
wasnt at all easy for me. To go over to a classmate and
The Rebbe said I was special!
During my first month in touch her? There is no such
I, who had felt superfluous
Eretz Yisroel, I attended an ulpan thing. But I quickly adjusted
wherever I went, was special to
in which I learned the language. to the Israeli culture. I realized
the Rebbe! I decided to prove to
I am good at languages. It that the Ukrainian lack of
the Rebbe that he is right. I wrote
was important to me to speak demonstrativeness caused all my
to the Rebbe a lot, and each
and listen to how things were social problems. Here, I felt as
time the answers were special
said, and I caught on quickly. an equal among equals and that I
and exact. At a certain point, I
Afterward, I went to eighth grade did not need to be someone else.
no longer opened to such exact
in Beis Rivka in Kfar Chabad. It was an intoxicating feeling.
answers and a rabbi explained to
The girls were excited over me. At the same time, the dormitory
me that there is a stage in which
They came over, they caressed staff worked on drawing out my
the Rebbe leads you by the hand

16 28 Shvat 5777

1058_bm_eng.indd 16 2017-02-21 11:20:14 AM

and a stage in which the Rebbe his medical condition. He knew I became an English teacher at
expects a Chassid to learn and about my mothers condition and an ulpan with a dormitory and
grow on his own. decided to stay out of my life so tried to find myself One day,
it wouldnt be harder for me. On someone saw me wearing jewelry
THE OTHER HALF that trip, I saw the conditions my that I made and loved it and
mother was living in and decided, wanted one too. I bought a basic
In order to tell you how we no more. kit and made one for her. The
met and got married, an article rest is history.
I told my mother that I want
isnt enough; it can fill a book,
to take her to Eretz Yisroel. We The principle behind my
laughed Anya.
didnt do it on that visit. First of workshops is the idea that
Ill just mention that just like all, there were practical things everyone can do it. Even someone
the Rebbe led me step by step, to take care of. We moved to who says she has two left hands.
the same is true for my husband, an apartment with more space Even someone who thinks she
from birth. There is a twelve-year and boruch Hashem, she is here doesnt have talent in this area.
age difference between us and with us. She has nachas from me Anybody can, if they want to.
we are happily married for seven and our beautiful family. I try to This is an idea that comes from
years, boruch Hashem. honor her as much as I can, and my life experience. If people had
I was eighteen when we to show her that although she given up on me, if I had given up
married and we have three cannot sing, play music, draw on myself, I would not be where I
children. The biggest compliment and teach, all those activities am today. The strongest message
I can receive today is from that she did so well in the past, that I took for life from my
strangers who think I have always she is still important and needed. personal story, and the message
been religious and they have pity My dream is to introduce her to I want to share is, dont give up!
on me for marrying so young. Its good people who will really take We have a very strong inner
a compliment, because it was a an interest in her and provide her strength and we just have to
long journey for both of us and a with friends other than me; that bring it out into the open and
huge transformation, with emuna she should feel that her life is not use it. Thank G-d and thanks
and free choice. When people on over. to the Rebbe that despair is no
the outside think I was born into longer a part of my life and that
this, its flattering. I succeeded, against all odds, to
build a Jewish home with my dear
My main occupation these
MY MOTHER days is jewelry design and
husband, to be a Chassid of the
After we were married for Rebbe out of true free will, and to
giving workshops. I started it
five years, my father died in be in such a fulfilling and positive
as a hobby. Mrs. Kabakov of
Kiev. I went to visit him in the space. May Hashem help that it
Yerushalayim, whom I stayed
hospital shortly before he died continues and even gets better
with on holidays when I was
and saw what sort of treatment and better until the true and
in the dorm, taught me how to
he was given. Until that day, I complete Geula.
make jewelry, but I didnt think
did not know anything about it would turn into a profession.

Issue 1058 17

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Selected Halachos from the
One Minute Halacha project
By HaRav Yosef Yeshaya Braun, Shlita,
Mara Dasra and member of the Badatz of Crown Heights

NOT NONCHALANT hei added to his namewas (an especially learned person)
able to father children. In this who will weigh the current
manner, the original name had circumstances and may offer
Shinui hashem (changing a been an impediment to blessing. suggestions for appropriate
persons [Jewish] name) is not Alternately, a name change can names. We are cautious not to
done lightly. A persons name indicate a type of rebirth like the make these decisions except
is a tzinor hachayim (channel process of tshuva (repentance), under guidance, since messing
of life) for the individual. The and the needed blessing can with our spiritual makeup in this
pasuk (verse) in BReishis states, then be channeled to this new way may be potentially damaging.
nefesh chaya hu shemo (a living individual. The most common Shinui hashem (under the
creature, this is his name); this situation which calls for a name- proper halachic guidelines)
is interpreted to mean that the change is for a choleh (sick usually occurs before the Torah,
life-giving nefesh (also called person) in the case of critical when a specific mi shBeirach
neshama) is bound with the illness, lo aleinu. (If the choleh (prayer for an individual at the
individuals name. It is further does not recover, chas vshalom, end of a Torah reading portion)
taught in the name of the Arizal halacha dictates that the new is recited in front of a minyan
(16th century kabbalist) that name is no longer relevant, and (prayer quorum [of ten men]).
the name the parents give their should not be used. But if the (The subject of the name
son at his bris is chosen bruach choleh recovers, the added name changeman or womanneed
hakodesh (Divine inspiration). remains part of their name, even not be present.) The custom
There is a tradition that if they pass away at a later time.) is not to drop the old name;
shinui hashem can remove a There are times when people the new name is added to the
gzar din (negative Heavenly may otherwise wish to change existing one, and becomes the
decree) from a person. There their name. When it comes to first of the given names. The new
are two explanations for how shidduchim, for example, shinui name should be used for at least
a name change can affect this. hashem may be warranted, thirty days so it becomes a name
The Midrash says that the since many are careful that a that is muchzak (halachically
shinui hashem of Avram to prospective in-law not share a established); we should be sure to
Avraham was associated with the name with the bride or groom call the individual with their new
mazal (destiny) of the different (see Halacha # 370). In these name (in addition to the original
names: Avram was childless, cases, it is the accepted practice one) so that it does not become
but Avrahamwith the letter to consult with a chacham nishtaka (obsolete).

18 28 Shvat 5777

1058_bm_eng.indd 18 2017-02-21 11:20:14 AM

HEFSEK: NATTERING, on a grain product that is not wheat, barley, rye, oats and
NU OR ONLY A NOD prepared in the conventional spelt) versus other types would
manner of most breads. determine the volume of Ezekiel
During certain parts of bread that would need to be
(As an aside, the bread for
davening, and between making consumed to qualify for Birchas
which this product is named is
a bracha on a mitzvah and HaMazon (the Grace after
rooted in a passage in Yechezkel,
performing it, we may not divert Meals).
but the circumstances of the
our attention from the task at
original baking of this bread is *The halachic implication
hand by making a hefsek bdibbur
not of a positive nature. These of the source for this bread is
(a verbal interruption).
associations seem lost on many found in the Gemara regarding
What constitutes dibbur? marketers and consumers of the using such bread for eiruv
It is common to hear a person prophet Ezekiels Bread).* chatzeros ([creating] a mixed,
attempting to avoid a hefsek i.e. common property). The
Ezekiel bread contains
bdibbur by saying, Sha! or prophet Yechezkels bread was
sprouted grain. Theres a
Nu But these expressions are considered unfit for normal
discussion in halacha whether
as problematic as other phrases; human consumption, to be eaten
we recite the bracha of HaMotzi
any verbal communication, in any

languageLashon hakodesh
(the Holy Tongue), common
The bread for which this product is named
jargon and even ad-hoc lingo that is rooted in a passage in Yechezkel, but the
is audible and comprehensible are
all considered a hefsek bdibbur.
circumstances of the original baking of this bread is not
Is a niggun (tune) of a positive nature. These associations seem lost on
considered dibbur? Most poskim many marketers and consumers of the prophet Ezekiels
agree that a niggun, which is often
used as a vehicle for uplifting our Bread.
davening, is permitted during the
tfillos (prayers) that are said in
unisonas long as it is wordless, on a baked product made of a
relevant and not overly lengthy. flourless grain. only during times of hunger;
What if I need the bread In the case of Ezekiel Bread, according to Rashi, it cant be
knife? Making a hefsek between this discussion is actually not classified as lechem anashim
washing for bread and reciting relevant. The optimal preparation (bread for people). The Gemara
HaMotzi is not as strict as other of sprouted grain products is discusses which aspect of the
circumstances requiring our when the kernel is still partially recipe deems it unfit the
undivided attention, and it is less intact, so the bread contains ingredients used in preparation
problematic to speak during this a small percentage of crushed or the particular method of
time. In addition, it is always wheat kernel as well, and roasting which Yechezkel was
okay to indicate if anything the bracha is unquestionably instructed to use (the details are
is required that is related to HaMotzi. According to this found in Yechezkel 4:9). While
performing the mitzvah at hand. criteria as bona fide bread, we the Gemara is inconclusive on
So if salt or other item is needed must ascertain that it is baked to this matter, many poskim rule
to make the bracha of HaMotzi, the highest required standards of that Ezekiel Bread, or bread
it is halachically permissible to pas Yisroel (bread [baked with made with similar ingredients,
denote, Nu! for the occasion. the participation] of a Jew, see may not be used for an eiruv
Halacha #694 for some of these chatzeros.
KNOW THY BREAD parameters). One Minute Halacha is
However, the bracha a succinct daily presentation
While there is much brouhaha
acharona (the after-bracha) on practical Halacha in video,
surrounding the purported
is less simply calculated. The audio, and text formats, and
health advantages of the popular
ratio of grainsthose from the can be accessed by phone
Ezekiel Bread, there is also
chameishas minei dagan (five at 718.989.9599, by email,
much discussion in the halachic
species of [noteworthy] grains, or by
realm as to the bracha we make
WhatsApp 347.456.5665.

Issue 1058 19

1058_bm_eng.indd 19 2017-02-21 11:20:15 AM


Thousands of his students accompanied the gaon and Chassid, Rabbi Meir
Tzvi Gruzman ah on his final journey. For nearly sixty years he served as
teacher and rosh yeshiva of Tomchei Tmimim in Kfar Chabad. * Along with
his genius in Torah, he was venerated for his lofty character. He had a smile
for everyone and his sensitive heart was alert and open to any suffering.

By A. D. Mur

mong the thousands deep inner avoda and absolutely large measure the Chassidishe
in attendance at the immersed in the world of Torah. atmosphere from the great
funeral of Rabbi Meir Chassidim who lived there. He
Tzvi Gruzman ah, EARLY DAYS would daven sometimes in R
who passed away at the age of Yisroel Noachs minyan, as he
83, were rabbanim, mashpiim, R Gruzman was born in the later recounted:
roshei yeshivos, and members of Soviet Union on 17 Shevat 5694.
On Shabbos I would go to
battei din. Many of them were the His parents were R Mordechai
R Yisroel Noachs [Blinitzky]
students of the veteran Chabad and Mrs. Pella nee Berger. From
house, in order to see the
rosh yeshiva. R Gruzman, who the earliest age he absorbed
Chassidim daven with avoda. R
was known affectionately by all as the Chassidic experience in a
Yisroel Noach himself davened
R Munke, was without a doubt a very deep way. When he was
in the first minyan that began at
unique Chassidic personality with ten he lived with his family in
9:00 and ended at 11:00. Only
an old world flavor, permeated with Samarkand where he imbibed in
after the first minyan ended did

20 28 Shvat 5777

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In 5708, his family was able
to escape Russia and move to
Eretz Yisroel. Leaving the Soviet
Union entailed great danger.
The expenses for this escape
were large, he recounted many
years later. First, we had to pay
for the trip to Lvov and then pay
for forged documents, etc. The
familys financial situation during
the war was terrible, which is
why my father did not initially
join those traveling to Lvov.
When R Yisroel Noach heard
that he wasnt planning on going,
he convinced him to go to Lvov
where money for the trip would
be arranged for him. Thanks to
his persuasion, we went to Lvov
and then left the Soviet Union,
being freed forevermore from
communist confinement.
R Mordechai Gruzman settled
in Ramat Gan and founded the
first Chabad shul there, while his
son who was fourteen was sent to
learn in Yeshivas Achei Tmimim
in Tel Aviv. When I arrived at the
yeshiva as a fourteen-year-old, R
Chanzin was the maggid shiur.
He gave a shiur klali in Nigleh. I
remember him as an outstanding
lamdan with a sharp mind. When
he read the Gemara, he would
incorporate into his explanation
the elucidations of the various
commentators on the topic. I
loved to hear his deeply analytic
For us, the students who
the minyan of the ovdim begin. from which R Yisroel Noach came from Russia at that time,
In this minyan there was an barely eked out a living. The this kind of learning was a
extremely rarified atmosphere. machine took up a quarter of novelty. This was because in
During the tfillos nobody paid the room and there were beds on Russia there werent sfarim for
attention to their daily suffering. the sides of the room. While the every student, and each class
The Chassidim, who were ovdim davened, R Yisroel Noach learned somewhere else, while
educated in Yeshivas Tomchei and his wife sat at a narrow table in Eretz Yisroel all the classes
Tmimim in Lubavitch, were for the Shabbos meal. In the learned in the same building and
immersed in their davening like middle, in the space left between each of us had his own Gemara.
in the good days. The house the beds, the machine and the Aside from his genius, I was
consisted of one room with a table, about fifteen Chassidim captivated by his special regard
small, narrow hallway. There was packed in who davened at length for every student; a feeling of
a knitting machine in the room and with dveikus. respect and closeness.

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FROM TOP STUDENT TO when he became engaged on 8

EXPERT MASHPIA Nissan 5715, it says, Tenaim
were held for Mordechai Tzvi
The mashpia in the yeshiva Gruzman with the daughter of
at that time was the Chassid, R R Yosef Schneersohn ah. The
Shlomo Chaim Kesselman. R groom is one of the outstanding
Shlomo Chaim would draw close students of Yeshivas Tomchei
those students who were gifted, Tmimim Lubavitch in Lud. A
and that appears to be why he few months later it reported about
gave special attention to young the wedding and noted that The
Meir Gruzman who was treated groom is one of the outstanding
especially fondly by R Shlomo students in the Yeshivas Tomchei
Chaim. They even shared a room Tmimim Lud and now serves as
on those nights when R Shlomo a teacher in one of the yeshivas
Chaim slept in the yeshiva divisions. The fact that even
dormitory. before he was married R
In an interview that was Gruzman was appointed to teach
held with R Gruzman about in the yeshiva, testifies to his
his relationship with R Shlomo exceptional abilities.
Chaim, R Gruzman refused When the yeshiva moved
to say much. Nevertheless, Rabbi Gruzman from Lud to Kfar Chabad in
he answered the interviewers 5723, the mashpia, R Kesselman
question about what, more than in Pardes-Lud was founded in and the rosh yeshiva, R Yisroel
anything else, in his opinion, 5709 and when, in the summer Grossman, and the maggid shiur,
contributed to R Shlomo of 5711, Yeshivas Achei Tmimim R Gruzman, moved too. R
Chaims having so many of Tel Aviv merged with Tomchei Gruzman was later appointed as
mushpaim who received from Tmimim in Lud, R Shlomo menahel ruchni and as one of the
him in such a deep and unique Chaim and Meir Gruzman also Roshei Yeshiva.
fashion as compared to the other moved there.
He continued giving shiurim
mashpiim of that generation: Being a bachur, R Munke to the talmidim in Kfar Chabad
His special quality was that was one of the founders of the until his final years. Thousands
he was someone who served periodical Pardes HaTamim of students were impacted by him
Hashem. When a Jew serves (which ended up having only over sixty years, during which he
Hashem, he has love and fear one issue, in 5714). The single not only gave shiurim but also
of Hashem and he consequently issue was published under farbrenged with the bachurim
has Ahavas Yisroel. R Shlomo the chief editorship of Rabbi and strengthened them in avodas
Chaim loved every bachur, took Boruch Shimon Schneersohn, hatfilla and hiskashrus to the
a genuine interest in them, and later rosh yeshiva in Tchebin Rebbe.
really cared. Everyone felt this in Yerushalayim. At that time,
and this was his special quality. he was rosh yeshiva in Lud. At
the beginning of the issue was
R Gruzman also remembered
something unique about R a letter from the editors which STRONG DESIRE
Shlomo Chaim which was that he called upon rabbanim to send The most important thing to
remained awake Thursday nights their comments and questions. R Gruzman was his talmidim.
under any and all circumstances. It was signed by R Meir Tzvi Even when he had a private
This was an instruction that he Gruzman and another two well- audience with the Rebbe, a
got from the Rebbe Rashab and known Chabad rabbanim, R M. significant part of the time
he was particular about carrying Y. Landau and R Y. Friedman. was devoted to discussing the
it out. This demonstrates how their education and guidance of the
talents were already outstanding talmidim.
at that time. One year, in the 1970s,
In Bitaon Chabad we find he had yechidus in the course
YESHIVA AS A BACHUR some insight into the qualities of of which the Rebbe told him
Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim the young R Gruzman, in that

22 28 Shvat 5777

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Rabbi Gruzman walking to his chuppa Rabbi Gruzman at a wedding

about his strong desire that the That line epitomizes R Gruzman himself. He
Tmimim be proficient in Nigleh.
R Gruzman told about this was sensitive to the suffering of all who turned
yechidus on many occasions. The to him and their problems really bothered him. Their pain
following is a summary of what
he said: is what got him to help, without personal consideration
When I went in for and without asking for anything in exchange.
yechidus, the Rebbe spoke to
me about our yeshivos not being
developed enough in quantitative Rebbe mentioned the names of know Nigleh well, they were
achievement, as compared to other sfarim but R Gruzman exceptions. But Torah speaks of
non-Chabad yeshivos. When I did not remember which ones), the majority and you generally
said that they follow the idea of desecrates the name of the cannot understand Chassidus
learning not for its own sake, holy Baal Shem Tov, the Rav without understanding Nigleh.
which might be why they were HaMaggid, the Alter Rebbe Before traveling home, I had
more successful in this area, the until the Rebbe, the shver! That yechidus again and I wrote two
Rebbe said we can also have a is what the Rebbe said in that points: 1) about speaking to the
Chassidic version of not for yechidus bachurim about learning Nigleh
its own sake, i.e., to use the The Rebbe said there are not for its own sake in order
understanding of Torah for bachurim who are very involved to be successful in hafatza and to
other purposes. So for example, in the haskala (intellectual understand Chassidus well, and
when bachurim travel on Merkos grasp) of Chassidus. Thus, 2) since hiskashrus to the Rebbe
Shlichus, if they know how to they need to know that you can speaks to the bachurim, should
learn then they can go to the local only understand Chassidus well that angle be exploited in the
rav and talk to him in learning, when you understand Nigleh efforts to get them to learn.
and then the hafatza will be well. Otherwise, you cannot The Rebbe took a long time
altogether different. understand Chassidus. The reading my note even though
As we spoke, the Rebbe Rebbe added that although he usually read these notes very
said that a bachur who does not in Lubavitch there were quickly. He said, Not for its
know Shaagas Aryeh (and the great Chassidim who did not own sake? They need to learn

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Rabbi Gruzman at his sons bar mitzva Rabbi Gruzman

for its own sake! But when they Gruzman is his participation in In any case, they were very
are not successful in learning the first charter flight organized joyous and while the Chassidim
for its own sake, at least they by Lubavitcher Chassidim in were dancing down below, Anash
should learn for this. As far as Eretz Yisroel. It was arranged for from France began dancing
what I wrote about hiskashrus, Tishrei 5720. upstairs. It was an extraordinary
the Rebbe said, Hiskashrus In an interview, R Gruzman sight that was engraved in the
means carrying out what the shared some of his memories hearts of whoever was there. R
meshaleiach wants. What I want from this exciting experience. Gruzman had a special memory
is for the bachurim to be excitedly He said that Chassidim were of R Yisroel Noach HaGadol
immersed in learning Nigleh. very excited. Most of them had (Blinitzky), who also came to
The Rebbe used a few terms never seen the Rebbe before welcome the passengers from
about ratzon to express his and knowing how Chassidim in Eretz Yisroel, and clapped and
desire, and when I left, I could Lubavitch of yore had prepared danced enthusiastically. He was
not remember them all. The before seeing the Rebbe, they also very emotional and he rejoiced
Rebbe used phrases like ratzon began to purify their thoughts to see us traveling to the Rebbe,
pnimi, ratzon atzmi, and other and speech and were as involved concluded R Gruzman.
similar expressions. These are all as possible in Torah, tfilla and The first maamer they heard
deep and lofty levels of will that farbrenging, because we are off from the Rebbe was, Lecha
express how deeply the Rebbe to see the Rebbe! Omar Libi, and the Rebbe
wants a bachur to learn a lot of One stopover was at the even allowed them to listen
Nigleh. airport in Paris. Since it was a to a recording of the maamer
You can inspire a bachur to planned stopover, a large crowd even though, in those years,
love to learn Torah and mainly of Anash in France went to meet permission was not granted to
Nigleh of Torah whether for the Israeli passengers at the publicize photos or recordings.
success in mivtzaim, success terminal. For some reason, the R Gruzman told the
in the study of Chassidus, and local authorities did not allow interviewer, The maamer can
mainly, to connect to the Rebbe, the passengers to join those who be summed up in words, but the
because by learning Nigleh one came to welcome them. They experience of being there, seeing
fulfills his will (pnimi, atzmi, could see one another, since the the Rebbe and hearing him speak
etc.). passengers waited downstairs as he said the maamer, cannot
and those who went to greet be conveyed, certainly not in
THE FIRST CHARTER them could see them through the writing.
glass windows upstairs, but they
Another interesting way- could not join them.
station in the life of R Meir Tzvi

24 28 Shvat 5777

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Along with his greatness
in Nigleh which can be seen
somewhat in his work Imrei
Tzvi on the tractate Shabbos, R
Gruzman was a man of avoda
pnimis exactly as R Shlomo
Chaim taught his mushpaim.
R Munke spent hours on
avodas hatfilla, and even had a
special room in his home for this.
In the early years of his working
for the yeshiva, when he would
farbreng with the bachurim more
often, he would demand that
they be involved in service of the
Along with his greatness in Rabbi Gruzman receiving a dollar from the Rebbe
Torah, being a talmid chacham
and oved Hashem, he was a
genius in noble character traits
and receiving every person
graciously, no matter whom,
when or where. Many remember
his pleasant manner of speaking
with every person, and his
shiurim delivered to Anash in
Kfar Chabad which were always
said calmly and smilingly.
I think that in this arena, he
elevated himself to very high
levels, even though many were
unaware of his greatness in giving
and chesed. This was because he
did so quietly, modestly, far from
the limelight. He modeled the
trait that Chassidim wished to
acquire, a chush (sense/talent)
in doing a favor for a Jew.
R Gruzman was a person that
Rabbi Gruzman passing by the Rebbe in a general yechidus for guests
many turned to, Lubavitchers
and not Lubavitchers. They experience produced creative Rabbi Levi Epstein, a shliach
considered him wise and solutions in every area, but the in Hod HaSharon, relates:
attentive. In addition to his greatest assistance he provided In recent years, I was
official job as one of the roshei was in the very act of listening. in regular contact with R
yeshiva of Tomchei Tmimim, he He was a master listener. People Gruzman and witnessed his
was an educational, marriage, could unburden themselves to special touch when it came to
and financial adviser. His phone him for hours and he would sit doing a favor for another Jew.
number was known to all, and and listen. And it wasnt that he He never conveyed a feeling to
without screeners many people was indifferent, G-d forbid; it those who came to him for help
found him to be a source of was an active listening with care that they were a bother. On the
comfort and counsel. and empathy, and that alone contrary, they felt like part of
His wisdom and life solved half the problem.

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You can only understand Chassidus well and he bumped right into me
and his grandson. I did not
when you understand Nigleh well. Although in expect him to interact with me
Lubavitch there were a few great Chassidim who did not directly overmuch, but R Munke
approached me with interest,
know Nigleh well, they were exceptions. Torah speaks asking who I was and where I
of the majority and you generally cannot understand learned. When he heard that I
learned in Migdal HaEmek, he
Chassidus without understanding Nigleh. reentered his room and came out
with a copy of his work which
had just been printed in a new
the family and considered him from Kfar Chabad. A few months
edition, and asked if I could take
like a grandfather. His greatness ago, Saba became aware that the
one to R Goldberg.
was such that he reciprocated family was having serious shalom
by attending their simchas and bayis problems. Saba tried to As I stood there somewhat
accompanied them through each engage the father of the family overcome by the shower of
step as though he was part of in order to discuss the issue with personal attention [we are talking
their families. him, but the fellow avoided any about a sixteen-year-old from
discussion and would not answer Brazil standing and conversing
A few months ago, R
his phone calls. Saba put aside casually with a respected Rosh
Gruzman called me and asked me
his personal honor and made a Yeshiva], he went back to the
to get involved with someone. I
special trip to that distant city, room a second time and came
expressed my reservations saying
spent a few hours in the home out with another copy and
I was afraid it would intrude on
and would not leave until peace handed it to me. Actually, take a
my peace of mind and suck me
was restored. copy for yourself too, he said to
in. R Gruzman listened and
me, I am sure R Goldberg wont
said, And what do you think? Regarding his sensitivity to
be jealous.
From whom can we ask for every person, a family relative,
help, from someone who doesnt Mendy Zajac, shared the I can still recall how moved
get sucked into the problem? following: I was at that moment, holding in
Its the sensitive people, who my hands the two volumes that R
I remember the first piece
are bothered by other peoples Gruzman had handed along with
in his work Imrei Tzvi, which
suffering, who should get the warm feeling in my heart.
I learned when I arrived in the
involved in helping them. yeshiva in Migdal HaEmek. I That is what he was like, not
I think that that line enjoyed the clear reasoning and only a tremendous Torah scholar,
epitomizes R Gruzman himself. was happy with the fact that the an esteemed rosh yeshiva, a deep
He was sensitive to the suffering author was the grandfather of my and inward oved Hashem who
of all who turned to him, and cousin. invested many hours in davening
their problems really bothered and learning, but before all that
One day, I traveled to Kfar
him. Their pain is what got he was a great man who would
Chabad, and my cousin who
him to help, without personal talk to everybody as an equal, and
had just arrived there from the
consideration and without asking did so naturally and simply, while
yeshiva in Cholon, invited me
for anything in exchange. In truly relating to each individual.
to join him to visit the home of
fact, just this past year I found his Saba and Savta. I agreed R Refael Heruti recounts the
out about an amazing story, and somewhat hesitantly entered period when he was renewing
in which R Gruzman exerted the home together with him. I his tshuva process after having
himself to travel to the far north expected in advance that I would backslid, and he was still beset
of the country to meet with a Jew be showered with questions by with doubts and ambivalence:
who got himself into a problem Savta Chaya, but I totally did not That Shabbos Shabbos
situation. expect to meet the Rav. Mevarchim Elul one year
His grandson, Mendy exactly from my first Shabbos in
As soon as I entered, R
Gruzman, tells the story: Kfar Chabad, I participated in
Munke exited his side room [the
a farbrengen for the bachurim
During the Shiva, I heard room that my cousin had told me
that took place after davening.
about a family that Saba knew amazing things about, where he
Suddenly, in middle of the
personally, who lived in a city far sat and davened and learned],

26 28 Shvat 5777

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farbrengen, the mashpia R
Munke Gruzman turned to me
and said, It is time for you to
come out of hiding. I already
came out, I answered with
satisfaction, and he seemed
truly happy and told me to say
lchaim. Afterwards, he spoke
for a long time to the bachurim
about how a new bachur who is
first coming close to Judaism and
Chassidus goes through a process
of completely reinventing himself
relative to his prior situation,
whereas a regular bachur is only
asked for a small drop of change
to his character and habits, to add
here and there another mitzva or He received everyone graciously
an enhancement, and still and all packages. This was something manner possible.
we see that the bachurim have a that was simply out of the R Gruzman is survived by his
hard time with this. question for him. wife Chaya, and their children
The residents of Kfar Chabad R Gruzman was a model of Rabbi Yosef Yisroel Gruzman,
became accustomed to seeing R modest self-containment in his Rabbi Yitzchok Gruzman
Munke in his utter simplicity. In everyday behavior. His students (Rishon LTziyon, Israel), Rabbi
the morning you could see him testify that they never saw him Shmuel Gruzman (Teveria,
carrying home a bag of groceries agitated or angry, or raising Israel), Rabbi Sholom Dovber
that he purchased at the local his voice to a student or any Gruzman (Vienna, Austria),
market. With a measured pace, a other person. We might say that Rabbi Shneur Zalman (Tzfas,
bit lost in thought, he would walk his inside was like his outside Israel), Rabbi Moshe Gruzman
leisurely without showing any and his outside was like his (Rishon LTziyon, Israel),
signs of tiredness or weakness. inside, and his inner world Mrs. Shoshanna Zaiantz (S.
He always rejected any offers found outward expression in the Paulo, Brazil) and Mrs. Yaffa
of assistance in carrying his most honest and straightforward Reichmann (Modiin, Israel).


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ith permission from
About a hundred guests attended the exclusive, the rabbanim, good
invitation only event that was held in the Chabad evening to all. I came
here this evening to
yeshiva in Ramat Aviv. * The speech that moved share with you an experience that
everyone most was given by a businessman, Mr. changed my life.
Moshe Katz, who spoke briefly but powerfully My story begins with my
childhood. I grew up as an
about a spontaneous visit to 770 and the only child in the Tel Kabir
surprising transformation that followed. * The full neighborhood in southern Tel
Aviv. For those who are not
speech is presented here. familiar, some call it a high crime
neighborhood; it is certainly not
a simple place. It is definitely not
one of the better neighborhoods
that each of you would have
wanted to grow up in.
At thirteen I found a best
friend, a friend for life. We had
something in common; we were
both only children without sisters
or brothers, which served to
strengthen our bond. We were
like brothers. At a relatively
young age we became partners,
and we built ourselves up in
the world of business. Boruch
Hashem, together we did well.
Then suddenly, at the age of
39, my dear friend died suddenly.
I took it very hard. Life as I knew
it had suddenly been cut short. I
felt alone. The next day already,
I left the country. I told my wife
that I had to leave. We packed
and took a flight to the US.
As is common by Israelis, we
headed straight for Manhattan.
A few brief days just to recover
went by and then I said to my

