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Lesson Plan Template

Learner and Environmental Factors *

Grade Level: 4th
Content Area: Language

State or Local Standards:

Lesson Performance Objective: *

By the end of the lesson students will be able to demonstrate their

knowledge of cause and effect.
Materials: *

The Great Gracie Chase, cause and effect diagrams, and pencil

Vocabulary: cause and effect

Student Grouping(s) individual
Anticipatory Set: *
I will start off by asking the students if they own a dog, then proceed on by
asking if they have ever had to chase that dog and if not, if they have ever
seen this happen.
Instruction: *

My purpose is to teach the students about cause and effect

First, I will bring the group to sit on the floor and listen to the story as I read

As we are still together as a group we will go over what theme of the story
could be and why, they will not have to write this down.

Then they will return to their seats and I will hand out the outline of the cause
and effect diagram.

I will explain to them that the story is set up as a domino effect this is
where there is one cause and then a sequence of effects happen.

We will do the cause and effect diagram as a class for their guided practice. I
will call on students randomly for the answers.

For independent practice I will have another worksheet for them that they are
to complete on their own. The worksheet provides a cause and then they
come up with their own effect.
Check for Understanding: *

As the students are working on their diagrams I will be walking around the
room making sure they are completing it correctly.
Application/Guided Practice/Independent Practice: *

The second worksheet will be independent practice.


We will discuss what everyone came up with for their effects. And then I will
remind them of what the domino effect is.

For a few of the students I will have them in the back working with a para
who will read them the causes and they can come up with the effects
We are also doing the diagram together so that it will be more helpful for a
few students.

Assessment/Evaluation: *

Did students learn what was planned?

How will you measure that students met the objective?
What evidence do you have?
Your evaluation should match the objective of the lesson.
Will you use a rubric, checklist, quiz, assignment?

Post Lesson Reflection

What went well? Why?

What needs work? What will I do to improve the lesson?

What do I need to do in tomorrow's lesson? How will I get it done?

What special considerations are there, and how should I handle them?

Additional comments and thoughts: