Santa Rosa Painting Contractor Has Gone Nuts By Giving Away 20% Off On All Exter ior & Interior

Painting 1.Have they gone mad ? Yes they have - With families to feed and animals with ne eds they would rather paint your home then sit and groan. With that being said E ssex Plus Painting is offering a 20% off discount to all California residents fo r the month of July on the interior and/or exterior painting of their homes,offi ces,businesses etc. Santa Rosa, CA, July 07, 2010 -- California Painting Specials - With the soft ec onomy here to stay homeowners are looking for specials and the owners at Essex P lus Painting know that so they have decided that now is the time to begin offeri ng 20% Off interior and exterior painting for the Month of July. Essex Plus Painting ( ) is happy to announce th e following special -- Here is the special 20% off for the start of summer paint ing special and/or exterior painting special spend $ 3,000 get $600 off complete job for only $ 2,400 out the door or interior Paint any 3 rooms get the 4th roo m of equal or lesser value free (applies to walls and ceilings only) or 20% off the total bill your choice. Essex Plus Painting ( ) boasts a total of 25 ye ars of expertise in the painting and decorating industry. Their painters have a minimum of 10 years of experience and take great pride in their work. They are d edicated to providing outstanding workmanship using high quality materials at co mpetitive prices. Customer satisfaction is their main focus on any project, big or small. Their su ccess over the years is based on the high standard of quality service and depend ability they have maintained and continue to provide. They offer a 3-year warran ty on all Essex Plus Painting ( ) work. Essex Plus Painting ( ) approaches each job as a unique project, requiring site-specific attention and detail. Proper preparati on is essential to establish a clean surface prior to primer and paint applicati ons.They assess site and setting to maximize the paintingâ s quality and resistance to weather and elements. Paint is applied correctly and evenly, with accurate p aint mill thickness and dry time to ensure longevity and prevent undesirable tex tures. Appropriate and environmental clean-up is a priority. Essex Plus Painting customers value the attention to detail and finishing touches. Their commitment to customers: Professional painting services that meet traditions and standards of superb craf tsmanship and customer service On-going employee training so that our painting s ervices meet professional standards, specifications and guidelines. Written project proposals, excellent site-specific recommendations and paint spe cifications to meet our individual customersâ needs. Safe and professional services provided by OSHA-certified employees with a range of OSHA-tested equipment, including boom and scissor lift. The organization has 25 years of experience providing professional painting serv ices ( ) to their clients based on a commitment to quality, honesty and reliability. Through their offices and affiliate companies, Essex Plus Painting ( http://www. ) have the crews necessary to meet your schedule and finis h your project on time with the very highest quality.Their satisfied clients are general contractors, facilities managers, building owners and managers, and oth

ers who rely on our expertise to complete their projects. Dedicated to superior customer service, we offer "one stop shopping" for painting services across the Nation. Types of Services: Retail, Medical,Hospital,Apartments,Shopping Centers,Indutria l and Commercial Office Buildings, Relationship Driven - All of their actions ar e intended to build and perpetuate long-term relationships with our clients and employees. Do the Right Thing - they will always strive for the highest level of honesty, f airness and integrity. We will never compromise our principles. Focused on Excellence - They are committed to excellence in all that they do. Th ey believe in our core values and they live by .They are passionate about develo ping leaders in their organization. Every day they strive to bring out the leade rs in themselves and within their organization, on both a personal and professio nal level. Based on core values they grow as leaders at all levels of their orga nization.They achieve this through in depth leadership training, active skill de velopment and performance assessment. The following applies to all Essex Plus Pa inting ( ) employees. It is their goal to start and end each day with a positive attitude. They want to improve the environments at home, in the workplace, in the communities as well as in their industry. As an organization,they are building leaders to succeed, first as individuals and u ltimately as an organization. About Essex Plus Painting: Essex Plus Painting ( ) is a contractor providi ng comprehensive Commercial, Industrial and Residential Painting services to the entire state of California for over 25 years . Their projects include interior and exterior painting for apartment and office buildings, shopping centers, new construction and custom homes. With over 25 years of experience, they focus on e ach individual site with detailed and expert preparation, paint application and clean-up. Their high quality work is guaranteed.The month of July they are runni ng incredible start of the summer specials Call their office toll free number to set up a free estimate and consultation 1-877-870-2676 ask for their owners Jef frey Martino Young and/or Michael Denhert. Press Contact: Jeffrey Martino Young Essex Plus Painting 1585 Terrace Way, Suite 158 Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Tel: (877) 870-2676 Cell: (310) 984-0496

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