28 28 Shvat 5777

1058_bm_eng.indd 28 2017-02-21 11:20:25 AM

wife, I must go and see the the tour would take longer me and helped me get a taxi back
Rebbes house. I figured I would than a few minutes, but I can to the hotel. It ended up being a
go for a few minutes, take a tell you that the few minutes I few hours that he was with me
picture outside, and come back. designated for the visit turned and I simply felt good. I said fine,
I arrived there and saw the into a few hours. I opened up Im going back to the hotel and
beautiful, impressive looking and began to show more interest. life will go on.
building, what you see in the The bachur challenged me and I However, the story did not
pictures. I took a picture and tried to challenge him back with end there for me. I began to live
then, on the spur of the moment, questions. I wanted to know with the sense that this visit to
I went inside to take a look. more and more, proofs and the Rebbes house really was
I opened the door and stood explanations, and he knew how doing something to me. What I
there in amazement and said to answer me on everything. It had said to myself that I would
wow! There were so many was so interesting to me to hear do, is actually happening. I took
people praying, learning, what a and to learn that I did not want upon myself resolutions and I
commotion, and I said to myself: to leave. am keeping to them. A year and
Maybe I made a mistake. Maybe

I should go back out? Within a
few seconds, as I stood there and I feel that the visit to the Rebbe really
wondered, two guys came over to strengthened me when I was feeling so alone.
me and invited me to join them.
I hesitated, wondering what they My partner and I were like brothers since age thirteen.
wanted from me. Since that encounter I am no longer alone.
Then one of them smilingly
introduced himself as Yosef and
he escorted me in. I quickly found
myself in the middle of a large
crowd. I felt myself being swept That is how several pleasant a half has passed since that visit
up in a special and unfamiliar hours of a unique experience and today I can tell you that
experience. I slowly began to feel passed in the house of the Rebbe, we are being more careful with
drawn in by it. It touched me. I touring and comprehending what keeping Shabbos and family
wanted to see the places he was I was experiencing, seeing and purity.
talking about and he took the feeling what they were all talking Those were the things about
time to explain where the Rebbe about the Rebbe. For me, it was which I had said to myself
prayed and farbrenged. something from which I felt quite Elokim gadol, and perhaps I
distant. And then I sat down to would succeed in doing them.
Throughout the visit, he
write a letter to the Rebbe. Yosef I feel that the visit to the Rebbe
showed me on his tablet images
told me, Take something upon really strengthened me when I
to explain and demonstrate
yourself, a good resolution, and was feeling so alone. My partner
what transpired in each place. I
you dont have to tell anyone. and I were like brothers since
did not need the tablet because
what my eyes saw and what my I thought of two things that I age thirteen and suddenly I felt
heart felt were the best tangible would be happy to accept upon all alone. However, since that
demonstration for me. myself. What would happen encounter I am no longer alone.
down the road, I had no idea, Since then I have had the
I saw all the yeshiva bachurim
Perhaps I will leave here and opportunity to visit and see
praying and heard the noise
forget about it. But friends, I many Chabad Houses in Eretz
around us, but in my own silence
could not be sure, so I looked Yisroel and around the world.
I felt a feeling of something that
heavenward and said Elokim That is when I understood just
cannot be explained in words.
gadol (G-d is great), maybe how important a Chabad House
I am sure that everyone has felt
things will work out and I will be is when you are out in the world,
this within themselves. I enjoyed
able to keep to it with Hashems especially when you only eat
it tremendously and felt that
help. kosher; you have to get your food
something was happening to me,
deep inside. Afterward, the young man at the Chabad House because you
didnt leave me. He accompanied
At first, I did not think that Continued on page 32

Issue 1058 29

1058_bm_eng.indd 29 2017-02-21 11:20:25 AM


By Rabbi Gershon Avtzon

reference to Torah being our life

Dear Reader shyichyeh, puzzling Gemara, where the in the world. The Torah guides us
This week is Parshas Avoda of Davening seems to and gives us clear directives about
Mishpatim. The Parsha focuses be devalued in comparison to every part of our lives. These
on the societal laws of the learning. The Gemara (Shabbos laws start with family purity
Torah. The laws are Divine, as 10a) tells us the following: Rava before a person is born and fill a
Rashi writes in the beginning of saw Rav Hamnuna praying at persons life until it ends with the
the Parsha, Wherever it says, length. He commented to his laws of burial and mourning after
these [in the Torah,] it [(this colleague: They neglect Chayei a person passes away. There are
word) is used to] separate from Olam (eternal life, i.e. Torah Halachos that give us guidance
what has been stated previously. study) and occupy themselves for how to connect with Hashem
[Where it says,] And these with Chayei Shaah (temporal at almost every opportunity. The
[it means that] it is adding to life, i.e. prayer)! Torah instructs us how to sleep,
what has been previously stated. In this Maamer, the Frierdike get up, get dressed and even how
[Thus] just as what has been Rebbe explains that we should to tie our shoes.
previously stated [namely the not merely translate the words I heard the following story
Ten Commandments] was from Chayei Olam and Chayei while I was spending a summer
Sinai, these too were from Sinai. Shaah as eternal life and in Budapest, Hungary, which
This idea is emphasized in temporary life, rather we ought illustrates this idea well.
the HaYom Yom of 22 Shevat: to understand them on a much
One of the most beloved
There are two types of statutes: deeper level.
kings of Hungary was the famous
a) statutes that create life and b) Torah is called Chayei Emperor Franz Joseph. He was
statutes created by life. Human Olam because Torah creates very respectful and open-minded
laws are created by life so they the world. Chazal tell us that and he agreed that the parliament
vary from land to land according Hashem looked into the Torah should have a representative from
to circumstances. The Almightys and created the world. Torah is each religion.
Torah is a Gdly law that creates not created by the circumstances
When it came to the Jews, an
life. Gds Torah is the Torah of of the world; rather it is the
argument arose. The enlightened
truth, the same in all places, at all architect of the world. It also
Jews of Hungary wanted to have
times. Torah is eternal. gives us Olam, eternity. Every
their own representative and
This special HaYom Yom is a Mitzva that we do has an eternal
did not want to be represented
quote from a Yiddish Maamer of positive effect on the world, and
by a primitive orthodox
the Frierdike Rebbe (printed in it connects us to Hashem for
Rabbi. They petitioned in front
Seifer HaMaamarim Kuntreisim eternity.
of the Emperor, who asked
Volume 1 page 108). The Another meaning implied by them what was wrong with the
Maamer is based on a seemingly the term Chayei Olam is in Orthodox view and way of life.

