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Enhancement of Productivity in Science, Technology and Innovation to Create

Human Resources with Excellent Character

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In this modern era, human cannot be separated with sciences and technology. These
things are influence each other. Until now, people always try to develop sciences and technology.
Other than that, improvement in sciences and technology makes human can live easier and also
can affect every humans characteristics.

One of important aspects when we want to develop sciences and technology is the
productivity of the sciences and technology itself. Sciences and technology are more productive
when it can give many benefits for humans who use it and can make people develop themselves
to be a better individual.

Unfortunately, Indonesian people have less attention to sciences and technology than the
other things. There is no significant improvement on sciences and technology in Indonesia. This
phenomenon caused by many Indonesian people who is not really interested with sciences and
technology development.

We have to change characteristic of Indonesian people to be more interested with science

and technology so they will have urge to develop science and technology in Indonesia. It
becomes one reason to increase productivity of science and technology if we want many people
interested with science and technology. All of the population in Indonesia have to know about
science and technology, including ethnic group or tribe who still live in the middle of forest.

After we socialize sciences and technology into many Indonesian people, we can arrange
competition about innovation as a place for many students to implement their knowledge about
sciences and technology. Knowledge without implementation cant make an individual to be a
better person. So, its very important for many students in Indonesia to implement their
knowledge in practical way. Student can learn about how to solve problems by using knowledge
that they learn in the school or university. And also, it can make student to not give up easily
when they face many problems in their real life especially in their scope.
Especially in Ocean Engineering, there is so much invention and development in
technology and knowledge to solve problem. In Indonesia, there are many problems about
efficiency of port activities. For example, vessels that berth in Indonesias port need a long time
to unloading and loading their container. This problem can be solved if we can increase
productivity of container terminal equipment in many ports in Indonesia. One of the equipment
that can be used is automated stacking cranes (ASC). ASC system will enable employee to
stacking the container by using computer from the office. ASC system also enables the highest
possible capacity and stacking density. With this modern equipment, it will make people have
desire to learn more about the equipment so they can use it more effective. Furthermore, modern
equipment that have high productivity will make people more confidence about their jobs. When
people have high confidence, they will not afraid to compete with people from another country.
It will make a positive impact for Indonesian people associated with implementation of ASEAN
Economic Community (AEC). So, when the productivity of technology increases it will also
improve competitiveness and confidence in people who use that technology.

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