30 28 Shvat 5777

1058_bm_eng.indd 30 2017-02-21 11:20:26 AM

The petitioner started laughing, forgiveness and realizing that We can now truly understand
saying that these Rabbis are so they cannot help him, he turned the comment that Rava made
old-fashioned and crazy that they inward. He understood that if he about the Davening of Rav
believe that there are certain rules were to do tshuva, he must take Hamnuna. He was not making
of Hashem that govern them and responsibility for himself. a negative remark about the
dictate to them how they should Eliezer put his head between Davening of Rav Hamnuna;
behave in the bathroom! his knees and cried until his soul rather he was explaining to his
Instead of laughing and left his body. So profound was students the reason why Rav
dismissing the Orthodox Rabbi, his remorse and so powerful Hamnuna was investing so much
the emperor sat with a very the tshuva it produced, that a time in his davening. He was not
thoughtful look for some time. Bas Kol came from the heavens asking for his personal needs. He
Finally, the emperor said that he and declared that Eliezer, now was really working on himself
is so impressed with these laws called Reb Eliezer ben Durdaya, and turning to Hashem.
and the belief system that there is

a G-d that really cares about each
aspect of the life of His people.
Every Jew has unlimited potential. The only
Chayei Shaah means a life thing that holds a Jew back from growth and the
of turning towards Hashem. The realization of that potential is his feeling that he is alone
Torah tells us (BReishis 4:4):
,and and that nobody cares for him. But when another Jew
Hashem turned to Hevel and turns to him and shows personal interest in his welfare, he
to his offering. Through
davening, we turn away from can save his decline and inspire fantastic results. Whole
our physical life and pursuits worlds, for every person is a world, can be built with one
and we turn towards Hashem.
It is a time devoted to working turn, i.e., a show of interest.
on our animal soul and to really
connecting with Hashem. While
engaged in Torah study, the
person is devoted to the subject is invited to Olam HaBa. On This HaYom Yom is explaining
that he wishes to understand and hearing of this event, Rebbi cried to us that Torah is the foundation
comes to understand. During and said, There are those who and blueprint of the world and
davening the devotion is directed acquire their World (to Come) the life in the world. It helps us
to what surpasses understanding. only after years (of Divine understand how Moshiach is
In learning Torah, the Jew feels Service) and there are those who so fundamentally connected to
like a pupil with his master; acquire their World (to Come) in the world. The Rambam writes
in davening, like a child with an instant (Shaah Achas)! (Hilchos Melachim 11:2) that
his father. (HaYom Yom, 26 Chassidim have explained There is no need to cite proofs
Tammuz) this last statement as follows: about the validity and importance
There is a beautiful There are those that acquire of the belief in Moshiach from
Chassidishe vort based on their world with one turn (Shaah the works of the Prophets, for
this interpretation of the word Achas). Every Jew has unlimited all their books are filled with
Shaah. In Avoda Zara 17a, potential. The only thing that mention of this matter.
the Gemara tells the story of holds a Jew back from growth and On Shabbos Acharei-
R Eliezer ben Durdaya. After the realization of that potential is Kdoshim 5751, the Rebbe
a totally degenerate life (the his feeling that he is alone and explained in a deeper way
Maharal points out that even his that nobody cares for him. But the words for all their books
name, Durdaya, means dregs), when another Jew turns to him are filled with mention of this
Eliezer was inspired to do tshuva. and shows personal interest in his matter. This doesnt just mean
Looking first outside himself to welfare, he can save his decline that there are many places
the mountains, to the earth, to and inspire fantastic results. in Tanach that speak about
the sun, the moon and ultimately Whole worlds, for every person Moshiach; rather it means that
the stars for help in attaining is a world, can be built with one every single Pasuk speaks about
turn, i.e., a show of interest. Moshiach. The only difference

Issue 1058 31

1058_bm_eng.indd 31 2017-02-21 11:20:26 AM


between Psukim is that some pasuk, the more Moshiach will be this material is a sample of and
speak openly about Moshiach, revealed in the world. preparation for learning the
while in others the idea is more In the words of the Rebbe Torah of Moshiach, For a new
concealed and one needs to look (Tazria-Metzora 5751): Tiferes Torah shall go forth from Me,
into the various mefarshim. As refers to learning Torah, and meaning he will teach to all the
a matter of fact, Rabbi Nissan Malchus ShbTiferes refers to people the Inner Teachings of the
Dubov (Shliach of the Rebbe to learning the Torah concerning Torah (the reasons of the Torah)
Princeton NJ) has committed King Moshiach and Redemption and knowledge of G-dliness
himself to a project of this that is explained in many places. (know the G-d of your fathers).
nature. He has put out the series These places are: the This is in accordance with the
of Sfarim entitled Yalkut Written Torah (particularly the halachic ruling of the Rambam
Moshiach UGeula Al HaTorah, words of the prophets... for all that in that time... the Jews will
a digest of hundreds of different their books are filled with this be great sages and know hidden
mefarshim in each Parsha which matter); the Oral Torah, the matters, attaining knowledge of
discuss Moshiach. Gemara (particularly the tractate their Creator, etc.
We know that the Almightys Sanhedrin and the end of tractate This increase in learning
Torah is a Gdly law that creates Sota) and the Midrashim; and the Torah concerned with
life and that each part of Torah especially the Inner Teachings Moshiach and Redemption
is connected to Moshiach. Thus, of the Torah, beginning with the (Malchus ShbTiferes) is the
each part of the world, which Zohar (with this book of yours, straightforward path to actually
is created by Hashem through the book of the Zohar, they cause the revelation and coming
the holy Torah, is inherently will leave their exile in mercy), of Moshiach and Redemption.
connected to Moshiach. We through Toras Chassidus (that Rabbi Avtzon is the Rosh
dont have to bring Moshiach through the spreading of the Yeshiva of Yeshivas Lubavitch
to the world. We need to reveal wellsprings outward the master, Cincinnati and a well sought after
the Moshiach that is inherently king Moshiach, will come), speaker and lecturer. Recordings
part of the creation of the world. to the Torah of our Rebbeim, of his in-depth shiurim on
The more we reveal Moshiach our Leaders, and principally Inyanei Geula uMoshiach can
in the Torah by learning those the Torah (Maamarim and be accessed at http://www.
mefarshim that explain the Likkutei Sichos) of the Leader
Moshiachdik content of each of our generation. Learning

Continued from page 29 us, nothing really belongs to us. sincerely and seriously, the job
With Hashems help, I hope to of giving and sharing with simple
dont eat elsewhere. You cant do much more. folk like me. Yes, you need to
live very long on just bananas and know how to talk, to say the right
orange juice. When I heard about this
evenings event and its purpose, word, to give each person care
I can tell that what people I promised myself that I would and attention, because we all
like me experience, how we feel attend. I am standing before have the Jewish spark inside, we
and become strengthened in our you today and find myself all come from the same source.
emuna, that is the merit that all of being moved all over again. On the shlichus of the Rebbe you
you have a part in. Also, today I Those moments spent in the ignite that spark and open it up.
would like to announce that I will Rebbes house were not simply This is a major undertaking,
in the near future be conducting a transient encounter of a few and whoever takes part in it has
a Hachnasas Seifer Torah in hours that came and went. It an enormous merit.
memory of my dear friend. And was an experience that changed
that is hardly all. I am also a Thank you for inviting me
my whole life. To this very day, I to this special evening. It is an
partner in establishing Chabad am still in touch with Yosef as a
Houses in a number of places amazing feeling for me, and I
result of that encounter. think we still have more to do to
around the world. Of course,
we are only a conduit. G-d is You should just know this: It fulfill what the Rebbe instructed
delivering something through is a wonderful feeling that chevra and guided everything towards
like you take upon yourselves, to bring the Geula.

32 28 Shvat 5777

1058_bm_eng.indd 32 2017-02-21 11:20:27 AM


tzdaka? This rich man was every woman wished that the
One time, a very poor man
pitiful. lucky beggar would come to
traveled from his hometown
At Mincha time, when the her house.
to another town in order to
collect donations. The local beggars gathered to divide the The beggar waited until
beggars were nice to him and money they had collected and close to candle lighting time
invited him to join them on to give maaser, the new beggar and only then did he go to the
their rounds. The poor guest announced that the following rich mans house. The maid
went with his new friends. Shabbos he would be the guest who opened the door shouted,
He collected one coin after of the rich man. Get out of here immediately!
another and ate dry slices of They looked at him in Dont you know this isnt a
bread dipped in water. hotel for beggars?
surprise and some of them
As they went from house even burst out laughing. It But the beggar kept calm
to house, they arrived at a big is easier to cross raging rivers and said, I am a stranger in
house with a beautiful garden than to cross the threshold of town and I dont have a place
surrounding it. Our beggar the miser, said one of them. for Shabbos. I heard that the
realized that the richest man The new beggar ignored their master of this house has a
in the town lived there. He reaction. heart of gold.
figured they would get a nice I have a plan but I need The rich man who was
donation and a good meal your help, he said. getting ready to go to shul,
there. Unfortunately, his
What do we need to do? heard the conversation at the
friends went past the house door. He had also heard about
they asked.
and did not even try to knock the lucky beggar. He made as
All you need to do is spread
at the door. though he knew nothing about
a rumor in town that the
Why are we passing by this the new beggar in town and
new beggar told you in strict
nice house without trying to go angrily said to him, Why did
confide nce that he brought a
in? he asked his friends. you come here to disturb my
valuab le diamo nd with him
Shabbos peace?
They explained to the which he found in the forest.
newcomer that the rich man G-d forbid, said the
The beggars agreed to
was a miser who hated parting beggar. I heard that you have
cooperate. The next day, as
with money. They said that no a heart of gold and that you
they made their rounds, they
pauper had ever crossed the only appear gruff I am a
publicized the secret about
threshold of his home. stranger here and I would
the diamond the size of an
like to consult with you about
This upset the poor man. egg that the new beggar had
Was it possible that a Jew brought with him.
could be so hard-hearted Oh? What would you like
By Mincha time, everyone
and forgo the great mitzva of to consult with me about?
knew about the secret, and

Issue 1058 33

1058_bm_eng.indd 33 2017-02-21 11:20:27 AM

Tzivos Hashem

privately, said the beggar.

The rich man took him shul,

I need to speak to you beggar a new suit to wear,
had him sit next
and was hospita
promised a nice sum of
money. He had such a good
feeling, the likes of which he

his you hear never enjoye
was before in his life.
had not felt
long ain time.
. , to He
with .
d talking

his When Shabbo s was over,
something about a beggar who
"" found a ?re
treasu the
asked guest, , who highly Jews" .
praised the
"man wante to d get
s. What size
beggar. and . their good
highlig hted charac. ter.
the The
mitzva busines to
is the diamond and how much

Yes, I heard that rumor. beggar
tzdaka and , doing
do want you . ?itfor asked. he
"" , of giving
I am that beggar.

Wond Then " youve
" chesed , . ?What diamond asked.
. The beggar also said divrei the guest innoce ntly. I dont
come to the right place. There at the Shabbo table s and have a nd. ,
no is .

greater diamond expert

Torah .
than not
me, to the . was rich man saw

mus his,
and guest
that ' . What you
Then !? are a
this in no ignora he !faker
mention that there is nobody

G-d' . forbid,


thesaid . .
Did I tell you
that found "
" ,
atreasu re or
that I possess a

diamond? All I

said ?" that
, I am the one .
they spread the

about ...,

: that is
" . did I
re, find
but , " a
not diamo nds. .

, I found a far
, ". ,

" : greater treasure,
? Jewish
heart. A treasu re
that until now.
has covere
" over with deep
else who can buy it and pay for mud.
cash. in it "... We lightin be ,
will ... g himsel The f. man',
rich enjoye The d rich
' man was silent.?' -
his guests compa ny and
candles very soon. Stay with He remembered the gloomy .
me , ?"
" for Shabbo , s andafter , " almost completely forgot about Shabbasos over the years and
diamond that he planne d
Havdala we "... will sit and
down the ,
on buying from the guest

recent s
after Shabbo s. when , the beggar was ", his
" The rich man hoped to get

guest. He though t, this beggar
rich man also noticed a .
a bargain . from
the beggar
?" change , The
in shul. The Jews of the must be one of those hidden
y shook
and maybe, thanks to his
town, who
tzaddikim. He
hand s and
hospitality, the".. trust s
beggar , " the
in the rich man would increase
Good him, said
was", Shabbo
honore swith d to him warml
fory the treasu re "

" "... him. He
and he would get an even
an aliya to the Torah , and he him. t
brough .
bigger bargain. He gave the
" "
. " , " .
, "
34 .

Shvat 5777
, " ?" .

, ,
34 .
"... 2017-02-21 AM
11:20:28 ,